How to Start a Christian Blog (2019) – How to Start a Christian Blog

How to Start a Christian Blog (2019) – How to Start a Christian Blog

How to Start a Christian Blog (2018-2019) – Start a Christian Blog everybody its jay-z welcome to the
webinar this webinar is about how you can start your Christian blog and write
your first blog post I’m the born-again blogger so let’s jump into it we’re
going to look at what is a blog also who can blog next we’re going to look at why
blog when should you blog and how do you blog
all right so let’s just take a brief glance at what the term blog actually
means well you have it in noun form so that is a regularly updated website or
web page typically one run by an individual or small group that is
written in an informal or conversational style so that blog is a noun you can
also use blog as a verb which means to add new material to or regularly update
a blog for example it’s been about a week since I last blogged so you have it
as a verb here are some examples of course you’ve all seen blogs before this
is a blog excerpt you see here that once the blog post is written you can have a
page of excerpts with the little read more link so you would just click
through to it and then you get to the full blog post here’s another example
you have the blog excerpt once more with the category over here for example then
you can click through then you see the full blog post so just a few examples of
what a blog post looks like as a reminder who can blog well this is the
exciting part any Christian can blog yes for example Bible journalist might want
to blog preachers teachers you can also have testifiers every Christian has a
testimony so you can simply testify in your blog really any Christian can have
a blog here you see examples of the types of
people that can have a blog for example you have teachers you have somebody
that’s testifying over here we have somebody that’s evangelizing you’ve got
Bible journal errs so for example Bible journals can tell people about how they
do their journal and they can post pictures and things they otherwise could
not do just by journaling so here’s a question you may be asking yourself and
that is why blog well let’s just look at a few examples of why you might blog by
the first few you can fulfill the great commission you can share information
regarding the gospel of Jesus Christ thus fulfilling the Great Commission you
can have evergreen content so this means you can reshare the same content for
example instead of like on Facebook or Twitter these posts that you make they
go away pretty quickly very quickly as a matter of fact but when you have your
own blog you can keep that information handy you can keep it out in front of
people by reshoring it and things like that so you can have evergreen content
also very important you can monetize your blog you can make extra income so
we’ll look at briefly how you might be able to do that also it’s a creative
outlet just gives you a chance to get information that is within you out into
an effective environment which can impact people in a positive way you can
teach you can testify you can encourage others you can inspire others with your
own blog so just more examples of what we looked at earlier teachers testifiers
Bible journal errs it’s all available to you in a blog as a great outlet here’s a
quick look at how you might monetize your blog something very simple and easy
Amazon has an associate’s program so you can just grab some code after you sign
up with Amazon Associates you can easily place that code within your
Blagh anywhere in your blog and there you have a clickable embeddable product
that you might endure such as a Christian book or some other information
about journaling you can put kitchen products you can put any types of
products in here and the great thing is if somebody goes to Amazon using your
link to buy this product or any other product you will get credit within a
certain amount of a time period so that’s also exciting for all bloggers so
you might ask yourself well when’s a good time to start and I would say hey
why would you want to wait it’s so easy and accessible to start your own blog
there’s really no reason to wait so then how would you get started how do you get
blogging well let me just let you know that I’ve used Hostgator for a good
number of years and I’ve always had good success with them you can look at my
blog the born-again blogger now even though Hostgator is my
preference you can of course use any provider you so wish to use the
important thing I would say is just to get going with the blogging so let’s
take a look at how easy it is for any Christian to get started with their own
Christian blog alright so here’s how easy it is to get started if you go over
to born-again blogger com there’s a link here on the side for
Hostgator all you need to do is click on that that will open up a window for the
hostgator plans over here on the Hostgator plans there are three options
the business plan you most likely will not need starting out the baby plan has
unlimited domains so unless you’re planning to launch more than one website
you probably don’t need this and then over here the hatchling plan I’m going
to choose that for this for one single domain so let’s click on buy now we’re
now over on the registration page now you’re going to want to have a domain
name you may already have a domain name if you do you would come over into this
tab and just go ahead and enter your existing domain however I’m going to
register one here let’s just choose saved by grace and I’m sure somebody has
this dot-com but we can choose something else let’s see what they have so if we
go down here I like the dot Club that Club is a top-level domain like com so
that is available I’ll go ahead and grab that
that’s for search engine purposes as far as top-level domain goes that’s just
something that these search engines recognize so that’s still good to go
domain privacy protection okay this is optional for you I’m not going to select
that but this is something where they will hide your private information on
the public website who is and really I don’t need it I’m not too concerned
about it but you do have that option so we will pass by that now the next thing
you want to do is choose a hosting plan we’ve chosen the hatchling plan let’s
look at our options here for billing of course you’ll save more the longer out
you pay I’m just going to go ahead the monthly at 1095 I’ll need to enter a
username I’m just going to use what I How to Start a Christian Blog (2018-2019) – Start a Christian Blog chose for my domain name saved by grace
then I’m going to have to enter a security pin so since I will need to
enter information to finish this I will save that for a few moments over here on
the left enter your billing information just go ahead with your email and your
basic information here on the left and then you can add a credit card or choose
PayPal to pay so I will take care of that here momentarily and you can do
that while I do my end if you like let’s finish this out though and see what your
other options are for additional services here you have the option to
protect your website they do recommend it I’m going to deselect it for this
because WordPress actually has a little option in there called jetpack which can
get you started with monitoring your website and so forth and then you can
always upgrade later if you wish and the pricing here is fantastic
billed annually but these are all very inexpensive when you order through
Hostgator there is a backup option I’m going to deselect that as well briefly
this will backup your website every day and you can go out for a couple weeks to
even longer if you wish and then have a one click restore should something
happen to your website I’m going to pass on that because you will get a weekly
backup if that will suffice for you for me it works
but again that’s optional a weekly backup they will backup your data once a
week and then overwrite that backup every week so at least you have a weekly
backup going for you so as we move down to the bottom here
there’s already a coupon code in here entered for you and as we scroll to the
bottom we see that we have a total we have 25 then we have a discount for five
dollars and five cents some tax then our total is 20 162 at
least my total is for today which includes the domain name and the first
month hosting so that’s fantastic I can get started for twenty one dollars or so
I’m very happy with that so as we scroll back up I’m going to enter my
information you can do the same if you’d like to pause the video and then we’ll
catch up right after that okay so I’m done filling in my information hopefully
you are done is well let’s come back down here to the bottom by the way my
total changed slightly it was reduced because there was a Texas sales tax in
there by default and I am NOT in Texas so what you need to do now is just click
this checkbox to agree to the terms go ahead and click checkout now all right success thank you for your
order payment completed so right now Hostgator is setting up the account in
the background so that will take a few moments
you all right Hostgator is done building the
account for us I’m just going to X out of that pop-up
here so here’s your customer portal here and you have different options to access
your billing information hosting domains and support everything’s nice and tidy
in here for you now right now they have set an email to you
so let’s have a look at the email all right so you should have received an
email from Hostgator here’s my email to the born-again bloggers here’s the
website saved by grace dot club my username and temporary password is right
here so you’ll want to highlight that go ahead and copy that and then let’s go to
your control panel so now we’re at the login screen for
your control panel where you can install your blog and WordPress I’ll just go
ahead and enter my username you go ahead and do the same thing let’s paste the
temporary password in password click login now this opens
up your environment to do the things you need to do right here you have a build a
new WordPress site let’s click on that this is nice and easy go ahead and
choose your domain mine is saved by grace Club you don’t need to enter
anything here in the directory field click Next so let’s just give the blog a
title you can always change this down the road if you like I’m going to keep
the admin user the same as my domain name and I’m just going to put whatever
in the first and last name not too critical here then go ahead and put an
email address for your admin then down at the bottom here make sure that these
boxes are checked that you agree to the terms and that you want it to
automatically create a new database for the installation click install
right now it’s installing your WordPress installation nice and quick here are your details
let’s see if we can login highlight your temporary password copy it we know the
username so remember your username click login now let’s go ahead with our username
paste your temporary password click login
now you get to visit your brand-new blog and isn’t this wonderful so here you are
moments away from making your first blog post up here at the top you can click
new and post now all you have to do is give it a
title saved by grace for example then you can tap out and that will place your
cursor into the body of your blog and you can start typing you so you can easily highlight these things
just as you would with a word processor you can bold you can italicize once you
are done with your blog post all you’ll need to do is click publish and it’s
just that simple you can see just how easy it is to get a blog post posted
once that is complete all you have to do to view it is click on View Post
and you can get a look at it look at How to Start a Christian Blog (2018-2019) – Start a Christian Blog that it’s nice and dated for you there’s
your title here is the body of your blogpost and it’s just that simple
alright so that should do it for this webinar I want to thank you for joining
me feel free to go through this content again to get started with your new blog
and happy blogging

3 thoughts on “How to Start a Christian Blog (2019) – How to Start a Christian Blog

  1. this is helpful for me..i'm planning to do a blog this year. hoping this will inspire others..i'm from philippines.thank u for this…God bless u..

  2. this is helpful for me..i'm planning to do a blog this year. hoping this will inspire others..i'm from philippines.thank u for this…God bless u..

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