21 thoughts on “How to start a PATREON (and succeed) in 2018 – Patreon tips

  1. Very useful tips! I have one question when do you reccomend to build a Patreon page? What are the minimum requirements for your channel that show your page has potential?
    Btw I really like how this video is made (After Effects I supose?)
    I think your chanell will be useful to creators like me that love YouTube but have a lot to learn.

  2. Love the video.
    I was thinking about using patreon along with other platforms to try and create an income. Yes, I do understand that we need to build on trust etc. Got me thinking now… ???

  3. Subbed Big like for the video hun . Great channel as well ! Hope you enjoy my music . Please keep in touch I promise to support you and be a true friend .

  4. I have never thought of setting it up yet but def will consider it now. Never understood its whole purpose but you did a great job explaining it.

  5. You really broke it down here. Great job here man. are you on patreon? New here, sorry if that's a slilly question. My patreon page is like my baby. I go on it a few days, always responding to messages and keeping up to date with posts and engagement to connect my little community. Following through on a promise is a plus, I go over and beyond my promise. great video here.

  6. Hello new friend we saw you over at RantJamz ! We pushed all the buttons and are supporting your channel! We added this video to The A The Channel Grows Playlist over at our channel. We will keep coming by to watch, like, comment and share more of your videos! Together we will continue to grow! Justin & Ralph

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