How To Vlog In Public — 5 Tips for Vlogging in Public

How To Vlog In Public — 5 Tips for Vlogging in Public

So as you know vlogging in public
Can get a little awkward and sometimes is hard to get the confidence to do it
We are going to share our best tips for vlogging in public
In this video Hey what’s up guys Sean here Benji here and
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we are going to be talking about vlogging in public
we actually have 5 tips specifically to just help you be bold and be confident with vlogging
in public so Benji what are the tips well the first tips is just do it including
myself and a lot of other youtubers I know everyone is a little uncomfortable when you
just start vlogging in public ok it’s a little awkward its not natural so of
course you are going to feel a little awkward and the only way to really get over that and
to a point where is comfortable is just do it you have to do it over and over and over
to the point where it just becomes a second nature instinctual super natural
so just do it you gotta just try it that’s really good the more you do it the
easier it becomes number two is develop this mind set and understand
that people don’t think or care about you as much as you think they do true and sometimes we just think that everyone
is watching us obsessing about us but they’re busy with their own lives their
thinking about their own stuff and they might see you for a second and be like that looks
weird what’s that person doing and then they’re
going to be on the next thing so if you can keep into your mind that no
one is really thinking about you and they’re not really obsess with you they’ve
got too much going on in their own lives that’s a good mind set to have to how to be confident Absolutely and the next tip is be bold so
what I mean by this is rather than kinda being shy and coy about it like ok i’m kinda vlogging
here then people are going to be definitely like why is this person doing here talking
like so low Be bold be loud be confident I know its easier
said than done Again after a lot of practice is going to
be much easier And one tip to be able to do this is instead
of starting vlogging around people just out of nowhere
start vlogging before you get into the public situation
before you are around people so you enter the room where you enter that area already
vlogging talking loud and people rather than looking at you kinda maybe thinking its weird
there are going to be actually curious and they might actually ask you
I got this happened to me just recently Like a couple of days ago I started vlogging
during dinner we are talking about what we’re eating and someone comes up to me that’s working
at the restaurant says hey do you create like YouTube videos or whatever
You know rather than looking across the room and thinking like what are they doing So being bold is a great way to start getting
more comfortable Yeah that actually makes me think that sometimes
even in family situations people know I create videos but they’re talking about what they’re
talking about so sometimes you have to speak up raise your voice and
literally just be bold like to say hey guys what’s up
if you don’t talk loud even on vlogs then the other chatter wont be loud enough
make it obvious that you are vlogging yeah make it obvious and that’s kinda .. you
know well it might be coming off as rude or whatever you kinda just gotta go for it
I mean you’ve made this decision we encourage you
to do it and just be so confident to break through the noise the next tip is keep it short and what I mean
by this is don’t be long winded don’t have these huge conversations with your self get
right to the point turn the camera on like I said if you are going to walk into a situation
just say what you need to say vlog it turn off the camera and be done when you keep
it short is going to be more punchy you are going to be more comfortable because you know
you are gonna end rather than awkwardly just trying to think about what you are going to
say yeah for being in public that’s a great tip
cause if you just do a 5 minute monologue in public it could be just crazy you are going to look crazy yeah but short burst that’s gonna also help
you build your confidence and its just gonna be better and then the last
tip number 5 remember this your audience and community
is what’s most important the people who might be looking at you are strangers so you have
to value and realize that you’ve got subscribers you’ve got viewers you’ve got an audience
and a community that you are creating content for
and they’re the most important so that’s why you are going to be bold
that’s why you’re gonna be confident that’s why you’re putting out content
that’s why you’re capturing whatever event you’re going to whatever thing
you’re capturing that day in your vlog you want them to see the best you to hear the
best information for you to have the most energy so just do
it and remember that your audience and your community is what’s most important
don’t let the judgments and the perceptions of strangers affect the content you want to
deliver to your subscribers Question of the day We would love to hear
from you in the comments About your mind tricks your you know ways
of thinking how do you build the confidence to vlog in public connect with each other down there in this
video influencers community some of the best information comes out in the comments section
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100 thoughts on “How To Vlog In Public — 5 Tips for Vlogging in Public

  1. Well since it's October I do these reviews and guides about haunted houses across Illinois and sometimes I point the camera at myself and talk nd humans in line would ask me what am I doing??? And I will tell him that I'm starting a YouTube channel and they actually search me up right there so I think that's pretty nice LOL

  2. I just do it in the same way you guys mentioned. Its difficult at first because yes we believe "everyone is looking at me." I've also gotten the questions about whether or not Im blogging or doing fitness videos. People are always interested and curious 🙂 I LOVE IT!

  3. Thanks for tip #2.
    Unrelated to confidence but here is a tip. I recently video taped a trail ride with riders and their horses. I set up on a road where there was a puddle of water. Although I was worried the puddle would be distracting it actually was a great idea. Because every horse wanted to stop and take a drink and I got some great shots of the horses facing the camera. So think about your environment when taping animals.

  4. I can be bold and loud when am vlogging in my car because I know no one can’t hear what am saying they see my lips and hands moving but they might think am singing but walking in public it’s different

  5. The first tip just do it is so helpful because once I was on this busy bus and I started talking to a camera and I felt like everyone was starring at me but actually no one was and after a few sentences, I started liking it.. I felt more comfortable! And the funny this is.. no one noticed even though the place was quite and I was quite loud!

  6. Yes it is quite hard for me to do. I was going to do vlogg in shopping centre as we were just looking for shop but I was worried inside the shops to go life as I am thinking that shopkeepers and shoppers would be unconftible especially where they are families with children.

  7. Thanks for the tips! All easier said than done but sometimes, it's also much easier than we think.. I've been wanting to grow my channel by documenting my fitness journey while traveling full time but overthinking this vlogging too much.

    Anyone here wanna support eachother by starting a vlog 'challenge'?

  8. The guy on the left is pissing me off. He makes a noise or does a gesture every time the guy on the right talks. Makes the room feel super awkward.

  9. I did my 1st vlog style video yesterday, it wasn’t as difficult as I expected to speak to my camera in public ???

  10. The way I start vlogging in public is by pretending I’m calling someone on my phone and ask if they want to faceTime? idk I have a camera but I feel more awkward when I vlog in public with it?

  11. Great video guys! Holding a camera up to myself in public is always the hardest thing to do. Especially when starting and noticing people noticing around me will many times distract me and make me loose my train of focus. My biggest piece of advice is to just do it over and over again. I even try "practicing" blogging in public with no video purpose. I do it just to get used to the awkwardness of taking to a camera in public. After all, we can overcome ANY fear by confronting that fear. (Like hieghts).
    Thanks for always putting out that fire content that continues inspiring me everyday. I truly appreciate you 2 as my YouTube mentors.

  12. I gave it a try today super low key shopping with my daughter for my first vlog up now. I’m amazed at how we can be embarrassed about something like that and here my child is doing dance moves and poses in the store without a care! Let’s be more like those little ones (in more ways than one!).

  13. Should i ask permission before recording videos of others for my vlog on roads or anywhere else ????????
    Please reply

  14. its been 2 month i both camera trust me still didn't use it still at home looking at me calling me useless lol ,but after 23rd i well be bold start using it hopefully guys you to are just pure motivation and awesome guys thanks allot

  15. Very great info. I am now going through the same situation, trying to do my blogs.Very important tips I agree all the way?

  16. If I vlog in a public place and make money off YouTube videos, what are the legal consequences of that? Like including people in my videos.

  17. Great tips! I actually came across this video because I was insecure about doing photography in public (I know it isn't anything as crazy as vlogging in public lol) but these are solid tips and have helped me out, thanks guys!

  18. I was looking for “what to use to vlog when in public?” Phone or a camera or go pro? I saw someone use a big black camera and that’s just too crazy for me.

  19. So helpful..Im just starting I know my videos are not so interesting to my viewers..But I will keep remember all your tips.Thank You

  20. Shiiiit. I really feel led to do this but it’s terrifying. Now I’m realizing it’s an inner heart problem. I care too much about what strangers think

  21. Hi sir,my question is,what u should consider as a blohger when i want to blog inside of any establishments?becos some of establishments taking videos and photos are strictly prohibited!

  22. I totally agree with the the first tip, simply do it and forget about perfection. The more you think about things not perfect, the more youll be caught in your head and will give you excuses not to do it. You know the saying, analysis paralysis.

  23. Im confused Have you've met my mother she judges everybody even her children. and btw I know you haven't met my mother but just saying.

  24. Thank you! I needed to see this today. We just started our channel and while it’s so much fun; it’s also a HUGE adjustment. This made me feel better.

  25. This is a great topic guys i'm sure there are a lot of new youtubers wondering about this.
    Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences an insight on this

  26. It's OK for me to blog in public though I didn't do much. The disadvantage is something wrongly said cannot be altered.

  27. My only down fall with vlogging is missing the great moments of the day. I get so tuned it I forget to vlog the great moments sometimes !

  28. Thank you guys for the great tips. You are doing an awesome jobs. I jus opened my YouTube channel. You guys inspired me and I did it. Thanks so much for that. As a beginner in YouTube world. I’m so happy to found you ❤️❤️?

  29. Lol – honestly I'm not sure what people are judging me for the last time I vlogged in public, I had computer peripherals stuck to me, the most obnoxious vlogging setup, and was wearing a fake kilt.

  30. Really helpful video as always. I got so much out of your videos as I’ve only just started a Channel. Keep up the good work! ?

  31. I’m a fairly new vlogger active for just under a year and I have to say to anyone watching this video that the information and advice given in this video is extremely accurate. You have to just do exactly what’s on your mind in that moment or you will regret not doing it later on. I learned this the hard way. I was on YouTube when it first came out and was starting to grow and I decided to give up and let my anxiety take the wheel and I regret it because back then I had an awesome gaming channel that was getting thousands of views. Now I’m here 20 years old and I’m finding that YouTube has become a lot harder to grow your channel due to the advancements we have come across with the platform it has become way more accessible for people to go viral doing specific things however less accessible often when your doing exactly what you love. It will take time to grow your channel for most people but it’s worth it!

  32. I’m still trying to get use to filming in public. It gets awkward sometimes ??‍♂️

  33. the greatest tip is don't be over self-conscious and nervous because people are not obsessed with you, they are not thinking about you because there is so much shit going on in their life that they simply have no time for you! hilarious!

  34. Wonderful. We must THANK Nike for step one ❤️! It’s not rude, when your catching the moments to share.

  35. i am new vlogger but i dont know how i increase my subscribers n i feel shy filming videos in public..ur video is helpful for me

  36. I just remember that some people hold 20-minute phone calls at top volume in public. I forget about that 5 minutes after they leave, so how long will people actually care about my 30 seconds or so of vlogging

  37. thank you guys for helping, im not that good at doing that, but i will build it up eventually, you guys are cool

  38. Thanks for the tips. This is something I really want to master. I’ll work on it in the upcoming days. Short bursts are easier for me to start with.

  39. I'm just starting my small YT Channel guys and actually, I'm very shy to Vlog in public? It's like I'm talking to myself and it's uncomfortable HAHHAH btw guys please help me grow here in youtube? Thanks?

  40. Great tips and advice. I'm trying to incorporate more vlogs and everyday life into my channel, and these tips helped. Thank you!

  41. My question about vlogging in public would be what if the people in the background ask you what you're doing with that footage and they don't want to be used in it. Next question would be if they are cool with it should you get them to sign a waiver that there is no compensation?

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