How To Start a Blog

How To Start a Blog

hi everyone so in this video we’re going
to be talking about how to start a blog and by the end of this video you will
have all of these things that you can see here in the screen so you’ll have a
profitable niche a great domain a beautiful WordPress site the side that
we’re going to build will use a free template so you don’t even need to buy
this theme and it will look exactly like this okay so really really nice
formatted site and you will also have all of your little pages and even your
first post and you’ll be ready to start blogging and making money this is a
step-by-step tutorial so I’m going to show you every single step of what you
need to do and if you stay with me then by the end of this video you’re gonna
have a beautiful blog of your own alright so let’s get into this so the
first thing that we need to talk about is finding a great niche and there is
this whole kind of debate about should you follow your passion or should you
follow money as you’re choosing your niche so in my opinion personally I
recommend going with something that has excellent money potential and the reason
why I recommend that is you can choose a niche that you’re very passionate about
but ultimately if that niche is not going to make you any money
long term or very little money you’re gonna lose interest in it very quickly
if you’re looking for a business rather than for a hobby then you definitely
need to go in my opinion with a niche that has got excellent money-making
potential for example you might like cups or you might like things made of
particular type of glass but in those niches monetization opportunities could
be limited for you whereas if you go with another niche then you might stand
a much better chance of actually making money in that niche and that’s where I
think you should be focusing your attention on so there are some proven
issues where people spend a lot of money and they’re sort of guaranteed
moneymakers and those niches are here anything that’s got to do with health
skin aging all types of software various hobbies that people OTT of people around
the world that they passionate in anything that’s got to do
with pets then hobbies like guitars where baby is venetie’s that you can see
here are all more or less guaranteed money winners obviously these are this
is not an exhaustive list of the niches I do recommend that you check out a
detailed video or Nicias there is a link in the description below there is also
post on my blog that covers a lot of pre-made niches for you so I recommend
you check those out as well so but this is the first step of what
you need to do you need to find an excellent great niche that you know 100%
you’re going to be able to make money in and that a lot of people are spending a
lot of money in because if people are spending hundreds or even thousands of
dollars on a particular niche then you know that you can get just a tiny slice
of that via either ads or affiliate programs or perhaps even down the road
making and selling your own products and that niche then it’s hard not to make
money alright so hopefully this makes sense let’s move on to the next step so
the second thing that we’re going to be talking about is finding a great domain
so when you’re looking for a good domain there are two or three things that are
very important to keep in mind and those things are firstly the extension of the
domain so I recommend that 100% of the time you go for domain it’s
getting harder and harder to find that com domain because a lot of people are
buying up those domains a lot of them are taken but you can still definitely
find an excellent domain name in your niche that is
it might just take a little bit longer if you go for domain or Frenette
or dot ce o– one of those other extensions it’s kind of fine but if your
goal with your blog is to grow your blog into a huge brand which I’m hoping that
that is your passion and this is you goal then having it com domain is going
to make your brand much more valuable because people will actually be typing
that into Google if your domain for example is let’s say travel travel fly
dot org ok people will actually be typing in travel flyer calm and
we go into someone else’s website so I do really really do recommend that you
get a common domain so how do you find a great domain all right so I’m going to
show you a couple of quick tips I do have a detailed video so if you need a
detailed video then check the link in the description and that’s going to walk
you through the whole process but my favorite tool for finding excellent
domain names is this tool called impossibility so I’m just gonna go there
now impossibilities org and the way that it works and the reason why I love it so
much is that it takes all the work away from you and it does all of the kind of
hard work for you and it searches specifically for com domains so let’s
say that we are looking for a travel related domain so all you need to do is
you need just to put in a travel related word so I won’t put travel I might put
in something like holiday you can also put in getaway for example and you can
use various adjectives or letters to be added to the start or to the end of your
word so for example if I go let’s add six letter nouns to the end of the word
holiday all right and let’s have a look so it says here you can see that it’s
put up all of these suggestions for your holiday poetry I mean a lot of them are
horrible you know holding a hassle holiday scraped holiday colony holiday
bypass holiday effect holiday effort and so on but if you you can actually just
continue clicking this one here this button here called get more and it will
continue bringing up more and more suggestions for you and as you go
through them it won’t take you long to find an excellent excellent domain
that’s how I found most of my domains I’ve just you know set here and
basically clicked get more until I found an excellent domain name so holiday and
well that’s kind of interesting hold it a lamp holiday yell and so on a holiday
dry so just go ahead and do that until you find an awesome domain name
make sure also that it’s if you do need to spend a little bit of time on
this take your two three four five days however many days you might need on
finding an excellent domain name but make sure that it’s a calm and it’s an
excellent two word domain so like I said if you need to find a detailed video we
want to watch a detail video on finding domain names check the link in the
description below as well the next step is to buy the domain and yes you do need
a domain I’m sure that some of you have seen advice from some people online that
say that you can start a blog without your own domain you can host your blog
on another platform such as a platform or HubSpot or a
number of other platforms but yes 100% you definitely need a domain simply
because if you want your business to be a lasting business you want it to be
hosted on your domain you want to start building your brand and if you create if
you create a blog on a third party platform like blogger comm and you start
promoting that platform blogger calm that blog hosted on the
platform all of the links that you build and all of that authority all of those
links kind of pointing to your site you will not be able to simply transfer them
over to your new domain when your blog grows so you’re setting yourself up for
failure if you host your blog on a third party platform okay makes sense you
really need to have your own domain your own common domain so the provider that I
recommend is Namecheap you can check the link in the description below to check
them out the reason why I recommend Namecheap is because they have excellent
customer service and the domain prices are very cheap well reasonably cheap you
know quite reasonable maybe there is you know a few cents difference here and
there but most of the time you’ll notice that prices on domains are virtually the
same no matter where you go and I’m going to log in to Namecheap and I’m
actually going to buy a domain to show you how this process works one of the
domains that I saw were available that impossibility gave us was Holliday beam
I think it was on a previous page so basically what you need to do is go
into here domains and then go domain name search after you logged in
obviously you need to register potentially on if you
don’t have an account there but after you have registered you will need to
find your own domain name so here you put in holiday and i’m gonna
buy the domain here along with you so you guys can follow along and do this
with me all right so here we go so holiday been calm it says there is a
bday special and it’s 888 per year okay so excellent price of the domain
I’m gonna add it to cart and you guys can do the same once you’ve found your
domain you know just go ahead and do the same thing edit to cart and now I’m
gonna go view cart and now we will need to check out so I’ll pause the video I’m
gonna come back once I’ve actually checked out but first I want to cover
something important so domain registration you can choose how many
years you want to register it for mmm if you are buying a domain that you’re
really passionate about I do recommend that you register for a few years
however if you don’t register 50 years then at least make sure that you tick
the auto renew it’s very important because I have lost some domain names
that I missed the renewal reminders and basically those domains expired I missed
they’re in your reminders and then I lost them even though there were good
domains that I really wanted to keep so I recommend that you check this order in
you you can always cancel it later but Auto renew is a very good idea
the other thing who is god I recommend that you get this it’s free for you if
you go with namecheap you don’t need to pay anything for this who is got
protection this will ensure that your personal information so your name and
your or your company name and your address in the registry information are
protected by who is god so I’m if you don’t use this or if you
go with another provider who doesn’t provide this free protection for you
then your personal information will be exposed on the internet database and you
definitely don’t want that so enable it and put Auto renew
as well so now you need to confirm water and checkout so I’m going to do this
through PayPal I’m going to pause the video and then I’ll complete the
checkout and I’ll come back so you guys can follow along and do the same thing
as well that’s it we’re now checked out you can see I’m here in the screen that
confirms the registration of this domain holiday been calm for eight dollars and
eighty-eight cents and we can now manage these domains so you’ll be able to see
it in your name cheap calm account as one of the domains that belong to you
we’re going to come back to Namecheap as we’re setting up these domains in the
future but for now let’s just move on to the next step so your next step is to
buy hosting now guys it’s very very important that you buy an excellent
hosting plan it does not have to be expensive in fact the hosting that I
personally use and I recommend this site ground they are an amazing host and
they’re one of the cheapest hosts around so after watching this video you decide
to use save ground as well you can check the link in the description and get a
side ground plan as well if you get it through my link I’m going to get a tiny
bit of a commission obviously it’s up to you whose link you use and so on it just
helps me keep the channel going so side ground the reason why I really like them
is because they have really good customer service they also have
something called instant live chat so literally within probably thirty Seconds
to 60 seconds you can get support with any issues that you need and their
support is very very very good it’s available 24/7 after you click on that
link in the description you will just go and see a page similar to this now I am
in Australia so the prices that you see in u.s. dollars will be cheaper I when I
checked with the US proxy it was 395 which was the cheapest plan they start
up plan and really you don’t need anything bigger than just a startup plan
when you’re first starting out okay so if you’re in the US or another part of
the world your price will probably be 395 this is in Australian dollars for
negative 5 so it’s a little bit higher then probably what you guys are going to
see so for 495 this startup plan includes one website ten gigs of web
space ten thousand visitors per month so it’s pretty much full that you’re going
to need you can always upgrade to a higher plan at a later point in time
unless you know that you need an expensive plan there is no reason for
you to get a grow big or go geek to start with okay
now the so you will now need to go ahead here and click order now I’m going to
register a new hosting I’m going to actually buy a hosting package along
with you guys just so that you can see the whole process how it works and so on
as I’m making this video all right so it says register a new domain I already
have a domain okay so you’re going to choose this option called or that says I
already have a domain because we have already just registered holidays being
right we’ve already just registered this
domain holiday been calm let’s just double check that this was the one that
we were interested holiday been calm yes okay so type that in here some people
say that it is a good idea to buy a new you know domain at the same place we’re
getting your hosting I actually think that it’s not a good idea because if for
some reason you guys decide in a year or two years time to transfer your hosting
to a new hosting provider hopefully don’t castle ground are really
good and I use them myself for all of my sites but if you read if you decide to
move your hosting at a later point in time and your domain is also with them
it actually becomes much much harder to move because it’s a hassle to move your
domain from one register to another so I do recommend that you keep them separate
I keep all of my domains in Namecheap and I keep all of my hosting accounts at
side ground com okay makes sense so you’re going to choose this option I
already have a domain and you’re going to click proceed so you will need to
fill out your information so I’m going to
use one of our email addresses you’re going to need to choose a password so
let me do that here just quickly so I’ve chosen my passwords here then after this
you will need to put in your first and last name as well as your city street
address zip code and point number so I’m going to fill this out in just a second
this information actually ideally needs to be your real information because
there are some laws that are saying that you need to provide correct and true
information if you’re buying a hosting service so you guys can go ahead and do
that I’m going to pause the video while I’m filling it out for myself and then
we’re going to come back as we’re putting in the payment information right
so I’ve put in my payment information I’ve just scrolled down from that to
keep my credit card number private and what you’ll need to do now is choose
this plan so make sure that you’re on startup unless you decided to go with a
high-priced plan but the startup should be good enough for you guys for now
now data center the one that I recommend you choose is the one that is going to
be targeted to the traffic that you want to get most of the time you will want to
go for USA traffic and you want your data sent data center to be based in the
US so that anyone who browsers your site from the United States will download all
of the information quickly okay so if you think that most of your target
audience is in the US then choose us otherwise choose a European based one or
an Asian based one depending where your traffic is likely to be coming from now
period so this is important I do recommend you register for at least 12
months the you get a better value for money this way in US dollars it’s going
to be about 395 per month so you’re only looking at paying something like 40
bucks for 12 months of service however if you wanted to just go for a cheaper
sort of plan you can go at trial for one month so it’s going to charge you for 95
but in this case you’re going to need to pay around 14 95 or maybe in US dollars
it might be something like 995 for what is called a setup feet
but that means that you only have to pay 1990 right now instead of you know
whatever it’s going to be $59 so because I’m only buying this hosting plan to
make this video for you guys I’m going to go for the trial one month okay just
so that you know I don’t want to throw money away because I’m only doing this
for your for this video for you guys but you probably might want to consider
getting it foot for 12 24 36 months now this extra services under SD scanner I
don’t think you need it at this stage to just leave that off and take these boxes
if you agree and I would like to receive so ground news and special offers you
can leave that antique just so that they don’t send you promotional materials
unless you want to give them so basically this is it I’m gonna go pay
now so once again just to confirm for the period the reason why I chose one
month is because I’m only buying this plan to make this video for you guys
okay so I don’t want to pay for 12 months but you can consider doing that
if you think it’s appropriate for you so now our payment is going to get
processed okay it says what it was successfully submitted thank you for
choosing side ground and the account is being created so you can follow along
with me with this video and I decided to actually kind of do this live you know
make the purchase and everything so that it’s crystal clear for you every single
step of what you need to do this says your account was successfully created
you can now log into a customer area and start managing your website right away
it says you’ll also receive welcome email with your username and password
and account management guidelines within the next one hour so guys this email
that you’re going to get it’s important that you keep it because it will give
you a lot of the information that’s quite useful for your account so you
want to keep it for reference for later on if you don’t receive that email you
can of course always contact them and buy your life there live chat support
and request for a copy of that email okay so that’s it we’re now going to
proceed to customer area and we’re going go ahead with the setup of your website
so let’s now go into our customer area of click this button here proceed to
customer area so you will see that there is a little wizard that pops up that is
asking if you would like to set up your website and enhance your accounts and so
on I recommend that you actually don’t do this so you choose don’t need help
right there and under where it says enhance your account whether you want to
detect malp website malware guys it’s up to you this is extra security protection
I don’t I don’t think that you absolutely need it it’s something that
you can consider but you don’t have to do this by any means so what I’m going
to do here is just say confirm ok so I confirm that I have read and agree so
click that and you said that you don’t need any help with the website setup
don’t worry we’re going to get to that in just a second so just go and click
complete setup so no help with website setup and you’ve requested so we just
want to get to this area so in this customer area you can click here called
my accounts and that will give you all of the information about your account so
your cPanel username your account DNS and so on so all of that information is
kind of critical information about your account is all in here if you need
support at any time just click this link and you’ll be able to go through to the
life support sigh growl like I said is an excellent company that will help you
with anything that you need so I have no hesitation at all recommending them
because they are actually the company that I use myself for all of my hosting
as well ok so now the next step of what we need to do is we need to connect our
domain to hosting so we’ve registered our domain here in Namecheap and we’ve
just got a hosting account but we now need to connect it to the reason why I
would do this it was a bit confusing to me when I first started out is basically
when someone types into their browser Holaday been calm or they find your
website through Google the browser needs to kind of know where to download all of
the website data and by telling inside Namecheap by
telling Namecheap to load all of the data from your safe ground hosting
account that’s what we’re going to be doing now we’re going to connect them
through these DNS settings so in domain list we need to go to our account here
so just click on domain list so here are all of my domains and under domain list
let me just go here again and holiday beam alright so this is the domain now
what I want to do is I want to click manage against this holiday beam calm
domain once I’m here you will need to scroll down and find here where it says
name service find that option and right now it’s it will be set to Namecheap
basic DNS you want to choose custom DNS ok so go ahead and choose custom DNS
domain name server that’s what it stands for and you want to put in name server
one a name server two where do you find them ok so they’re going to be inside
your side ground users area see here here it says your account DNS so you
just need to copy and paste these so just take that like this highlight it
make sure that you get the whole thing go copy and then right click paste make
sure there are no spaces or anything like this after this u.s. so that if you
copied and pasted it cleanly do the same thing with this copy and paste that into
the second name server so these are those special codes that I talked about
before that allow Namecheap to download all of the data from your side ground
hosting right so after you’ve done these pasted these two need to click this
little green tick icon to save the data and that will now in just a second okay
it says DNS server update may take up to 48 hours to take effect actually this
happens a lot quicker generally within a few minutes you will find that this has
happened and your website will now be activated and connected to your side
ground account so let’s go ahead and continue setting up our site let’s just
check what happens now if we type in holiday been calm into our browser now
you will see that now instead of just saying that these domain is broken or
anything like that you can see that there is already a site ground logo okay
it says an awesome website is coming soon to this address and there is a site
ground mention of side ground here so that means that that linking that we
just did a few minutes ago between Namecheap and psy ground is now working
and that the name holiday bean calm that domain name is now pointing to side
ground web hosting service which is good news means we are ready to go okay so
let’s just close close this so what we want to do now is go into cPanel okay so
click this button here and that will open up this dialog access cPanel
securely so you will most likely want to do that access cPanel securely yes and
click proceed now notice it says see if I don’t user name holiday 9 here ok we
will need that in just a second or actually it’s taken us straight in so
that’s fine you don’t need to worry about that but if the does pop up a
login button login kind of window for you then use that holiday 9 and the same
password that you chose when you were first setting up the account that side
ground ok so you can see that we’re now inside what is called cPanel there is a
whole bunch of stuff that you guys can do and you learn all about it as you’re
progressing on your blogging journey but for now what we need to do is we need to
install WordPress so what is WordPress ok so WordPress is actually a free
content management system these days instead of if you’re new to blogging
this might be interesting for you instead of coding your website by hand
using HTML and other programming languages something like I’d say 99% of
people online use WordPress and WordPress is a content management system
essentially what it does is it allows you to install what’s called templates
and then it’s as easy as editing a word document to build your website and
create new pages and so on so that’s exactly what I’m going to walk you
through every single step so we want to use WordPress all right and how do we do
this so in here you will need to find this thing called Auto installers and
there is something called Softaculous so just click Softaculous it might be
somewhere towards the bottom if you need to find something you can just search
cpanel like this for Softaculous and that’ll come up in here alright so
Softaculous let’s go now what you will want to do is choose WordPress and click
install and that will install your WordPress on your site now for protocol
I recommend to use HTTP www if you use HTTPS that will force you to have a
security certificate which you will need to do but you can do it at a later point
in time you don’t need to do it straightaway I might need to do a video
on this at a later point in time I’m happy to just let me know in the
comments below if you need me to do this but for now I’ll just choose this HTTP
WWE and then you’re under Tuesday our main it’ll be a holiday beam that’s the
only option that you guys have leave everything else blank here in directory
site name give it a name whatever the name of your site is and site
description you don’t really need to put anything in here don’t tick enable
multi-site and then remember this username and password ok this username
and password you will need to take notice of this so write it down
somewhere because this is what you will need to be able to log in to your
WordPress admin panel at a later point in time under your admin email put in an
email address that is in use right now it’s just defaulted to admin at holiday
being calm but put in the email address that you government to be using ok
so for now let’s just I’m going to change these anyway but just remember
that you need to record this ok oh by the way before I hit install just
to let you know the other options neck language so you can choose your language
if you want that he can keep it English now under select plugins limit login
attempts you don’t need this for now you can install it it’s no problem but I’m
not going to do this with this video easy setup WordPress starter just don’t
you don’t need to do this so just an ticket under Advanced Options you don’t
need to change anything there at all okay so that’s basically all you need to
do now just hit install and that will take a couple of minutes to get underway
so I’m going to come back in just the second once this is actually done by the
way it’s told me there is a little error field say decryption is required so just
put in the name in the same description from now just to get the process
underway alright so let’s go ahead and hit install again and now we can see
that there is this little bar at the top that is installing it in my experience
it takes a lot less than 3 to 4 minutes so it’s going to be done pretty quickly
so this actually only took about 10 seconds or so and you can see it now
says congratulations the software was installed successfully and there is some
confirmation saying that your WordPress site is now installed an administrative
URL is this so let’s just check this out what does our site actually now looks
like so you can see that there is already something happening on the aside
so that’s pretty exciting this is of course just the shell of your website
we’re going to work on this now but it means that the installation WordPress
installation was actually successful and there is a default template or theme has
already been installed on the side which is really good news for us now there is
this thing called administrative URL so I’m going to open that in a new tab and
you will see that this is going to most likely take you straight inside the
WordPress interface like this ok actually it did put up some kind of a
wizard so that is fine but just in case you see you click this and you see a
login screen that’s completely then in that in that case putting the
username and password that you chose in the previous step and login inside your
administrative dashboard okay so if you guys end up seeing this kind of startup
wizard then I would recommend that you just click exit you don’t need it I’m
going to show you what needs to be done you don’t need this wizard and it that
will take you straight inside this interface so this is your admin panel of
your WordPress installation all right that’s like the back end of your site
and you can login you can login out here and this is going to be the screen that
you’re going to see most of the time when you want to log into your site so
here is your site already been calm if you at any point in time on to login to
your site you will just go WP dash admin and that is going to take you to this
login screen where you will need to enter your user name and email address
now for clarity this user name and email address are the user name and email
address that you chose on the previous page of WordPress installation okay so
now I’m just going to type that in and we I’ll be back in just a second so that
we can start installing our site little tip if you’re ever unsure what your
WordPress admin username and password are what you can do is you can come back
to your cPanel in your hosting account so you can click here on my accounts and
then click on this go to cPanel and that will open up cPanel like we talked about
before and then simply go into sub tak ulis again and then click on WordPress
and find your installation here and click Edit and after that get down to
admin username and admin password here you can type in your new username and
password and save installation details and that will change this username and
password okay so I’m going to hit login now you will see this little thing that
pops up here saying do you want RoboForm to save you
password guys as you’re doing online business you may have already
encountered this but it becomes a problem to manage all of your passwords
and you actually I highly recommend that you use different usernames and
completely different passwords complicated passwords like this type of
passwords for all of your logins the reason is that just in case you know god
forbid you get hacked somehow you don’t want your password and logins to be the
same so that all of your accounts get hacked you want to keep them separate
but of course it becomes a problem to manage your passwords so I use this
program called RoboForm and it allows you to easily save all of
your passwords so see now it asks do you want to ride with want to save your
passwords I’m gonna call it holiday beam WP admin and I’m gonna hit save and that
will this program this software manages all of your passwords securely so if you
want to check out this RoboForm tool then click the link in the description
below it will take you through to this program it’s just a very handy tool that
I’ve been using for years so you guys are welcome to check it out as well ok
so we are now inside our dashboard and what we want to do now is we want to
start installing a theme or a template for our website
to make it look you know from this kind of ugly default install to making it
look like this and don’t worry this is actually really really simple we’re
going to use I’m going to use a free theme in this video it’s called ìa there
is a link that to this theme that’s going to be available in the description
below as well now it is a free theme but it’s still a very high-quality theme so
let’s just go ahead and do what we need to do here so I’m going to find ie theme
so just type that into your search engine as well or your browser
it says here re are a themes just click that and what you will want to do is you
will want to click this one here called down
this button here okay so where it says download so just download it you’ll need
to enter your email address so go ahead and enter your email address
and then it says subscribe and download or actually it even says that no thanks
I just want to download the file so you can actually just download the files so
as you open this store this wherever you want to store your file I’m going to
place this into a new folder on my desktop or video like this and I’m going
to place this dot zip file in there so that allows you to actually install the
theme later downloaded as a zip file do not unzip it just keep it like this as a
zip file and we’re going to install it into our WordPress via the admin pad
before we go ahead wanted to spend a second talking about paid themes versus
free themes in general you will find that paid themes are supported better
they are updated better and kept up to date because obviously if someone puts
out a free theme out there there is not a lot of incentive for the author of the
free theme to actually maintain that theme on an ongoing basis but the guys
behind everything this company called a themes they have a blend of both paid
themes or templates I guess you wanna call them and free ones and they in
general they have a really good reputation for maintaining their themes
even the free ones up to date if you wanted to use a completely different
theme you can do that you can just type in free wordpress themes into google and
you will find lots of different themes but for the purposes of this video we’re
going to go ahead with this theme called a themes alright so now that we’ve
downloaded our theme the zip file let’s just have a quick look at the
documentation you will notice for Airi we’re on the QuickStart guide it
actually says that you can import demo content this is another reason why I
really like the airy theme eat instead of just looking like an empty site after
you install your theme you can do this called import demo content and that’s
going to create one of these demos one of these
templates that are already populated with content so you will not get an
empty site it will look like this there are three free sort of setups you know
pre-made website templates you can have this agency looking site like this
startup or the one that I personally like is this health coach and that’s how
you can make your website very quickly look exactly like this site here I’m
going to do this with you by the way so let’s go ahead and get started with this
so the first thing as you can see here with a quick start guide you will need
to install the theme so it even tells you to go to appearance themes add new
and search for the theme are applied the dot zip file in case you’ve downloaded
the theme manually alright so we’re going to do this now so we’re going to
appearance themes and add new and we’re going to upload the theme that we’ve
just downloaded so see it says upload theme choose file then go to desktop go
to the video folder that we’ve just created and here is the zip file so we
want to upload this zip file direct and zipper just upload the whole zip file
and then we need to click install now you can see it’s uploading okay so 100% is uploaded and it’s now
installing so I’m going to hit activate alright so now that we’ve activated it
let’s just refresh our site so I’m on here holiday let’s refresh the
site you can see now that it’s changed we’ve now got the new theme but our site
is still looking a little bit a little bit better but still a little bit ugly
because it doesn’t have any content on it so there is literally nothing to
click on so this is where we need to go to this next step which is install
actually we’re going to skip step to install recommended no sorry I’ll take
that back so let’s install recommended plugins so we need to install the
plugins called Elementor and in querque okay actually it says you will see a
notice to install them after you’ve activated the theme okay so this theme
has got some prompts to do that so let’s see if they actually prompt us to do
that or not I do not see any prompts anywhere to install those plugins aha
okay so I’ve now clicked on plugins and yes it does have their prompt it says
this theme recommends the following plugins contact form 7 demo contact
input so basically what I can do is I can just click this begin installing
plugins and that will put up all of them so I’m gonna tick them all in one go
like this and bulk actions install so make sure all of them Attucks then I’m
gonna choose install here and click apply and that will go ahead and it will
install all of those plugins so what are plugins so plugins effectively are
extensions of the WordPress functionality so you will learn more and
more about different plugins as you work with blogging but think of it as extra
functions extra modules that you can add to your site if you need it
so this theme sort of recommends that you have these extra modules and you
know that’s exactly what we’ve done here right now you can see that this has now
installed so let’s go to back to plugins and click on these installed plugins and
then click all of them and instead of activating one by one we can actually
activate them all in one go like this so I’m gonna hit activate and everything
that is checked will get activated by default because I’m gonna hit apply and
all of these plugins will now get activated okay so now let’s go back to
appearance and now I can see this option called import demo data so it tells us
it will import well demo content and change your home page and blog page to
the ones from our demo site it will also assign a menu great so this is gonna
save us a lot of time and the one that we wanted from here from the demo is you
guys can actually go ahead with whatever one you like but I just really like this
health coach layout so I’m going to choose that and hit import on health
coach ok it actually tells us please install the learn press plug-in before
importing this demo ok so let’s just do that quickness so learn press plug-in
cool so where I didn’t know how to do this we need to go to plugins and we
need to add new and we need to search so you can actually search the plug-in
directory so I’m gonna click here and type in learn press and that’s the one
that they wanted the first one here so I’m gonna click install now so now it
says installed I’m gonna activate it straightaway so now we know it’s
activated as well and now we’re going to again go into appearance import demo
data and let’s try to do this again import it says please install don’t
press plug-in before I’m putting the demo well we’ve just done that so that
is fine so let’s go and click import so we can see that it says that’s it all
done the demo import has finished please check your page make sure that
everything has imported correctly if it did you can
deactivate the one-click demo import plug-in because it has done its job
okay so let’s refresh and let’s see what our site now looks like that’s it
congratulations you now have an amazing looking modern website if you guys want
to learn how to customize this website and change all of these pages and
actually tweak it to make a blog that’s customized to you out of this website
then make sure that you check out the next video that’s going to pop up here
or just check the link in the description below to watch part two how
to customize this installation to your branding if you like this kind of videos
about blogging make your money online traffic generation then subscribe to my
channel just click the button below and also take the little Bell notification
icon to get notified as soon as I upload my next video thank you so much for
watching quickly hit a like on this video and
drop me a comment below let me know what you thought and I’ll see in the next one
this is greg kononenko decaffeinated blogger see you later

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  1. Awesome stuff. Was just starting my own series on doing blogs! Keep up the posts.

    Q: Do you have anything against namecheap?
    I am considering moving all my domains for myself and my clients to be registered on NameCheap to save money, then just point the DNS to SiteGround or whatever their hosting is right now?

    Too much of a hassle to save a couple bucks or worth it?

  2. question, you say what you don't want to take a free website (like wix of word press i assume) if you want to grow it big. now i am a student (so not much money to spend) and never did something like this and maybe i find out its not for me. do you still recommend to pay for your website and hosting or take the free version first and in a few months maybe buy if its for me? and cant you do a small blogging free site through wix of WordPress and do affiliate links on that? if you think its an oke start which platform do you recommend?

    kind regards from the Nehterlands

  3. This is amazing. I wish this video existed when I tried to start blogging in 2016. All the information can be overwhelming, and you covered it in great detail. Thank you so much, and keep up the great work! Subscribed and liked!

  4. Giving much value as usually! Definitely using your links when signing up as an thank you.

    Now go upload part 2 my friend! 😉

  5. This is an incredible video….but we really need to see part 2 to get the full benefit: It's like watching only half of a fantastic suspense movie…

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