How to Take Full Advantage of the Internet in 2020 | AIME Fuse Keynote 2019

How to Take Full Advantage of the Internet in 2020 | AIME Fuse Keynote 2019

100 thoughts on “How to Take Full Advantage of the Internet in 2020 | AIME Fuse Keynote 2019

    1:35 – the word that has resonated with me recently
    3:25 – Why don’t 98% of people take my advice
    4:00 – Where is the underpriced attention?
    5:50 – The reason I talk about judgment
    6:50 – What will happen if you spend 30 hours on running Facebook ads
    8:00 – the importance of consumer-centric
    9:00 – the #1 skill you need today
    10:30 – why you need a podcast
    13:20 – technology matters
    18:20 – the importance of voice
    19:40 – I don’t care about social media
    21:00 – Will you be using my advice in a week?
    24:00 – the game is attention
    25:00 – You don’t need to make videos
    27:00 ———— Q&A ————
    27:30 – The most important thing in company culture?
    28:50 – Why do people struggle to be authentic?
    31:20 – 1 thing we should do today?
    34:20 – How to captivate and convey my message?
    37:00 – Is being a provocateur important?
    38:15 – Where should we start?
    40:00 – How do we differentiate?
    41:40 – How do we change the narrative?
    44:10 – Where do I post vs have social interaction?
    47:00 – Can you post too much?
    48:50 – Who do you like/recommend us to look into?
    50:40 – How do I find the time to post so much?
    51:50 – Thoughts on branding vs selling
    54:00 – What's the cost to have you on my podcast?
    57:50 – Elaborating on the TikTok opportunity
    59:40 – How to stay hungry and motivated?
    1:02:15 – How to keep my life private?
    1:04:25 – How can I provide you value
    1:06:30 – Advice for the younger version of yourself

  2. Top-notch advice. Thanks for speaking at AIME Fuse 2019 and sharing your insight with the independent mortgage broker channel.

  3. How to take advantage on YouTube 2020:
    Wait till COPPA take out all family friendly channels and cuss (because there might be no more demonetization)

  4. Gary im from the uk and im not sure if this works but here it goes, im currently in college but im on a course i have ablsolutely no interest in, but at the same a time i am very good at a game called Fortnite (Im sure you've heard of it). I feel as if i can go professional in it and even explore the content creating region of the game, but there's one problem, i can't so both as i simply do not have the time. This is where you come in, should i stay in college on a course i do not like which will probably lead to me ending uo in a shitty job or do i take a risk and drop out of college and start my path to become a pro.
    From Josh 🙂

  5. i stared using tiktok because of you and now i have nearly 8k followers i post basketball videos @__street__ball i wish i could have started early

  6. Nowadays, internet, cellphone and computers are really needed for your daily life. Everything is fast as of the moment and we need to cope up.
    I am subscribing to everyone who will support my channel, let's help each other.

  7. I find during startup I'm having a difficult time allocating various tasks to my team. I'm basically drowning in work and things that need to be done and yet when It comes time to assign work my mind goes like blank. I'm doing insane-long days trying to get things that are specific to my abilities done but I just, have a hard time saying:"Can you do 'X' for me?" when i'm not doing it with them because it feels like I should be helping. Anyone have some managing advice on how to organize myself or find a better method to motivate someone who is donating their time without feeling or seeming ungrateful? I'm open to opinions.
    Have a good day everyone!

  8. 11:46 Gary you reached right into my heart and squeezed! I've known about you for a few years but didn't quite follow you until you posted your birthday gift to us in November (Thank you)! I live in St. Louis and have been considering starting a podcast since I moved here 5 years ago 😬. In 10 days I will have completed my internship for a business management organization. I was going to wait until I left to start but I'm literally going to record my first episode when I leave work today! Thank you for doing what you do. You inspire me (and many others) to be authentic, not give a fuck about what anyone else thinks, and above all else, be valuable.

  9. I just don't get it. Everything Gary says is what "old school" sales was about but in a new dress. At 45 minutes he hits it again. Just create relationships, be relevant in your area and be human. This internet and social crap has got many just too screwed up.

  10. Waiting for 5:30 pm to hit so I can get home a start recording that podcast I have been talking about for the last three months. Gary, thank you. That high school party rule, it woke me up!

  11. Mellifluous Moxie Mensch, also known as Get-Your-Shit-Together-Tommy gives and gives and gives more to boost those who welcome it, devour it to devour more, becoming the worker needed to cultivate our value right up front to elevate our capabilities and seize ready to be fulfilled opportunities to bring awareness and want of us through our offers.

    Gary, thank you for explaining your map for living like you want in rich detail with striking authenticity (this Shizzz could not be faked) and wholeheart vulnerability. Courage never spilled over all edges of my phone like yours is now!! Love it. And you’re spicy too! Gratitude for you fully showing up.

  12. Biggest problem with the Internet is Big Tech censorship, Antitrust violations and an Antitrust division that is doing nothing about it. Because of censorship (if you are not in lock step with the ideology of Silicon Valley and other overlords) the current technology of the Internet might as well be obsolete. The only solution will be some brand new technology that allows 100% pure, raw, unfiltered free speech that cannot be censored. But, that probably won't be around for awhile. So until then, get on Chinese run TikTok and do your best 😀

  13. 41:08 – such a great clip for a quickie Insta post!
    People DO Care!

    41:48 hits The MARK!
    "it's the nuiances!" #YES!

    "everything I've done… best practices of social media told me NOT to!" #Exactly!
    may i add… "so-called experts"

    love the advice you give to the guy at 42:30 – another awesome clip! ENcourage folks to KEep-GOING!

    "ya get 1 Like & it's from some Bozo!" #Hillarious

  14. Invest in yourself keep learning keep pushing keep creating! Never stop never settle
    Thanks gary vee. You made such a good impact on our channel
    People can see this successfull impact by visiting my channel

  15. Thanks for this, Gary. For those of us who have already bought into how critical content is, a talk about the kinds of topics that get people's attention would be helpful. I know it's hard to generalize for a variety of businesses, but there are common threads – for ex. They used to say "sex sells" – and it still does. But that can't/shouldn't be applied to everyone's business. Or, people love celebrities and when celebrities endorse something, people are interested. I have my ideas, but it would be great to hear yours – some of the common threads you see.

  16. Big Fan of Yours. I am 22. Gary Sir! I live in India and I am an SEO EXPERT I have talent but I don't have money to come at New York. I just love my New York so so so much. Please suggest me something that can help me to come at New York.♥️ Waiting for your reply. It's my dream to work in New York

  17. 🤝 just met you today on LinkedIn. I only use LinkedIn YouTube&Twitter. I learned alot. I'm 61 & maybe retired too early & just trying to figure out what I want to do for the next 20yrs. So glad I found somebody that makes so much sense & says what I think.

  18. OK. Let's think about this. My youngest kids ages 5 and 7 understand that they can ask my Google home anything and when she doesn't know she says, "I do not know right now, but I'm working on it". I totally believe her. Also, our newest Target that opened last week has ipads all over the store and it tells you if your item is available, if it is it tells you the current inventory in store, what isle its located in and if it's available at other Targets near by. That's not just speedy customer service it's amazing and it's only the beginning. I believe this will be available in their app soon. If it isn't yet. The future is TODAY. LISTENING TO GARY EVERY DAY TO HELP ME GET IT IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS!!!

  19. This was the most practical advice I been getting from any off these kind of videos.This could work on a small scale.Being fired up from all the “ business motivation videos “ is all good but this is pure gold on where to start .So helpfulThank you 💪🏾👍🙏🏼

  20. Thank you for sharing this Gary, I feel so blessed when I dont have to go to school but can learn from you anywhere and anytime

  21. Hey Gary, any advice for a 37yr old who wants to do something positive but has no idea what?? No product to sell, no expertise in any specific area.

  22. It’s crazy how we have the power to make money, be successful, create content and do many other things simply through a phone and this whole time we were blind, it’s not just the internet we have to take advantage of, we must also take advantage of life.

  23. the texting platform thing sounds genius, I see you and Patrick Bet-David doing it. But don't hear you guys talk about its benefits

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  25. Shout out to all the gamers and anime watchers, starting my own gaming lounge restaurant, building my brand and community. Thanks Gary 💪

  26. So FRUSTRATING here a room full of people laughing and clapping but knowing that most of them wont do a goddamn thing about it!

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