How To: Travel Journal

How To: Travel Journal

Hi Everyone, Today’s video will show you how
I use my Hobonichi as a travel journal. When I go on a trip I like to take a lot of
pictures, and save brochures, maps, receipts, and other keepsakes to add to my travel journal
later. Usually, I wait until I get home to fill in
the pages from my trip because then I have time to add all of my photos and all of the
keepsakes that I’ve saved from my travels. For short trips, I like to use my Hobonichi
and for longer trips I use a traveler’s notebook. I’ll link the video to my Japan Travel Journal
in the cards and in the description box down below. I hope you enjoy watching the rest of the
video and if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment box below. Make sure to subscribe to see new videos every

8 thoughts on “How To: Travel Journal

  1. I've learned that the printer you use is run off of blue tooth technology. Do you know if a cell signal is needed to use the printer?

  2. Great idea to print off the pics on paper, then glue them in. Regular photo print paper might be far too stiff on the think paper of a Hobonichi.

  3. Where do you print your pictures? I want to find a places where to print them in a small size but good quality not a computer printer.

  4. Love this! It's funny because I live right next to HHI (hilton head island)!! Hope you had a great time there 🙂

  5. Thanks for the good idea!
    When I travel I do it with my brother, and when we try to recapitulate, we're like "where did we go that day?", so I think it would be kind of a problem to me lol but I think it's worth the effort 🙂

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