How to Start a WordPress Blog – The Most Complete Guide for 2019! (NEW!!!)

How to Start a WordPress Blog – The Most Complete Guide for 2019! (NEW!!!)

100 thoughts on “How to Start a WordPress Blog – The Most Complete Guide for 2019! (NEW!!!)

  1. I really like your video, but my problem is I already have a completed website that just needs to add a blog to it for the navigation menu. I am using different theme and everything, so unfortunately your tutorial won't work for me. Time to keep looking….sigh

  2. oh man! you are so freakin awesome for your amazing tutorials! im so glad i found your channel bro. keep up the outstanding work man, ill be looking forward to all your great contents.

  3. Hey Hogan, you make so great Websites and the Tutorials are very helpful. Thanks for your great job. Your story inspires me and i want to go the way too. But atm i have very big issues with my website. I really don't know what is going wrong. I spend so many hours of figguring out. Please help me. I like the theme but it makes sometimes big problems. This site is not listed but the one i'm working on atm. It have so much space in mobile view and it does crazy things.
    please, my brain is done D:

  4. Hogan you'r the best in my opinion when it comes to building professional websites. The one thing you didn't implemented or mentioned is privacy policy, TOS and cookies policy.

  5. First thanks for the video. Two questions please: With Themify-Ultra is possible to do all you did or need a pro version? Your has an e-commerce as menu option, how to do that please?

  6. If I already have a themify theme using for parallax and I want to create what is in video how can i change it? Should I reinstall theme and start from beggining?

  7. Hi, Hogan, once again you made a great Website. Your tutorials are very helpful to me and my business I aways look forward for the next one. Thanks you for a great job…

  8. Hey I'm a little stuck so could really do with your help.

    Basically I am trying to design my website and ran into a problem I can't solve. I have 2 separate pages and 1 Blog page…. On the website, I want to be able to create post and assign them to septate pages… If that makes sense but I can't find anywhere where which shows how to post Tina specific page either by category or another way.

    Any help would be great- thanks for the video ❤️

  9. Hi, this was an awesome tutorial..i loved see how i did please visit my site I hope i was a good student. My question is I would like a plug in that has pinterest, facebook, instagram and twitter below each of my blog post. the link you share only has twitter and facebook..Can you please assist me with this.

  10. Anybody know how shrink the height of the newsletter module so it's not too thick, so make it a bit smaller? minute 1:03:27

  11. Hey I want to thank you first for this extremely helpful video. Certainly the best tutorial I have received for a long time. But I am having a little problem right now. I downloaded the theme and installed it in my wordpress. I actually followed your tutorial and created a website though I am not yet completely through with it. … I hope I made you proud and that it meets the standard expected from your training 🙂 Well when I tried to install the same theme from your link to a fresh wordpress installation for another site, I keep receiving this message in wordpress.
    'The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

    Plugin installation failed.'
    I have done this 10 times! By the way, when I tried to install another plugin like Beaver Builder plugin which I downloaded like themify to the same wordpress, there was no problem. Can you help me out here? Are there any limitations on themify? Sorry for the long comment….and thanks once more for your very helpful tutorials.


  13. Hello Hogan, thank you a lot for that really helpful tutorial!
    But I have one question..
    I just wanted to add sticky sidebar by Q2W3 plugin. Everything works really fine, but that grey "newsletter" section is covering floating widget.
    How we can handle that? 🙂

  14. Hogan your tuts are so helpful! Please can you show us how to make a blog with auto loading articles-ads while someone scrolls down in the page
     I use themify ultra for all websites that I make because of you.!

  15. Hey Hogan i was following your tutorial to create my blog and i saw that you have not covered how to add buttons to our blog page after each post that says 'read more' please guide me on how to add 'read more' button on our blog posts on the blog page.

  16. It's good tutorial but could you help me out with how to add different links of my page to the slider with button?

    Reference website:

  17. need help please. why doesnt my home page scroll down its stuck at the main feature pic and i cannot get to the content despite it being there in the editor

  18. Hi first thank you for the video, please let me know wich version of wordpress are you using, since I folowed your tutorial, but when I try to save, no thing happen, when I try to edit the home page in order to remove the extra space in the top, I can't acces to Themify options on the bottom of the page, please advise.

  19. Hi Hogan. Thanks for this guide 🙂 really good one, but I don't know what I am doing wrong, because I can't add the amazon affiliate code to page. I tried to do same as you by adding a text and copy the affiliate code. After I save everything doesn't appear at all. Thanks a lot.

  20. Hogan, you show how to do the free ebook email signup but not how to actually connect the sending of the pdf book to whoever signsup, is that done in the mailchimp account? Thank you.

  21. Hiiii Hogan, first thanks for the amazing tutorial. second I could't find widgets and menus in themify options, do I am using an old virgin??

  22. How can I move the text and button in my picture? Example if I want more spacing between text and button and want to raise my text to the top? How can I do that? 32:20 – 37:40. Little confused.

  23. Great Video, when I go to add new post it doesn't show up the same as the video. Mine shows up with add title and then the builder bar. How do I get just the paragraph section to post?

  24. Hogan, I see alot of comments that say "Great tutorial, but…"and "This was awesome, however…", but I'd like to really take the time out to thank you for what you are doing. It's all for FREE. I follow a bit of youtubers who claim they want to help us with making websites and SEO. But no one has given this much USEFUL FREE information before. It's step by step and all you want is to motivate and inspire. Other youtubers always want to sell you things to make money. I know we all will have to do that eventually to make a living but it's just refrshing to know that people are still out there who just want to give someone else a break. Thanks sooooooooooo veryyyyyy much! I am so grateful to have found you. Because of your generosity, you will go far and do great things! I am a permanent subscriber.

  25. I can write a text on my image I.e the start a blog text, I can't drop the text module on the image, it goes down

  26. Best Tutorial Hogan, but I have 1 problem

    When I want to add a new post it looks completely different and my text gets seperated into different blocks

  27. When I am in Dashboard and go to create new post, The Themify Builder is in there instead of what I see on your video which is the regular Word Press view. I am not able to add text or do all the things that you are doing on the video. Is there a way to exit that Themify view when in dashboard/New Posts?

  28. I followed your process step by step and everything was going great until I got to add new post. It's showing me Themify builder instead. I'm not sure why or how to fix it.

  29. Does anybody know how to get around the "http error" message when they try to put an image as the background for their header?

  30. Hi Hogan! Great Video. By any chance do you have a fix for the themify option on the new post section? For some reason whenever I go to add a new post the screen doesn't look how your screen does. Instead, it looks as if the builder is on but from the dashboard section.

  31. Can I use html to move the button to another location on the website besides "left align", "center", and "right align"? My background has an image on the right with blank space on the left, so that's where I put my text. I want to center the button under the text, but the builder won't let me.

  32. Hey Hogan, Your video was very helpful and I was able to create my own blog. I still have one problem, I chose categories to be shown in my main navigation so I could post my posts specifically to each of the categories. Now when I open for example the page Travel as a title will apear this: Category: TRAVEL . Can you tell me how I can edit this? And remove the word Category? Also how can I change the font and the color of it?

  33. Great tutorial but one question! For some reason my blog posts are disappearing after I post so many (only 4 are displaying on the blog page) and there isn't a place/button where I can access the older posts.

  34. Amazing tutorial!! I built my website in a little over two weeks, doing every step with you, a little bit everyday. Thank you so much for this!

  35. Superb tutorial and so easy to follow. MANY thanks and great kudos.
    Only one point, would it be possible to update it for use with WordPress 5.1.1, as there are quite a few changes where 'blocks' are used instead.

  36. This video is very detailed and very informative. Best video I have seen. Please continue to do an awesome job, I certainly appreciate!

  37. This is an amazing tutorial, but I am having trouble with adding the button. It ill not overlay on the photo where I drop it. It keeps going to a new row below the image. Can you offer some assistance as to what I am doing wrong?

  38. Can i use the theme without updating it? Coz i can update the theme. If its important to update the theme how can i do it?

  39. Hello Hogan, This tutorial is really amazing. I made a website just like you explain. Have a look and give some tips
    I am really nervous and little bit affraid.

  40. Hi there, followed along and worked out great! The only issue I seem to have is with the logo, it seems to be that I cannot change the size no matter what I have tried, has anyone dealt with this issue and know what to do?

  41. I have a question, do you have any recommendations for other hosting or domain sites that are a little cheaper?

  42. Hiii Hogan, as per tutorial I am making my blog, its URL is "", I want to remove "wp/". how can I do that ?

  43. Is there a way to use an image as a "Featured" image on a post and not get it displaying full size when I go to view the post? I really like the idea of displaying a small image in the grid of posts, but it shows full size when I select the blog to view.

    I have this Video bookmarked, as it is such a great source of information. Thanks again

  44. Well thanks for this video. It helped me a lot in making my website but the only problem that I'm facing now is Amazon banner ads , i did by copying the html code and pasted in Themify Hook before comments but after refreshing the page the ad banner is not showing into my website.
    Next issue is whenever I'm placing a native ads of Amazon(I recommend) a list of 4 products on my right side bar with custom HTML,the ad is showing but it getting overlapped and not clearly visible.

    I hope you read my comments and reply.

    It would be nice if you make one videos on Amazon affiliate ads.

  45. The interface I get when I "add post" is different from yours. I get the themify module options. I added box for text and image. It works fine when I go into the blog page, both text and image displays, but on the home page, only the text displays. I used the same 2 column and widget panel. Any ideas of how to fix it?

  46. Hi Hogan, thx very much for the great video..i have purchased the domain form other hosting provider and not from Hostgator..however, at the top of my page it says "Wellcome" – not as the one you have which actually says "Blog" – it seems like somewhere at the very beginning I have not changed that when accesing my website through my provider administration…is it possible to change this now that I am already using your tutorial and accesing my website through wordpress builder? Can you please specify one more time where and how can I change this – the main name at the very top of my homepage? ? Thx, ZLM

  47. Fab tutorial amigo, very happy to have found you today. Looking forward to rebuilding my site having watched this video, cause its a bloody mess now!!

  48. Hi, I used themify ultra (downloaded from your link) to build my website. I cannot update WordPress and some other plugins because I cannot update themify without a licence. I noticed that others have had similar issues and have posted on your other videos. Will I now have to purchase a themify membership?

  49. Hi hogan, i really learnt alot from your video and i haven't commented on any video on youtube before but yours was wonderful and exceptional. You're really the best, i look forward for more amazing tutorials. +1 subscriber.

  50. Thanks for this great work Hogan, but i have an issue with adding new post. when i click on add new, instead of the conventional wordpress post layout, it tries to add the post through themify. however the wordpress dialog box blocks the themify menu when i click the green +

  51. Hey Hogan, thank you for doing this work! It makes me go from scared to empowert when I see that it´s actually possible.

  52. Ummmmmmm for some reason I'm stuck on the installation I have been waiting for it to install for over an hour can somebody help me please

  53. Hi Hogan Chua
    , great job on that video, I was trying to follow your steps to build my Blog but when I tried do upload your theme an error messages appears – "OOPS! THAT PAGE CAN’T BE FOUND" and "It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search?" I'm doing something wrong? Can you help me?

  54. Hii Hogan i have made blog exactly following this tutorial but its not really well.. its nothing looks like a professional website. I'm having lots of problems like i hebe more then 50 artical but only 4 is appear..not showing next page or 1,2,3…and i don't understand what am i done wrong…. will you please help me.. i really need your help…

  55. Great step-by-step instructional video. WordPress is my favorite content tool as well. I felt the same way when I first started out. Thank you so much for the tips.

  56. I"m not able to find the theme or the sample photos. They aren't at the bottom of the tutorial as promised.

  57. Hello Hogan! Thank You for the video! I have one question about it. In my Home page, I cannot set the image first on my posts, and I can see only the words. How can I solve it?

  58. The instagram feed plugin isn't showing up for me. Please help. Also, great vid! I've followed all steps so far, and you haven't disappointed me yet. I got 40 min left!

  59. Thank you very much! I was stuck for many months in my blog until I find you! Wish you all the best in life! Keep going with your channel, is helping people!

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