62 thoughts on “How To Start A Bullet Journal With Devin From LadyLike

  1. The third one to comment!!!! Somehow I can never mentain a bullet journal, still watch the videos though….

  2. I don't like that this video is basically Devin commenting an old Buzzfeed video about bullet journaling. The original video is enough and gets reuploads on social media here and there already; nothing's changed about it. Devidn doesn't event show any journal of hers during more than half the time of the video, so there's not much added value to it.

  3. Heads up for the comments section! One of my favorite places to shop for stationary online is www.jetpens.com because they care so much about the quality of the products they sell. You can find plenty of bullet journals, pens, pencils, washi tape, stickers etc. at Jet Pens. I've bought a lot of stuff from them over the past two years and so far I've been delighted by every purchase. I highly recommend checking them out if you're interested in getting organized with a bullet journal, planner, notebook etc. They also have well thought out recommendations for various lifestyles and stationary needs if you don't know where to start!

    I've been using the same planner for two years now and I'm thinking about switching to a bullet journal for 2020. I love how much freedom you have with it!!

  4. I started bullet journaling this year and it is the BEST thing that I've EVER done! I'm kind of lazy though so really it's mostly a weekly planner, and a menu. But I may do that Brain Dump you placed there! I'm always thinking and need a place to write. I'm still learning of things I can do.

  5. I didn't think I needed a bullet journal, because I'm disabled, and I don't have much to keep track of… Or so I thought. One of my disabilities is PTSD, and having poor memory, it is SO handy to have somewhere to make a note of things I need to remember!!!

  6. Good god, it’s a journal and somehow it’s become something YET ANOTHER THING designed to make women feel like we aren’t doing something correctly, like we need to BUY things and compare ourselves to others.
    Make lists, keep a journal or don’t.
    No one really cares, I’m waiting for when we start comparing and feeling shitty about our fecal output.
    Do it or don’t. This shit isn’t important.
    If you can’t make a grocery list just quit life. I’m so bothered by this.
    It feels like a thing designed to waste our time and make us neurotic.
    Keeping journals have existed since DAY ONE yet THIS has become a thing?!?

  7. Really? you couldn't get Devin's actual bullet journal? like, if you're going to name it how to start a bujo with devin then it needs to be DEVIN's bujo. Really not cool y'all.

    Those of u interested in actually starting a bullet journal or if you watched this and were interested in bullet journaling, there are TON of videos on youtube that are way better.

  8. What is this crap? Really buzzfeed? Re using the bullet journal of someone else?
    I started my bullet journal thanks to Stephanie, this is insulting to watch.
    If you wanted to make this video at least use your own bullet journal not someone else's.

  9. Does anyone else realise that this girl isn't writing in the bullet journal? In a previous video the same bullet journal was made by another girl!!!!

  10. She seems a little unprepared and lost in the process of putting together this tutorial for this bullet journal…. Huh🤔 maybe it's because IT ISN'T HERS BUT A PREVIOUS GIRL ON BUZZ FEED WHO STARTED DOING THIS FIRST! trust me when I say to watch other beginner tutorials because this was just messy, better yet watch the old videos with steph.

  11. "Oh my gawd im such a capricorn" 10/10. (this isn't sarcasm, i've never met someone who was into astrology like that and wasn't like a super nice and very specifically chaotic good person)

  12. Another classic buzzfeed video… someone recycling old footage and pretending like they made new content.

  13. Have Devin do her own spreads we don’t need a voice over with devins face in it. A girl who spent time on this and doesn’t even work at buzzfeed so she won’t get paid made this. This is the most half assed video ever.

  14. A video where each girl makes a bullet journal for a month, sees what works what doesn't after each week/halfway through and modifies accordingly

  15. I bet Devin doesn't actually Bullet Journal. She probably was just like, yeah I'll help repackage this video. She seems uncomfortable when showing her BuJo, like she doesn't even know what it is.

  16. So you lay off Steph and just have a lady like gal recycle her old videos …
    This is a real kick in the pants, because Devyn is better than this reused content.
    Also Steph's last bullet journal video ripped the theme right from Amanda Rach Lee and didn't give credit and then they stopped being made completely … way to come back from that …

  17. This video is really bad. Just commenting on already existing video without even mentioning it? You can do better than that. She's just saying random things that are shown in the other video and they try to sell it like she came up with it… Come on

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