How to Write Blog Posts Faster Than Ever

How to Write Blog Posts Faster Than Ever

– Would you like to know how to save hours and hours of your time
writing blogs faster and make much, much more
money in the process? – Well that’s exactly
what we’re gonna show you in this very video. – Now this might be a
little bit scary at first but bear with us and by the end of this video you will love us forever. Promise. – Or at least one of us. (techno music) – Hello we are Andrew and
Pete from Andrew and Pete TV and we are here on the Rev Channel today to show you how you can write blogs and scripts faster than ever before. – And not just by typing faster either. – No that would be a terrible vid. Now this may sound a little bit weird but actually the secret
to writing faster is to actually not write at all. – What? So I don’t know about you but I can talk much faster than I can type so here’s what we want you to do. Step number one for writing your blog now is do your research,
write some bullet points about notes, take notes, take
some stats down as normal like you normally would but then, boom step two different. What is step two? – Step two is to rather
than write your blog download the Rev
Transcription App, here it is. It is super, super cool and what you’re gonna do
is rather than write it you’re gonna hit record and you’re gonna record
yourself speaking out your blog. Now you don’t have to
do this all in one go you can actually pause and start recording again
the audio at multiple times as you’re talking through
each different point and when you’ve done
that you just tap save, you give it a name, a
sensible name maybe the name of your blog would be a great idea and you can even listen
back to it at this point and you can add more
onto the end if you want. It’s awesome, go check it out. – And it’s awesome because step three you can send this bad boy
right off to to for transcription. The cool thing about this app is that rather than sending
the file to your computer, downloading it and then re
uploading it again to for transcriptions all you have to do is just send it right
to from the app in just a few taps. Saving you loads and loads of time. – So cool. – So cool. – Within 12 hours, usually
much less in our experience, they will have the full
transcript wrote up by an actual person and sent back to you and this only costs a
dollar per minute of audio. – Wow. The average 1000 word blog
takes roughly 3.5 hours to write but doing it this way you could maybe record for like 25 minutes plus a little bit of
editing and formatting time once you’ve got the transcript back, maybe an hour in total. – Now, I don’t know about you Pete but I would rather pay
a few quid or dollars as you say over the pond
– That was so British of ya. – To save two and a half
hours of time, jolly good. – Spiffing. – Because what would you do
if you had an extra two hours every single week? Would you sell more products? Would you sell more services? Would you go to the pub? Any of those sound great. – We should go for some tea and scones with our extra time. You might think this sounds ridiculous but honestly think about it. If you’re blogging every week and you’re saving 2.5 hours every week that’s like 10 to 12 hours a month. What could you do with an extra day in your month, every month? – I just told ya the pub. – So it’s still your knowledge, it’s still your experience but just the whole process
of writing and editing is sped up which means
you can spend more time doing what you’re best
at and making more money or going to the pub. – So let us know in the comments if you think you’re
going to give this a go we’d love, love, love to hear from you. I’ve been Andrew, – I’ve been Pete. – Please subscribe to Rev’s channel for more marketing awesomeness and we will see you very, very soon. – See ya (techno music) (energetic music)

One thought on “How to Write Blog Posts Faster Than Ever

  1. This is such BS. How is waiting 12 hours for a transcription faster? Skip the audio recording and just type what you need to say. You’re saving time AND money by creating your content right then and there than having to send it off, pay to have it transcribed, and wait half a day to get it done. If you prefer to speak out your posts, save time and money by using dictation on your computer or mobile device. If you would rather speak than type, you shouldn’t be a blogger, you should think about getting into podcasts instead.

    I use Rev to transcribe lengthy phone interviews, so I’m not hating on this fantastic service. I just think Andrew & Pete’s suggestion that speaking out your blogs then to have it transcribed is “faster” therefore giving you time to create more content thereby earning you more money, is such a load of bull.

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