How to Start a WORDPRESS Site in UNDER 10 MINUTES – Blog Driven – Video 1

In this video I will show you how to start a wordpress blog or website in under 10 minutes. Let’s get started. For a short and sweet written version of this tutorial go to, drop-down menu video courses, and click Video 1 – Creating Your Site The point of this video and course is to show you that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to create and design a website. Also so you don’t have to spend hours of trial-and-error like I did trying to figure it all out for yourself. I want to pass my knowledge on to you to make your life easier. So you can get your website up and running in as little as time as possible. By the end of this video course you will have a professional-looking .com site for under $30 that you will own and have complete control over. This of course will depend on which hosting plan you choose. All links will be below in the description and in the article on Start the timer. The platform we will be using to create your brand new website is the easy-to-use content management system WordPress. We have five simple steps ahead of us… #1 – Pick Your Domain Name. #2 – Register Your Domain #3 – Get the hosting. #4 – Connect domain to hosting. Finally #5 Setup WordPress. Step One – Pick a Domain Name In case you don’t know what a domain name is, it’s the URL address to a website. For example Google’s domain name is the dot-whatever-it may-be determines where people are going to find your website. You will get your domain name on In my experience they are the best domain service around and have never let me down in all of the years that i have used them. Here are some quick tips on picking your domain name. Number 1 dot com is usually the best option. If you cannot get the dot-com for your current name I would suggest trying to brainstorm another name so you have the dot-com. Ppeople naturally type dot-com when looking for a website. If you want to be the authority for whatever name you choose get a dot-com. Next with tip Number Two – Keep it Short and Simple If you have a long domain name people will have trouble remembering it and it’ll be easy for them to mess it up while they type it in. tip 3 this ties in with the previous tip but make sure it’s easy to spell read and pronounced tip for no dashes numbers or funny characters and finally took five at the end of the day just make sure your name is clean and professional now when you find the perfect name for your website and it’s available by it you want to own your name even if you’re not going to use the domain right away you can still redirect it to your facebook page or youtube channel in the meanwhile you can always get hosting later I stress this because that’s precious online real estate that you might or might not get back and if you do it’ll probably cost you a pretty penny it’s a less than twelve dollar investment now to save you 200 + dollars down the line putting off your domain name could result in a great loss for yourself and your business / blog i have seen this happen to other people and I don’t want it to happen to you either step to register your domain again a dot-com website is less than twelve dollars for an entire year so you register it on May third you won’t have to renew it until May third of the following year so go to right now find your domain hit add to cart then go through the payment process and your info to create an account and you will be off and running step 3 get hosting for your site now that you have your domain name set in stone it’s time to get hosting in case you don’t know what hosting is its what powers your website it supports the database of the layouts graphics and information that you put up for the world to see the domain name is the frame of the car while the hosting is the engine if you’re starting a website for a blog and e-commerce site or showcasing your photography music or writing hostgator is perfect i have had nothing but excellent experience with hostgator over all the years that I’ve used it it’s what I’ve come to know and love in fact the blog driven website uses hostgator now hosting can cause considerable amount up front but keep in mind you can be set for an entire year you have the hatchling baby and business packages currently i use the business package if you’re starting a website to simply showcase your work like photography music to go with the hatchling package however if you’re planning on creating a huge online Empire or getting in the e-commerce i would suggest the baby or business plan if you go with baby or business you can add as many websites as you want under this plan so you can start numerous more websites after you do this current one as long as you have purchased all the appropriate domain names for those that websites if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money at the moment that’s fine just sign up for the monthly plan keep in mind it will also be cheaper up front if you go with the six months or more I say it’s best to get it done and out of the way rather than wait this way you won’t have the monkey on your shoulder making you question why you didn’t start your website right them and they’re paying for the 12 months plan will give you an entire year to get traffic launch your product or whatever it is you’re planning to do with your site after you select your plan just go through the purchase process it’s very self-explanatory step for kinect domain and hosting after purchasing your hosting head over to your email inbox and connect the nameservers from Hostgator to your name cheap domain name it will look like this just copy each over and paste them into the server field under your domain name settings and hit the check mark sometimes this can take up to 48 hours to go through in sync up properly so you might have to wait patiently however I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes at the most for any of the sites that I’ve worked on in the past step 5 get wordpress setup now what you’re going to do is access the cpanel through your Hostgator account first click on ID and then login for the appropriate package enter the username and password to access the cpanel they should have been set up when you bought your hosting package after you’ve access cpanel click on WordPress install and select your domain name make sure the username is somewhat uh nabis for security reasons but not too hard that you can’t remember in the future make sure you copy the password at the end here because you will need it in a moment now go to your site / WP dash admin and you should see a login page and there in your new username and the password you just copied now you’re in wordpress and you have a site set up and ready to go see how easy that was many people are intimidated by the seemingly daunting task of creating a website when you have it broken down for you it’s really not that hard and the upcoming videos in this course i will show you how to use WordPress then I will have another video about the essential plugins and how to install them and then also video of how to design your site using the best theme available for wordpress links to those videos will be in the description below thank you for watching if this video was helpful please leave a like and subscribe for more tutorials on your blog or website see you next time

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