How To Start A Blog For Your Business in 15 Minutes Using Bluehost

How To Start A Blog For Your Business in 15 Minutes Using Bluehost

– Hey there friends,
Brian Garcia here with – Erin Nicole Bick, and we are – The Adventure Partners. – Welcome! Today we are gonna dive into the computer and we’re going to show you how to start a blog for your business and get paid. – That’s right. – And so, this is for you
if you’re one of the few different types of people, right? – Yeah, if you’re super
excited about traveling all over the world, and
having the kind of freedom where you’re not chained
down to a specific location, then this is totally for you. – Yeah, if you’re wanting
more freedom in your life, to go, be, do, and have what
you wanna do in your life, this is specifically for you. – [Erin] Yeah, maybe
what you’re really after is getting your dream home,
or maybe having a dream home in a couple different
countries, maybe a hot country and a cool country. And maybe you like to hike
the mountains in the winter or go skiing or snowboarding
and then in the summer you just want to hang out on
the beach and go adventure in the jungle or something. Then this is totally for you. – [Brian] Yeah, so back in April of 2017, we started traveling full-time. I was a firefighter for
nearly nine years when I put my boots on the shelf
on April 1st of 2017. – And I was a hair
stylish for eleven years. You know how this all
started was our romance. We decided we were going to
meet each other in airports all over the world. I’m from Canada, Brian’s from the US. And we would go and meet each
other all over the world, and people were like tell
us about this experience that you’re having,
this beautiful romance. So next thing you know,
we’re bloggin about it, we’re writing about it, and it kind of turned into a business, didn’t it? – Yeah it did, and so that
cool idea of being able to be free and finally
have the time to ourselves to be able to spend more time
together, be able to travel, be able to experience all
that life has to offer, it was all because we had this idea, which has become our mission. Which is to help a
thousand or more couples from all over the world be able to create
million dollar businesses in the online space. And we’ve got people
from all over the place, you know, doin things like holistics, they’re doin things like health and wellness, cooking,
traveling, cryptocurrencies, like there’s all these different spaces that you can create a very
simple business online. But the problem is, a lot
of people just don’t know what to do to get started. Well today, we’re gonna
dive in and show you, within a few minutes, how
to get your blog and website set up, so that you can
start gettin paid online, and create a business that
will allow you to experience all that your life has to offer for you. – That’s right. Our blog and website was the
number one thing that allowed us to be able to go to
Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, travel all over Central
America since April of 2017. So we wanna show you how. This can free you up, and
allow you to have more time, more space and energy in your
life to experience the world, and take your business with you. – So if it’s okay with you,
let’s dive in right now, we’re gonna share our screen
and walk you through the steps on how to start a blog for
your business and get paid. Is that cool? – Yeah! – All right, lets go dive
in, and we’ll see you in just a second. – [Erin] All right, so it
all starts with setting up your domain name and hosting. Really cool thing, Brian
and I actually partner with Bluehost, and they
agreed to give our readers their very first domain name
for free, for the first year. Isn’t that awesome? – [Brian] Yeah, that’s pretty awesome. So go ahead and use that
link that we provided here in this blog post, so
that you can actually get access to that
exclusive offer for you. And when you go to that link, you’re gonna come to the page, and
it’s gonna look like this. So go ahead and click the get started. And on the next page, you’re gonna see a few different plans. If you can afford it, go
with the plus or prime. I would recommend the
prime, because you’ve got a few things in here that’s going to really help you later on. But if you can’t afford that
yet, just go with basic, and we’ll start with that. So over here on basic,
we’re gonna click select. Then you’re gonna come up
to the sign up now page. If you already have a
domain name, you can simply enter it here, and they’ll walk
you through how to do that. We’re gonna show you how to get a brand new domain name set up. So the one that we’re going to do is we need BEAPMovement,
because we’re gonna use that for our business. So select whatever you want here. On the very next page, if
it’s available, it’ll let you know if it’s not, then it’ll
give you some other options. So let’s see if BEAPMovement is available. Tada! Because we didn’t get a
message up here saying, “Hey, that’s not available,
try these other options,” that means that it’s good to go. So We highly advise you to get the .com because most businesses use .com names. There’s a lot of different
.biz, .net, .org, .co. There’s all sorts of different
extensions, but if you could get the .com, that’s absolutely advisable. Next step, go ahead and
create your account. You can either use the
Google single sign in option; makes your account setup super easy. Or if you want to create a
brand new account, just enter in all your information. So what we’re gonna do is
enter in a brand new account. As soon as you’re done filling
in all of these spaces here, you’re gonna do down here
to package information and account plan. Now there’s a few different options. Whenever you select the
drop-down here, you’re gonna see that you can get the basic for 12 months, 24, 36, or 60 month. The 36 month is the sweet
spot where you start getting the really good deal. Now, hosting and domains
works a little bit different than any other thing that you might buy. It’s all purchased on an annual basis. So even though they say it’s
3.95 a month, you’re paying for the full amount of time,
so for the year, or for the two years, or three years,
or even more five years. So pick whichever one works best for you. We advise you do at least
the 36 month or the 60 month, so that you can get the best price. And look at it this way, it’s
three dollars and 95 cents per month. Normally whenever I go to
Starbucks to get coffee, I spend way more than 3.95, and I normally go several times a week. This is one price per month,
which is a lot cheaper, right? – [Erin] Yeah, that is
a very, very low cost to run your business
online and get it going. And just a place to host your
website and plant your flag, so pick the package that suits you best, regardless of which one it is, they’re all pretty solid price. – [Brian] Next up, we’re going to uncheck a few of these things. We’re gonna uncheck SiteLock
Security and Codeguard Basic. All you need to have checked is the Domain Privacy Protection. If you got any of the other
plans that were not the basic, it includes those, so just
make sure that you do have the Domain Privacy Protection. Next up, it’s gonna show you the total. So, the total price is 154
dollars and eight cents, which is not that much. If you divide that out over 36 months, that’s not very much per month. And then, you’re gonna save 50%. So you’re saving 145 dollars and 44 cents. Next up, go ahead and enter
your payment information, your credit card, expiration
date, and then, be sure to check this little box down
here and then click submit. Now that you’re on the next page, it tells you congratulations,
which means your payment went through, great. And it’s going to ask you if you want this PaymentSphere thing. Click no thanks. On this page, it gives you
a confirmation, it tells you that you’re gonna have your
email sent to the email that you used. And next, you’re going to
click create your password. I would print this page for your records. That way, you can use it for
potentially tax discounts. – [Erin] Or if you’re on the
go, like us, you can download it as a pdf, so click
create your password. – [Brian] Now you’re just
gonna enter in your password, it just has to be unique, but both fields have to be the same. After you enter in your password, click I have read and
Agree, and then click next. Congrats, you have successfully
created your new password, now click login. Now this normally just takes
a second, what’s it’s doing is it’s settin up your
hosting and now it is giving you the option to pick a
theme that inspires you. So, this is the one-click
option, this is how you get your website setup super,
super fast, that already has a design and a layout
that you can use immediately. It’s already prepopulated with
a whole bunch of cool stuff, so find one that really,
really inspires you. These are all free to use, they’re all included with WordPress. So find one that you really
really like, because that’s the one that you’re gonna use. There’s also a lot of premium
ones that you can use, and we’ll share a little
bit more about those in the blog post. As it’s setting up the WordPress
for you, what this is doing is there used to be a
lot of different steps that you had to do in order
to set up a website and blog. You used to have to
spend months and months and months coding. You used to have to set up
all the different things that go on in the backside of a website that are super confusing, and
no one really cared about. So, what it does now, is
it allows you to literally click on a theme that you
like that looks really cool and is visually appealing to you, and you click the button,
and then, all of a sudden, it takes all that information
that you just clicked, and says, “Hey, you want this
theme, you want this look of the website, let’s go ahead and set this website up for you.” And it starts to do that
right before your eyes. I’m not even touching anything
on the keyboard right now, neither is Erin, right? – [Erin] Nope, promise. – [Brian] All right, so now
you can start to actually build your website, which is totally cool. Whenever you have a brand new domain name that you purchased, it
takes a few minutes for it to all start to sink
together, but that’s all done on the backend, you don’t
have to worry about any of it. And Bluehost actually will notify you and get it all set up. With your website as soon as it’s done. So simply go to start building. All right, so now this is
the backend of your website. This is where you can start
making your blog post, you can start adding your
own pictures, your pages, anytime anybody comments,
you can go and do that. But there’s a couple
settings that you need to set right away. So let’s go ahead and check that out. So first you’re gonna do, is go to the tab that says Bluehost, and
just click that button. And then you’re gonna come
down here to launch your site. And, cause right now if
we go to the website, its gonna have a coming soon page. We don’t want that to be
up, we want to launch the site and get it going right away, so we’re gonna click launch. And don’t worry, you’re not
gonna have millions of people hittin your website right away. It’s just very important that you do this. And now we’ll click view
site, so that we can see it in a new tab. Now this is what your website looks like. So, you already have the
site structure in place. Now it’s just time to make it pretty. As soon as you get that
email from Bluehost, it’ll change it from your temporary domain to the one that you purchased. And it’s gonna do that
automatically for you. – [Erin] That’s right. So have fun, start plugging
in your own beautiful images, your own text, and really
start to showcase to the world who you are, what it is that
you have to offer together, and start building that
big, gorgeous movement. – Oh my gosh How simple was that? If you were following along, step by step, maybe pausing throughout, so that you can have like two screens up. You can do, watch the
video and then implement. Then, guess what? You now have a blog and a
website that’s actually launched. – Yay, congrats! – Congrats. – This is super exciting. Now from here on out, all you gotta do is make your blog pretty, make it attractive to your
future customers and clients, and then start writing
some awesome content that will start to build the
know, love, trust factor. Which is absolutely
imperative for you to create that bond between people, so
that they’ll buy whatever it is that you have to offer. – Yeah, and as we’ve been talking about, you can build your website
and your blog in any niche, in any space. It doesn’t even matter what
it is that you have to offer. Think about your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re in business for being in business, it
doesn’t matter if you’re in business for cooking, maybe
you’re a yoga instructor, or a swimming instructor. – Or you do organic gardening,
or you specialize in cooking, or some kinda recipes you
could do absolutely anything. Even in the tech space. You could do absolutely
anything and make this a hit and take your business online, so you go be wherever you
want, whenever you want. We actually just did a
training class on exactly this. We’d love to share it with you,
so you can really understand how you and the one you love
can put all these pieces together, and take your
blog to the next level. So people from all over
the world will start becoming your customers and your clients. – Absolutely. So, there’s a link right
underneath this video that you could jump on
the recent training class. Or if you’re watching this on YouTube, just check the description. We’ve got the link there as well. That way you could jump
on, learn how to really get this thing working for you. And now’s the fun part. We also mentioned that
you’re gonna build this blog so that you can get paid,
so how do you do that? Well, there’s a couple ways to do that. One, you’ve got a product. Two, you’ve got a service. You could have physical products, you can have digital products. Let’s say you had a knowledge commerce, like let’s say you had eCourses
that you wanted to offer. Let’s say you’re a coach of some kind and you wanted to offer
different training classes that people could watch, the workouts and really dive in there,
or cooking, or eCommerce. Whatever it is that you want
to do, this is the foundation, what you just set up, in
order to make that happen. So now it’s time to start populating, start putting all that
information in there, so that when people come to your website, they can now buy your
products, they can now buy your service, they
can now contact you, and that’s super exciting. And that is the secret
that’s going to allow you, if you stay consistent,
if you continue practicing what we’ve taught you here,
to really be able to take it, there’s no limits really. – No.
– Is what I was trying to get at. – No there’s definitely no limit. The opportunity with a blog and website is absolutely endless,
because it officially, you officially, just made
your reach so expansive that you could reach anybody
from all over the globe. So check out our training
class, we’re gonna take you to the next level and
really explain to you how you can actually get paid with this. So we’ll see you there.

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