How To Start A YouTube Channel In 2019

How To Start A YouTube Channel In 2019

– This video is all about 10 tips to start your Youtube channel, and how you can start getting followers and grow it right out of the gate. (upbeat music) So guys, I am back here in Kansas City. If you see the alley way behind me, I shot a video here a few months
ago all about transitions. And we’re back here for another shoot, so I thought I would do another video, something a little bit different. And this video actually
is also a blog post on the Musicbed’s Blog. So Musicbed interviewed me
and wanted to know 10 ways, 10 steps that you could do to
start growing your following on your Youtube channel right now, so I thought I’d put this together in a video for you guys to check out. And if you want to see that blog, I’ll put it down below in the description so you could check it out. They have a lot of really cool articles, stuff that will help
you grow your channel, and just be more of a successful
filmmaker and creator. So we’re talking about 10 tips on how to start your
Youtube channel right now. The first one, and kind of
one of the most important ones I think is start with what you know. This is something that
I wish I had told myself when I first started my Youtube channel. If you know a lot about one subject, or you’re really passionate
about one subject then you should start with that. So if you are a photographer, then you should do a
channel about photography. If you’re into cooking,
if you’re into knitting, then you should do channels
about those topics. But for example, if you
wanted to do a channel about something like travel
but you’re not traveling, then that’s not necessarily
the way you should start it. So when I first started my channel, I started out doing a travel vlog, but it was pretty unrealistic with everything that I have going on, so it ended up not working out, and I had to switch it down the road to what I’m actually passionate about, which is filmmaking, photography and just doing tutorials
and things like this. So start with what you know. That’s gonna be the best
way to grow your channels because it’s something
that you already know about and something that
you’re passionate about. Now with that, you need
to find your niche. So step number two is
get yourself into a niche and create content for that niche. You don’t want to create
a variety channel. You don’t want content
from all different topics, because when someone
lands on your channel, they’re not gonna know what you’re about if you have a bunch of
different styles of content. So what you need to do is
niche down what you’re doing, especially at first. You really need to focus
in on creating videos around one topic, one niche, and that’s how you’re gonna be successful at growing your channel
right out of the gate. So step number three is
make it a personal brand and not a company brand. Now I say this because, think about yourself in
five or 10 years from now. Will your Youtube channel
still be the same brand, or will you change depending
on what happens in your life? If you have a personal brand, your personal brand can follow
you no matter where you go. So that’s why I switched
my channel to Jeven Dovie, when it was originally something else. It was Wonderworks, which
was my travel brand. So what I want you to think about is where you’re gonna be five,
10, 15 years in the future, and will your brand still make sense? Personal brands do very well on Youtube because people want to
connect with people. They don’t necessarily want
to connect with a brand. So there’s a few reasons why I would say start with a personal
brand over a company brand when you’re creating your
Youtube channel and starting out. And that just might be
making it your name, and that’s kind of the
best way I say go about it. So tip number four is don’t give up. Don’t start creating and
then six months from now give up and give up and
just stop creating content. I always say you need to give yourself one to three years to
find success on Youtube. It is a marathon, not a sprint. A lot of people say that, but I say it’s more of an
ultra marathon, not a sprint. So it’s gonna take time
to create your content, to create your brand,
to grow your following. Give yourself time to grow it. Don’t just give up after
producing 10 videos and not seeing any growth. Give yourself 200, 400 videos before you actually consider
giving it up altogether. Like I said, after a year, after a couple years of creating content and really narrowing
down what you’re shooting and finding what you’re passionate about, you’ll find success on Youtube. Youtube gives you so much opportunity just to create the content
that you want to create. So tip number five is don’t create without looking at your
analytics and your data. You need to see what performs well, and you need to use that to guide you on what to create in the future. You don’t want to just create videos and then walk away from
it and just keep creating without having any sort of analytical data knowing what is doing
well and what’s doing bad. There’s a few tools that I use, and I have different videos on my channel all about analytics and things like that. I’ll put links down in the description to my Youtube playlist so you guys can check all of that out. But one tool in particular that I really like using
is called Morning Fame. It’s a newer tool, and you
can get some really good analytical data on the things
that you should be producing. So I’ll put a link down below in the description where
you can check that out. I highly suggest doing the trial, playing around with it when
you start your channel, because what you can do is
actually see what videos perform well and it will give you a guide on what video you should shoot next. So tip number six is
embrace the waterfalls. So when you start getting more views, you start getting more subscribers, it will snowball over time. So when that happens,
listen to your followers, listen to everything that’s going on, and keep the momentum going. That is the time to double
down and to really go after it. You want to make sure you’re
looking for those times when your channel takes off and you’re getting more subscribers, you’re getting more views,
you’re getting more watch time. ‘Cause when that happens, you need to embrace it and
you need to go with it. So number seven is all
about communication. It’s all about talking
to your subscribers, and knowing who your subscribers are. You don’t want to create
things in a vacuum. You need to be an active, engaged participant in your community. And that’s the whole thing with Youtube. Youtube is a huge community. You want to be a part of that community. You want to be responding to comments. You want to be active
on Twitter, Instagram, wherever your followers
are beyond Youtube, and you want to be able
to have conversations. If people are asking for
specific types of videos, listen to that and make
those kind of videos. If people want to see more of one thing or more of another, listen to them. And one thing I suggest
is ask your subscribers, to talk to them in your video,
ask them to leave comments and then respond to those comments, and then also just do polls
and different things like that. Be active with your community,
because this is a community. It’s not just a place
where you create content, dump it and walk away. You have to be an active
participant in this community. What’s up guys, you got coffee. – We got a Horchata coffee. – Alright, I got three more tips for you, but I’m getting called
back into the shoot. So I’ll finish these after. – For three, two, – And over, good job guys, good job. – Alright, so we just finished our shoot. I just had to mop the
floors and scrub everything. But number eight actually
was timed perfect. I actually did not intend for this, but number eight is make Youtube
your side hustle at first. So don’t expect that
you’re gonna be successful and making a ton of money
off of Youtube right away. It’s gonna take time to get to the point where you’re making money and you can do this as a full time gig. So for me, I have a production company, and it’s something that I still do even with my following almost at 250,000. I still treat this as a secondary thing, because you want to have that cushion when you’re on Youtube. You don’t want to be forced to try and make money all the time, especially right out of the gate. So when you’re starting, don’t start and expect to turn around and
start making a ton of money off of your channel and do it full time. I would say start as a side hustle, spend a little time here
and there working on it, but make sure that you
don’t just drop everything to start your channel, unless you have the money
to be able to do that, and have a year or two or three of cushion to be able
to build your channel and spend the time you need on the channel to get to the point where you can actually be making money off of it. Okay, so number nine is
use the gear that you have. Right now I’m just
shooting this entire video on the DJI Osmo Pocket, because it was the easiest
camera for me to grab and go shoot this while
I’m in the studio shooting. Instead of pulling my camera rig out from what’s going on in there, or having my GH5 and use that for this, I just grabbed my DJI Osmo
Pocket, came out here and shot. So if you just have a phone right now, if you just have a GoPro, if you have something
like the DJI Osmo Pocket, then start with that. Don’t worry about the
gear right off the bat. Don’t worry about getting
the most expensive gear, the best cameras, all of this. You learn what you need
by creating content. So just start creating
content with what you have. And if that’s just a phone
and that’s all you have, start making content with that right now. And then down the road you’ll figure out what you need to get to be
able to make better content or a different kind of content
than what you can create with the gear that you have right now. Okay, and number 10, my
final tip for this video is just get started. And just get started right now. You don’t want to wait around, you don’t want to wait
for that perfect moment to start your channel, or to start doing what you want to do. You need to start
getting the ball rolling, and you need to start creating content. The whole idea when it comes to Youtube is that you need to learn
and you need to evolve, and you need to see what
works, what doesn’t work, try new things, experiment. And the only way to do that
is by creating content. So get out there and
start creating right now. Go plan your first shoot, and
go hit that upload button. Don’t be worried and don’t be scared about hitting that upload button. Guys, I have a whole other video all about the biggest mistakes that I made on Youtube
when I first started, and I also brought in
five other Youtubers, some of my friends, to talk about their
biggest mistakes as well. And it gives you some ideas of some things that
you need to think about right now when you’re
creating your content, and when you start uploading
your videos online. Alright guys, that is it. It’s freezing, my hands are really cold because I don’t have gloves, and I am gonna head back
inside and go grab a beer because we’re done with our shoot, the truck’s almost packed, it’s time to get out of here, it’s time to go just relax a little bit. But guys, if you’re new
here to this channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button. I do a lot of filmmaking
tutorials, I do product reviews, I also do a lot of Youtube
training like this, so if you want to become a creator, if you’re thinking about being a creator, then I highly suggest checking out the playlist that I have
down in the description, which has links to all of
the videos that I’ve done on Youtube training here on Youtube, and I highly suggest taking
a look at all of those. And guys, one last thing,
make sure you head over to the, that’s where I house all my courses on how to become a creator. Alright guys, that is it. I’ll see you on the next one.

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