How to Write a Killer Video Blog Script: 2017 Edition // Vlogging Made Easy

How to Write a Killer Video Blog Script: 2017 Edition // Vlogging Made Easy

Okay, so you want to know how to write a killer
video blog script to communicate your message, build relationships with your target market
and grow your audience online? Well, since my last video on this topic nearly
4 years ago, a few things have changed and others haven’t so keep watching and I’ll
share with you my exact process for crafting awesome video blog scripts. [TITLE] Gday, I’m Ben from the Vlog Pod where we
make video blogging easy, but as I’m sure you know writing awesome video blog scripts
is not as easy as it seems. See, writing a video blog script requires
a different approach to a written blog or article. You’ve got limited attention spans
online, and critically you need to balance the idea of making an authentic connection
with your audience along with giving them solid value too. Are you ready? Let’s breakdown the ideal
structure. So, first, you’ll need to start with a hook.
Sometimes called a ‘cold open’ the hook is your opening few seconds critical to grabbing
attention and keeping people watching. You’ll want people to see your face right from the
first frame too, not some fancy animated logo. Remember – people connect to people. Your
hook needs to invoke interest, intrigue or demand attention so be creative. And importantly,
ensure your hook is highly visual to allow for those watching on social with the sound
off. You want to entice them to keep watching. Following your hook now’s the time to include
some branded intro sequence if you like before giving your viewers a bit of an introduction
to you and what they are going to learn in this video. Communicate what to expect, do
it quickly and then get to the guts of your information. Now – this is where the main points of your
content should be communicated. You’ll want to start by expanding on the problem that
your content Remember to keep your language humanized,
relevant to your target audience, and don’t spend too much time waffling on. Get to the
point and communicate your ideas clearly. Next, you’ll want to summarise the main
points in your video in one or two sentences. Remind your viewer what they’ve just learnt
and why it matters. It’s also a good idea here to think about raising further questions
that may move your audience to engage with you and your content further. And finally, you need to end with a strong
call to action. Tell people what you want them to do after watching the video. Click
a link? Share a comment? Subscribe? Whatever the action is keep it simple, make it clear
and ideally make it relevant to the content in your video and the platform you intend
to publish the video on. So that’s it, 6 key steps to a killer video
blog script. Hook / Intro / problem / solution / summary / call to action. You’ve got yourself
a killer video blog script. And if you want more tips and advice on using video blogging
to grow your audience… be sure to subscribe and share this video with someone you know
will benefit from it. Oh – and if you’re wondering why the numbers
on the bottom of the screen throughout this video? Well… I’ve been using my own advice
in this very script and the numbers indicate which step I’m up to. Go ahead and watch
the video back to see what I mean… I’ll see you next time.

8 thoughts on “How to Write a Killer Video Blog Script: 2017 Edition // Vlogging Made Easy

  1. The numbers thing was great! Both in the value it gave and for increasing the time your audience spends watching the video

  2. Good steps/tips there, thanks. But this is not a script IMO, it's steps. I got here by looking for "how to script"… a movie script and the hero's journey is not the same either.

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