How To Start Your Own Blog For Free – Easy Blogging Tips for Beginners

How To Start Your Own Blog For Free  –  Easy Blogging Tips for Beginners

Did you always want to start a blog on WordPress,
but find the process to complicated? Well, we have made your work easy. Hello People, my name is Dinesh and you are
watching TweakLibrary’s YouTube channel. In today’s video we are going to discuss
6 easy steps to start a WordPress blog in less then 10 minutes. Without further ado, let’s start the process. To begin, simply go to the WordPress website
by typing in in your browser. Once you are on WordPress site, click on “Get
Started” button. Now to start the process, in step one, it
will ask you to create an account. To do this, enter your email address, select
a username, and choose a password. Once you have mentioned all necessary details,
tap on “Create Your Account” button. It will take you to the next step. In the second step, you need to mention what
type of site you are creating. As we want to start a blog select blog from
the options. it asks you what your blog is about. Here, you need to enter a topic. As, we are creating technology blog, so type
& select “technology” and continue. In the 4th step, you need to mention your
site’s name. It will appear at the top of your site and
can be changed at any time. Now you are on the 5th step, here, you need
to select domain name. Be careful when selecting domain name. A pro tip is you should include primary keyword
from your industry in the domain name. It should be 2-3 words ideally. You should also list few domain names so that
you can find one as per availability. Here, it also gives you filters option that
helps you “Show exact matches only” when you search for domain name. Once you have selected the domain name, it
will look for availability of the selected domain. In case selected domain name is not available,
then you need to select another domain name. Now it will show you multiple option below. As we are looking for free version select
the one that is available for free. To the next screen it will show you different
plans to choose from. Here, tap on “Start with free” option
to start a free blog. And here it is, you have successfully created
a blog for yourself. Once you have created a bog, select Settings
under Manage option from left-panel to make necessary tweaks in settings. Once you have made necessary changes in Settings,
simply press “Write” button in the top-right corner to start blogging. So, this was a quick tutorial on how to start a WordPress blog in less then 10 minutes If you liked the video, please share it. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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