How to Turn Blog Posts into YouTube Videos

How to Turn Blog Posts into YouTube Videos

– Look, if you already are
blogging on your website, you’ve got lots of great content to turn into YouTube videos. But which of these blogs should you turn into YouTube videos and how can you do that? I’m gonna walk you through
the process coming up. (upbeat music) Hi, and welcome back. If you are new here, my name is Trena. I’m a YouTube strategist, committed to helping
you do YouTube better. Whether that’s to help
you do You Tube better, to get more leads into your business, or if it’s to help you get more subscribers on your channel. Now, if you are blogging on your website, it’s going to be so much easier for you to start creating content here on YouTube. There are two amazing benefits for you to start creating videos
for this blog post. First, when you create a video and you embed a YouTube
video to an older blog post, you’re giving it some more SEO juice. So, you could potentially
get even more traffic to that blog that’s doing well, just by adding a YouTube video to it. And second, you start
letting more people know about your YouTube channel
because even though that video may be embedded
into your blog post, if your traffic is coming from Pinterest, you’re still going to
get views on that video right into your website. And a little bonus is that
that video could now rank on Google search as
well as your blog post. So, that’s two search results on the front page of Google. Who wouldn’t want that? So, how can you start doing this? So, the first thing I suggest you doing is going to your website analytics or your Pinterest analytics, or even both, and seeing what are your
top 10 performing blogs. First of all, are they topics
that you still talk about? Are they still relevant to your business? And second, do you still have
passion for these topics? Because if you just create a video because that blog post is dong well, but you absolutely hate
talking about that topic, it’s gonna show through
in your video content. And it’s not gonna do anybody any good. So, once you have a couple
lists of the blog posts and the pins that are
doing really well for you, it’s time to head over to
YouTube to do some research to validate if that’s gonna
be a good video for you to do. So, I have an entire video on how to make sure you validate these videos and these are a good idea. I will link it right up here so you can pop over and
check that video out when you’re done with this one. But, it’s just really
important to understand how people are titling videos on YouTube and what videos do well on YouTube versus blog posts and Pinterest. And I also want you see, are these videos that you’ve now validated
through YouTube search that you could group
together into a playlist. So, will it make sense for somebody to watch video A, then B, then C, then D? For example, I started a series here on helping YouTube for beginners. So, last week I talked about how to start, and this week I’m talking about how to turn blog posts into YouTube video. So, if you just started a YouTube channel and you need to turn your blog post, it makes sense to watch video after video. Then you’re gonna need to rework your content a little bit. I actually have a script template, if you wanna grab that,
that walks you through the exact template you need to formulate your YouTube videos for. I will link it in a card right up here. You’ll just go over there, you can download it. It’s a PDF and it walks you through how to craft a hook for your video, then your personal introduction, then your content and your outro. Trust me, you wanna follow this format because this is a proven formula that works here on YouTube. This is what keeps people watching and how YouTube starts
recommending more of your content, is if people are watching your video. The most important step of this script and re-crafting your content is really making sure you have a strong hook, that first five seconds of your video that’s going to wanna make people watch. So, whether that is telling them what they’re gonna learn or what’s the value of this video or to give ’em a sneak peak of what they’re gonna learn in this video, it’s really important to have that at the very beginning of your video so that they wanna actually
watch your content. Now, once you start creating these videos, you can easily embed
them into your blog post, and now you start getting
some more SEO juice. You could potentially have
two videos on Google search and you’re gonna see more leads flowing into your business. Now, we wanna continue to learn how to do YouTube better
for your business. Make sure you click that video that’s on your screen right now and subscribe to this channel. Click that red subscribe button ’cause I’m trying to help you. And I will see you over on
that next video, all right? Bye.

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  1. Great Video, I have a problem with ideas i want to create a channel but i don't have a passion etc. I'm arabian man so the ideas in arabic content much hard

  2. This was super helpful to watch Trena!! I have got to learn Pinterest though as that is one area that will really help me

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