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  1. I'm not a blogger by any means but I am just getting into it now. I'm wanting to build a personal brand around my experience as a software project manager. So many things that I want to do from building a course, blogging, creating youtube videos around the specific topics…its all a bit overwhelming at how much content actually needs to be created…and by one person when you're just starting out.

  2. Hi Pat, I noticed that you read and react to all your comments.. so I decided to pop by to say “Hi”, thanks for all the valuable contents and inspirational podcasts!

  3. Just starting this whole blogging/vlogging thing. Already had it in mind to match videos to blogs, but, ironically, it never crossed my mind to embed the videos in the blog post. Thanks for that take away.

  4. Hi Pat
    I love this video it was really informative, straight and easy to follow.
    I've been working at this for a year but probably TMI overload and need to focus
    This helps 100 % to get a strategy.
    So good!
    Eva Ray

  5. Very helpful! I really appreciate the specific steps you broke down such as h3 subtitles, naming images and meeting once a quarter to discuss topics.

  6. Pat this is awesome, thanks for sharing. I always find that I have keywords but can never figure out what to do with them once I have them.

  7. I started a niche blog affiliate site November of 2017 with zero knowledge about the niche or blogging. I am dirt slow with only 7 posts but I'm getting better and will be launching in March. (leaving a passive income for my special needs son) I've learned a lot from you and I want to send you a big Thank You!

  8. Thank you Pat – this series of videos about keywords and blogging is so timely for me as I'm just about to start blogging with my side-hustle. It's also pitched at just the right level so is very much appreciated.

  9. I've been blogging 7 years and have had a good understanding of keywords pretty much all along. It definitely makes a huge difference to your blog's success, and (of course) your tips are spot-on.

  10. Since 2011 – didn't get serious and learn about doing it correctly until 2-3 years ago and had to go in and fix all my old blog posts to make them Yoast friendly. It is a lot of work but worth it. Wish I had seen this video in 2011. thanks Pat

  11. Thanks for the reminder that I should plan my blog post content in advance. Not having a topic in advance is a major roadblock for me.

  12. This beginner info is refreshing! I'm learning so many things from scratch lately for my 1-month-old blog that my brain is fried. But you are always easy to learn from. Thanks!

  13. 'Pat this stuff is kinda basic but thanks for reminding me'… lol exactly what I was thinking but that's not a bad thing, well-done video Pat. Blogging for a year now and it's always good to refocus on the basics!

  14. This video is packed with golden value! Thank you so much, dear Pat! I loved plug in recommendations. I have been blogging in a serious manner for less than 6 months now. Learned a lot about optimizing my posts.

  15. Hi Pat – I've been blogging on and off since 2001, just for fun. After a long break, I'm now blogging for my business, about 4-5 weeks now. I installed the Yoast plug-in a few weeks ago and find it very helpful. It's fun to try to "crack the code" of getting the green light from Yoast. Your video really helped me understand more about relevant keywords. Thanks for providing such consistent, high quality content!

  16. i am about to start a blog, a little scared that my topics may not be captured but I appreciate the tools so I now know how I can be found with Focus Keywords

  17. What a helpful post Pat. I have been blogging a little under a year (although relatively infrequently at this point) and am in your Smart From Scratch program. I have dabbled in SEO a little but was really confused around how to choose and use keywords. This video took a confusing topic and made getting started seem very doable. Thanks again for all you do. 100% determined to make my Smart From Scratch Project Succeed and am in it for the long game thanks to you!

  18. I've been blogging for a couple of years now, mainly to support my YouTube channel.  My blog isn't doing as well as I hoped so I know I have a lot to learn.  Thanks for these tips Pat 👍

  19. I am a freelance content writer who owns a blog but doesn't blog regularly. However, I have few ideas and topics for my blog, and this video will surely help me write better, engaging content that ranks too…
    I work for various clients and primarily due to their low budget, I couldn't explore the topic or put in the ideas that you suggested in the video…
    Most bloggers are still confused and can't find the right balance between creating engaging content and targetting the right keywords. While most think that building that balance is what called SEO, I call it art. Because it's the creativity that produces a highly engaging content which the readers won't hesitate reading the article even if it is 2000 words long. I always thrive and recommend my clients to achieve that balance.

  20. I've only been blogging for 3 months. Thanks for your advice Pat, you're right it does seem like a lot to conquer.

  21. What is the plugin or extension you use on the browser that you use to get statistics on the keywords? You said it several times but I did not understand the name when you said it so i can look it up! Thanx.

  22. Love this video. Holds so much value!
    Definitely a video that will be helping me improve my tech blog and how to approach the creation of the content before release.

  23. I have just been hired to do a biweekly blog for an amazing environmental organization and I am so nervous! I've never written a blog before and your videos have been very helpful. I've got my topic and tons of information about it. I just have to get writing! I need to find a creative way to restate what's already been said. Easier said than done.

  24. Super interesting guide Pat! Thanks for that. Are you thinking of doing a Part 2 of this video with some more advanced tactics/steps?

  25. I've been blogging for a couple of months. I enjoy it, but have not seen much in the way of results concerning ranking of my web site. Luckily I'm very stubborn and since I enjoy it will keep going. Heck who knows, maybe my site will get into Guiness for the most blog posts ever without getting to the top of rankings. J/K it will come . Slow and steady wins the race . Thanks again for the video Pat ! This may seem ultra simple to you, but is very helpful to folks like me !

  26. Hey Pat.. I jave recently decided to start…. presently reading few books to have a good start. Subscribing you was a great help

  27. Always useful, Pat! Thanks! At the 1:26 minute mark, you were showing volume and CPC. However, I was not able to see the same information on my Google search results. I thought you might have a setting checked that I did not have but I could not find it. After doing some searching, I was able to find a tool called Keywords Everywhere, which seems to replicate your what you were showing. Is this a tool you are using?

  28. I started blogging in 2002. It was so much fun but, then I got busy with school and my career. I took a long hiatus but, I am now back in the game and excited to learn all about keywords. Thanks for your videos.

  29. Pat another high quality post, great work. being yourself and sharing on Youtube, great inspiration

  30. I started last year, still on the learning process, takes me a lot of time to create an actual post. I haven't written for quite some time but am going to start again. So, getting back in touch with the basics as somehow I keep forgetting.

  31. I'm starting up my blog now and this video is perfect, lots of valuable information for new comers like me. I love it how you focus on your process for blogging with basic information about the tools you use which makes it easily consumable and not overwhelming.
    Thanks Pat!

  32. Thanks Pat. Really helpful tips, tricks in a simple to understand format. Just starting a blog, I'm not much of a writer but I have something valuable to share.

  33. Hi Pat,
    I have been blogging on and off for 9 years,and following you for most of that time.
    It is such a rollercoaster for me as I tend to start a site, get some leverage and then get bored so stop for 6 month and do something completely different.
    Right now I am creating https://rideshareinaustralia.com.au and have so far run a giveaway per #SPI320 which really hit the wrong audience as I only want Australians, and most respondents were in the US.

    Love listening and learning from you but wishing I could mail some income!

  34. I'm about to get started with blogging thanks to your podcast. I'm a young software developer and I finally got the confidence to share my experiences and advice about my field with other people.

  35. It's unfortunate that the only content we find on the internet is that which has been created solely to appease Google's search engines. The drive for SEO really affects what we see on the internet. Your search results are content that has been created (often at great expense) for Google. Google is changing the way people tell stories and share information. Are you alright with this?

  36. Hey Pat, Very helpful since I just started my blog a few weeks ago and posted my 5 posting this morning. Thanks for all the help!

  37. it's probably a less than a month building my website for blogging. And I am stuck in creating my Homepage 😀 But I am learning through you and youtube as well. And I'll definitely apply these strategies to write my first blog. Thanks a ton 🙂

  38. Hi Pat, My cousin Frankie Mata introduced me to your YouTube channel. I love what you're sharing. I started creating content this summer. I'm only scheduling posts a month in advance and your lessons are priceless. THANK YOU!

  39. Pat, your profile in "Crushing it" was the one I resonated the most with which was quite inspiring.
    I have started my blog https://livelikepros.com 2 months ago.
    Hope to meet you one they 😉

  40. Hi Pat & Team Flynn.. great value here! You say this is somehow basic stuff, and that there’s so much to dig into. Are you going to do a follow up? Thanks & cheers!

  41. SO HELPFUL! This video made the topic of key words so clear and easy to understand! I feel like I now have a game plan for creating better content and improving existing posts. Thanks Pat!

  42. Hello Pat, I have a question. I understand quality is important but I create a new e-commerce web site. In the product category page I wrote logical explanations containing keywords and I haven't keyword spammed. HOWEVER there is also a section heading and small section heading. Headings are "H" tags and again I used a short explanation containin keywords. I think till now everything is ok. But at small heading section (which is a div tag) I used 5-6 target keywords as list separated with dash. I havent made an explanation here I just put keywords directly to this section. So under a big category page I used 5×4 = 20 keywords directly. Does this kind of use harm my site? Visually it doesnt seem bad and not so unrelated because they are under related category but it is just list of words coming one after other

  43. I've been blogging personally and for my business for only a couple months now. I've been looking more into SEO-minded blogging rather than just writing and this is the most helpful video I've come across! The SEO tools you showed us also are really helpful. Thanks, Pat!

  44. Just getting into blogging. I found this information very useful and appreciate the way you explain it in a simple manner. I hope to increase my search rankings by utilizing these tips. Thank you.

  45. Loved the Video. I have been blogging for almost a year now. The mistake I did, in the beginning, as I was writing an article on which nobody is searching, I started ranking though but no traffic. Now I am focusing on searched keywords. This tutorial will help me in engaging my readers. Thank you www.digitalgrace.in/blog is my blog URL.

  46. Hello Pat, I wanted to ask if it's possible to write different blogposts with one keyword or there is a problem with that?

  47. Hi Pat, great help thanks. When I search google using my keywords, I find volume but can't see the cpc or the competition % as shown in your video. Has that changed now or is there parameters I need to change in my search settings?

  48. Hey Pat, I’ve been blogging a little over a year and I find it difficult I am just having trouble driving folks to my site and what content to write. I had a plan in mind and it’s seems hard to stay with the plan here’s my blog check it out any tips is greatly appreciated www.MomSweetHustle.com

  49. Hi Flynn, I am blogging since April. 2018. I am new to this and really your videos are precisive and you give a clear and straightforward answer of everyone issue I come across. but after watching your videos I get confirmed that I am going the right way.

  50. Thanks Pat. I love how you give value and serve others. By the way, I'm listening to your podcast and it is so informative. Keep up the great work. You have a great team.

  51. Hey and thanks for the knowledge Pat..

    Just starting. I haven't posted anything yet, but I have my first couple of posts. Just need to edit. Extremely nervous, smh but I will follow through.

  52. just started blogging June 2019.  thank you for your awesome videos!  It helps a lot to newbies like me.

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