How to start a Bullet Journal // DIY Planner // Veronica Marie

How to start a Bullet Journal // DIY Planner // Veronica Marie

Hey guys welcome back. It’s Veronica, and in today’s video I’m gonna show you guys how to start your very own bullet journal. so for those of you who don’t know, a bullet journal is just a way of keeping your thoughts organized setting goals for yourself and kind of tracking your progress. it’s basically a personalized planner. So I’m just going to be using this notebook that I got from walmart. & It has the dates on top of the paper, but I probably will not be using those; as well as lines across the page. Now I know you can either get plain paper or dotted paper or even graph paper, it all just kind of depends on what you want for your journal. I know that you can buy journals specifically for bullet journaling, but I just going to use a plain notebook. I’m also going to be using washi tape to cover up any mistakes I might make and also just to kind of personalized the journal. And then I’m also going to be using these gel pens from PaperMate and I really like these because they don’t bleed through your page and they’re very easy to write with. Another thing I recommend using is a ruler, because it’s super nice to have, to measure out spaces and just to draw straight lines. So the first step to making your bullet journal is starting an index. This is just going to be a place for you to keep track of your pages in your bullet journal. And throughout this whole notebook you can personalize it as much or as little as you like. The whole idea of a Bullet journal is just to have something that works for you. If you’re ever looking for inspiration on doodles for your notebook there are tons of ideas on pinterest. So I’m going to write a spot for my pages and for my entries. And since I probably will not be able to fit them all on one page I’m also going to put them on the backside of that page. So the next page you’re going to want to work on is your journal key. And journal keys are just little icon that you use to represent something. So for exampleI’m going to use the square for tasks, and a circle for gold; and then I’ll have filling the square when I started a goal then I’ll completely fill it in when I’m finished. You can also make other little images to represent other things. And as far as journal keys go you can use whatever method you like. You really just want to use icons that will help you to keep track of all your stuff; like for example I want to keep track of my workout and my water intake so i’m going to make two little things for that. So once you finish your key page you’re going to want to go on to writing your future log. And a future log is just basically a calendar for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and just stuff like that. & I’ve seen so many ways you can set this up, but I’m going to set it up by doing three months on one page and I’m also going to leave the bottom section of the page just for notes. Now I’m going to go in and write months, and then I’m going to write the days of the week, and the days in the month. And as you can see It kinda can be a learning curve because as you can see the first one is way more squished together than the other. So now I’m just going to continue on writing all of my months out. If you don’t want to write all of these out you can always just print them off the computer and paste them in. The whole idea of bullet journal is just to make it personal. As far as the bottom section goes you could either write notes, memories, or maybe goals you have for the year. And you can always add little designs or doodles to your notebook as well. Now I’m gonna show you guys how to use the little calendars. So you take another color and maybe circle or box the number and then you can write that below the calendar. I left a little space above being as it was the 16th of the month and there was probably more things going on in that month. So now we’re going to jump into the month of January. So for the month of January I think going to put January down the side and I’m going to put a big calendar in the center of the two pages. So I like to use my ruler to kind of measure out where I’m going to put everything just to get an idea. Now i’m just going to take my ruler and Mark out seven little spot for the days of the week. So now that you have a calendar you’re going to want to write the days of the week on the top of it. Then I’m going to number the days of the month. Once I was finished I wrote January on the side of the calendar and as you can see it kind of got messed up; so that’s okay the cool thing about bullet journal is you can always just make a mistake look I don’t know…. intentional. So I took some washi tape covered it up and then wrote on the month on to the washi tape. And if you’re using a gel pen you definitely want to make sure it dries. Otherwise I would use a sharpie, because that dries really good. So now next to my calendar I’m going to put monthly goals. And this is just a spot where I like to put some things that I want to accomplish in the month. So I’m going to use my little goal icon, the little circle and I’m going to put some goals that I want to try and Accomplish in the month of January. So the next thing that I’m going to put on my month page is a habit tracker. So what a habit tracker is, is it basically tracks your progress through habits you want to pick up. So I’m first going to start by writing the days that there are in the month. Then I’m gonna use my ruler to create rows of dots below the numbers. This is so that you have an imaginary square below each number. Some journals you can buy with dots in them instead of lines, and so I think this is mostly were this is used; But I wanted to do it anyway so I just went ahead and filled out my whole page with dots. Once I was finished I just wrote some habits that I wanted to start to pick up. And usually you can write your habits at the beginning of your chart, but since I did not have room, so I just wrote them at the end which is totally fine because it will get covered up later with your check marks. So then you’ll just fill this out as month go through and at the end of the month you’ll be able to see your progress. So let’s say for example I had no spending on the first day of January I would fill it in with the color of my habit. So these are just some things that you can add to your monthly page. I’m just gonna go back in really quick and give my calendar little more colo. And if you’re totally a drawer you can do way more things on your page too if you want. I decided to add a little quote in the corner on some washi tape just to even out the washi paper kind of look on the page. and that’s the monthly page. So now we’re going to go on to the next page which is going to be our weekly page. So to start out I’m going to make seven boxes for each day of the week. And like I said it’s really nice to have a ruler, just to kind of measure out your boxes so that they are all the same size. There are so many different ways you can lay this out, this is just one of the ways that I like the most. So I’m going to go with this. Once I finish my boxes I went back to my monthly page and saw what the first day of the month was, then I filled in the boxes with the days a week. Next I also wanted to add a few other little things to keep track of on each day. So I added two sections to each day and then in the section I added the actual date and also two little boxes to keep track of my water intake and maybe the minutes that I worked out that day. And then just in the rest of the spot you can use that to put any goals or tasks you might have for that day. So now i’m just going to do this to all of the days and then I’m going to add a little section to the bottom for next week. This is just a little spot where you can put any little notes or things that you might want to do the next week. Then I’m going to make two small graphs to keep track of my water intake and my sleeping. So I’m going to add the days of the week at the bottom, and then how many hours I might have slept, and how many ounces of water that I might have had. So now I can just keep track of this throughout the whole week. Next I’m going to make two other sections on the next page for weekly goals and for notes. than I’m going to just make a small calendar for the month of January. And this is just so that you can see kind of what week you’re in, in the month to kind of visualize how much of the month you have left. Now i’m just going to section off a few other places to keep notes, and then I’m going to go back and number some of my pages I created. And you can just kind of number your pages as you go or you to sit down and number your whole notebook at once. So you’re going to want to keep a few pages blank for the next few weeks in January and then after that you’re just going to start all over with the month of February. And since I’m not sure how many days left I’m going to have in January I’m just going to leave that blank. So that’s about all there is two bullet journaling. You have your weekly planning, your monthly planning, your future log, your journal key, and your index. And if you guys need anymore inspiration I always go on Pinterest just to see some other ideas. And lastly you can always add collection to your bullet journal which are pretty cool too; and i might get into those in a future video, if you guys would like to see that. So I hope you guys like this video, If you did give it a big thumbs up. And I will see you guys in my next video… Bye

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