How To Start a Blog – Step by Step for Beginners (updated)

How To Start a Blog – Step by Step for Beginners (updated)

– [Voiceover] Hey everybody! This is Kev Charlie. I just wanted to say thank you for taking a minute out of your day to check out this quick video of me showing you exactly how you can get started on your blog today and write your first blog post, literally step by step. Go throw some popcorn in
the microwave to celebrate because before it’s done, you can have your own blog, with it’s own domain, with it’s first blog post up and all ready to go for the world to see. Which is awesome! Look, I know there’s a
lot of you out there, me included, who don’t
know how to get started. And I believe starting
a blog is the first step to creating your online success. Because, number one, it’s easy to set up. Number two, it’s dirt cheap, and guys, I mean literally, dirt cheap. Number three, you don’t
have anything to lose and number four, it’s a great way to gain a lot of followers within a relatively short amount of time. So guys, we’re gonna get started here. No more talking Kevin. I’m gonna turn on Mr. Stopwatch, so you guys can see just how fast and easy this is to do. So we’re gonna start that. So guys, this is my website. This is me. This is the photo of me, so you can know who’s talking. We’re gonna go to BlueHost
just through my resources ’cause it’s easier for me, so just go through the link here and I’ll have a link below, so you guys don’t have to
worry about doing that. But we’re on Bluehost. This is the hosting company. Literally, what keeps your
website in the internet space. So we’re gonna go to get started here, get started now, we’re gonna choose basic. That’s what I’m currently running on. Basic. And then we’re gonna
choose your domain name, which for this example today, we’re gonna do Bloggers with an S. So don’t worry too much about the name. Bluehost gives you
another one to pick from so if you’re like, I can’t think of a good name, this is permanent, don’t worry about that. Just pick one, Bluehost
gives you another one that you can do later. So, I have one password. This is where you’re gonna login with all your stuff here. I have one password so I am going to use something that autofill’s it in. It’s a life saver guys. We’re gonna choose a 12-month price, $5.95 and we’re uncheck all this
extra stuff that we don’t need and then you put in
your credit card number, which I have also, and then you click, I confirm. Submit. Okay guys. That was the first step. Good job. So we’re gonna wait for this to load. Just keep moving forward. So it’s offering more stuff. No thank you. I just want my website. Congratulations! Welcome to Bluehost. You’re going to create your password now. So you click, create your password. Make this something you can remember. And then, I, check that little box, next, okay, it looks like we’re going too fast. We’re at the two minute point over here. So, we just have to be patient
for the system to work. Cause we’re too good guys. We’re too dang good. So, loading. Success! You’ve successfully created
your password, log in. So click log in guys. You’re going to actually. So this is actually
the Bluehost dashboard. You don’t have to worry
about this too much. All these crazy buttons, they’re just basically
advertisements, most of them. You’re not gonna see this very much, but what you do next, you click this off. The next step is literally, that you wanna install WordPress. So you just scroll down to website and then install WordPress. Unable to log in because
it’s still setting up. So don’t worry if you
guys get these messages. It’s just things that
are gonna freak you out and be like, oh, I can’t do this, but there’s always gonna be
technical stuff going on. So you just gotta be patient. So we’re waiting for
them to create our panel and install WordPress. So we’re just gonna go back. And stick with me. I don’t wanna edit this video because I want you guys to see that time, see that I
didn’t cheat or anything. So we’re gonna go back to
install WordPress again. And be patient as the clock ticks down. Alright guys, we made it! So, WordPress. This is the coolest thing ever. One click install. It does so much stuff. But all you have to do is click install. And then the domain that
you chose, check domain. Alright, so it’s checked it, you’re gonna click, I have read the terms, and then you’re going
to click install now. And, take a deep breath and be patient. So, here’s the one-click
install in action guys. So we’re gonna see, it’s just asking to sell
another thing to us. Which we don’t want. And then we’re gonna watch this bar load. Boom. This is your website in the making. So, you just gotta be patient. Like I’ve said, probably too many times. But we’ll wait for this to install. So it’s doing a ton of things right now, behind the scenes, backend, but you don’t have to think about that. You just get to have a
really pretty website once we’re done here, so just be patient. We’re going to click view credentials. And scroll down. So, we’re basically trying
to find our password, that it gives us to log in. So we’ll scroll down and you’ll see, it gave
you some crazy password that you’ll never remember. Just go ahead and copy that and then remember the email you used. Then, we’re going to go to our. So, this admin URL here, this is where it says WP admin, this is how you log into your site. So, we’re going to click that. We’re gonna log in with
our email that we used. And then we’ll use that password. And then click remember me. Hopefully that works. So yes! That worked, we’re gonna save it. So, do you need help? No, ’cause I’m helping you. You can always check that later. This is literally the
backend of your site. Yeah, there’s a lot of junk in here that you don’t need to see, but this is pretty much
the backend of your site. So the first step, once you
get into your site guys, is ignore this crazy stuff
that’s gonna make you feel like you wanna stop and quit ’cause you don’t need to worry about that. We’re going to go to appearances and install your theme. So we’ll go to theme and I really like this
one theme that’s free. Guys, this is a free theme that’s awesome, it’s called astrid. You can download this for yourself. Just Google search it and find it. You click upload. You literally download a file. It’s a theme. And then you upload it to your website under appearances. You click upload theme and
then you choose the location of the file, which is astrid. That’s the name of it. Install now. So guys, while that is installing, I wanna tell you something else that’s gonna make your website
look really, really pretty. So there’s this other website, called and this is like super-pro,
logo-making site. You don’t have to hire a designer, you don’t have to do all that. Without hiring a thousand person team of nerds or anything. So we’re gonna do super,
the name of our site, fast, bloggers, and then we’ll hit enter. Boom, so that pops up there. The next thing, since you have the name, is the symbol. So we’re just type in fast, so we can get some ideas. While that loads. Looks like a little poof cloud
that’s going really fast. So, we’ll put that over here. And since the theme, I already know, it’s kind
of a darker colored theme. We’re gonna make this wording white. Now, you can’t see it, but it’s actually transparent. It’s still there. Gonna make that logo red, or the cloud red. And then we’re gonna save it. So, I’m gonna do the free one, which it’s gonna be
watermarked for this example, but if you guys like your logo, you can just pay ten bucks. Super easy and incredible. ‘Cause hiring a designer, it could cost a lot more
than ten bucks guys. So there’s our logo. Shoot, we just made the logo in like three seconds for our site, for our site. So, we’re gonna go back here. That theme that was installing, looks like it’s already
unpacked and installing. So you’re gonna click activate. And then, you’re gonna go to customize, ’cause that’s the theme right there. The new one right on the first one. We’re going to do the site branding. See this right up here is ugly. We’re just gonna get rid of that and you can change just
another WordPress site to any tagline you want. But for now, we’re just
gonna put our logo up there because less is more right? So, we’re gonna upload our logo. We’re gonna get this timer out of the way. And then click select. And then it’s just having us resize it. Don’t worry too much about that. Crop image. And then it’s loading, so be patient. Boom! There’s our, it’s gonna look really good on mobile you guys. Like super clean. And then, so we’re gonna
go to save and publish. And then click that off. So this is our backend
of our website guys. We’re gonna go to pages and everything comes
with a sample page like, hello world, but don’t worry about that. We’re just gonna name this Articles. And that can pretty much
be where your articles go, but you do have to go into settings and make that the blog post section, but we’re just gonna add a few pages here, so you guys can see how
beautiful we can make this site. So we’ll name this one Start Here. And then we’ll do, we’ll publish that. And then we’ll do,
what’s another good name? So, we could do, let’s do Meet Kevin. Could meet a bunch of Kevin’s. Meet Kevin, or whatever your name is. And then we’ll do one last page. Stick with me on this guys. Just name it Products. Eventually when you’re
passed creating blog posts, you’ll eventually be creating
products and programs. Then we’ll click publish. And let’s check out what
our site looks like so far. So, super fast bloggers. We’ll go to the home page. Guys, this is what it looks like. This is literally, you
just installed the theme, you made four pages right here, super simple, you have the logo, which
took five minutes to make, you have this really cool
background and explore, which is drops you down, it’s super clean, like on mobile, some people only see this and they’re like, oh, I’m gonna leave. Well, if they click explore, it brings them down to your content and they start reading your content. So we’re gonna dive back into this. So that was our preview. I’m gonna show you guys
how to make a post. Post, sorry about that. So we’re gonna make a post. Hello world! So, this is the standard one. It comes with every new website blog, so we’re just gonna make this, How To Create A Blog A Lion Would Love! Okay so, this is the text in here. I’m gonna show you guys really
quick on the text editor. This is just an example, Bacon Ipsum. Give me some bacon. It’s gonna give us just
some random paragraphs that are just jibberish, I mean you’re obviously
gonna make your own content, but this is for the example. So I’m gonna show you
some things we can do to make this look really pretty. So we could go like this. We could make this centered and make this look like it quotes. We could take this and highlight, bacon pork spare ribs and make it bold, so people see that and really enjoy that. And then maybe this is a link or what not. We can make this look
a little differently. So we got some decent stuff in here. It’s starting to look good. You know the photo at
the top of a blog post? You always see that. That’s called the featured image. So I have a lion photo that
I downloaded over here, already, so you just upload your image that you want for your blog post. And a really great website is for free images that are really pretty. That’s where I found this lion at. So this is uploading. And see how that’s super
big, three megabytes? That’s gonna take forever to download, so all you do, literally so easy. You just change this to 1800. And then click scale. And then, that scales it down and makes it really small. 300 kilobytes. Now your website is gonna load fast. So just remember to make your photos for the blog posts, 1800 and there you go. And we’re going to update this and we’re gonna preview it once it loads. Boom, so here’s your first blog post guys. I mean look how clean that looks. It looks beautiful. Here’s the comments. Here’s where people can leave replies. But oh my gosh, How To Create A Blog A Lion Would Love! He loves it. So we’re gonna go back to the home page. So you can see, you got your menus, which this is really cool, it switches down to mobile. Shoot, this is all free too, guys. Come on, you can’t get better than this. So they get here and they click explore, they see your first blog post already. Oh my gosh guys, this is perfect. I mean, so many people wanna create sites and it’s just too overwhelming. Like, I wanna make a site, but you stop yourself ’cause there’s just way too many things. So I’m really hoping this video I made for you guys is helpful. So you pretty much, I mean I did that for you guys so fast. I mean, it’s been 15 minutes but shoot. So fast. So if you guys want to do this, literally just go to Bluehost, I have this wicked sick
deal for you guys right now. Just go to my page. The link is gonna be
under this video as well, or you might be seeing
this in my blog post. But you go to my resources page. Simply just click Bluehost guys, anywhere it says try Bluehost and you will get this awesome locked in price of $3.45 a month. So, go for it. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and that I really helped you. So, enjoy.

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