How to Start a Successful Vlog Channel — Amy Landino Interview

How to Start a Successful Vlog Channel — Amy Landino Interview

– In this interview,
I talk to Amy Landino, author of Vlog Like a Boss about the three most important tips to have a successful vlogging channel coming up. (upbeat bright music plays) – [Voiceover] This video is brought to you by A one hour online Masterclass on how to grow a highly influential and profitable YouTube channel this year. On this free training, you’ll learn the proven strategies and
current best practices for growing your subscribers and creating passive income with YouTube. To register for free, just
go to – What’s up Influencers, welcome to another interview with Amy Landino– – Hello. – Here on Video Influencers,
where we’ll helping you build your influence,
income and impact with online video and guess what? We have a best selling
author, Vlog Like a Boss. – Yes. – We have an international
public presenter and fellow vlogger, so thank you so much for being on our channel. – Thanks for having me on. – I heard you speak the
other day, you crushed it. – Thank you. – And you were talking about vlogging. Can you share with our audience who might not know you
about your rise to success and how you got your start on YouTube, and what you’re doing today? – I mean I really got my start on YouTube cause I got excited about video. I really liked the editing process, I know that’s weird, but
my first video ever was, because I was in a
wedding, I was a bridesmaid and I wanted to make
the bride feel special and I figured out how to make a video with Windows Movie Maker
and just hodgepodged it together and played it for her. And it was so cool to
see something that I made for someone very specific,
but I played it at the rehearsal dinner
and so everybody there was very excited to watch
it and they were emotional and I just thought you can make something for one person and effect many more. And I thought, that’s really powerful. I discovered that YouTube
was a thing after that. I had to burn that video
on a DVD, by the way, like I literally didn’t
know what was going on. this was 2007.
– I know what that was like. – So, yeah, I found
YouTube and I was like wow, there are people that are making a trip to Target look interesting. What is this world, I need
to know more about it. And I just started sharing
my life in vlog form on the Schmittastic Channel. And that teaches you a
lot, when you’re trying to take something and turn it into nothing, really and
turn it into something. You learn a lot about community building and marketing and so that’s how I got into this industry. I started the channel
Savvy Sexy Social in 2011 which is now called Amy
TV and that was meant to help business owners just go after the life they want with video and social and just time management
and all those things that are important for getting work done. – Boom, and you know, you’re speaking at events like this, Social
Media Marketing World. That room was full of people,
you had a lot of fans. – Yeah. – I loved what you said, you
love the editing process. – I do. – I know, because my wife,
who is also a vlogger and the reason why I’m a YouTuber, she loves to edit, right, she loves to create memories.
– Awe, that’s awesome. I need to chat with her. – Yeah, totally and the thing is, I always suggest to people,
not necessarily follow your passion, but follow your fun. So if you have fun doing it, right? – Yeah. – It’s a great start
and it’s a great segue to why I tell people that vlogging might not be for them, but if they are, make sure you have fun. Because you’re not
necessarily gonna make money right out the gates, and let’s be real, most people aren’t
gonna make enough income off of AdSense to make it work. Can you give people like two or three tips on when they’re first starting out as well as like maybe some
monetization strategies because I know just your book alone– – Yeah.
– Right? How many you’ve sold,
been able to create this, create this career to be
able to make a living, off of YouTube, but not through AdSense. – Yeah, absolutely. AdSense should be icing on the cake. If I cared about Google’s check to me every single month I’d
go get a regular job. It’s called worrying about an employer, what’s the point of that? You should really diversify everything, but before that, you have to know who you’re doing this for? And you can’t have a product for them or you can’t have a way of making money if it doesn’t make sense for them and you have to provide a lot of value in advance, like you’re saying, it’s gonna take some time to monetize. Because you’re building a relationship. So, I think the biggest
tip right out the gate is consistency is key. Because unless you’re in
someone’s life enough, and providing value enough,
they’re not gonna buy from you in the future. There are the instances
where the product pops up in an Instagram ad and
people are just down with it, but the reality is is
making YouTube videos, you’re inviting people to learn about you throughout your life, that’s a process. That’s not like a one and done situation. So, consistency is the biggest thing. When you say you’re
gonna show up, show up. Just do that, it doesn’t matter how often. They say industry standard
on YouTube is once a week. If you can have a channel
that is killing it once a week, why bother
going more than that? Just do a really great job. So I think that’s the biggest thing. In terms of monetization, you can monetize tomorrow if you wanted to. If you join any affiliate
program of a product that you believe in and aligns perfectly with how you talk to your
audience, your person, I personally have named
my person, so I know her really well and I know if that sponsor or that affiliate partner
is gonna be a good fit. So I can make money right now with Amazon or anything like, um, I
talk about TubeBuddy a lot. I love their product, I believe in them. It’s very easy for me to
make affiliate dollars from that because I believe
in what they’re doing. And so I just look at
those things that are closely aligned, but if it’s not for them, it’s never going to work. You have to find your fun as the creator so you can keep it up
and actually continue to be passionate about it when it’s hard. But the reality is you’re
doing it for somebody else. – One of the things I loved about your talk yesterday is
obviously consistency is key, you want to
like be passionate about what you’re talking about,
but you specifically talked about editing, right? – Mmm hmm. – And like how you have to grab people’s attention and keep it. Can you give some suggestions to people just starting out because
you and I both know like there’s a lot of vloggers
out there that just think we all want to see you brush your teeth. – Yes, please get in there.
– We all want to see you– – Please.
– grab that bottle of milk out of the thing. And don’t get me wrong,
like, there’s some people that do that and they get a lot of views and you’re wondering
like why can’t I do that? Well, there’s so many other variables, but what are your quick tips on terms of editing to be able to not only capture people’s attention, but keep it? – I think to your point, this is basically everyone wanting to go
to what they see working and thinking, oh, all I
have to do is copy it. But if for some reason I’m watching somebody brush their
teeth and I’m into it, there’s a bigger reason for that. You’re not gonna be able to copy that. I think at the beginning, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time
on editing when I started cause I was doing three episodes a week. I would film them all on
Monday and I would get them edited to go out
Tuesday through Thursday. And for me, keeping the
eyes moving with editing just meant jump cuts, so when my content for about three years, and still lately, you don’t hear me breathe very often, I cut out all the breaks
and I would kinda crop in sometimes and make sort
of a dynamic movement, very slightly, that
would keep your attention and keep you engaged. I also made sure to deliver the value in less than five minutes. Significantly less than five minutes. When you’re first starting, you may think more minutes means more watch time, but if you actually
deliver faster, you’ll have them watching more videos on your channel, which is more watch time
and they’re more impressed by you when you’re able to do something really, really fun in a short amount of time. You show them you’re
not wasting their time. – Yes. – So I say keep it short,
when you’re starting. Bang out the content, make it great and use jump cuts to your advantage because it’s totally within the cadence of YouTube, it’s the
perfect, perfect thing to describe YouTube a lot of the times, but that’s gonna be an easy way to edit and keep it interesting. – Absolutely, and thank
you so much for bringing that up because a lot
of people are watching other successful vloggers, right, and thinking I need to just duplicate that when they don’t understand that. Number one, everybody wants
to be a YouTuber, right? Like, if you’re watching
this, you’re watching because you want to build your influence, build your income with online video, specifically with YouTube,
right on this platform. And the thing is, a lot of the YouTuber’s that are doing this for a living, make a full-time income
or just super successful, they had a lot of practice before– – A lot.
– They got to this point. Right? – Practice, practice, practice. – And right now, people
aren’t just sitting down sold on you at zero subscribers. You have to like sell
yourself onto their interests. You have to make sure that they’re gonna be interested enough to
watch that second episode or to subscribe. – Right. – So, great advice. Anything else you want to say on that? – No, I think you nailed it. I mean it’s so funny how we think like, oh, YouTube needs to send us views. Well, I’m gonna show up and
have the most bomb video, but then they don’t do a custom thumbnail or they don’t take care of
their SCO or anything like that. YouTube doesn’t owe you anything. You need to show them you bring traction to their platform so they’ll
share the love with you. Your videos have to be good, your marketing has to be good, it all has to be good,
for a long period of time, for you to get that back. – Yeah and you know, those are great tips for people beginning and
let’s give a little bit of hope because one of the things is like you know obviously there’s AdSense and we’re talking about
affiliate marketing, but can you talk about some of the bigger successes you had from the book to speaking at events like
this, internationally, and like what kind of opportunities you’ve been able to have because you took and embraced YouTube
and built this audience and then created these businesses? – Yeah, well it was kinda wild, I guess because when video is so, or at least I had tried
to treat it this way, video is so much like
you’re sitting here with me. So, because I’m making that connection with people they feel very close to me. On the speaking sense, I’m getting offers to speak because people
feel like they’re connecting with my message and they
think, oh, you’re so good at talking about this,
why don’t you come stand on stage and talk about this as well and it’s like oh, well,
I’m literally sitting in a room alone talking to a camera, you think I can get on stage and speak? So my speaking career
taking off was really kind of wild but it’s cause
I put my face out there and people want to know
what you’re really like and so the more they can do that research on you, it’s great. Same from a building, a
business perspective and more. But the book came because,
not just speaking, when you get off stage, people are like where can I buy your book? And I was like, just
go watch my free videos and they’re like no, I want to buy a book. And I was just like that’s
weird, cause I make videos. The audience said they wanted it, so when they said they
wanted it, I made it, they bought it, they
read it, they also bought the audiobook and listened to it. It’s really wild when
your audience tells you we will buy that thing if you make it and then you do it, it’s really cool. – And there’s not really a
lot of good vlogging books out there, so we’ll put
the link down below, make sure you guys check that out, especially if you guys are looking to make a career out of vlogging,
or you’re just starting out. Great resource for that. Share with people where they can find you and any last thoughts you have for people that are just starting
their YouTube career? – Absolutely, you can find
me at and just know who you’re talking to. Lock eyes with them and deliver
on a very regular basis. And you have no choice but to succeed. – Boom, thank you so much
for watching, as always, helping you build your influence, income and impact with online videos. We’ll talk to you later. – Bye.

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