100 thoughts on “I Created A Website in 30 Minutes | How to create a blog tutorial

  1. Que loco, 9 de cada 10 comentarios estan en español diciendo que no entienden nada porque no saben ingles jajaja, debe haber una historia interesante de por que un youtuber gringo que hace videos en ingles tiene tantos seguidores hispanohablantes jajaja

  2. Se dan cuenta que somos los de habla latina los que ven y comentan sus videos maas rapido sus vides q los que hablan ingles?

  3. Why does he have so many latin american followers, who don't even understand him? Followed this channel for the travel videos, but the fangirl comments are really cringy

  4. if i ever Need a Website ill use wix.com, me rewatch this Video and search, for the, promo Code..
    i liked the Video so you can pay a camera man, or something like that. 😀

  5. Es en serio que no puedan apreciar el video y dar comentarios reales, pero se comportan peor que niños con berrinche pidiendo en español, que nada entiende si miran y no entienden nada, porque no se valorizan así mismos a el le agrada los latinos y aprendió a hablar el español, pero ustedes hacen comentarios de niño de 3 años y veo algunas aguantaditas que comentan tonterias, joder abrumen con esos comentarios solo les digo algo:

    Aprendan a hablar y escribir en ingles!!! burro de m…

  6. Stopped video at 09 seconds – You don't need that flat circle filter in front of the mic. Any decent mic built in the last 60 years has a pop filter built into it. And you don't need to speak so closely into the mic either. 12 inches away is fine. Look at any studio pic of Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, or anyone else you can find. No external pop filters in use.

  7. Hey Luke
    i like your videos in particular your Spanish videos, please makes more Spanish learning videos and please speak slowly 🙂 lots of love and thumb up


  9. So, Luke, by now I know what you look like pretty well. What I really want to see is the places you visit 😘 thanks 😊

  10. Luke Korns with his microphone:
    Good evening everybody my name is Luke Korns.

    Connor franta with his microphone:

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