How to Start a Blog – Step by Step & What NOT TO DO!

How to Start a Blog – Step by Step & What NOT TO DO!

hi everyone welcome to hedgehog hollow
so today we continue our series last time I talked about two different ways
of getting I designed him so I talked about my kind of experience of getting
on a design team and then I talked about what I look for of selecting a design
team but today I want to talk to you about starting a blog so lots of you
last time asked me questions about you know what platform do I start on how do
I get started how did I get started on creating Hedgehog hollows blog so I
thought today we could talk about that and I’ve got some resources for you some
ideas some tips and tricks you know all those kinds of things for you so
actually started Hedgehog Hollow two years ago last month I can’t believe I’m
how quickly that journeys been but then in other ways I feel like I’ve been
making those videos and chatting with you all and seeing you all regularly
kind of forever I feel like we’ve been friends forever but really I started it
two years ago and we’ve already taken it one thing at a time and that’s one thing
we will tell you is just tackle one thing at a time you know I started a
blog I bought a book create a create WordPress blog in a weekend or WordPress
site in a weekend and I’ll add a link to that particular book in the description
and then really I’ve just learned one thing at a time really through video
tutorials and those kinds of things and again today’s video is sponsored by it’s
skill share because skill shot has really helped us learn so many different
tools and techniques both in the videography the photography the business
side and also creatively as well and there’s so many different videos on
there and it’s a learning community is only over 25,000 different video so
you’re going to find videos on all sorts of different things fashion photography
videography business and things to help you in your career and it really is a
learning community there’s areas where you can sit and chat and talk to other
people and you can build that community which is something I really like because
I think we have a community here at Hedgehog Hollow too so I’m all about
being part of the community and building communities too and the annual plan is
less than ten dollars a month and the first 500 Hedgehog followers who use our
link again is in that video description for
you will get two months free access to skill share so I know lots of you tried
to get that link last time so we have that link before you again and you can
check that out so go click that link try out skill share and try those two months
free and I think if you’re looking to start a blog or maybe you’re looking to
start a YouTube channel and we’re going to be doing this series and you can find
out more about starting your own channel your own blog and those kinds of things
so as I mentioned before and I started with WordPress now many many years ago I
did have a blog before Hedgehog Hollow he is still out there in the ether is
called in vogue stamping and it was on the blogger platform which i think is
now part of Google it’s really easy platform to use and you can still have a
vanity URL meaning you can have a www logname comm or co dot uk’ or dot u.s.
those kinds of things if you are going to use a vanity URL and my
recommendation is Namecheap and i will drop a hedgehog holo link again in the
video description for you you can check out my affiliate link down there and
we’ll cover affiliate links in another video but really having a www dot is a
great thing to have you can have your blog drop or your blog
blogspot um but it just means that if you are looking to grow
into something bigger you own that website and I really wish that I owned
Hedgehog holo calm but it wasn’t available it’s a guy who is doing
something and and we’ve never been able to get that website so that’s why we
added the Intuit we used to be Hedgehog holo coat UK and when we wanted to move
to a calm we had to add the the in the tAES so that’s why we’re the so try to
always own your calm would be one of my tips and then I really like WordPress
because the thing with WordPress is you own that content you own that website
it’s very flexible you can do all sorts of things with it
the thing with blogger is you have a template and you’re kind of restricted
within that template to and blogger have kind of more rights to things whereas
with WordPress you own it it is all yours
and you have access to a million different templates there are so
any coders out there who can help you insert templates there are videos out
there Skillshare can help you with different things you can use that
subscription in there to learn different things but it’s just so easy to do and
everyone knows WordPress it’s one of I think the biggest web platforms out
there because of how many people use it and it’s free so using WordPress itself
is free and it’s only the theme or some of your hosting and things do you
actually have to pay for so I love WordPress it’s great for SEO which is
your search engine optimization you can get plugins and things for it and we can
talk about that in other videos but um I really like WordPress and if I was going
to be starting out again I definitely recommend starting with WordPress so I
think you know that’s a really great place to go with and as I say that book
that I got was a really great place to start and I just worked my way through
that book and I really did build the website in a weekend over time I’ve had
a new theme in and I’ve done some customizations and we are in the process
of redoing the website but overall it’s a pretty easy platform to work with so
that would be my tips and I would make sure that you have things like your
Google Analytics set up I would make sure you know if you’re going to be
doing videos you can do the one YouTube you can take your photos with your phone
and WordPress is always going to want you to keep your photos under the two
megabyte limit I set something else that you can bear in mind when you’re doing
your editing but really WordPress is a great way to go get it started you can
do it on your phone your iPad your laptop their WordPress apps for your
mobile devices so you can do blog posts and things like that on the go again
super super simple it’s also an app called blog lovin which is something I
use first of all you can get your blog registered on there so people can find
you and follow you but it’s also a great blog reader and it’s thing that I use to
follow all the blogs that I read and so you can go in there you can follow all
the blogs you want to follow and I just go in there every single night avoids me
getting tons of emails into my inbox of all the posts I want to read and I can
just go in there I can read all my favorite posts I can save them into
different categories I can love them I can comment on them I can do all of
those great things it’s just a really really easy way to follow blogs and okay
and again once you have a blog you can get your blog registered on there so
people can follow you so there’s some other tips for you and then again just
learn one thing at a time if when you’re doing your videos you think okay my
sounds my worst part go into school share find a video on sound if you think
okay I want to upgrade to a DSLR which is how we film things you can go in and
you can find videos on that if you think okay now I want to learn more about SEO
you go and find a video on that and you learn more about that area so just
always focus on whatever you think is your weakest link and again you can go
and revisit my videos about me on design team we’ll add a link in the top right
hand corner for you and you can find out more about my top tips for that but
again it’s all about consistency doing the best with what you have you do not
need to have a ton of equipment or invest a ton of money you can get up and
running really cheaply and in the next video I’m going to cover more about
setting up a YouTube channel and some of my top tips for doing that those kinds
of things as well so that will be in the next video as well so I’m gonna talk
more about some videos that you can go and find and and get some help on
getting set up with that and so my top tips for growing your YouTube following
if you’re looking to do that – I’m so as I say in today’s video if you are
looking to set up a blog blog spot blogger I think they’re now the same
thing but WordPress is really in my opinion the best one out there if you’re
on the blogger blogspot platform you can transfer over to WordPress you can do it
yourself with an app or you can pay someone fairly inexpensively people per
hour or Fiverr with two hours at the end they’re great
places to find people to help you do those kinds of things will get themes
set up onto websites but I add some links in the video description for you
for those kinds of things you can go and check those out and as I say don’t
forget to hit that skill share button it really is a great resource and say it’s
a great community you can ask people questions you can find videos on pretty
much anything there’s arts and crafts videos the business videos if you’re
looking to build that and become a design team member and build a blog and
do those things and if you’re not looking to that you can look at fashion
or building your career or you know there’s really in twenty five thousand
videos there’s a lot of different topics in there and I find myself going down
that rabbit hole most evenings I have to say I don’t cover the last time we were
watching Netflix sit there on my computer and put my
headphones in and Greg watches whatever he watches on Netflix so that’s what I
spend my evenings doing and the first 500 hedgehog followers who hit that link
will get two months free as well so check that out for a mobile device you
might have to hit an arrow in the bottom right hand corner to expand that out but
all of those links will be there for you so thanks so much for joining me today I
hope you found those tapa tips useful I’ll be back again tomorrow of course
with another tip tutorial or maybe something a little bit different you
never ever know don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and ring the bell and
of course give us a thumbs up if you found these tips useful and if you
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to join and I’ll see you again tomorrow in the meantime happy crafting and I’ll
see you then bye

16 thoughts on “How to Start a Blog – Step by Step & What NOT TO DO!

  1. I am so impressed with what you and Greg have accomplished! How many hours a day do you put in Alexandra?

  2. I just love your channel not only do you teaching crafts but you care to help others build there life. That what I need help with I don’t have a channel

  3. Wow…only 2 yrs ago!!! That's phenomenal what you have achieved in that amount of time, Alexandra! I've been considering a blog & YT Channel for 5 yrs now…can you tell I'm a wee bit gunshy LOL! One of the things I've learned from watching sooooo many crafty YT videos is that the more successful channels have 'the personality' to host a channel and I do believe that that contributes to the success of a channel. I am an extremely shy person and that's what has been holding me back. I'm not sure I will ever get past this but I want to thank you for sharing. Perhaps by the end of watching all your blog & YT Channel tip videos, I will make the brave decision and 'go for it'….we will see! Appreciate this Alexandra and looking forward to the rest of this series!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and for all the helpful information, you are so wonderful. I love your channel.

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  9. Thank You and SkillShare for offering two months free (of SkillShare). A few months ago I tried in earnest to start a blog using WordPress. Alas, I ran out of gas because it's not as easy as I hoped it would be. Of course I was working on it completely by myself. Not sure exactly how to try the SkillShare for two months free, but if you read this, I would love to give it a try. Thank you!! ?

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  12. Fantastic tips!!! Thank you. So scary, but I need to take the leap. My list is a mile long and so much to learn. But I know it’s totally doable. Thank you for everything. Time to sit down and get to work

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