hi everyone welcome back to my channel if you new welcome my name is
Christine said today I wanted to do a more casual vlog take you guys along
throughout my day and kind of just do like a day in the life you know today is
especially busy I have three events and I have two videos I have to edit by the
end of the day but thought I’d be fun to kind of take you along show you a sneak
preview of the events that I go to we can sit in traffic together I saw this
sweet one time that was like la is three hours away from LA and it’s so true
so anyways before we go ahead and get started make sure you hit the subscribe
button if you haven’t already and the little notification bell and let’s go
ahead and get into the vlog I’m actually putting together some outfits because I
am just gonna stay out in the city all day I live about 45 minutes away without
traffic with traffic it takes me an hour to an iron have to get into the city so
when I’m out there I just want to stay out there for the rest of the day I want
to show you my room because it is a mess I spent last weekend like deep cleaning
my room I went through all of my drawers my cabinets my bathroom my closet I
don’t know if I already said closet but I went through everything sorted and
organized everything so it’s nice that everything is so clean but I got some
packages yesterday that I haven’t yet organized that’s just my life I’m just
like constantly organizing brand I share a room and we don’t have very much space
I wanted to quickly like give you guys a little tour of my room you know this
Michael was it we have my dresses are all hung over here we have some QD new
dresses from princess Polly and have some pantalones they have them on these
like stacked hangers so I can and I have like two to three pairs of pants on each
layer and then I have like a couple things of them so I have lots of pants
here I like my PR product drawers and up here we have like my swimsuit and I just
have these from when I like videos things down here we have like extra PR
these are usually things I don’t need to try out but kind of just set them aside
in case someone talks about the Murad SPS and I know exactly where it is these
are things from like new brands that I haven’t tried before us we have down
here my low priority things we have some party bozhe have like a THC goodie which
are Moni this is a new skincare brand that I
hadn’t heard of before which is free so we have a lot of new indie brands and
things that are like low priority maybe things that I just got up here high
priority things I need to try out next so we have things from like tatcha this
is brochures the new cream that they just release and I’ve actually had this
for a while to try it out we have something from blow recipe so a lot of
the new launches of like high-end brands it’s for brand stuff like that I am
excited about that I need to try out or even for like upcoming collaborations I
sort it in here up here all my sheet mass I’m out there
so in here and then I also have backup things back here of like things
and then up here are things that I set aside for a giveaway so these maybe if I
have multiples of products I will set it up there if there are things that I like
if not really that excited about were things that I just think would be good
for giveaways I just put up there here we have some fabletics launches that
haven’t launched yet that I need to take product shots for so anytime I have
clothing that I need to take content for it I’ll set it right there these are all
of my jackets and blazers these are like my light jackets the rest of my heavier
ones are outside in the hallway closet and it’s down here are more of the
fancier things we have blouses some camisoles you know nice shirts and then
all of my jeans I swear these are all different okay here we have brand new
things that have you not yet organized yet these are things I just received in
the mail about some new shoes from public desire oh my god I’m necessities
I might wear one of these pairs later today but we just had like some cool
shoes that you shoot over I love you so I’ll probably be wearing these later
today yes ladies these are so cool I went to a never Lane event yesterday to
and picked up some clothing that I might wear today as well this is my bedroom
this is like the backdrop that you see in all my videos pretty much and this is
like my side over here this whole like dresser is also filled with all my
clothes Brendan gets these two itty-bitty drawers and then he gets that
side over there but yeah that’s my room so my first event is a little like
workout event and it’s nice because they’re outfitting us for that so I’m
gonna show up in athleisure anyway but I want to go ahead and pick two other
outfits are gonna wear later today whatever bad shit happens doesn’t gotta
be a no I’m a girl how I want so don’t feel no fear I don’t give a fuck no I just wanna
musical enjoy sir my credit card is at its limit a friend
so I am sweating profusely because I just got out of a workout at train
boondi I’m about to go grab lunch really quick and then a meeting Ginny at her
place we’re gonna do some work before we have our pharmacy event so I always
leave my cellar water in my car and I also have like a pack of cotton swabs
anytime I’m sweaty or need to take off my makeup in like a cinch in a pinch I
have like my camera perched on my steering wheel right now it’s a little
precarious my credit card is at its limit
I missed my uber almost home lost my keys tenders got no much to me
my life’s a mess I just go with it so don’t build off you feeling I don’t wanna give a fuck no I just have
a music enjoy survive good morning so sorry if I didn’t talk
that much yesterday but it was kind of a crazy day and Jenny and I ended up
working on our videos at that little cafe for a while and then we rushed off
to another event from and then we rushed off to the pharmacy event and then from
the pharmacy event we rushed to my girlfriend’s event in Venice where she
was having her little dinner with all the other blogger friends that were
there and so I hope you guys enjoyed that little vlog it wasn’t as talkative
as I would have liked it to be but oh my glasses are so dirty Brad and I are off
to a little date day after I got homeless I got home at like 11:00 p.m.
and then I stayed up like until 2:00 editing a video that I’m gonna be doing
with Sephora soon so I am just tired I’m Emma said turnt that’s not the right
word I’m burnt I’m tired I also have all the list clean before I get ready so
yeah I have a whole last day it’s gonna be hopefully a little bit more relaxing
and then back to work tomorrow but I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog if you
guys wanna see more stuff like this let me know give this video a thumbs up let
me know down in the comments what you’d like to see if you want to see more
casual vlogs if you want to see like a more realistic day in the life what I
eat and maybe go to the gym with me or go shopping with me I don’t know let me
know but that is all thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in
my next video bye

7 thoughts on “I HAD 3 BLOGGER EVENTS – DAILY VLOG | Christine Le

  1. I would love to watch one of your vlogs on physcial and mental health. Like your workout plan and any tips for college/university life ?

  2. I really want to start getting into working out – could you make a video about tips on how to get started and maintain your routine? And like how long would it take to get a body like yours?

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