How to start your digital bullet journal! + Q&A

How to start your digital bullet journal! + Q&A

So a few weeks ago I uploaded my digital bullet journal setup for 2019 and I still get a lot of questions about it So I thought I’d make actually a follow-up video or a before video. Let’s just say like that. For some kind of introduction and how to start digital bullet journaling. What is digital bullet journaling? Why should I do this? And then some stuff on my favorite app which is procreate, some tips and just things I think you Need to know to start your own digital bullet journal also something about like in general and maybe Goodnotes where you embed it all and I’m gonna leave some time stamps in the description so you can jump right to the point that interests you because this is gonna be Like not a huge video, but a huge area of topics about digital bullet journaling So if you’re interested in anything in particular – look into the description box and let’s get started! So for the first point, I just want to get started with what is digital journaling? And why should I do this or why would I be interested in it? Because I’m not saying that everybody should Do a digital bullet journal or something but I’m gonna answer why I do this because I got a lot of questions about this like why Why don’t I just use the paper bullet journal? It’s a lot easier actually so What I like about digital bullet Journaling is actually first off and like that’s the most important part for me because I’m never happy with what I do I love that you can just rewrite stuff that you can go back that you can easily erase them Without having anything on the pages. I know that’s what makes the charm for a bullet Journal and when I see bullet journals where stuff is erased where stuff is kind of Being overwritten or something. It doesn’t look bad. But when I do it myself, I just completely hate it and I Stopped bullet journaling when I’m not happy with my pages and that just kind of gets me into that whole process of Restarting a bullet journal and then f*cking it up again Then not being happy again and restarting a new one and I have actually have three bullet journals I’ve started so far and They’re all just at the beginning or at some point where I just made a mistake and it wasn’t happy with them anymore And I know that’s a person personal issue I should actually learn to deal with but instead I just deal with it by Bullet journaling digitally because it makes me so much happier to just see the outcome and always be able to replace it if I find something better if I find something new and yeah, I just do it that way another reason for me to start digital bullet journalling is actually because I go to school where I Always have to get my macbook with me I always have my iPad with me because I do a lot of creative stuff or cutting or anything Where I just need my laptop So my bags actually always full my backpacks heavy and I have to carry that stuff every day So I kind of don’t add a bullet journal to it. So I just keep it at home yeah, that just makes me miss on a lot of opportunities where could use my bullet journal or I can fill it or I could actually Need it When I just keep it at home, but I don’t always feel like bringing it with me Especially if there’s really no space for a bullet journal in my backpack. But lastly yes, I love the charm. It has to have like an analog Normal bullet journal on paper. I love the charm. It has I do think it’s beautiful. It’s easier to write. It’s more fun actually but I do believe that – I love the – like all the features procreate has and the things I can do I can Write with a white marker on a black screen and there are no problems and there is no bleeding or anything so I’m really happy about that and I just think that I kind of need to adjust a little to Writing on my iPad and everything like that. Okay. I just brought my own bullet journals This one actually was more like a notebook and you can digitalize what you write inside. I love that one I now use it for Yeah, basically for school for some questions for taking notes something like that and I can easily add them to my phone I used to have some kind of notebook addiction and I feel like that’s not good for the environment where I live in and it’s just not good for my personal space because I tend to have too many stuff too much stuff then and That’s also why I switched to bullet journalling digitally. This is the bullet journal I set up last year and You can guessI actually wasn’t happy with the setup, I wasn’t happy with the bleeding I love this one – like this page is something I love I just stopped doing it sadly because actually Yeah, I actually kept up until January So that’s like it because yeah, I didn’t like the January setup I did now that I look back I actually kind of think it’s cute and I like it and I might do this and my digital one Then I have this one. This also turned into a notebook now, but I love this notebook I love some brain dump books like this is still something I’d love to have analog and As you can see it is really some brain dump there’s drawings like random stuff in it. Oh I love this one. This was when I tried the spread by AmandaRachLee okay, I’m just gonna check Reddit real quick because I got a pretty long Comment with a lot of questions about bullet journaling again, and I was so happy when I read that comment because like I love it when people show interest in the things I do Kind of learn with me because I’m just learning to like do a proper digital bullet journal and get myself doing it and I love when other people also learn with me and do this with me and Support and ask questions so we can kind of work together I love that. Okay so the question was actually about the canvas size I use so why I use Actually, yeah why I use A4 upright Instead of like in portrait mode instead of just using it like this. I don’t know what it’s called. But anyways The reason I did this was actually because I did my digital bullet journal like the whole Template with a youtube video and it was just an upright template but I might actually stop using that or do another one that Takes away less spaces so no, the canvas size is completely up to you. You can choose whatever you want I just chose upright, but I might do like a monthly spread like this because there’s just more space and It kind of looks better and I can actually Print it out and put it on a wall because I used to have monthly spreads back there I love to have this little overview. So I love that. It’s also multi-purpose. You can just print it out Put it anywhere or something and as we’re talking about Procreate actually got a question on how I do the straight lines So the straight lines appear when you just draw a line and then you hold it So you don’t take the pencil away and then it just becomes a straight line. So it’s pretty simple it’s an amazing feature and I love how simple it is in Procreate Also, I got a tip in the comments I’m going to share because I didn’t know you can’t just make a line And before you pull the pen off you put your finger on the iPad. So it’ll become a 90 degree line And I think that’s perfect because I always struggle with that. I’m like on the grid and looking okay is this 90 degrees and I’m like “Carrie, You don’t have to care. It’s a bullet journal do anything! You’re way too much of a perfectionist Anyway!” I mean this video took me a whole day Literally just setting up my bullet journal. I don’t know how much time you can take But this is definitely not the time It should actually take I mean, it was fun and everything But I took way too long for everything because I redrew this stuff 200 times I always corrected myself and then at the end and I was just like, okay, I’m gonna do those stars I’m not happy with the stars But that’s the way you do it because it’s a bullet journal and if you want something perfect I’m going to illustrator and do a star always when you just press the little mouse button thing You can always take the last – like – of the layer that you did You have to add everything to a new layer and if you do that, and then press the mouse button You can copy to things like you can duplicate them or you can also turn the things you wrote around and Just change the sizing of it or anything. So it’s really great when you just use that mouse button also, if you don’t have your stuff on separate layers, and you still want to Copy something or put something into a different place. You can’t just cut it out by using the Like the symbol right besides the mouse button I don’t know how it looks like right now as you can use this you can just draw or do it automatically and then Take this layer and move it around but it’s easier if you put everything on its own layer, so you are guaranteed That you can for example I did this with the birthday stars. You can just easily move it around. Okay, so now the whole bullet journal beginners guide thingy you can either do your template for Goodnotes where you just paste all the pages in that has hyperlinks in it. You can do in keynote It’s super easy, there’s a YouTube video I’m gonna link in the description or if you don’t want it because Right now I’m not so happy with the template because takes away a lot of the space for me. I have a 10-inch iPad so it actually there’s just a lot of border space so I like to leave my pages just like this and have them in procreate and then you can stack them month by month so you have these little folders or just the whole year and you’ll have these little folders you can fill out you can use it procreate or And that’s probably the way I’m gonna go. You can just export everything and import it as a new notebook to good notes. So you have a notebook And then there’s only your stuff but like in normal pages without any template thingy Hyperlinked whatsoever confusing stuff and you have it all in good notes and Goodnotes is perfect for like highlighting stuff it’s perfect for writing stuff, because is really good for that it was for that stuff because you always have your basic template and whatever you write on it You can still import/ reimport your template. You can still delete it on top of it so Goodnote’s really good So I would definitely just draw in procreate and then go into goodnotes and paste everything to good notes and Yeah, edit it there use it there use it every day because goodness is great So I guess these are all my tips. Thank you so much for your comments It means a lot if you have any questions again, feel free to ask. I’m so happy about questions I don’t know why I’m just so happy about them. And I love answering them and I love helping you the way I love Someone to help me. If I don’t do anything right please Tell me because I’m new to this all as well as you may be but yeah I’m just trying my best and thank you so much for watching my video if you haven’t seen it, I’m gonna link it at the end and I guess that’s it. So see you next time. Bye

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  1. Timestamps:
    1:00 What is a digital bullet journal? Why?
    4:09 My previous bullet journals (flip through + talk)
    6:27 What canvas size?
    7:30 Procreate stuff (lines, features…)
    8:40 I hate drawing stars
    8:50 Other Procreate stuff
    9:55 How to start your own digital bullet journal
    10:56 Why I use Goodnotes
    11:17 The whole content of the video in one sentence I guess

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