I Bought A Stranger’s Diary

I Bought A Stranger’s Diary

– I just bought a total
stranger’s diary off the internet. Oh, God! She’s inside my head. This is going badly. (upbeat music) One weird thing you can buy on eBay is a stranger’s diary. You can bid on a total stranger’s
most personal thoughts. Most of the diaries you find on eBay are from 50 to 100 years ago or more. But I want to see if I can
find a diary from recent times, something that was written
in like the last 20 years. Okay, I found a diary
from the early 2000s. (upbeat rock music) It’s from 2001 to 2005, written by someone who lived in Illinois. You have to assume that the
person who wrote the diary probably, when they wrote it, had no idea anyone would ever be reading it. I don’t know what I’m gonna
find in these diaries. What if it’s like “Dear
Diary, today I murdered.” The starting price is $4.95, I’m gonna try bidding $6 and see what happens. Somebody else wants this diary. So I’ve been outbid and I’m in a bid war. I’m gonna increase my
maximum bid from $6 to $60. Hopefully it doesn’t go up more from that. Two more people are trying
to bid on this diary. Things are getting intense. I bid $100 and somebody still beat me. I’m gonna have to play
hardball and I’m gonna bid $200 for this early 2000s diary from Illinois. Let’s see how much it’s
really worth to these people. I won, but I had to pay $160. So, I drove up the price quite a bit. Let’s hope there’s some
murder in these diaries and not just like “Today I
ate another bowl of oatmeal.” These are the diaries of a stranger. Dream! Whoa, this is very jam-packed
with a lot of handwriting. A lot of very small handwriting. We have no idea who wrote these, how old they were, what their gender was, we don’t know if they’re still alive. I’m gonna take a look inside and give ’em a read, and
I’ll get back to you. This diary still has a pen attached, so this was probably the pen that this person used to write this. So, I emailed the eBay
seller to try to get some more information on these diaries, and the person who sold them
definitely didn’t write them. He said he bought them
from an estate sale. That means that the person who
wrote them has possibly died. This might be a dead person’s pen. This handwriting is
incredibly hard to read, so this is a challenge. “Thursday, January 4th, 2001. “Didn’t sleep well last night. “Watched some TV then went to post office “and after that to Walmart. “Bought three plastic bins and SlimFast. “Home at one PM.” I’m definitely getting the
impression that this is a woman. Even just reading the mundane
details of somebody’s life, it still feels very
personal to be reading it. So, this woman keeps writing
about someone named Micki, and I really thought Micki was a baby, and I was like, why does this lady have a random baby in her house named Micki? And then I realized, Micki’s a dog. Micki is a dog.
(bark) “Wednesday, February 7th, 2001. “Up at 8:30, Micki very
restless all night long.” The woman who wrote this
diary has had to endure some rude comments from
someone named Lydia, and I think Lydia is either
her stepmom or her sister, and basically Lydia said “You
don’t wear clothes well.” That’s mean. And then she says “Your
stomach sticks out. “Your pants are too small.” “Tuesday, January 9th, 2001. “Watched Oprah. “Friday, February 9th, 2001. “Slept well last night,
but had a lousy day. “All I wanted to do was sleep and eat.” I’ve been reading the diary for days now and, so far, no murders. I’m starting to get the sense that there will be no murders in this diary. It’s a lot of drinking SlimFast, a lot of going to Walmart, a lot of watching The Price is Right, but, hey, that’s better than murdering, let’s be honest, from a moral standpoint. Well, the handwriting is hard to read, but the more I read it, the
more I start to understand it. It’s like my brain has
finally figured out the code. I’m in her head, she’s in my head. “Saturday, January 6th, 2001. “Up at 10:00, didn’t sleep well. “Thursday, February 8th, 2001. “Didn’t sleep again last night.” She writes down what time she wakes up. She writes down whether
or not she slept well. Oftentimes, she doesn’t sleep well. It’s hard when you wake up in the morning and you feel like crap, and it sounds like that’s happening a lot for her. Every single night she doesn’t sleep well, it’s just “Didn’t sleep very
well,” “Didn’t sleep again,” “Didn’t sleep well again,”
“Didn’t sleep again.” Every time she says “I finally
had a good night’s sleep,” I’m like, good, good, finally! I feel deeply connected, and I want everything to be okay for this woman. She keeps talking about
someone named J.J. calling, and I think that J.J. could
be a son or a daughter. “Wednesday, January 10th, 2001. “J.J. didn’t call today, I
should call him tomorrow.” J.J., get it together! Call your mom! I’ve just come across one
of the more exciting things that I have encountered in this
diary, and that’s diarrhea. “October 10th, 2002. “I got up at 8:30, have diarrhea again.” I’m inspired by this because
I’ve written in a diary before and I don’t think I would ever mention that I have diarrhea, and
to be this comfortable with yourself, to say I
have diarrhea in your diary, I think we should all strive
to be that comfortable talking about diarrhea. Almost every day, she
writes “Woke up with Micki.” Micki is mentioned almost every day. So, Micki seems like a good dog. She’s running errands,
she stops at McDonald’s, she gets two Happy Meals, one for herself and one for Micki, the dog.
(bark) I think she has an older father that she has to care for sometimes. “Tuesday, January 9th, 2001. “Dad went downstairs, so I tidied his room “and aired out his bed. “Read paper after Dad was finished. “Had juice and Dad and
I watched Price is Right “and then he ate his breakfast. “Lydia got up and I had SlimFast “while she had some oatmeal.” I feel like what I’m learning
from reading these diaries, it’s gonna sound cheesy, but I feel like you can learn something from every person. There’s not a bunch of exciting
stuff happening in here, there’s nothing crazy, and yet, I still feel inspired by this woman. You know, she’s writing down
all her personal thoughts and she never once says a negative thing about another person, and
she makes her bed every day, and I just feel like, I did not realize this was going to be such
an emotional roller coaster. I honestly did not. And I would be so cranky if I
couldn’t sleep all the time, and maybe she was, I haven’t
found anything mean or cranky written in five years’ worth of diaries. I’m on the very last journal. In case you were wondering,
Micki is still alive and well at the end.
(bark) The very last entry,
December 2nd, 2006, says “Slept pretty good, on the
couch by the fireplace.” I’m not gonna cry again,
I am not gonna cry again. (upbeat music)

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  1. Joanna has her own channel with another diary reading for anyone else that loved this C:. Search youtube for Joanna Borns. Also, I'm advertising her channel because I want more of her diary and letter readings lol.

  2. I don't think it's cool to be buying people's diary a diary is someone's life, Secrets I don't think that it's cool to do that I think that that's invading someone's privacy in my opinion not to offend anybody💜😃!!!.

  3. This was pretty fascinating. I couldn't believe you would pay that kinda money for someone else's fully written journals and then read them. But 👍 to you for having done all that and having learned something from it all. 👍👍

  4. I hate when people dunno how to ebay q.q
    Just make a huge af bidding in the end… else its gonna increase like it did for you

  5. I think she was anorexic or not eating properly. the slim fast, the diarrhoea, the not sleeping very well and the fat comments all kinda add up

  6. She should by my old journals. They are more riveting BY FAR than this person's diary. It sounds like they just kept a log of their life, but didn't actually talk about their feelings. The writer was very methodical and businesslike, which is neat because i didn't know people wrote personal stuff in that way. I originally thought people kept diaries to primarily express their feelings, especially if they don't feel like they have a safe space in their lives where they can do that out loud. That's why I kept one

  7. Ya know I think I’m gonad write in some dairies a few things then I’m gonna put it on eBay and put it up for sale saying ‘’A Strangers Dairies’’ .

    It’s pretty smart if ya think bout it…

    mE A gEnUiS MaH hA Ha hA😈😂🤣😂😈

  8. Maybe Mikie was her boyfriend/husband because why would someone get food for a dog . It also makes sense because someone might sleep with there boyfriend/husband

  9. I think the woman who had this had a eating disorder

    “I just want to eat and sleep”

    She also might have had sleeping issues :/

  10. As interesting as it is to hear about other people´s diaries – after seeing this video I feel the need to burn all my old diaries. I definetly don´t want anybody to read what was going thru my mind, especially not when I was a teen.

  11. i had diarrhea today i did not sleep very well

    This girl: i did not know it was gonna be such an emotional rollercoaster 😔

  12. I have a diary. I've had it since 2013, got it right after my mom died. My dad thought it would be good for me to write in it. I was like 6 at the time so I didnt really write in it. I didnt start writing in it until 2017

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