How to Start a Website: Simple 6 Step Process

How to Start a Website: Simple 6 Step Process

84 thoughts on “How to Start a Website: Simple 6 Step Process

  1. Watching the video now, but thank you for being you and continuously honoring your fan base (especially creators like myself) by creating awesome, and by ALWAYS putting out more to learn about.

  2. Great info +Roberto Blake I agree with all you have presented here. I have always pressed fellow creatives to get their own real estate. As you point out, social even YouTube, is rented no lease property. And they can change their rules any time as YouTube Creators are finding out lately.
    Thank you for explaining these points so well and simply for those just learning. #createawesome

  3. Great video as always very informative your videos and tips have helped me to build my channel thank you appreciate it keep the great video's rolling !

  4. Good video Roberto but I'm not sure which type of hosting I should pick, don't have any experience with web hosting and I'm considering WordPress hosting which is under bluehosts products tab. Should I instead be looking at any of the other types of hosting they offer like cloud hosting?

  5. I use WordPress and I host it with Bluehost! It has worked well so far! 🙂 Thank you for another great video!! 🙂

  6. I recently setup Google Analytics and I'm surprised what my results were, so definitely helpful. I need to get more on my site because people are finding it without me really promoting it so it works as a great hub to everything. And speaking of the mailing list you mentioned, have you ever talked about tips on the best ways to keep your mailing list engaged or anything of the sort?

  7. Hey Roberto. I already have a website ( can you tell me everything that's wrong with it and how I can possible improve it

  8. Those standard e-mail addresses like [email protected] get spammed to oblivion. Create something that can't be guessed, and never ever leave that address in plain text on the net where it can be scraped.

  9. Is there an ios app for bluehost websites? I have blogger and there is no more app so I cannot upload pics or manga on the go.

  10. Great video and good points.
    I can't see the link to personal brand mini guide e-book link.

    I took a course recently where I was advised to only pick one thing to make website because people would get confused what the website is about.
    What if I have my main service (computer repair) and now adding building websites?

  11. Great vid Roberto! Do ppl have websites without any merchandise or services to sell? I really don't have anything to sell right now.

  12. I've kept my gaming and personal branding seperate largely because a lot of people still have a stigma for it. The connection can still be found it's just not IN YOUR FACE. Website not been updated in forever, but I'm rocking my initials with 'the' at front of it right now.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to try and fail again at combining my initials into the design philosophy of a ying yang for a logo D;

  13. Thanks Roberto, keep videos like these videos coming. I learn more from your channel than I do from just about every other channel out there. It'd be interesting to hear if you have any thoughts on squarespace vs wordpress. Are they both the same sort of thing or is wordpress generally more customizable? Is one easier to use? Where do you buy your hats? Is it online? So many questions…

  14. I've has my website for many years now. WordPress has basic analytics. Are the google analytics more elaborate? The analytics part is definitely where I am at a loss and don't hnderstmand as much. I've had my wordpress site since 2007 and it's hosted by OVH.

  15. hi Roberto, regarding domain names, would it be advisable to choose a domain name with common words and turn it into my personal brand? or am i better off using my own name or brand name?

  16. I've been looking at portfoliobox for a while to host my portfolio and sell digital products. If anyone has experience with them I'd appreciate some insight!

  17. Yeah it looks like i did it right 🙂
    I try to build my Blog now and try to write engaging articles
    Do you have any advice regarding ranking your website in google? Weirdly my Social Media is always in front of my own website.

  18. Hmm I think I should buy the domains with my girls names now so they have options later when they are ready to use them

  19. Love your content Roberto, so awesome that you stated that career paths change and flexibility is key with personal branding. what works for us one year may change the next and we can always adapt to that change. It's a lot harder for a company brand name to do this since that company may be fully centered around a specific product or service.

  20. Thank u Roberto.. I have been watching for quite awhile and u always great tips! I have GoDaddy as my web host bc of the knowledge base and I have WordPress also. To me it is user-friendly.. I'm still building out and want to use my photos on my website, is that possible? Do I need to crop or minimize the size etc… I want to use my logo as well, what extension can I use?? JPEG, EPS, or PDF?? Or does it matter?

  21. I see the AskGaryVee book you have there. Mind listing all of the books you own pertaining to business, etc?

  22. Hey Roberto, great video. I noticed that lately there are having more TLDs extenions beside *.com Would you recommend using other extensions like for example .tech?
    In my case someone already has my name .com who is an artist. But i'm into technology, webdesign, streaming, gaming and so on would you suggest doing an

  23. Great advice. I really like the presentation and I have learnt a lot from it. I hope I am able to apply this learning.

  24. Pretty good video. Thanks for mentioning the use of a web developer as well as using a service like Wix. I started my website a while ago and it's a great way to keep a static update of what's going on with my channel.

  25. If you're starting a Website and plan to do content I recommend Bluehost They are recommended by WordPress and are reliable.

  26. I feel like when I become successful, you'll be a part of it. I learn a lot watching your videos and I really appreciate it. Thank you!

  27. I am a huge fan! I am a differently-abled entrepreneur AKA a cripple with a good mind who refuses to give up. I have difficulty using my arms so it is difficult to use a computer. so I must use sites like Fiverr but the issue is they don't like me needing to use Skype or the telephone for communication. my assistant is not always available to do my typing, what can I do in this situation to put my website together and gather my team? are there any other resources or sites available which would be more accommodating and not too expensive? please help I need you!

  28. If I'm working as a freelancer and I use wix to develop the site will doing it on wix sway customers away from wanting it done? If so how do I communicate it in a way that would help understand the benefits and the time difference

  29. I am working on creating a movie review YouTube channel were I will be reviewing new movies that come out in theaters and give my opinion on the movie.
    Would you still suggest that I still get a website?
    Why or why not?

  30. Can I use Adobe Muse to make a website? Besides, man I like your videos they are really helpful, and I appreciate your work, Robert. Keep it up!


  31. Thank you this was great! Can you talk about how to set up and sell items on your website and what is meant by plug-ins, etc? And when you'd recommend using a 3rd party website to sell instead?

  32. I am thinking about designing a web presence for an artisan babygift/ native esthetic products shop with top shelf pow wow and dance garments like you might see at pow and trying to sell a custom beadwork workshop senario for special orders, so VERY niche, Def. not needed by or likely even known of by the masses. Could squarespace be a nice platform for a from scratch, tiny niche business startup project like this?

  33. just chatted with Gator and they seem expensive to me – their regular renewal fees were steeper than others – balancing price with services/product is tricky!

  34. Roberto absolutely loved this information and definitely hit home for me.You are truly amazing.Thanks so much for sharing Deb👌👍

  35. 🙌 I’ve been contemplating between WordPress and square space but will be going with WordPress! Thanks for the info

  36. Hey Roberto Blake, thank you for a lot of the informative videos you post here… I was wondering, if one were to, for example, create a podcast, a website and a blog, do all of them have to revolve around the same theme? Thank you so much for your priceless help

  37. Hi, Robert. I am a faithful follower of yours. I am a newbie and want a plan (plus?) which allows me at least five domains. What will be the annual and renewal yearly cost for the plus plan? I hope you answer

  38. Can you explain how to set up a website when you want to purchase the hosting, domain name, and website building software from three different places and which should you purchase first?

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