I Learned How To Be An Influencer That Makes Over $300k | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

I Learned How To Be An Influencer That Makes Over $300k  | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

100 thoughts on “I Learned How To Be An Influencer That Makes Over $300k | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

  1. just started uploading videos to my channel a week ago!❤️ hope some of you can give up a bit of your time to check them out Xxx

  2. does anyone know what editing app she used to create that gorgeous pic on the horse!?!?


  4. Dropped by for some channel support, love the content!! Keep it up!! Hope you’ll stop by my channel and show some love, I post weekly! 😁 sub for sub???

  5. What app was that that they used on the phone to enhance that picture of her horse back riding? I don't remember her mentioning it

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  8. Notice she didn't really talk about how much she spent to become an influencer, especially in the beginning when no one was wanting to advertise with her yet. They always talk about how much money they're making but it's not all profit.

  9. And to think so many of us waste our time and money going to college, interning and working entry level jobs 😂

  10. Lucie's brother was fine! Great video! Can someone tell me what companies I should pitch to. I'm a real estate agent who moved to France from Charlotte, NC. I don't have 100k followers but I do have a growing community! How do I do a pitch deck? Here's my IG. Say Hi!! @tinaEwhittaker

  11. What is an influencer (sounds so benevolent, no?) truly other than a manipulator that makes money for big companies, and themselves? Sell, sell, sell! Buy, buy, buy!

  12. As a guy in my 50’s I can’t believe you can make this kind of money posting pictures on IG or YouTube. Most people my age had to work jobs they hated with shitty bosses for 20 years to make 200K a year. It’s definitely a different world.

  13. The photo editing thing made me sad. When you look back at family and vacation picks don’t you want to see stupid shit like your brother being an idiot in the background? That’s what the memories lie in, not perfect pictures of edited and made up pictures

  14. Hiyah! thanks for this video, I really enjoyed learning more about blogging. I aspire to be a teen fashion influencer and blogger and currently use my instagram : instagram.com/mxss.gelato_ for blogging however should I start an actual blog website, is it worth it ?

  15. Stop calling yourselves influencers. You're dumbafiers, not influencers. You're being used by lucrative corporations to dumb down their customers by providing a biased opinion that they will blindly follow. You are not influencers. You are modern day corporate prostitutes. But you're just too dumb to understand it. Fuck you.

  16. This is the most informative thing I've seen about how much "influencers" actually make. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Be an influencer…. spend all day on your phone, ignore your real friends, don’t live a real life….

  18. Followers don't always translate to money so black and white. You can have 400k followers, but that doesn't mean you're making $400k…Personal Branding is a HUGE part of it.

  19. I'm only 33 but am too old fashioned to understand how anyone makes money from this and I've never been on Instagram or Snapchat. I hear Instagram is particularly toxic. Its it advert money like YouTube…good on the people who make as much as a doctor or surgeon would a year by just posting a bunch of pics and drama contrived drama online.

  20. I think the whole scene of her deleting her brother out was disgusting… it represents the cold callus world today's young adults exemplify. No worth, no value for the shit that matters in life. It's all about the fake ass shot. And if her brother were to drop dead tomorrow I'm sure she wouldn't give two fuxx about THE SHOT. She'd marvel over the photo like she should have from the beginning. Family and Mother Nature are all that matters when on your death bed. But you senseless empty tacky influencers who are nothing more than a herd mentality would never get that until it's too late. It's disgusting where humanity is. The value of life is truly lost.

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  22. I know her…and so do lots of other folks too. Courtney was the girl in the commercial that talked about a laptop or touchscreen (unsure of brand) & she held some balloons & was on a yellow (I think) bench. The scene went from day to night.

  23. If an influencer is promoting a business, product etc, I make it my business to refuse to buy it. Even if I had previously planned to buy it. It instantly changes my mind. I support good, fair, honest Aussie battler small business not owned or operated by immigrants, feminists or pitically Correct types. And I fo mybackgrou d research on who owns or runs which businesses, so I know who yo boycott and which ones to support. Influencer can only influence me to stop buying the product etc they promote through their media influencing behaviour. I do not see them as stars etc or anybody whose opinions, lifestyles etc matter to me in any way.

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  25. Social media is an exhausting job (mentality, physically, emotionally) it has so many more layers that a normal job wouldn’t . Try it for a few months, get back to me. I don’t like when people laugh at it like it’s not hard

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