How to Win at the Warframe Forums

How to Win at the Warframe Forums

Oh hey there, Willy! Willy: Hi-Oh, it’s you again… Why the cold reception, Will? W: Your advice just made everyone mad. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but that advice was gold. W: No it wasn’t… Aaaaanyway, what are you up to now? W: Well, I had a good idea and I wanted to post- -on the Warframe forums about it. Willy, Willy, Willy… Will you ever learn? W: Uuuummmmmm… The Warframe forums are no place for good ideas. Sounds like you need another lesson! W: Oh goody… Firstly Willy, Digital Extremes is not an organization of discrete persons that comprise a larger whole. No, they’re just DE, and never refer to them as anything else! If you address DE directly, start with “Dear DE”, or even, “Open Letter Megathread”! W: That sounds a bit dehumanizing… Not at all, Willy, Chinese funded grind peddlers have no humanity. W: But look at this thread; this person was fair to everyone. Oh, heh, ignore that, Willy. How many void keys did you use last time you farmed a prime? W: Buut I thought all random models have fringe cases? Don’t worry, Willy, we’ll get into taking things personally later. Next, always portray people with differing opinions as bad or stupid people. W: But what if they’re right? Oh that’s when you double down. If somebody actually makes a reasonable critique of your point- -don’t give anything they’ve said any credibility. What is this? A discussion!? W: Wouldn’t that just make everyone mad? Now you’re getting the hang of it, Willy. W: I’m… What? Listen closely now, this is very important: Take any and all changes as heinous attacks on your personal enjoyment of the game! W: But… No buts, Willy. It’s the rules. W: But isn’t that just not true? Truth? What is truth, Willy? That the staff of Digital Extremes are hard-working, good-willed game developers- -who deserve the benefit of the doubt every now and then? Oh no, Willy… Now you’re white knighting. W: … A white knight is someone who defends another party for the specific purpose of stifling criticism against them W: I mean…I’m willing to be critical of the developers but- -I don’t think having some gratefulness now and then is white knighting… See, Willy, anyone who defends DE must be considered a brainless incompetent who is wholly unwilling to criticize. W: *sighs* Why is that? Because then we can maintain a status of constant victimhood wherein the developers owe us our own personal vision of the game, and anyone that disagrees with us is morally wrong! W: I think you’re crazy. Nope! That’s just the Warframe forums! This is MDRLoz, and we at Tenno Clock endorse this video

37 thoughts on “How to Win at the Warframe Forums

  1. Well done….you white knight! How dare you hate on the community!

    I kid I kid. sigh. Is it ok to joke? Stop joking sir! Only serious mlg game play!

  2. Ya, I stopped posting in the forums and barely go there now.  If the forums had their way – the game would consist of pressing one button to win for 10 hours with everything you ever wanted or needed given to you on a silver platter.

  3. This basically is my Forum experience in a nutshell, love it Krash.

    Like most communities, don't let the bad apples spoil the bunch.


  4. What?The forums are bad?Ha!There's totally nothing wrong with the forums!Actually,we should go on there more often and STATE our HUMBLE opinions…………

  5. +KrashOmnis CONGRATZ!!!!! THIS IS HOW WARFRAME FORUMS WORKS. Everyone is just supid out there!!
    I was complaining about excalibur Exalted blade that is draining too low energy to compare what it can do. And guy was answered me that Exalted blade looks a little OP, errrmmm A little OP one slash kill the boss but what ever and he writed that its just a ''SINGLE TARGET ABILITY''
    Get it? Single target ability? EXALTED BLADE o_O

  6. its not just the warframe forums,unfortunatly its bad in all game forums and the internet when it comes to discussing things,forums are just full of idiots and trolls and the very few who do have decent idea's get heavily trolled and ciriticised by these trolls and morons which is why you get stupid things in games allot of the time and it destroys the game when the devs cater to these idiots

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