How To Write Blogs Fast | Speed Hack [Includes Template]

How To Write Blogs Fast | Speed Hack [Includes Template]

– We recently just found a hack to half the amount of time it takes us to write our blogs and our video scripts, if not more. – So, if you’re thinking, god, I wish creating content was quicker, stick around because we’re
gonna show you our hack, and it might be a little
bit controversial. – Oh. – But, we think you’re gonna love it. – Plus, right at the end of this video we’re gonna be giving you
a template that we use so you don’t have to
start with a blank page. (slide whistle music)
(bell dings) – In our recent video all
about blogging strategy, we mapped out the nine things you absolutely must need to do for a successful blog. And in that video, we learnt that the average word count of a successful ranking blog in Google is like a minimum of 2,000 words. – That’s a lot of words. – That’s a lot of words. – But, if you will remember correctly, in that video, writing in the blog was actually only step two of nine. So, what you don’t wanna
do is spend all your time on step two when you’ve got step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven, step eight, step nine. That was it, step nine.
– yeah, just stop there. – To actually do as well. – Get carried away with
the momentum there. – Got a little bit carried
away the numbers, yeah. – Because it’s all those other things that you have to do that
makes a successful blog, not just writing it. So, let’s dive in and find out what our time saving hack
to write blogs faster is. – Can you actually dive? – No. I sorta think it’s my fantasy. (Andrew chuckling) – And then I was thinking I kinda dive. – When jokes don’t land. Like Pete’s dives. (drum roll flourishes) Now we’re going to be a
little bit controversial here and suggest that you don’t
actually write your blogs. – What?
– At this point could we have one of those
duh duh duh sound effects? – Duh duh duh. – Because, Pete, I don’t know about you. I can talk much faster than I can type. – Sure can. So what we do is actually
use voice dictation to write our content. Check it out, if you double tap the FN key on your Mac or use speech
recognition on your PC, you can just talk into your computer and it will write it up for you. – You can also do this on Google Docs, which is a free cloud
based online alternative to Word and we actually think Google Docs is a lot more accurate. Look, comma, this is me
using my voice to type. Pretty clever.
– Yeah! – It might take a little
bit of time at first to get used to and it will
require some editing, no doubt, but editing a few typos and some grammar is much quicker than writing from scratch. To keep the flow and the
passion of your writing, however, try not to stop too much to kind of edit as you go. Just let it all flow. Accidental rhyme, I love
it when that happens. ♪ Let it flow ♪ ♪ Let it flow ♪ – Just for fun, we’d
love you to try this out right now on this YouTube
video in the comments. Let us know what you think
about voice dictation to write your blogs faster and actually use voice dictation
right now in the comments. – I love Pete’s idea of fun. Can you just imagine Pete at the weekend having fun, voice dictating. (Andrew laughing) (squeaking) – Remember, all you have to do is just double tap the FN key or
turn on speech recognition. You might wanna leave it just a second so it loads if this is the
first time you’ve used it or if it’s not working at all, you might wanna turn
it on in the sentence. – You can tell Pete
does this for fun a lot. He really prefers double
tapping that FN key. At this point, we would even suggest you could potentially have a writer or a editor or a designer as part of your outsource team. You can just send them
the kind of rough copy and they can make it look pretty. – ‘Cause remember guys, you don’t have to do absolutely everything yourself. – Think about it, how much is an hour of your time actually worth. (bells dinging) And if you paid an
editor to type your blog, they could probably do
that in half the time and also probably do it
much better than you can. What could you do with that time saved? Could you even make
more money than you have just outsourced in that time? – If your business model is set up right, the more you outsource, the more money you will actually make. It’s like paying to make yourself richer. Its great. Another thing you can do if this whole voice dictation thing isn’t quite working out for you is you could record your video scripts or your blog scripts, and send it off to a translation service like or even just a writer. So, you could let you just
record your voice on your phone and send it off to be transcribed. Easy peasy. – But not as fun as voice dictation, aye? – But not as fun as voice dictation. (bells dinging) – Now one of the big things we do as well to create content quicker is to have all of our blog and video ideas in a spread sheet broken down into the different elements so when it comes to actually creating, we can just look at that and crack on. Because that way, you don’t
have to start with a blank page. So, if you want that template, we’re gonna link to it below this video. – [Both] Go get it! – Right, now that you’ve
watched this video, you definitely, definitely
gonna wanna check out our blogging play list here on YouTube. It’s got all of the ways
to think of new blog ideas and your killer blogging strategy. – That’s coming up in a moment but, as always, please subscribe for more marketing unboringed. – He’s been Andrew, I’ve been Pete. – [Both] See you next time. – Bye. (upbeat music)

20 thoughts on “How To Write Blogs Fast | Speed Hack [Includes Template]

  1. Apologies for the test comment below. I was testing out the mic! That’s a good idea to use the voice to text.

    However, I’ve always struggled to find a decent (FREE or low cost) app on Windows that picks up what I’m saying into text. Do you have any recommendations?

  2. Great tip! I've tried Windows voice recording but it's really rubbish compared to Google Doc when you've got a French accent !! 😉

  3. I write all my stuff like this. Also works on the iPhone, just hit the little microphone icon in the notes app and it takes dictation with amazing accuracy. I wrote a 1500 article walking in Saltoun Woods yesterday…?? But the most important thing is it means you write like you talk…which always more engaging!

  4. Awesome, I use this on my phone all the time to write texts. I never thought of using it for blog post, but I'm going to definitely try it, thanks guys!

  5. I LOVE this tip, I'm definitely going to try FN. Never even noticed it on my keyboard before! Will check out your blogging strategy video next.

  6. Double click the what? F something, what did that pair say? emmm aw wait, it was FN! Och I've done it already, what an egit!

  7. Hi, guys love the video. I'm trying the dictation… Pretty cool I like it.

    Exciting stuff keep up the good work

  8. As a 'Canny' McCanny (yes my surname is McCanny but I'm not from Newcastle) Google Docs just can't pick up my accent very well. Probably best if I keep typing or using dictation on my 'phone. But yes this is a good idea.

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