How To Start A Blog (in 2018, With WordPress And Bluehost)

How To Start A Blog (in 2018, With WordPress And Bluehost)

How do you start a blog? How do you start
blogging? Hi this is Tom from Wage coming to you from Bali
this morning. Today I’ve got a step by step, really a click by click guide to
starting your very own WordPress blog on Bluehost. Now this guide assumes no prior
technical knowledge whatsoever so if you’ve been a little intimidated in the
past at the thought of starting your own blog, if you follow along with me here
you’re gonna miss no steps, ok? I’m gonna guide you on setting up with one of the
biggest hosts in the world, Bluehost. Now why Bluehost? They offer
24/7 chat and phone support. They offer very good pricing including aggressive
discounts from time to time like the discount you’ll get today if you follow
along with me in this tutorial. Another benefit of following along here
is that you’ll get a free domain name for your first year.Now I’ll explain
what that means in a minute. Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on
your hosting so you can get started with no risk so if after a week or two you
decide this blogging thing isn’t for you, I mean it’s not for everybody.
Bluehost offers a very easy WordPress installation. In fact they’ve made it
even easier recently so I’ve gone back to update this guide to reflect that. Now
today we’re gonna do all the backend configuration you need-we’re going to
install basic plugins, and if you stick with me to the end you’ll have created
your very first blog post including text, images, and we’ll even embed a video for
you. Remember ,finally having your own online presence is step one of using the
Internet to make money so you can finally participate yourself in the new
economy. So are you ready? Let’s go! Okay so to follow along with me the first
link that you see in the description below this YouTube video is going to
take you to this page and If you’d like to follow with me click by click then all you have to do go to this page and click this link
right here. Now full disclosure this is an affiliate link this means I’ll get
paid a commission if you do sign up through my affiliate link however this
does not increase the cost of your hosting
fact you’ll get the best current price for Bluehost hosting if you sign up
through this link you’ll also get the free domain that I mentioned earlier for
the first year so just go ahead and click this link click through to this
page click get started now and you’ll be looking at three different plans to
choose from I’m gonna suggest you go for the cheapest of the three the basic okay
the main difference between basic and plus is that plus allows you to host
unlimited domains with your plan now the thing is with with the basic you can
upgrade to plus at any time if you get a good idea for sites you know in the
future which you’re probably going to do but for date for today let’s just keep
it keep it simple and relatively inexpensive and go with the basic okay
so just hit select now the great thing about signing up with Bluehost for 12
months or more is it you get a free domain with your sign up okay now
normally domain names can cost anywhere from nine to fifteen dollars a year
roughly but this is going to be a free domain that comes with your with your
hosting package okay so this is a good benefit and in fact it’s so good that
I’m actually gonna be running through this today myself with you I’ve got an
idea for a a new website possibly a business and I want to lock in this
domain that is available so that it doesn’t get away from me so it’s also
going to help you go step-by-step through every stage of this process okay
the way I would approach the domain that you’re going going to get today is first
of all do a check to see if your name is available in as a domain that nobody has
yet registered okay if it is available then as then go ahead and register
it that’s a safe way forward I mean this domain could end up being you know your
brand for for anything that you want to do
moving forward whether it’s freelancing client work or it’s promoting yourself
as a writer or an artist or anything you might be doing that’s all I’ll say about
it right now there’s I’ve got more in the article to my thoughts on this
process I’m gonna assume that you’ve you’ve come up with you’ve done a check
or at least you’ve come up with an idea for a domain and go ahead and and enter
it in the the new domain field right now okay and I’m going to do the same with
you just to throw this in here drone pilot coaching the American FAA has
finally come up with guidelines for commercial drone pilots and I anticipate
that good quality information about being a commercial drone pilot will be
in demand going forward there’s a lot one could do with with a site built you
know with this name you could you could supply that information you could create
a course you could collate information that’s already online
I’m not a drone pilot or even an expert on drones but I you know we certainly
can use the internet and Google to become you know to know enough about
something into defined and about enough relevant sources of information to point
people towards so bottom line there are ways that even as a non expert I could
move ahead with with a site built on this domain that could help people this
is the route I’ll be taking and I’d like you to enter in your domain right now as
well and let’s go ahead and both of us click next after you’ve done that okay
all right first of all we see that this this domain is available okay I already
knew that it was and I’m hoping that you came up with an idea beforehand and
you’ve got a you found that your domain was available as well okay because again
we’re going to save you know ten or eleven dollars depending on the
registrar that we’d otherwise use by having this included in our new hosting
package with Bluehost okay I’m gonna fill in all my information and move
forward so we’ve got the basic plan for 12 months let’s choose that one 24 36
you know you’ll pay more you pay less on a monthly basis if you go longer out but
I think that 12 months is good I wouldn’t go less than that because
you’ll pay quite a bit more on a month if you go month to month for your
hosting and you know that they’ll bill you every month and if you were to
forget after a few months or not pay or something you would lose your your
hosting and the your new website I I just I I think twelve months is a good
happy medium most of my hosting package packages I do
in in one-year chunks so that’s fine and of course the the the real benefit is
the primary domain registration that they’re gonna throw in for free which
definitely saves us money right off the bat
last thing on this page is these five boxes here let’s uncheck all of them
there offers that we don’t need right now or maybe at all with the exception
of domain privacy protection and I’ll explain what that is to you now for any
domain name you can find the name and address of the person who registered it
unless they have domain privacy protection on it okay now for 99 cents a
month you can prevent anyone from seeing that you know your name and address are
associated with the registration of that domain there are different attitudes
towards doing this I can say that a while Ally I do have domain privacy
protection on on several of my domains I’ve got a whole bunch of them that I
don’t have privacy protection on to the best of my knowledge I’ve never had an a
privacy intrusion because my some of my domain names have my name and address
still attached to them if you know where to look
however if you would be more comfortable than by all means especially if you if
it’s a maybe your name that you’re registering go ahead and tick the box
and do pay the the extra dollar a month if you would feel more comfortable doing
that so right now I’m going to enter in my payment information and my account
information so that I can move forward with registration of my new domain which
I’m excited about you go ahead and do the same and let me just draw your
attention to more payment options so you can pay with PayPal which is what I’m
going to do today okay great now you should see a page very similar
to this with your email address there obviously let’s go create a password and
that’s something I want to explain to you okay let’s go ahead and let’s let it
suggest a very complex one please go ahead and copy
to a safe spot so you will have it in future and we’ve successfully created a
password let’s go ahead and we will log in okay great we have thousands of free
wordpress themes that’ll make really nice blogs and websites since I don’t
know exactly what themes you’re going to be seeing when you go to this page I’m
gonna suggest you skip this step I’m gonna get you into one that I know that
you’re going to see when you get into your WordPress dashboard now now go to
the email account that you used to sign up for your new hosting you should have
gotten three emails from Bluehost and one of them does require that you come
in and you verify your email so they can activate your domain name so just come
on in and please hit this verify your email button okay so it should say who
is verification you’ve successfully verified about a partial window for this
particular part of the video if you’re verifying them then you are fine now let’s just go ahead and hit start
building great instead of just telling you where to click and you just follow
along which I am doing let me explain to you a basic concept yet so you may have
heard that the terms domain name hosting maybe or maybe even WordPress what are
they exactly and how they all work together a domain name it is a unique
address on the web okay like wage freedom com all right individuals
can purchase domain names now you need to do something with that
so get hosting purchase a hosting package which is analogous to land that
you can essentially take your the address that you purchased and apply it
to that land that you are basically renting from a hosting company in this
case Bluehost okay once we have our hosting
bitch we put the address on it so that whatever content is on wage
freedom dot-com has a place to actually resign so what role does WordPress plays
WordPress is a content management system or CMS it simply allows us to build on
the posting that we purchased on the land you could say that we purchased the
the new structure that we’re going to build on this land that has the unique
address your domain name this is going to be taken care of by WordPress why do
I recommend WordPress as your content management system at this point empower
is about 30% of the entire web okay everything from personal websites to
enormous billion-dollar corporations use WordPress it is free CMS it’s endlessly
customizable that you’ve got you got endless plugins to alter the look and
the functionality of your site so you control every aspect of your new website
your new blog through your WordPress dashboard that you’re looking at right
here as we move through this you’ll see that it’s it’s fairly intuitive and
fairly clear even for a non tech person to get started you know building
building your website building your blog using WordPress let’s go ahead and
proceed they’re asking us they’re gonna step us through a little of a bunch of
questions let’s just say we don’t need help since um I’m going to take you
through my normal setup routine ok so just I don’t need help this is just fun
all right are you following along with me we can hit launch site but before we
do if you’re curious you can just go ahead and in a new browser tab enter
your new domain in this in the HTTP field and you should see a placeholder
page very similar to this okay no need to click anything let’s this is the
Fernet this is the front end of the site this is the site that any visitor we
could see if they came to your site at this
point but it’s not going to look like this for a long so let’s go ahead and
hit launch right now because I want to include launching in this tutorial for
you I think it’s not right for me to just show you how to install WordPress
and then leave you to your own devices all point of this this tutorial if you
stick with me is you’re going to be configured properly we’re going to get
the basic plugins installed and we’re going to get you your first blog post
with text images and an embedded video as I say so okay
congratulations your site is now now alive let’s head back to this page again
let’s hit refresh and see what we see alrighty it looks different what’s what
what did we do that was different now what we have on this new domain name is
actually a wordpress installation okay a minute ago we had our raw land you could
say but now we’ve got the basics of the structure that we’re gonna build this
confirms that you have successfully installed WordPress you should be seeing
something that looks very similar to this depending on when you when you’re
following along on this tutorial with okay we’re right where we should be okay
let’s click on dashboard here please and home alright
this is your actual WordPress dashboard not related to Bluehost so please scroll
it down to users and I’ve zoomed us in a little bit so hopefully you can see this
a left sidebar most of what we’re gonna do for the rest of this tutorial is
going to be controlled by the left sidebar so let’s go to let’s go to all
users and we are going to reset your password and then we’re gonna log you in
from a login page so scroll it down and right below admin please hit edit now
let’s scroll it down again and take a look at user name admin and notice that
it cannot be changed and that’s that’s fine that’s okay for our purposes
keep scrolling down now if you’d like to put a profile picture here you could go
ahead and do that if I do for I think wage freedom I’ve got a profile picture
in this area up to you it’s good way to to connect with your readership so I
would probably recommend it now I’ve already done this so I’m just going
to direct you new password please generate password hit this button one
time and you’re going to see a password beneath it and I’ll ask you to just
please copy that drag your mouse button over it and copy it and then paste it
into a document of some kind and a new email or anything you want to it’s gonna
look real ugly but that means it’s real secure right so hit update profile
please yeah give it a minute and let it save and when you’ve done that please
log out okay in the upper right hand corner great so you’re logged out
so please just just take this URL on the top and again this is the updated
tutorial I’m doing for for because WordPress or because Bluehost has
changed their interface so I’ve got another domain name here but don’t worry
about it okay this is gonna be your your login for WordPress okay so please copy
that and put it with your password okay and it email it to yourself something
like that yeah both the the login page URL and the password and now when you’ve
when you’ve you’ve got admin here we know that’s our username and just go
ahead and paste in password and just did lock in okay and this will get you in
the first time to your WordPress dashboard from which you will make your
website and do everything you have to do alright alright so here we are it’s me
again you might be wondering why we’re doing a password reset when you already
set your password I wanted to show you how to Reese
from within your WordPress dashboard I think that’s important know how to do at
any rate take a little break and enjoy a sunset from Bali Indonesia and I’ve got
a lot more information on living in Bali as an expat on wage freedom comp
go check it out I am going to do the basic run through
the basic routines that I do every time I set up a new website and wait and I
use WordPress exclusively from this page let’s the first thing I’d like you to do
please let’s go to settings / mowing and you can actually you got post name
that’s already there at the end but I’d like you to type this in forward slash
percentage sign post name percentage sign then forward slash okay it’s gonna
make your URLs look away that the best way for search engine optimization okay
let’s go Save Changes please that’s the main thing that we needed to do well
let’s just run through a few of these settings okay notice on the left side of
your dashboard you’ve got a ton of different things you can do let’s keep
it real simple I’m not going to give a comprehensive overview today of every
single bit of functionality in the dashboard because I think that bogging
you down with too much information would be counterproductive right now we want
to we want to I want I’m going to give you the bare minimum that you need to to
proceed for site title you might want to just put the either your name or
something other than my site so I’ll put okay you could put a tagline but
definitely take just another WordPress site out of there
okay these are generic things you don’t want on your site Save Changes don’t
forget for right now for your basic settings that’s going to that’ll be fine
for us okay let’s add some plugins let’s go to install plugins please alright
few things to do the general idea with plugins and
there’s there’s similar lien of them some of them are extremely handy and
downright necessary the general idea though is unless you really need a
plugin I wouldn’t wouldn’t have it installed
okay you can delete Hello Dolly I just like
to keep things as clean as clean as possible and only have them definitely
only have the plugins installed at least that I’m actually using and benefiting
from here’s another one this is I think specific to Bluehost I’ve never used it
before and it’s not necessary so I’m going to suggest that you delete it
unless you have a reason yourself for wanting to keep in okay alright so a
kismat first of all this is a comment spam automatic comments spam
cleanup and I definitely definitely recommend using it okay it’s actually
created by the folks who produce WordPress okay so you do need to
activate it and all quickly well actually up here let’s
let me back this up and just do it in a simpler way for you so you got this
button here to activate it okay there’s no downside to doing this and it’s free
I already have an API key but you can go ahead and click this button here and
give them an email they’ll set it to you paste it in here and a kiss meatus is
set up okay quite necessary back to plugins what I’m gonna recommend you do with jet
pack is to deactivate it it’s just a lot of functionality that isn’t isn’t really
necessary and so in the spirit of you know having plugins only plugins that we
we really need I’m gonna suggest that you delete it you can do little research
on it if you’d like to it’s meant to be an all-in-one sort of a bunch of
different packaged up you know Punk plugins and functionality for you but I
just I don’t recommend that you use it okay so we’re sitting here now with
kismat alright I have three others that I suggest you install and the first one
is Yoast SEO SEO is and a acronym for search engine optimization don’t don’t
let it scare you know whoops sorry this is let’s go the add new under
plugins okay and in the search box just Yoast SEO and here it is right here notice it has
over a million active installs very popular there are other popular SEO
plugins as well but you know I like Yoast not a lot of difference really
between them in my opinion for most of what you do especially as a beginner but
bottom line I would recommend an SEO plug-in go ahead and activate it now okay so it’s activated you searched for
it you clicked installed and then you hit activate okay
and and here you see it it is activated because it’s light blue this little list
is going to be in the article that accompanies this video but here they
here they are so go ahead and again install both of these guys and here it
is right here also a million plus active installs there we go you get the idea
install then activate plugin all plugins in WordPress are installed in the same
way currently it’s disabled we’re gonna go in and enable it in a minute this
message will stay up here until you do that one more that we’d like to add
another new one we need to do backups periodically so
that if something goes wrong with our hosting or we in the event we did get
hacked we could we would have a all the files that we need to rebuild our site
does that make sense there’s a also a ton of backup plugins but this is very
easy to use for a beginner or anyone else all right
so know we’ve got a little bit of setup that we have to do for for all three of
these guys let’s first of all do super cache ok what this does is it basically
without getting the real technical details it speeds up the loading of your
of your site ok for people who once they when they come to your site the first
time and it loads into the browser on subsequent visits to your site
they will they will the site will load faster because it will be cached in in
in their browsers ok or at least pieces of your site will be and it will load
faster in that that’s a better user experience it’s also better for SEO so
let’s just turn the cache caching on ok and update status and you can also
dismiss this message and you shouldn’t see it again be good to go ok that’s
fine back to plugins let’s go to you
or our so for our back backup plug-in if you go into against settings and now
you’ll see since its installed a little navigation link you always have the
option with this too to just back up right now and download to your hard
drive or upload to the cloud you know all of your site files and database
files and everything I’ll suggest also going into settings what I would
recommend you do is have both of these set at weekly and it clicked the email
here unless you have Dropbox or Google Drive err another one of these solutions
and you’re comfortable with with setting that up I don’t think it’s that
difficult but I’m not going to assume that that that you have that but what I
do know is that you have an email address that you can have your your
backup sent to you know you can if you don’t update your site very often you
can have this sent to you less often I mean that’s just fine we don’t want to
be cluttering up your email box but we do want even though you know the latest
update of your site always to to have been sent to you if that makes sense ok
if you get to a point where your site is quite static and you’re not changing it
very much I mean you could take this out to you know to a month or whatever you
want to do okay I hope I’ve made that clear we’re simply trying to get
reliably have files to our site including the database someplace other
than our hosting so that we can rebuild the site if we if our hosting files on
our hosting ever have a problem it’s just good good practice ok so WordPress
knows our default email for me it’s it’s this one right here so you can consider
yourself out include files in backup make sure all
these are ticked do you want everything right alright so back to plugins please
I don’t know if I saved but let me save and that’s a good lesson for you alright
alright one last little detail before we get into the fun part which is creating
our first blog post come over here please to users on the sidebar and hit
your profile alright scroll it down and remember when I had you make a username
that was not going to be admin could be anything other than admin right now
that’s reflected here which you can’t change and you don’t care about actually
but it’s now also your nickname and your display name and I would say I’m gonna
suggest that you write your real first name here because if you choose to
indicate the author of each of your blog posts and you don’t have to you can turn
it off if you want but if you indicate it to me it should be your real first
name you’re trying to actually connect with your readership and you know they
they want to know at least a little bit about who you are and I think your first
name is not giving too much away it’s my opinion so make that change I would
recommend you can also change your profile picture you do not insert a
profile picture you don’t have to if you don’t want to you can also add it in the
future if you’d like or not this the thought behind putting it in here is
that it adds some authentic authentic it builds trust with with readers and this
would be displayed in replies to blog comments that folks will leave you when
you reply it’ll show your little avatar with your photo if you choose to enter
it or insert it in this area ok so that all that happens in users and your
profile don’t forget to update and let’s move on to the fun part our first blog
post I don’t think that any tutorial on how to start
Blagh would be complete if I didn’t include how to create your first post
okay how to add content alright let’s first of all just delete
this hello world post that’s in there by default you should see it to move to
trash and apply well I’d rather I think it’s good practice to start from scratch
okay so we are in the posts area right and we can just go add new I’m going to
approach this on a very elementary level because my thought throughout this
tutorial is I don’t want to lose anyone some of you may find the pace that I’m
going a little slow or or I’m going through with more detail than you
require and I’m sorry about that but I just don’t want to lose anyone even even
people who are a little bit you know intimidated by the technology because I
think there’s a benefit for that you know a lot of folks who may be
intimidated by technology still have a whole lot that they could offer if they
would communicate their experience and and and some specialized knowledge that
they have etc so I’m gonna I’m gonna approach this it’s gonna be real quick
to show you how to add this new post but I’m going to do it
assuming you have no prior knowledge whatsoever alrighty so we’re going to
add text images and even some video to this first post so let’s do it
so in the title we can just put a title and I would hope that you’d be following
along in your own browser tab as I do this okay just so that you yourself know
how to how to do this now I’m just grabbing some some dummy text okay just
from a another place and I all I’m gonna do is
I’m just gonna paste it in there all right into our visual editor and I
can sort of obviously keep on going this this works very similar to other you
know two-word or any other program you know you’ve probably used even even
similar to email software but with more bells and whistles that you’ll see in a
minute so let’s just um at our text that’s easy really easy now let’s go
ahead and add an image for that we go to the add media tab let’s put our cursor
where we liked the image to go let’s put it right at the beginning it hit add
media now I I have already uploaded a an image but I’m going to walk you through
another one in a moment what I would emphasize is that it’s good practice for
every single image that you insert into your site your the this title field X
that has something to do with the article that you are creating the posts
that you’re creating and the image itself okay this helps search engine
crawlers to understand what the image is and if you tagged the image properly
like this you will really help your SEO your search engine optimization okay we
are going to down here we can choose to justify it left or right its arbitrarily
say left let’s make a nice little smallish photo as well we’ve got our art
alt text and our title okay we’re just going to insert it into post right here
and there it goes it’s right just it’s left justified and there’s a little bit
of nice white space it wraps real nicely around around our image I’m gonna add
another one let’s you had media let’s let’s say the same
post for good you can use a similar image if you wanted to but I what I
would do for best practices is always make sure that you your a alt text and
title are unique for every image this is best practice for search engine
optimization it’s something a lot of people don’t bother with even even today
people who should know better but I’m teaching you best practices and trust me
in the long run this does pay dividends it’s worth doing for every image you you
you use so let’s write justify this guy same size put it in and pops in real
nicely okay okay another thing I do want to
show you I want to show you how to where to get images from just do a google
search for free images for blogging on splashes is an example of some of these
sites that don’t even require an attribution link back to the
photographer these are free to use don’t even need a link so and they’re they’re
very high quality so we can um let’s just hit download and this is you know
quite Elementary for some of you I’m sure but I just want to be complete
there’s no reason not to be for people who are who’ve never done this before so
save image as okay and then we can just say we’re just
Satan name it name it anything at this stage and save it to our hard drive okay
and we’re done and we’re done with unsplash okay so there’s our our image
that we have on our hard drive right now now let’s say we wanted to add this
image at the end of our post for some reason just simply put our cursor where
we want it add media upload files this time select files let’s go to our JPEG that we just downloaded or hard
drive okay we’re gonna let it let it load okay
that’s done this is again quite a large image in practice you’d want to make it
smaller using Photoshop or a similar program and it’s just beyond the scope
of this this tutorial okay so if you can get it at least under one Meg and if not
smaller than that would be great all right this time let’s unless left
justify it we can say large this time okay insert into post okay pops in really nicely now I think
you get the idea see how you know it’s pretty powerful it
can make really professional nice-looking um you know posts okay one
other thing since we’re here I want to show you how to add video from YouTube
okay you’re gonna know text how to add text images and video with those three
different media you can communicate almost anything that you want to right
so from pickier you’ve got a video and YouTube you’d love to embed on your site
you can do that there’s there’s YouTube likes it and trust me the people created
the video would appreciate it as well if you would embed their video on your site
okay so share and then embed okay YouTube gives us this this code that
we’re simply going to copy before we do that it’s show more note that we have a
range of choices in terms of the size of of our video okay and it’ll give us
it’ll give us code that reflects the size that we chose okay
so we can just copy mm-hmm go back here and here is one interesting
little caveat so far we’ve been working in the visual editor the text editor
will give you show you the exact same content that we’ve we’ve posted so far
in this post but it’ll be it’ll for things like images and video they’ll be
represented with basic HTML code rather than you know the images themselves that
we saw in the in the visual editor does that make sense
so don’t get don’t get intimidated or to wrap wrapped up by this it’s not a big
deal the reason I’m showing you this is for embedding video the code that
YouTube gives gives us must be embedded in the tent using the text editor not
the visual okay I’ve just pasted this in we’re in the text site and if we go over
to visual now you can see reflected that that it shows up properly if we
arbitrarily pasted the same code on the visual editor we’d get that let’s go
ahead which we don’t want but let’s go ahead and publish now so this is a again
we’ve been working on our post and we can save it as a draft if we don’t yet
want to publish but when we’re ready let’s just go go ahead and let’s publish
it okay and then we’re going to see what we get all right now this is the first post yet
published on this on this site so it’s exciting let’s go to view post right
here at the top okay we don’t need these guys anymore and let’s see what our
first published post looks like it looks very similar to what we saw in the
visual editor including the video and including the ugly HTML for the video as
well so all that’s doing is showing you that this needs to be embedded using the
text editor I remember in the early days a long time ago I used to get wrapped
around the axle about just this little little thing that you have to know in
WordPress and it was a little stumbling block for me in the beginning it’s a
minor thing but just to you know I I just wanted to get to the point let’s
update since we took that that HTML out that extra code right let’s update it we
can go back to our post we can refresh obviously maybe not
obviously you can always update a published post does that make sense so
that code is gone as you can see and we’ve got you know you know a real nice
looking basis for a post I mean you can use images you can use videos you’ve
created you can use you know all sorts of things the reason this is I needed to
do this in my tutorial was to show you that you know you’ve been reading blog
posts for years and and it just may never have occurred to you how exactly
you can you can do this yourself and come out with with a really nice looking
you know article complete with images and video if you if it’s appropriate
right I hope that’s that’s clear and that what may have previously
intimidated you and no longer does okay there’s a couple of other things I want
to show you are actually one thing specifically that that if you attend to
it you will be way ahead as you become a self publishing you know machine your
Yoast SEO plug-in that you installed if you but this will be a little area like
this beneath every post don’t forget to scroll down after you you get your post
all ready to go because what you can do if you hit edit snippet is and maybe
this looks a little bit familiar this is actually a what right now would display
in the Google search results for this published post our title and our the
little description that tells you what the post is about now with the SEO
plugin we can tell Google what we would prefer to have as the title and as the
Meta Description you can see that it’s super good if you were trying to if
you’re using this to to sell something or or simply wanted to make it clearer
to a potential reader why they should click through to your article
a billion articles on in google search engine results pages right does that
make sense so let’s instead of our first post drone pilot coaching let’s let’s
say I already entered this in let’s use a maybe more user-friendly hook or and
and you can see how this changed okay and then okay now this can be the for
Google recently changed its what it allowed you the the number of characters
that it will allow you to post in a title or a Meta Description I believe
for the Meta Description now it is a hundred and sixty characters max I
wouldn’t go right up to 160 150 s is fine but it’s a good idea to use the
couple lines they’re going to give you here to you know explain to a user what
exactly the post is about you can also do to make the use more characters if
it’s appropriate for your your title as well I think I’ve you know I’ve made
that made it clear now the point is that that’s that’s part of the beauty of
using the CSS SEO plug-in there’s a lot more that you can do with it that’s
outside of the scope of this tutorial but I at least needed to to show you
that because you’re going to at least initially get a lot of traffic from
search engines especially Google this will enable you to up the number of
visitors that you get to your site from search and also they will tend to be
more targeted visitors because again you’re communicating before they click
through you’re communicating what exactly a given article is about and
just to make it clear you know if we have a thousand articles on our site
every single one we can have a different you know what we
should attend to this on every single post that we do on our site okay it’s
worth the time just like when we add an image to to a post it’s it’s worth the
time putting in the the meta just the description the metadata and the
description for each image okay now these are small things that will pay
dividends over time search engine optimization wise they’re
worth the the few extra seconds and they’re simply best practice okay
there’s one last thing that needs to be in a tutorial video on how to start a
blog okay let please go over to the appearance navigation link and go hit
themes please and you’ll be looking at a window like this in our WordPress
back-end right now what these are themes that that are supplied to us with every
WordPress installation from the folks who create WordPress they’re free they
are bug free and virus free they are perfectly functional and you can you can
use them but I just want to show you how easy it is to switch from one to another
and there’s a reason why I’m doing this okay let’s right now our active theme is
called 2016 let’s arbitrarily activate 2015 and it is just that easy to switch okay
now 2015 is active let’s go over and take a look at let’s visit our new well
the same site with a new look okay and you’ll see it looks quite a bit
different we’ve got a sidebar on the left side now the text is larger right
but notice that the post is exactly the same text images and video okay why am i
showing you this in the future you may choose to purchase
a theme that’s let’s say more sophisticated than these these baseline
themes that that the WordPress folks give us and most of my themes I have
actually purchased just because they can sometimes really improve the look and
functionality of your site you know and there’s a million of them out there but
why would I want to convey dia now is that you know if right now today you’ve
got a topic you can start writing about something you’re good at or you’re
you’re an expert on don’t wait start start to add content right now to your
to your new blog because when the when the day comes that that you do if you do
decide to change your theme all of the content that you have have added up to
that point it is going to be preserved it’s it’s going to be brought over to
the new the new well it’s the same site but just it’s the container which is the
theme is going to present the same content in a slightly different way my
point is that the content doesn’t go away okay so there’s no reason to think
that you’ve got to get your site quote-unquote perfect before you march
ahead and create your content because at the end of the day but your content your
unique a high-quality content is the thing it’s gonna enable you to start
making money online and wage freedom okay
it’s not how beautiful your theme is you know it’s it’s it’s the value that you
provide to to readers who are who are hungry for the the expertise
that you’re supplying them with with the blog post that you write okay the look
of this site currently as established by the theme is not as important as the
things like the images you’ve got certainly the quality of the writing how
pertinent a video that either you you create or the hit off YouTube is to the
content of this particular article so you see we need to most of all emphasize
the quality of our content WordPress allows you to jump into the
self-publishing game after having watched a tutorial video that’s less
than an hour long there’s no reason to make your initial content creation any
more complicated than what you’ve seen in this video I suggest you move ahead
if you’ve got an idea either for a business or just just want to start
writing about something that you have expertise on then eventually we can
build a site upon okay that expertise start today start tonight because
there’s no time like the present to wage freedom starting a blog is the perfect
entry point to position yourself for a future where employment might be a
little less secure unfortunately online entrepreneurship offers you endless
opportunity and a chance to build an income around your interests abilities
and unique experience it’s how you can take direct control over your ability to
earn without the high startup costs of physical businesses but you have to let
the world know about you and what you can do a blog is still how you start
doing that if you wonder how some people are able to quit their jobs and work
online from anywhere on their own financial future while you wonder how
even to get started we’ll start here empower yourself to start participating
in the new economy get the main technical hurdle out of the
way which is creating the foundation of your platform get started communicating
your value to readers and potential fans and customers and thanks for watching
thanks for watching this tutorial I hope you’ve got a lot out of it if you have
any questions at all if I missed any steps left something unclear for you
please get with me in the comments I read every comment
and I reply as soon as I can I want to leave you hanging
also I should tell you on wage freedom calm I’m gonna put a few links to the
site I in the description below this video but I I do have the others making
money online is a big topic installing you blog is just the first step but I
what I have is doing this for a long long time the initial stages the way to
think about creating your online business what is your place in the this
new commercial environment that exists online okay because I believe that just
about everybody has a there is opportunity for everybody online to make
money and a lot of people have several different directions that they could go
based on their you know the competencies and their their experience okay their
interests their talents so refer to wage freedom comma a couple links I’ve got
below below this video to delve more into this okay also my on my youtube
channel I’ve got how to think about sales fun online sales funnels and
things like that so it’s you know how to start a blog is is the first step but
you know and there’s there’s some education to be done you don’t need a
college education for any of it it’s all you know the tutorials are there I
myself I’m trying to make them you know to fill out my offerings so I I what I
put out is enough for you to understand what the opportunity is how again how
best you can take advantage of it okay please subscribe to my youtube channel
for further videos it’s a little bell right next to the red button and YouTube
will update you every time I add a new video I’d really appreciate it
give me a like if you found value in this again Tom from wage freedom how to
start a blog if you’ve been thinking about doing it for years it just might
be time just a little bit about choosing a
domain now you may have thought about this already than you may you may have
one in mind okay I’ve got a little box in the blog post accompanying this video
where you can check to see if a domain that you have in mind is available okay
simply type it in com is still very much preferred now if you have an idea for a
domain go ahead and enter it and see if it’s available okay keep these few
things in mind all else being equal the shorter the better don’t use any hyphens
don’t use any weird Spelling’s don’t use words like and okay now if you try a
couple times and domains that you have in mind are not available don’t worry
try your name see if that’s available as a dot-com and the reason why that makes
sense is because unless you have an idea for a business already which you may and
that and that’s great but if you don’t you really won’t go wrong by registering
your own name it has a domain name okay look there’s a lot of businesses that
you might that you might end up doing that would have you as your own personal
brand okay so yours name as the brand would
make sense that I mean this could be anything I mean you’re you’re a creative
person so you’re making something so your name should be associated with it
you could be doing an agency of some kind you know there’s all sorts of
things that your name as your domain name your calm would be appropriate for
okay so so if that is available and you don’t have another idea for a specific
business and a specific donate domain name go ahead and register your name has
a dot-com okay know if it’s not available melman’s accom and you’re and
this goes free that your name or something else a dotnet is acceptable
but I would really prefer calm let’s say
you’re gonna make a website around fixing old motorcycles and your your so
it’s going to be motorcycle fixing calm or something you know if if and that’s a
bad example but if the if it’s a another general rule is to me you know you make
it a short edge as you can and still convey what the heck you’re you’re doing
but don’t make it more than an even three words it’s really pushing it you
know so I mean three short words possibly but you know two would be would
be would be the best if you can but what you what you can do is is you know
especially if you’ve got something that it just really fits the idea that you
have if you have an idea for an online business already you can do things like
add an HQ at the end of it so it could be yoga gear HQ or photography lessons
fashion blogging queen fashion blogging pro fashion blogging guide I had a
innocuous little word at the end of the main point of what it is you’re you’re
doing you can usually think of something to add to the end of it okay something
not too long just one word Italian cooking pro or gardening grandpa you get
the idea it’s okay to add an innocuous third word after the to blur the point
of your site okay but the thing is don’t let this stop you in your tracks
I know people who spend weeks or months on choosing a domain name and it holds
them up ever getting started they’re thinking about the perfect domain name
doing hundreds of searches and sometimes never ever get started and so that’s a
mistake okay this probably is not gonna let be the last domain name you’ll ever
buy okay and for your information if two weeks down the road you think of
something that just fits better you can just spend that ten dollars and buy that
domain name and you can hook it up to the hosting package that you’re
purchasing today okay does that make sense
I can’t stress enough cuz I did this in the early days myself I I’d have an idea
and I would just go around and around searching for the perfect domain name it
was too long there wasn’t quite right or whatever it was okay and I’ve wasted a
lot of time don’t do what I did okay move forward if the name the domain name
clearly conveys what it is you’re doing it’s a little quirky it’s okay it’s okay
millions of dollars and are sometimes made from well I could name a few and
I’m not right now but websites that have four and five words in them okay
extremely long and unwieldy but the person went ahead and they did it I’m
thinking of a make money online blogger right now and I’m not gonna mention her
side but she’s she’s making over a million bucks a year with your blog okay
so yeah please don’t let that become something that holds you up figure out a
domain name and and just go with it cuz if you have to always swap in a new one
later okay for the cost of $10 if it comes to that okay you

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