How To Start A Blog Step by Step For Beginners Guide

hey what’s going on everybody this is
Andre from Andre L von dot-com and today we are going to show you how to start a
blog we’re gonna do it step by step now if you are a beginner and you don’t know
anything about WordPress this is the guide for you this is gonna be a very
easy process I’m gonna try to make it as simple as I possibly can when you’re
building a blog you only need a few things you’re gonna need a hosting
account you’re gonna need a domain and actually what a host in the count is
it’s actually the platform where the website is built and the domain is the
www dot website comm so that that’s what the domain name is um in this video what
I’m gonna do is what we do is first of all we recommend you to use Hostgator
and I’m gonna be working on a different platform because a platform
I’m working on it’s gonna be a lot simpler ax is gonna be a lot a little
more difficult Hostgator is gonna be a lot more simpler and a lot easy for you
to understand the interface that they use is a lot simpler as well so make
sure that you stick with me and like I said I’m gonna take you through how to
start a blog step by step for beginners and we’re using a wordpress platform in
this video guide this is Hostgator I’m gonna take you
through a quick very quick tutorial and I don’t spend a lot of time on this at
all um as you see here web hosting cloud hosting wordpress hosting domain all of
that stuff i would actually even know what this is a the wordpress platform
that we’re going to be using you can actually get your hosting here get your
domain here so um just if you want we’ll go domain first if you want to do some
research your domain just enter it here and this
is the website we’re gonna be using even though it’s not gonna give me any
results back we already purchased it but just to show you okay as you can see see
sorry unavailable cuz that’s because we already bought it but just to show you
um actually combined with actually the domain will be an annual charge you
should be able to get a domain for around I guess 10 bucks
some are 10 12 bucks somewhere around that range you can see here so 1125 and
once you buy that you can go and buy hosting so we’ll go back to that same
screen you can go right here and the good part about Hostgator is you’ll
you’ll when you purchase the Holston you’ll get a discount so if you are
getting a single domain if you want unlimited domains get the baby plan and
if you want all this other stuff get the business plan so for right now we’ll
just we’ll just press right here the the baby plan let’s say you um you’re gonna
get additional domains that at a later date so just press the sign up button and you can enter the domain here or if
you’re registered new domain you can actually start off
right here you know I really didn’t have to show you that that domain page would
I just want to kind of walk you through it but this really is the place where
you should click on first and set whatever type of package that you want
let’s just say the baby enter your username make sure you when you enter
your username and password make sure you keep that because it’s gonna be a very
important step see enter your pin billing information and when you go down
here um you know you may or may not want to get any of this stuff here but let’s
say if you if you don’t but you can actually you can actually backup your
sites within WordPress um during the installation part of it or you can
always go back to it and and WordPress has a feature where you can actually
back up your website and protect site from actors we’re going to be using some
plugins that can actually do that for you so I won’t worry about either of
these right now and there’s always a free coupon coupon code in there so the
thing about WordPress that hold on just second the thing about WordPress is that
you can actually write here this if you’re buying it for thirty six months
so you can change that if you want to go month-to-month or three months or so on
and so forth you can see the price will change when you come down here see that
so make sure that if you’re not buying three years or two years upfront you can
always be billed month-to-month and with the hosting account you’re
gonna be billed monthly the domain you have to pay that one time domain fee
annually so just so you know so pretty simple process of purchasing and
you’ll check out and make sure that you um if you go down below in the
description I have affiliate link for hostgator I appreciate if you guys um
clicked on that um I actually do get a couple of bucks
from that when you um purchase through Hostgator through my affiliate link down
below in description so I appreciate if you click on that link down there after
you purchase your hosting and your domain name hopefully you’ve purchased
it through my affiliate link down in the description you’ll see this here this is
a control panel this is all the nuts and bolts are happening on your website
and you would come right here and you click the WordPress one-click
installation and this is why since it’s a little easier using Hostgator than
using the one that I’m gonna show you which is a different so different
platforms still on the UM the still using the WordPress platform but right
here I’ll press that and I’ll press install now and make sure that you
change this to the proper protocol that W make sure it’s on WWE and you find our
domain we’re using is how to create our website so we’ll need to find it or go
right here the directory we don’t have to worry about you can just enter your
site name the center is very important for search engine optimization so you
can be found in the search engine so if someone’s looking up your products and
services you want your products services to be able to find so make sure
that when you choose your domain name make sure it’s either a branded name or
something that has to do with your products or services and in her site description as well so
you’ll see this is what is found in the tap the tab the tab of your um you know
which is just the top of a website and that’s you know search engines will see
that also and try to make the site description which is gonna be like in
the tab it’ll be this here and then – then you’ll see that so you just want to
optimize everything and right now we’ll we’ll just use the username and password
but make sure that you change your username and password never keep it add
me and it passed but just for this demonstration I’m gonna keep it where
it’s at actually we’ll just change that to
password which still is dangerous to use well just go with admin one had to write
that down so I won’t forget it and you just keep the admin email to say anymore
for the sake of this video I’m gonna keep it the same but make sure that you
use put your email address in there and the language put your language in there
and choose a theme right now I’m not gonna use any of these themes that
WordPress gives you I’m actually gonna put an actually put another a different
theme on that’s actually a free one that they give you but um I’m gonna show you
how to do a different way and after you install WordPress this is where it’s
installed and this is the back office make sure you keep this here which is
your website forward slash WP dash admin this is going to be the back office of
the website so right now we have this is what the website looks like now
we’re gonna change this theme and this is the back office this is where we go
enter and start building the site all right all righty okay when building a blog you want to do
a couple of different things um first of all you want to build it just like you
would build a regular website so you want to add your plugins and you want to
do some some other things from some different design type things some so you
want to you just want to structure it the right way
but one of the things that I’m gonna do first there’s a couple of things I’m
going to do I’m gonna go into the settings and let’s go to general first and I wanted to make sure all of this
stuff was right we want to go into writing or go back you see actually we
want to change the internet actually what this is anytime maybe we let you
write a blog post your website you’re actually letting Google know that you
know you’re pinging your website so it’s actually letting Google know that
there’s changes on your website and they need to come and check it out so they’ll
come and scan the website so we’re gonna add some stuff in there we’re also
actually gonna provide a list I’m gonna provide a list with all of these on
there you’ll see that down in the description also along with some other
some other some other goodies Anna and a bonus also so make sure that you click
on the website pac—- link down in the description the next thing I
want to do is go down to the permalinks this is important also I need you to
change something in here you want to click right here post name since we’ll
be writing blog posts make sure you click on this because Google when you
write blog posts and you optimize it what it needs to be in this format when
you’re writing blog posts press Save Changes and next we will enter our
plugins this one here it is Hello Dolly we want to delete that okay this here
this you’re gonna need to get an IP key for this this is a spam protector we’re
going to add some more plugins in a second so click here get your API key
brother and there’s there’s also a list down below with the website pac—- the
list of the plugins that you should install as well on here and I’m gonna go
through them with you how about this oh yeah I’ll go throne with you have a
throne with you one one by one so you can press that add new art up here where
it says they add new and one of the ones is above-the-fold optimization wanna
install that that PageSpeed is a very important thing um there’s a video on
PageSpeed that I have as well on Google PageSpeed that’s really important one of the biggest things that your
website is going to learn things that slows your website’s down our images so
a lot of times images are too big or they become too big for your website and
then you need you need websites um and you need I’m sorry you need plugins like
this that that will help also another plugin for images that we are going to
use as a plugin that’s called um e WWE image optimizer so using those two
together OTO optimizing this image optimizer um will help your images and
your overall overall website the speed of it will definitely improve any
experience from users just like it says here definitely won’t install a broken link
checker cuz a lot of times you have links on your website and they can
become broken and this thing can can actually pinpoint it and they can fix it
as well the next one I have a contact page cuz we we actually need some sort
of contact form so we always go with contact form 7 it’s another one called edit flow helps
with the editorial workflow actually you know you this plugin has been acting up
so don’t I won’t worry about it right now so we’ll just give edit flow can
always come back and download that later when they when they fix it alright
Google Analytics this dashboard here who wanna install that activate it there’s
another net that we need another Google Analytics let me see which one is it
it’s actually this one the white maybe I share this and all these plugins it
tells you you know who are the inventor of the plug-in I kind of remember that also keep this in mind about plugins you
don’t you really never want to have too many of them if you have like over 25
plugins you could slow your website down tremendously and this is sick this is a
security oops I themes security security plug-in that’s what I was talking about
earlier when you’re when I was going through purchasing the the hosting and
the the domain there’s a security thing that Hostgator sales you know if you
feel comfortable buying it you notice problem but you can also get this one
for free so right here insert headers and footers this is where you can know
you can add some code to your website and you’re gonna you’re likely gonna
have to do that when you install um let’s say if you are using safe here
let’s see if you’re using Facebook Ads so you can add like the Facebook pixel
code to it our our any code that’s needed on your website not any code but
if you using something like that or Google tag manager as well all right
we’ll go back to add new very popular plug-in here the jetpack it actually
integrates which is the platform net that we’re on and which is a different platform so I combined it to I just like activating them all it all
at once we can always go right here where I said they had new page links to
like I says right here it makes a wordpress page or any other link to an
external URL one of the most popular plugins
it’s just w3 cash was a WP ya w3 total cache install that improves the SEO and
user experience as well so it helps the website performance also so we just like
to just like the install plugins were all around your website is gonna be safe
and you’re not gonna have too many problems with it
a lot of times with with your blog when you’re starting up when you’re building
the blog are you building any website out if you have if you have some like
big huge problems sometimes it’s because you just installed a plug-in or does a
plugin it’s an affair with another one a lot of times if I’m in a situation where
where I’m having a fit with my blog what I usually do is just you know you can
always go to the hosting company and um they’ll definitely help you they’ll look
into it they’ll help you for free so make sure that you go to Hostgator if
you ever have any problems with your website and making pretty much pinpoint
it if you can’t fix it yourself especially for someone the host inside
as well or some sort of plugin that’s interfering with the with the with the
entire system WP edit just gonna help your um this is a content editor thing
where you can add other features to your content now we’ll go over some of that you see this here so right now if you
are let’s say if we say if we go to a new post and I’ll show you exactly what
it does see this here this is not gonna be enough there are some other things
that you need to add like the font sizes you don’t see a font size anywhere on
here when you’re typing just gives you the standard font size and you don’t
want that so you always want to I’ll get to the plugins in just a second but just
to show you you always want options you want a paragraph here you want the font
family in the font sizes here as well so you can always just drag and
drop these to the content editor save I’ll just keep it like that for now and
as you as you go back here you see the changes may see the change is made so
you can set them up however you like but even a paragraph your h1 h2 tags and
that’s that’s important feature as well and this is the font and the font size
as well in this format button actually its h1 h2 tag this one I wouldn’t worry
about we really didn’t need this for more than we need them
he’s a kind of interchangeable actually ok let’s go back to the plugins and the
last one that we’re going to install is Yoast SEO I’m kind of a crazy angle type
in so it’s kind of wild types and some things in kind of crazy
all right install Yoshio so it improves as you can see SEO as well and there’s
some other things also your site map is in here as well to activate your site
map now something that you got a need and actually we’re talking about a lot
of those things in the bonus section and the website the website pac—- if you
look down below in the description you’ll see the website pac—- and
there’s also um it’s gonna be some other videos provided as well there’s some
other videos that we made where we’re talking about website efficiency and
then some other things that a lot of people don’t show you when I show you
how to build a blog how to make a blog create a block you know however you want
to start your block but the one thing that you must understand is the
importance of Google and website efficiency and I made a couple of videos
as well and there they’re gonna be in the in the pack as well or they might be
in a description as well so we’ll probably put them in both places for you
so make sure that you check those out as well
all right so if you look at all the installed plugins let’s see how many we
have alright just scroll down be about a total of 16 there’s a few that have these here we didn’t activate yet but we
can activate on all right access to just press that if
there’s more just checkmark that activate so what I should have done
previously but show you how to do that now
okay so right now we just activated all the plugins you see we have a total of 16 plugins I don’t know why that one did
not activate see if it activates now okay and we have an update also so
whenever you see updates make sure that you update
whichever plug-in it is you can just press update right there but we back
we’ve actually installed all the plugins that we’re going to use in this
demonstration to show you how to build your blog the plugins are very important
and that’s how you’re going to maneuver your entire website that’s how you’re
gonna you know that’s like the beginning to making the website and I just felt
felt the need to show you that at least that part so the plugins section is
complete and now how about this the one thing that we need to do is the
appearance the theme let’s change the theme right now the theme looks like
this and we’re gonna change that all right we’re gonna upload a new theme
just one in particular that I saw that’s called smarter stayin right here let’s install it let’s let’s activate it
so install activate just like you do with the plugins and let’s refresh the
screen right now okay so that that’s how it looks right now okay
and it obviously look look different on on the mobile your mobile device as you
can see right now we’re gonna make some changes so this is what we’re gonna do
next what we’re gonna do next is a few things we’re going to set up some pages
we’re gonna set up some menus I’m gonna go in about how to add an image we’re
gonna talk about how to write blog posts we’re also going to do a little design
work also with the sidebar as well and you know the overall formulating
this entire thing to a blog so we’re going to go through those next okay so we’re still setting up our blog
and right now this is just the front of the website once again to show you all
remember a blog is really just a journal section of a website so it’s it
basically tells Google that you have updated content and that’s a way that a
lot of different people with brands are different companies you know promote
their products and services so let’s just go back to the dashboard and we’re
gonna set up some pages okay so add new very very very basic
pages that we’re gonna set up so technically we already have a our home
page per se set up and I’ll show you that in the menus so right now we’re
gonna go with our about page so so we’ll just write some simple first of all
before I even go through that I almost missed a point we’re gonna set up I like
to go with either Georgia in terms of the font or the hip Helvetica
have that Helvetica get or nose so right now we’ll just go with Georgia and we
can go with the 14 or 16 stay between the 12 font and the 16 fine don’t go
below or above either of the two and you have to look in terms of most of the
traffic that’s going to come to your site it’s gonna be via mobile so just
remember that someone has a mobile device in their hand looking at you yeah
you’re gonna get some some desktop traffic also but you know it’s changing
right now to where of web traffic is gonna be mobile
traffic so keep that in mind always keep the user in mind okay real quick you see
right here when we change the permalink earlier in the in the video how it that
the title coincided with this but regardless of what the title is we can
always go ahead and change that and keep that in the Bible like right now you can
put I’ll just keep that look about us and right here I’ll write something
simple now your about page make sure that you write
make sure you fill the page up per se make sure it’s about a about 200 words
you know talking about stories I’m not gonna do that now I’m just gonna write a
sentence to show your demonstration yes I can’t spell and I also have spell
checker okay so our blogging techniques have benefitted many brands and
businesses throughout the world so also when I finished down here this is where
Yoast SEO helps you out when someone is looking up your businesses or you know
the products and services or anything your your website they’re gonna see this
stuff down here so we can also change this or press the snippet section and
come right here so you can kind of go with something
like that but you see this right here see how we fell off right there you want
to make sure that that’s visible so we can Chardon it okay and you see down
here you can change the put the meta description and I’m not gonna do this on
every page that we’re gonna make but just to show you make sure you use the
SEO title the slug is this part you can also change it like I said you can
always go up go up top and change that at any time and just write metadata
right there so um in terms of SEO we want to we want to make sure that our
description coincides with our title and it’s very important for us the search
engines and ranking high in the search engines let’s go with brands and businesses so
just just like that so just make sure let’s say if even though this is only
about page we still want to make it make it coincide with the title so we want
the SEO to be great and you know the great thing about it can write the focus
keyword whatever the focus keyword is so right that’s a whole nother section but
no I’m just putting in about right now so just for the sake of this and I’ll
just press publish so that’s that’s the about page also with the about page
we’re gonna add an image and I’m gonna show you how to do that first of all
what you want to do is you want to go to media add new this is where you’re gonna
upload your images media add new and you’re just gonna upload the images from
your computer right here all so you want to make sure that your
images are really at a certain size okay so um that size is usually I usually go
with something in the neighborhood of I don’t know 4 for 11 by 315 pixel and
remember you have to keep the user in mind because if someone’s on a mobile
device and that image is too big then it’s not gonna look it’s not gonna look
good on you know on their mobile device so always keep that in mind all right
right here media library this is where after you upload everything this is
where everything stays also right here you have a bulk optimize let me show you
how to use that it’s a real easy method and that’s to optimize your images press
that scan for there are 103 images ready to to be optimizing those are some some
images that are already internal as well not just the images obviously that you
that you upload it so those still need to be optimized as well you just press
that button there and as you can see once it’s complete all it does it you
see it shrink you see it’s reduce by and it tells you so that this is the that II
W image optimizer so you can bulk optimize your your images so it really
helps it’ll help help the overall speed of your website okay let’s get back to
the pages real quick we’ll fly through flat through these the next one we’re
gonna do is a simple now wait to it finish loading okay right here I can change that to services
if you like or you can keep it at our services as well right now well um let’s
press save on that real quick if you press this page button right here we’ll
go back to the in just a second all right I also get we’ll get rid of
this sample page we really don’t need that just want to go back to press edit
to the about us real quick before before I actually forget this okay actually on
the image you’re only gonna use this image the set featured image this
particular one right here when you are posting on your blog not when you’re
adding pictures on the pages the pictures on the pages it’s still very
easy let me show you how to do that um I’ve already pre uploaded some photos so
right now just have this stuff written so I’ll go down do that like twice I
would actually add media right here and right here don’t forget to you can
actually you know you’ll have the title before you upload it you have the title
of the image and make sure you alt text in the description also you can actually
write something more on the description the alt text I would keep the same as
the title but make sure it’s optimized make sure it’s related to the page that
it’s on and you’ll press insert into page and now let me show you something it’s the about page okay see how it’s
right there and how its it’s centered I still would let me show you what what I
still would like you to do I still would see that align Center because on your
mobile device it’s probably going to look different so make sure this is in
the center and press update all right now let’s go back to our other
page that we started which is the our services page so we’ll go back do this
one real quick I know I’ll run through the rest of the pages there they’re
fairly simple to do but just make sure you add adequate content to them all
right and actually go with the image vlogging in WordPress services so I’m
just copying and pasting I don’t put anything in the captions you just copy
and paste and put it in the alt text and the description I recommend you to put
you can put it in a description but I will put a little more content in the
description as well alright and we always want to align in the center okay and all right there we go we always want
to make sure you use a 16-5 and you can write some here can I like not spell today services can
help any small business or brand maximize their profits
I actually have a issue with a’s on this keyboard for some reason okay I services
can help any small business or brand maximize our profits and I remember you
want you see the word count right here that’s only 21 but you always want to
make this about 200 so make each page about 200 150 200 words and you know
don’t forget you know like I showed you previously that the change change this
stuff here but right now we won’t doing it any of that right now and we’ll just
press publish get it out the way so we have about page services page without do
two more contact you see this right here where it says contact contact forms so
we’re gonna start a new contact but we’ll just go to add a new page first just put contact us I will just put
contact press okay there I’ll press save for now we go to the contact button here contact forms alright you can change
these contact forms up the way you like but for right now just to show you what
this form looks like that’s just that’s the cold for it this is what its gonna
look like once we take the cold and place it on that contact page your name
your email subject your message and go in and change that stuff you can put
where you want your email or where you want your contacts to go to what email
you want your contacts to go to so you can that that part you can change I
won’t change anything else and then obviously press save messages and you
know you can custom make the the messages to return messages and so on
and so forth can you see this here so that’s uh I said that’s the that’s the
cold cold for it we’re gonna copy and paste that code and actually do it right
here just wanted to come back to this so this page just copied an entire cold go
back to pages simple contact form so that stud the plug-in contact form seven
okay so we’ll go back here to edit now here’s the thing this is what I want
you to do instead of just doing it here you see where it says visual on text
we’ll go to text and do it and paste it okay now you say why’d you do that it
look the same because this is where you late : on the text option now we can
press you can actually actually press pump up the publish button so alright
let me show you the difference now when visually when you look at it it’s gonna
be the same it’s gonna have the code on there so let’s but its back on visual
okay but in actuality if you go back to the website let’s refresh the website
okay you see contact now okay if you press contact then you see that’s what
the code did for us name email address subject the message so if any one
obviously to try and contact you they’ll enter that and you know whatever if
they’re trying to contact you for your services or what have you they can do it
that way you see the our services button along with the image okay so now we want
to make we’re gonna make our last page now this page is gonna be our blog page
gonna have you have to set up a page this title blog okay now here’s the thing you don’t have to
put anything down here you still want to fix all this stuff right here and you
know you can put your focus keyword stuff in there as well so you don’t have
to put anything for image or anything like that just press the publish button okay now
when you go back here I’ll just press the home button and it will populate
everything now right now you see the blog right here and we’ll go back to
this okay next we’re gonna go on the another important spot here what I want
to do is go into the settings go into the reading now remember this is about
how to start a blog we’re not so much focused on the website part of it which
I do have a video out about um you know how to build websites or to show you how
to change all this stuff but let’s just say we wanted to pretty much eliminate
eliminate that for now if you want to do that go go to settings then reading and
we’re gonna make it a static page so the front page can be let’s say if you
change your theme like if you’re gonna change if you change a thing like to I
guess a landing page if you change your thing to a landing page you have to
obviously make a page for that and the front page will be less if you labeled
it home or or what have you and it’s a new theme and it has you know it’s
asking for email address and name and email address and
it’s a you know a front-facing page you would change it right here but we’re
just gonna change it our post page to block for right now then you can always
change it so I can show how many blog pages that you show or whatnot so right
now we’ll keep it at all just we roll it back to five just press Save Changes so
now when we press that hole button this is our front page right now front pages
our blog so we just turned it into a blog we just eliminated all that other
stuff all the other uh imagery so we’re just making a nice
little blog alright next we’re gonna set up our menu so you go to appearances and
go to menus okay create menu let’s call it what is
up with my spelling all right create menu okay so now what we want to do is want to add these to our menu okay and
we want to make a custom link where I’ll call his home my Advent to it as well okay so we want
to put that first going about us then blog
well services been blocked in contact okay we want to make sure that we make
this our primary header menu and we can also you can put this on the making a
footer menu so that it’ll be at the bottom of the page as well or press save
menu so now you’ll see the changes in in these here press if you refresh it see
how those pretty much changed so we got the whole button about us services the
blog contact so it just changes up here and you see down here by us clicking the
footer footer menu we made our pages visible at the bottom as well okay real
quick next we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna deal with I’m gonna show you how
to make a sidebar okay it’s all gonna come together so right now we’re gonna
go to widgets okay so this is the sidebar so it’s gonna just gotta make
this put some stuff right here on the side okay
now on your mobile device is gonna it’s gonna look it’s gonna be visible it’s
gonna look a little you probably won’t notice it I mean you obviously the user
will will notice it but it’s still gonna look decent but for our desktop users we
still want to add see if we can add these things here let’s go with you see
these are different widgets right here so to activate a widget drag it to the
sidebar art click on it you also have footer widgets where you can put put
some different things down below as well but we’re just gonna keep it basic right
now let’s just go with uh it’s called a video okay so we got the search bar when
we had a video right now let’s go with let’s see we can go with and a video insert URL so school we can add a nice video there
press the Save button also we can add mmm let’s add recent posts and let’s add add something else by tag
cloud so we use tags it’ll show show the users what are the most used tags just press save okay double press Dix I didn’t see the
little okay so just making a sidebar right here let’s see if it appears here hmm oh I wonder why that’s not a piri oh I think um let’s you see something
here I think this will appear once we write a blog post so next let’s go ahead
and write a blog post we’re not gonna actually write a blog post but but this
is how you write a blog post you see posts add new I’m gonna show you a few
things here okay welcome to my first blog posts we’ll change that first blog
posts press ok and remember I talked about adding image here era change that so welcome or my first
blog posts so title optics and description but always feel felt a
little more information in on your description okay so you see that here’s
here’s where well you’re when you’re writing I’ll get to the I was on say
some about the bottom but I’ll get to that in just a second oops
make sure you 16.4 for this blog post remember keep it between twelve and
sixteen point and George Georgia are the hell he’ll fit helvete Helvetica I will
never be able to pronounce that okay we’ll just stick with Georgia but either
one of those two okay
here’s the thing about blogging it’s very important remember that there’s a
word count right here when you blog it depending on your audience if you are a
local business you can I guess the word count the appropriate word count would
be about three four hundred words I would say now if you are someone else
who is looking at a different audience or worldwide audience
long-form content is the best and long-form content has got to be about a
thousand words so make sure that you have a thousand words that at least one
image in the blog post or if not an image of video in the blog post so make
sure that you do that because that works well the search engines look for that so
like I said for the sake of this I’m just writing one one sentence or what
not but you know you guys get the point here is very important this is where the
SEO comes in a Yoast SEO search engine optimization you want to make sure this
is optimized that this is optimized so here I would definitely get rid of that
part there all you need is the title of your posts in here and whatever keyword
that you’re placing for the slug and make sure that you use put the focus
keyword in down here as well and the description is important it all has to
be optimized so the keywords has to be in your title make sure you keep your
keywords in the front of your title mainly in the front of the title and
that keyword obviously had to being a slug in the description but that’s your
focus keyword because what Yoast is gonna do Yoast is gonna tell you
everything is gonna lies everything whether it’s the pages
that I showed you earlier or whether it’s the blog posts that you’re writing
it’s gonna it’s gonna show you down there so it that’s what guilts the Yoast
plug-in is for it’s gonna help you block but long-form content is the best
content you can google it you’re gonna find that many of the top bloggers
they’re gonna tell you the same thing long-form content is the best content
but if you are a local business owner or starting a local business out three to
four hundred words it’s okay it’s not bad at all also make sure that you are
posting often as well if you’re starting a blog off just be consistent be
consistent would it be very consistent way to make sure that you are sharing
also make sure that you are sharing the content as well also your block should
have a share button I didn’t I don’t think I put a share button on this one
but make sure it has a share button because you want your content to be
shared as well now right now let’s let’s just press the publish button okay so we
publish pretty much published the first blog post all right that’s all right my sidebars didn’t work you really
actually you really don’t need a sidebar um you know if you just want a basic
blog just you know just how we build it this this is your this is a basic blog
for you you know still it looks nice it looks clean and you know it was very
easy very easy to build actually with the sidebar the sidebar is gonna be
visible based on what type of theme that you’re using so I believe that’s that’s
the reason why the sidebar didn’t show up but I still wanted to show you how to
use a sidebar if you’re using a theme or it enables you to UM to use a sidebar
but this is your this is how your your basic blog is made you can still rock
this thing out and do some really great things by customizing it more and doing
some other things but that’s not it there’s also some other things look down
in the description box there’s some other some other bonuses that I have to
go with this video that’s gonna help you make your blog more efficient and some
other things you’re gonna have to do with Google Analytics and some things of
that nature but as far as making the website and starting the website I’ve
given you the basics and you can rock this thing out you can have a very
successful blog and start promoting your product products and services and if you
are a brand you know just start building your brand start just pumping out
content left and right as well and you’ll be very successful at it too so
um look down a description you’ll see the website hack that that we have for
you and um it’s also gonna be some more um you know some more some more videos
as well down there that’s gonna help you get your blog and your or your website
just just to get it in a more efficient state just some-some
important things is there’s more to it than just building the website now that
you have the website done you have the website up and running now you got to
play ball with Google and you want to make sure you do that because you just
want to optimize it the entire process so how to start a blog step by step for
beginners wet a web swept wordpress guide word press guide I was gonna say a
website guy but a wordpress guy so start the blog as you can see it’s very easy
it’s not hard at all it’s not hard at all so um thank you for me and hope that
I helped build your blog changes and starts a blog and very you know I wish
you a successful very well there’s a website thanks for doing mine I want to
make sure you’re and comply it to big brother
Google and all the other state search engines as well and so um in this video
section here I’m going to show you how to make a website efficient for any of
the search engines so right here is the wordpress the wordpress back-office here
so actually what i’m gonna do a couple of things i’m gonna focus on first of
all i’m gonna focus on the google analytics so you have to make sure you
get a Google Analytics account and just go to Google Analytics are whatever the
website is just google it you’ll um you’ll find it and Google webmasters
account or now they call it Google search console so Google search console
console rather and we’re gonna do a few things with that along with the Google
tag manager I’m gonna show you how to use that and I’m gonna run some tests
that’s very important also with the PageSpeed insights and the
mobile-friendly test so I’m gonna go through those real quick for you okay so
I’m plugins that we already installed one of
them down here is a couple of different uh google analytics but what we want to
do is we want to make sure that we satisfy both of them you see you have to
authorize the plugin in order to use the Google Analytics this particular Google
Analytics plugin also if we scroll down this here’s a dashboard and you can’t do
anything cuz you have to authenticate your Google account so make sure that
you have a Google or a gmail email account if you don’t have one of those
set up one and just go through the prompts click these buttons and go
through the prompts click the other one here and and go through the process but
actually before you even do that you have to make sure like I said you have a
Google Analytics account set up and right here I’m gonna go and set up one
for this website cuz I’m gonna need to put some code on the wordpress site as
well so this here accounts can contain more than one tracking ID cuz I’m gonna
need a tracking ID then put the code on the website and it’s very easy to do
just some copy and paste pasting can I put the web address in here to
just ask what industry can um find the appropriate industry I’ll just select
other put your time zone here and this is this stuff here is all up to you as
well um I don’t mind Google tracking whatever they want to track so get the
tracking ID I’ll accept the terms well if you want to read all of that stuff
you can as well I’m gonna go to the Google tag manager later on but for now I’ll copy and paste from here alright on
all that there I’ll copy that code and then I’ll go to insert headers and footers this is why
we downloaded this oh right here this is the head section of the website just
copy and paste press save so now this is a good time that that we
have a Google Analytics setup Press authorized to plug in and once you
pressed that you’ll see access code and click that button right there to get
your access code and once you authorize that plug-in to do business pretty much
with your Google account you’ll get this screen here and this is what we set up
on Google Analytics that’s the tracking ID see that tracking ID right there so
what that is there so what we do there is save it and that’s how you set up
your Google Analytics next we’re gonna go to well before we do that go and do
the dashboard one also so you have to press that and you’ll get this screen
click this button and this is just a drop-down it’s gonna show you all your
you know your well the Google Analytics account that you set up and click on it
and for us right there we’ll press Save Changes so we’re done setting up the
Google Analytics account now we’re gonna go to Google what they used to call
webmasters but now they call it general was it not general search console
console why do I keep saying council search console and that’s what this is
right here and you can google that as well and that web address is
forward slash webmasters but you can google it search console all right you
add a property so this is the website we just add the website and so here’s the tricky part
alright so sometimes when you press this button that doesn’t always verify and
when it doesn’t verify sometimes you have to go into the database the cPanel
in order to UM to actually to verify it to authorize and verify so let’s see if
it works probably won’t work oh it worked
Wow that’s the first so hopefully you won’t have any problems with that at all
because because sometimes you have to upload upload the they’ll give you a
folder that you have to upload in your database from time to time but hopefully
you won’t have a problem with it just like we didn’t okay so if you continue
press continue there alright so you have a lot of different things going on here
but one section that I want you to focus on is the cross section because we’re
gonna focus on the robots.txt tester and the sitemaps because you have to upload
this to your database and let me show you what to do I’m going to show you
what to do they’re also your gonna upload a sitemap and I’m going to show
you how to find that also but the robots.txt file just very easily well the right we’ll go we’ll just go to the
we’ll go to the database I’ll show you that first we’ll upload it on it in the
database first so we’ll upload it in the database and do well I’ll show you how
to do the sitemaps alright so this is the cPanel
different interface then the Hostgator interface but same concept
so you’ll have this as well you have a file manager so make sure you click on
the file manager so we’re gonna find the right folder that you need to upload and
I’m gonna show you what you’re uploading and how to make that as well so right
here we’re gonna scroll down to public HTML right here when I click that so now
we’re going to find website we’re working with which is this one how to
create our website so in this folder we’re going to upload the robots.txt
file so what is the robots.txt file in Notepad you can enter enter it right
here so all of this stuff but here’s a tricky part depending on what type of
what type of make sure you find the proper sitemap so you you if you screw
any of this stuff up you can be you you’ll mess it up so why did I get this
from okay now if we go back to our site and we go to the settings HML sitemap
that’s where I can find the sitemap now if you’re using another plugin such as a
Yoast SEO you can find it in your set CEO as well you can find the sitemap and
that so find your sitemap this is the sitemap file right here it’s the same
file that I have right here so just in this notepad you know all this stuff
right here so you need to make this file right here the robots.txt file needs to
be exactly like this here and I’ll make sure that I um that I upload this with
the UH what the PDF that I’m gonna have for you guys or you should look in the
description and you’ll be able to find this or I might just leave it in a might
just have a right Euler um just a regular file for it I
probably won’t mix it up with everything else but you’ll see just look in the
description you’ll see the UH the robots.txt file below should be in PDF
so make sure you have the proper sitemap has to be the proper sitemap and then
this stuff here what is this stuff that’s for another video but make sure
it’s exactly like this and like I said I’ll leave this in the description so
once we go back to here we’re going upload it we’re gonna upload that
robots.txt file so make sure that you know where it’s at that’s where it’s at
so yeah once I upload it 100% we’re good to go there so now I can go back to
search console go to the robot text there you go see I uploaded in there it
is um I should have showed you before but if had I showed you before this page
would have been blank so make sure but you can change any of this stuff at any
time right here but you also would have to go and change the actual file in a
database but you shouldn’t have to do any of that stuff so alright now take
this part of the sitemap not the whole address but this part here and just copy
it because you’re gonna have to upload sitemap add sitemap you see that part
the after and submit it we might get an error but
that’s okay it doesn’t matter that all clear up once you start producing
content actually we didn’t come up with an error right here so we’re good to go so in order for a website to make a
website efficient for the search engines you have to have a Google Analytics
account and set all your plugins and all of that good stuff your dashboard set
all of that stuff up but it’s very important to make sure
that your website is in tune with Google and all of their rules and all that good
stuff also the Google webmasters are the
search console you have to have that robot text file most of these are videos
that you see doesn’t show you that when they you know when they’re teaching you
how to build a website but that’s very important along with the site map it is
crucial it’s crucial because you want to make sure that the search engines are
crawling your websites that they that they can you know that they can crawl
your websites with no problem so anytime you’re uploading new content you know
Google will have a problem navigating through your site so that’s why you have
to upload robot text files and add sitemaps I think the more products from
Google that you use the better that your website can be efficient Google tag
manager really really helps helps that helps your calls on it especially if
you’re ever using um if you ever plan on use using um Google Adwords and things
of that nature but um if pretty much help helps you measure traffic and
optimize your your marketing is what Google tag manager does and he allows
you to set up tags and all kind of things for um different conversion
methods and on the marketing side so Google tag manager to make sure that you
create a account in tag managers and I’m gonna do this real simple here incident
now click web and I’ll press create so should pull me up
snippet of code also in this code I’m gonna do just like I did previously I’ll
go to the insert headers and footers so this is mainly for for marketing
purposes but it can help you I think it can help your website in the long run
whenever you’re ready to do Google AdWords or anything like that to bring
more traffic to your website so home we just added the code right there and make
sure you save it so Google tag manager make sure that you set up a Google tag
manager find out more information about Google tag manager you can add new tags
and everything right here so I’m just wanted to show you that real quick but how to make a website efficient for the
search engines there’s a lot of a lot of little small things involved with it but
you want to make sure that you go through all of these steps that I showed
you because you obviously want to get free traffic from the search engines
whenever you’re writing up content and you’re producing
content for your website so this is how to make a website efficient for search
engines Oh before I go I wanted to talk about a couple of things
PageSpeed this PageSpeed insights is a it’s a Google website where you can test
your page speed and so so something I alluded to earlier in the video I know I
suck at typing but that’s okay and you can analyze a website for PageSpeed and
that’s one of the factors that Google looks looks at when it comes to
efficiency your website efficiency so you want to make sure that you check the
website you see this website here that we’ve been working on and look at that
score there 85 and 87 so it’s passing also you want to make sure that you go
to another Google site it’s a mobile-friendly test site that Google
has you want to make sure that you’re in compliant told you I can’t type you want to make
sure that your web page is a mobile-friendly site cuz that’s another
factor that Google looks at it makes sure that all of the websites that that
are shown well the websites that are mobile-friendly are gonna get more more
um gonna be visible more and the reason for that in the search results and
that’s a big thing that that Google has been working on and a big emphasis area
that they’ve been working on for this search result so they just want us just
looking out for the users and this is a mobile-friendly site so I just wanted to
add this to the video so page speed you can just look up page speed also one of
the one of the you see that page speed right there one of the plugins that we
install the above-the-fold plugin that’s with this page but you can test the page
speed straight from the website when you download this plug-in above-the-fold
optimization enables to achieve Google PageSpeed score so um you just want to
make sure that PageSpeed score is passing and if it’s not passing it’s
gone um below there it’s gonna show you what the
problems are so I just wanted to add this on to a website efficiency section

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