Huawei will be ‘fine’ even despite international pressure: Academic | World Economic Forum

Huawei will be ‘fine’ even despite international pressure: Academic | World Economic Forum

100 thoughts on “Huawei will be ‘fine’ even despite international pressure: Academic | World Economic Forum

  1. Oh well at the rate we're going climate change will kill us before our balls fall off grow legs and run away. I hate humans.

  2. huawei is not zhongxing ,against huawei is against all the 14,00,000,000 people in china, ethnic Chinese, and other people who is righteousness in the wold,

    this is not against just a company, but also the correct values, the striving spirit of all the righteous people all over the world。Who Gain the Common Aspiration of the People Who Can Rule the World. This is not a war about weapons, but a war of hearts.

  3. The Anglo-Saxon ego-centred countries cannot accept any other race ahead of them. If these Anglo-Saxon stayed in UK, their GDP will be 0.1% of the world.

  4. Dont buy this bs. The fact that there are so many chinese propaganda bots commenting on an american platform like youtube shows they feel threatened. Trump was right, America built China. Now they're biting the hand that built them in not 500 years but in 40 years. Take nothing away from the chinese people, they're industrious and hardworking and deserve their dues. It is the authoritarian communist party and it's neo economic collonialism that's the problem

  5. Huawei has introduces a 5 G telephone,China Mobile has the 5 G proton-quantum chip to replaced the 4G silicon chip.

  6. Don't ever deal with the chinese.,..and Japan America and all the other allies had better destroy china before they become the leader of that region…big mistake to allow that…BIG MISTAKE.

  7. Fuuckin China is one of those horrible countries in the world, I would never go to this stupid country, I won’t put my life on risk

  8. One thing for sure is my friends including me didn't hear much about huawei, but not any more. US did a fantastic job to help advertise huawei and keeps doing it. Huawei should consider to pay commercialize fee to US government, seriously.

  9. If the US and China work together and use the idea to product all the things to sell cheap to the US. that way both countries have no problems. peoples will have the good life.

  10. 76.2% of China GDP is domestically driven and China mobile market is gargantuan in comparison to USA and EU. 🤔
    So is it surprising once you read the statistics like she did.
    She is not the first female economist that says that.

    The world has evolved, it is no longer prior 2000. 😁

  11. I'd rather not having 5G. 5G is a health experiment on the entire human race. Huawei, on the other hand, should die with communism along with its supporters. Make no mistake. By communism, I am referring to the form of supreme evil comparable to Islam, ever morphing and evolving, for its wielder to enslave everything else in this world.

  12. Huawei can freely deploy and upgrade to 5G in China anyway, which accounts for 60% of the base stations in the world. Then their entire economy will get upgraded with a lot of next generation smart things.

  13. If Americans cared much about 5G from an economic point of view, they would certainly have done something about it… clearly wall st. doesn't think hardware is going to produce returns worth investing in.

    Americans know it is only a losing game to invest in hardware technology — technology that is only going to become one thing and one thing only: redundant. 5G is not going to be the final solution for wireless, there will be others, so let someone else lose their capital in the process.

    The money is in software and related services.

    That being said, giving the chinese complete control of implementing hardware doesn't sit well politically either.

  14. Our mission to make China collapsed like Soviet Union and divide China into 7 small countries ! At first , we trust China and help China developed , but no more now ! We need to bring China back to Mao's era to maintain our superpower status !

  15. Huawei will grow even faster now. It is US that will suffer in the long term. The nations that are going along with the pressure being put on them by he USA will also be the losers. That includes mine. Now we will get 5G later. We will have to wait for US Companies to steal the Technology off Huawei as they put it in place and in other nations. The cost also will be considerably higher for sure. Thats not the way to be a prosperous nation. Australian.

  16. I totally agree with the girl in the footage. First, Chinese market is big enough for Hawaii to thrive.Second, we won’t sell a lot of American bonds because of our weak financial system.

  17. 10mbit ethernet… few years later 100mbit…….. etc………… 4G to 5G is the biggest hype train i have ever seen. i never saw this with USB 2 too USB 3????

  18. Americans are so naive to believe after allowing Huawei to use their technology and know-how and they will still be the number one country in the world.

  19. Lmao huawei phones are fkn sweet, ive owned 4 in 10yrs, fantastic quality for the price, makes phones $100s more look stupid. Ive owned meizu, xiaomi B4 and cant fault them

  20. What brings you such the confidence to say Huawei is gonna be fine, the answer may stand behind the reason why you can join Davos…, and the audience are just so naive….especially when they’re in front of a pretty face…you should google who her father is….

  21. everyone is buying Huawei, apple is a history, who cares which country is the super power! customer is the super power!

  22. Prof from LSE is just a calling card….what I like to hear is how much stuff she knows from her papa – Jin LinQun of AIIB .

  23. Huawei 5G will lead the way, they are not going wait around for anyone else who don't want to go with China's Huawei. China has the critical mass to do it alone.

  24. I had huawei hardware since 2013, back when Snowden already knew of NSA spying on our phones – means on us. What is their problem? USA wants to erase free and democratic competition, but under a false pretext/context. First stop spying on us. Worst what can happen is that China now knows that the people of the world stand by China nad Russia in this issue, where USA arrest innocent women out of political hysteria, which is impossible in a free world. Thatfor it is not free. Any of USA's logorrhea is a lip service and they have gone mad.

  25. Huawei 5G, EMF radiation destroyers your DNA, keep children and newborns completely away from these devices, you want cancer continue to use Huawei 5G.

  26. That Hauwei 5g 6g shit is a trap! You ppl dont even know what you're dealing with, just jumping in head first and dont even know How deep the shit is😂

  27. 5G is causing harm.It is a weapon developed by the military against the people. and has never been tested for human or animal health

  28. As it turns out, EU countries are shifting to Huawei, including Germany: Merkel is tired of having all her conversations tapped by the US.

  29. Western world needs to learn from US INTELLIGENCE LOOPHOLE, last time they said Saddam had a WMD, but never been proven and the result of that failure is rise of the ISIS and thousands of lives, c'mon yanks are you correct now? or these will be not another disasters of the past histories.  Wake up Australia and New Zealand be careful in siding with US. Germany and other European are really more smarter than us. Its all about 5G that China develop and US did not…sad case…

  30. Greedy after money ,easy income for Canada and us through fine ZTE 1.2 B and now assort Huawei money .NO WAY FROM NOW,THIS HOW THEY WANT TO FIND EASY FUND BY IMPOSED ALL LAW AGAINST THAT HAVE NO EVIDENCED.THEY SHOULD GO TO HELL.THEIR TACTIC HAD EXPOSED.

  31. Of course 华伪 will be fine under their main sponsor CCP’s China, just be aware of them, Huawei & CCP’s China as they are together 😎

  32. You are not selling toys, garments or watches, you are selling 5G aiming specifically the western countries, now you are screwed by the US and her allies, you are basically fucked, you are history !

  33. I just love the interviewers are all using Huawei laptops lol. Just about everyone around me is buying a Huawei phone, thanks to Trump's free commercials which makes people not only believe the Huawei phones are superior in performance but also are free of NSA's prism program.

  34. I like Jin because she learned only what she needs that is English, but not American 😂 behavior. Jin, you are beautiful on your own way.

  35. Did the greedy scum capitalists know that investing in China would ultimately awake a giant that cannot be put back to slumber… China will be a terrible World Power even worse than the USA has been (Yes that is possible) It will rule by force because it will have the most resources, knowledge, capacity, influence, the largest military and standing army. China does not work to International law even now so what do you think they will be like in 20 or 30 years from now – Terrible is how they will be !!

  36. I can’t believe Jin speaks like CCP’s propaganda. I can’t believe the left MSM speaks for CCP free of charge

  37. China's National Intelligence Law requires its companies and people to collaborate in espionage efforts.”….end of story! DO NOT DEAL WITH HUAWEI, DO NOT DEAL WITH THE CHINESE REGARDING TRADE. Ask some of those Uyghur who escaped to Turkey how information on calls made overseas were forwarded to the CCP so they could arrest Uyghur who tried to contact anyone outside of Xingjiang. Listen carefully to recent Chinese rhetoric! It indicates an arrogance never before seen on the world stage.

  38. Key components of Huawei cellphones are made in the US and Taiwan. I know it because I work for one of its core suppliers.

  39. I'm not familiar with CNBC, but why they always have their show in a snow field? Why not lit a campfire in the front and put a couple of elks behind

  40. Hahahaha, we are all going to let ELECTRONIC TOYS decide the fate of our country. You are already on Youtube so listen to the song "in the year 2525" and hear your future. Humans TRULY our own worst enemy.

  41. Huawei Exposed for making spying Equipment fo China. How stupid does CNBC think the American Public are.

  42. This professor clearly is pro-China, anti-U.S. So, of course, she spreads Chinese propaganda. Good for her, she's biased.

  43. APPLE, HP, DELL, NIKE, and other well-known devices are All Made in China. If China STOPS manufacturing these things where do these companies profit from??? It will definitely affect their billions of sales…

  44. Can't imagine a world where free Democracies would degrade to a Communist ruled dictatorship . Some Chinese seem to have this chip on there shoulder saying "move over" "where the best". In the West there's a saying don't count your chickens before they hatch. God blessed the U.S.

  45. I don’t understand why American own the absolutely advantage on tech meanwhile afraid Chinese Nazi.
    Why u guys don’t understand Chinese Nazi want to rule the world.

  46. Stay in UK please. You are a good spokesperson for China. I wish you are my daughter. Everytime I hear you talk, I have tears of pride and joy as a Chinese father.

  47. Go china….. the west is just jealous of your growth and development! Take Success your way. Love from India and as an Indian living in China.❤️

  48. The fact is, US imports 500 billions of goods and services from China; while, China imports only 135 b from US. Who needs who ?

  49. The USA orange face moron just lie every single day to his own citizens and of course he just couldn't handle the success of China because he thinks his white race should be the only superior race of the world. so he accuse China of so many false things without any evidence. The smart people of the world know better.


  51. Once the dust settle down between US & china, my curiosity is how stupid Australia & new Zealand will look like….they follow the ban call by US & US make a u turn….. ? Should i use the word they look like FOOLS ? ?

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