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  1. The fake Indian for profit and the crazy woman who eats salad with a comb, in order to shame her servant for forgetting the fork. Are all Dem candidates serial killer creepy?

  2. Anyone who would like to go to Iraq Iran Bagdad India Turkey Seria or any other Muslim countries to prove there is love in these countries please contact me. I will help fund your trip

  3. This Trump voter would love Medicare for All. America gives Germany $300 Billion a year for Defense, Japan $100 Billion. Or you could say America gives Germany $300 Billion to provide for free healthcare to the German people. Ironically Trump has done more to promote Medicare for All because the only way it would work is you must stop all immigration. Trump 2020

  4. Elizabeth Warren wants open borders. Without the imigrants population gasoline is .43 cents a gallon. Trump 2020;

  5. Remember in 1981 44.3% still lived on 1.90 a day. As of 2015 that rate has dipped to 3 – 5%. So that means 100,000 people a day were rising out of poverty

  6. This event was about the best thing we've had for rural politics in about 20 years, and showed success even before the day, as Candidates came forward with their strong stands against corporate colonization of Congress, (where we lose money on farm exports). Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders (in recent speeches, though he didn't attend). And others (Also Cory Booker, but unrelated to the event.) Unfortunately, the "in about 20 years" is a very low standard, and there were major things that could have been done better. The 2 on stage from Huffington Post basically did a "rural fly over," avoiding rural/farm issues, apparently not knowing how huge they are and how important the rural vote will be. Missing was much on the Farm Bill: 1. on how the 2018 "bipartisan" farm bill was about the worst in history for farmers, and 2. on what a good farm bill would be. Amy Klobuchar was the only one to mention it, and she knows some of the history of the decades of fighting for justice by family farmers, (including justice for our states and for the United States to make a profit on farm exports). Unfortunately, she only called for a better farm subsidy bill, and not restoration of New Deal farm programs where we make a profit on exports, (and don't need any subsidies). It was a great chance to meet with campaign staff, and they're definitely listening and following up! (i.e. Warren! Klobuchar! Delaney. Castro.)

  7. Huffington Post's Christopher Mathias still has no lips. Ahahahahahahahahahahaha. Pay that man more so he can purchase a pair!

  8. Shocked to say it, but Klobuchar did the best. She's in her element here. Tim Ryan did okay too. Castro always does really good but he, on the other hand, looked out of his element. Warren and Delaney stunk up the joint bad.

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