How To Start A Blog From Scratch – For Non-Techies

How To Start A Blog From Scratch – For Non-Techies

Hey guys. My name is Donald Ash, Dash for short, with And today I’m gonna show you how to set up
your blog on WordPress. Before we kick off today’s video, don’t forget
to hit that like button and the bell notification so you can find out when fresh new content
comes out at Finish Something. You know what sucks? Tutorials that you can’t understand for sh*t, and sometimes it seems like a lot of tutorials telling you how to set up blogs
on WordPress are like that. Rick: Noooooooo!!!! Morty: (sobbing) Dash: But not this tutorial. By the end of this video, you’re gonna go
from having no blog at all to being able to have a blog that you own and control. So I’m gonna take you by the eyeballs. Wait a minute, that sounds kind of painful. I’m gonna take you by the hand and I’m gonna
show you how to set up your blog on WordPress from scratch, even if you’re a non-techy like
me. So what are the key things that you need to
do to set up your blog? Number one, you’re gonna need a domain name. Speaker 3: Domain. Dash: And that’s just like your .com, .org,
.biz, that kind of thing. I do recommend .com by the way. Number two, you need to set up hosting. Speaker 4: Hosting. Dash: Number three, you need a way to connect
these two things. Speaker 4: Connect the two. Dash: And number four, you need a blogging
platform. Speaker 5: Platform. Dash: And that’s where WordPress comes in. And don’t let terms like domain names and
hosting confuse you. The way somebody taught it to me was think
of your domain name as like your house and then think of your hosting as like the land
underneath your house. So the two kind of work well being together. My recommendations for each of these things,
now you don’t have to use these services. You can use other things, but these are just
the ones that I use personally and they’re the things that I’m actually gonna be showing
you with in the video tutorial today. My domain name registrar of choice is,
and at the time of this video, my hosting service of choice, and the
blogging platform that I swear by, and a lot of people swear by is WordPress. And I am gonna leave links to all of these
different services in the description box below. And full disclosure guys, I am an affiliate
for Name Cheap and I am an affiliate for Site Ground. So if you do end buying these services through
any of the links in my description box, I do earn a commission. But please keep in mind that I’m only gonna
recommend these because I do personally use them and overall I’ve had a very good experience
with them. So I’m not gonna recommend you anythings that
you don’t need. Cool? Great, let’s get started. To get our domain name we’ve come over to and in the search box here you can enter domain names that you’re interested
in. I was watching something recently about Jay-Z,
so I’ll enter Jay Z: HOV, H to the O V.
Dash: Might not be available, but let’s check. Wow, it actually is. Okay, so and that’s $10.98
a year. We’ll hit the add to cart button. And once you that, when you see this check
mark inside of your cart, it means that the name’s available and it’s ready for purchase. So over here I always forget what this ICANN
fee is for, but you do need it in order to buy the domain name. So the total is $11.16 and we’re gonna click
view cart. Alright, and once we’re here it just gives
you a total, a running total of everything that you’ve purchased. And we’re gonna click confirm order. Now you have two options here. You can either create an account if you don’t
have one already, or you can log in to your current account. And I’m going to log in to mine here. Alright, and once you’re here you can just
hit the pay now button. We’re over at for hosting. So let’s go to the hosting tab, click on web
hosting. This gives you the three different plans that
they have, StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. I’m currently using GoGeek because I have
several sites, one of which is a little bit larger, but for the video here we’re gonna
use the StartUp plan. But if you’re not sure, I do recommend going
with the middle plan. So let’s click get started. We’re gonna enter I already have a domain
name. I’m not gonna use That was just for demonstration purposes,
but for ours we’re gonna use a name that I already with Name Cheap, and
hit proceed. You’ll fill out all of your details here,
add your payment information, and just to show you pricing, you end up paying $43.08. So you pay upfront, but it gives you hosting
for the entire year. Okay? Click on agree to the terms and services and
privacy policy. You don’t have to click the second one if
you don’t want news and special offers. Hit pay now. This is where the process gets a little bit
more involved, but I’m gonna keep it as simple as possible so don’t worry. If you have your usernames and passwords for
both Site Ground and for Name Cheap, it’s gonna come in very handy right now. This step is really important because we’re
gonna be connecting our domain name to our hosting. So I want you to go into your Site Ground
user area first and let’s go to my accounts. And we’re gonna log in to our cPanel. If you’ve never done this before and you aren’t
sure about what your username is and password, you can actually click on the information
and settings and it’ll show you your cPanel username, and then you can change your password. If you have any issues with this, you may
want to contact Site Ground’s customer support. They’re available 24 hours a day and are very,
very helpful. So let’s go ahead and log in. Alright, you want to access the cPanel securely,
most definitely, so make sure that’s checked. Click proceed. Enter your password and log in to your cPanel. Alright, this is the back end of your site
or sites and I don’t want you to worry about anything here. It looks a lot more complicated than it really
is. We’re just gonna click on Addon Domains. And here I want you just to type in the name
of the website that you just purchased. And in my case, it’s Please make sure this is spelled correctly
or it will cause you a little bit of trouble later. Okay? And just click. The next two fields will fill out by themselves,
and I want you to enter a password. Okay, once you have your password, please
make sure you write it down somewhere so you don’t forget it, somewhere safe, and we’re
gonna click Add Domain. Alright, and you’ll see these two green boxes. We aren’t gonna do that. And that lets you know that it worked. We’re gonna go back and you should see your
Addon Domain in your list here. So beginvestor is there, so it worked. Next let’s set up our name servers, and that
just means we’re gonna make sure our domain name is pointing to the right place. So we’re gonna go to Site Ground again, just
the main user area, and I want you to go to my accounts, information settings and then
we’re gonna look right next to account DNS. And I just want you to copy the first one,
and I want you to copy to the point before the parenthesis and numbers. So you just need the letters. Okay? We’re gonna copy, go to Name Cheap, find the
site name that you just bought and let’s click manage. Okay, we’re gonna go to name servers and change
it from Name Cheap basic DNS to custom DNS. Paste in your first name server, go back to
Site Ground, copy the second one. Go back to Name Cheap. Do the very same thing. Copy and paste, and click the check mark to
save. Let’s finish this up by setting up WordPress. So you’ll log back into your cPanel. Click on the WordPress icon. And then I want you to go to install now,
and I want you to click http, and I want you to find your website’s name, beginvestor for
me. And if you like, you can go ahead and enter
the name of your blog and the site description. I’m gonna do that a little bit later. Very important here, please make sure you
remember your admin username and password. You’ll need it to log in to WordPress. So set those up, install, and let this load
fully to 100 percent. You’ll get this message, the congratulations
message, and you’re gonna want to remember this URL because it’s how you’re gonna log
in to WordPress. If I’ve done everything correctly, then we
should have a site that is working right now. So I’m going to open up a new tab and I’m
gonna look for That’s the name of my site. You’ll enter the name of yours. And voila! This is it. So I’m going to go to It says my blog and my WordPress blog because
I didn’t enter in those details that I talked about, but that’s easy enough to fix. And if you scroll down, you’ll see this is
what your stock WordPress installation looks like. Alright? So there’s a lot of promise here guys. There’s a lot you can do with your own site. And I’m gonna show you one last thing because
I don’t want to leave you hanging. I’m gonna show you how to log in to WordPress
from here. So you’re going to
go to And then I want you to enter that username
and password that I said were super important. This is where you’ll enter them now. We’ll log in to WordPress and there you go. You now have access to your WordPress dashboard
and you can tinker around with things. You can add posts and pictures. You can start playing around with your site,
because now you have a site that you own and control. Well now you have a shiny, new WordPress blog. Congratulations. Hopefully you got something out of this tutorial. If you did, if you enjoyed it, please don’t
forget to like, share, comment and subscribe. This is a brand new channel and it really
does help me out if you do those things, so thank you in advance for those who do. If you do better following written instructions
over video, I did make a long form post about how to set up your WordPress blog over on, and I’ll leave a link to that in the description box below, along
with the links to Name Cheap and Site Ground if you’re trying to really set up your site. I want to finish today with a question. I want to know why you’re starting a blog. Are you starting a blog because you want to
make a business out of it? Are you blogging for fun? Some other reason I don’t know about? I’d love to hear it. So you can leave your comments in the comments
section below and I’ll catch you guys in the next one. Peace.

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