How to Vlog and a Few Reasons It’s So Popular

How to Vlog and a Few Reasons It’s So Popular

Hey, I’m Matt Koval and I am video blogging
in the middle of a public sidewalk. To be honest I don’t feel all that comfortable. I feel a little silly. And I feel like I probably look like an idiot. Hello. Why do creators do this? Why record yourself for the whole world to see? Why? Because being yourself on camera can create
a deep and long lasting connection to your viewers. Video blogging has been YouTube at its core. In fact, the first ever video uploaded to the site
in April of 2005 was someone talking to the camera. Alright so here we are in front of the elephants. YouTube was one of the first platforms
that allowed people to tell their story on camera without a middle man or gatekeeper. And since the popularity of the site
has been largely built on the video blog. In this lesson of the Creator Academy,
we’re gonna talk about why video blogging is so effective the ways creators do it on YouTube,
and how you can get started right away. Click the link below this video and read up on how to vlog.

83 thoughts on “How to Vlog and a Few Reasons It’s So Popular

  1. Vlogging is a saturated market and it's a place where it's nearly impossible to differentiate yourself and gain traction. The barriers to entry are really low. Unless you're an olympic athlete or someone who has a one of a kind talent or condition, you're just like millions other people your own age doing and complaining about the same things. Sure, once in awhile there will be a totally random break out vlogger who comes out of left field, but, that's not happening too much anymore.

    The first movers and innovators gained all the traction and audience. Today's vlogs are usually really poor quality (audio and video), rambling, and lack any focus. There are a lot of people who want to be Casey Neistat, but, you don't become him by copying him. You become like him by being original, telling a good story, and/or providing value with your videos.

    So, if you can't answer this question with a concrete answer:

    "What value does this video provide"

    Without a good answer, your vlog probably won't get too far and you'll struggle to find and keep and engaged audience. There's a reason DIY channels do so well.

  2. В Украине если идти с камерой на тебя все пальцами тыкать начинают…

  3. Was this really shot on a Samsung though? haha

    Thanks for the tips! I really want to improve my vlogs with the resources I currently have.


  4. It gets easier the more you do it. Now I just ignore the stares and do my thing. I always try to have fun. That's my golden rule.

  5. Thanks for sharing this and bringing it as a topic to learn for all of us! As a car guy from a car channel, I can vlog behind the wheel! Makes it a lot easier!! 😀

  6. (end of video)…me: "okay, so tell us…ohhhh, don't make me read! This is Youtube, teach me in a video. arrrggghhhh!"

  7. I'm trying my hand at vlogging, well more like my face… But I'm really glad these type of videos are out here to learn from!!

  8. I love the Creator Academy!

    I'm still new to YouTube (as a vlogger, not as a viewer!). I still have 0 subscribers. 🙁

    Looking fwd to learn a lot from the academy!

  9. i am new to youtube and vlog.i wish someone can be freands out there.and help by teaching me how im gonna make this more exciting and better vedios.. actually i have a colorful life here in philippines.and i really wanna shares it to the world

  10. Great points. It can feel awkward, but it is fun to know people are connecting with you in a different way than just reading a blog post!

  11. Question – is vlogging best done with a selfie-stick? Or is it better to have the camera stabilized on a tripod? What are the pros and cons of each?

  12. Follow-up question – I want to vlog outdoors, but the street noise always overpowers me. What's the best way to get around background noise?

  13. I appreciate this video and find it useful. I'm not so sure why people feel silly talking to the camera in public because they talk to the phone in public all the time. So if you just pretend you are talking to a phone, which in many cases it will be a phone, it becomes a little bit easier. Its kind of like giving a speech and thinking of the audience with no pants on.

  14. I feel like with the addition of snap chat, it's starting to become less bizarre to see people walking around talking to their cameras, especially if they use their phone!

  15. I started vlogging in June because I'm writing a book and hoping to get help of how to get it published or just have someone read it

  16. People will probably not read this, but we're two vloggers from NYC. We're also aspiring new youtubers and think we have what it takes to make it. If only somebody gave us the chance.

  17. I did enjoy the video and I think it will still be relevant in a few years' time. My only slight reservation is that it prompts viewers to go and read a blog… This sounds very 2005 to me! I know there's a whole library of blogs in the Creator Academy and the information is excellent, but wouldn't it make more sense to make a video series with all the tips? Or is it just me? Don't get me wrong, I do like reading blogs!

  18. el chico que sale es muy guapo deberia estar haciendo comerciales en la tv =P o peliculas en holywood =D

  19. Keep it in motion – even if its just moving your hands or changing tone or expression . Use body language. xD Those are some of the tips I've picked up on to make things some what more interesting.

  20. Video is 🔥🔥🔥!!  Check out keepit1OO when you get a chance, great channel, killing every video just like you did!

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  22. I am quite sure vlogging is for the lonely people or who don't know what to do in life and how to show themselves! ))))))

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