Today… We’re going… Into un… Wanted. Territory. [Dramatic Music] We’re going to a place so dark… So moist… So filled with horrible screams… That people say no man… Has ever dared to enter. I’m talking of course… About Tumblr. [Dramatic Music Continues] [Distant Screaming] [Music And Screaming Fade Out] Let’s see what we can find. I’m going to explore the PewDiePie tag. Each time, there’s Dan and Phil Or Septiplier… I’m going to take a shot of this Vodka I think we both know I’m going to die from alcohol poisoning tonight [Laughs] I mean honestly, it can’t be that bad. Let’s check out the tag. Well- I’m dead. Well, it’s been fun knowing you bros. [Dramatic Music Again] [Music Stops] Oh- S’gon be a good video. First off, FUCK YES. Thank you Shuploc. I got a… boob? I’m gonna assume it’s chesticles. I love going to Tumblr and seeing all the amazing artists! I think it’s really cool. So I was at a bookstore and I found this gem. It’s not even a real book… Thanks. It’s… Shitposting. In book form. I put a lot of time and effort into it… Oh- There it is. Well. [1] Thanks Dan and Phil. For giving us so much… Entertainment. This is cool! I mean- It’s Jack and Mark… But let’s face it, I’m just going to live in their shadow from now on. Tumblr… Tumblr… …Islam. I laugh at my own jokes- It’s fucking cringey as shit. Today’s English class was interesting… Okay- Well let’s have a look… PewDiePie! NUMBER ONE, BITCH. THAT’S RIGHT. Fuck all these other YouTubers. Especially JackSepticEye. What- Why does Jack get a heart?! What kinda bullshit is this…!? Why don’t I get a fucking heart? PewDiePie is so funny he’s literally my fave… Are you ironically posting about me…? Oh… Oh- I got a trigger coming up- now …I’m fine. F- False alarm everyone. That’s some sexy shit. Those sunglasses! I need to get those! Eyyyyyy…. Dan, how you doing man? Thank you so much- ‘Preciate just- A random picture of Dan… In the tag there… Why the fuck it up man…? Why. That is not me. This picture’s a… This picture has nothing to- You know what? you know [2] Thanks Dan. Ugh- Are you fucking kidding me. I mean I don’t mind at his point. [3] Oh- UGH- Alright, what we got here? Mark: JUST KNOW- Mark: That in each and every one of you- Mark: I firmly believe… Mark: That there is the potential, to do something amazing why aren’t you crying Mark. This post has literally nothing to do with anyone. [Dubstep Music] No comment. You play with fire, you get burned! Be right back, deleting my channel. Yeah well why is it still up, Jack?! Huh, you scared? You scared you might have to get a REAL job? Bitch? [Explosion Noises] Jack probably thinks he can roast me back. Is that Marzia? Damn… Nobody can escape the Phandom, not even PewDiePie. Yeah, the Phandom? [4] Is a beautiful thing. BLEH- Is this Phil? Is that Phil? Yeah. It’s Phil. Awesome. Thanks for tagging me. Alright I’m doing half a shot because it’s- Half a Phil. I mean Dan. Fuck you. [4.5] Oh okay! This is just Jack and Mark! In the PewDiePie tag! Awesome. What is it I gotta do- I gotta fucking- Dye my hair?! I gotta shave my beard?! Gotta start looking all cute and shit?! If that’s what you want. [Spits] That’s… God why do I keep making- It’s not funny. Here’s me looking orange as fuck. The fuck did I just- Become a ginger? Dan and Phil. Literally only Dan and Phil. In the PewDiePie tag. It’s tagged only. PewDiePie. You want me to die?! [5.5] Is that- Is that what this is?! Are you happy? Are you fucking happy?! Is this what you want?! Pfft- This is all me when I was young and cute. Look at me now. Disgusting. I mean- Damn. Look at that guy. I would get so much pussy back then. You think YouTube would get me more? [Snorting Sound] Edit that out. Look at this picture! This is literally me- About to fist the FUCK, outta you, Jack. This is me with a bunch of ugly tattoos. Except that one is real. It looks like Mark stuck something up Jack’s ass. And… I’m trying to grope invisible balls. Felix? Are you using my high heels? I like how my dogs look like psychopaths. Because they fucking are. What is this? Alright- This one doesn’t count. Because I’m in it, alright? And why did Phil steal my shirt?! What the hell man? Phan is real. It’s not a picture of them- I don’t want to drink more, alright?! I don’t think it’s a good idea. This one doesn’t count. ZERO DEATHS. Oh- Shit! We got a… PewDiePie meme. This better- This is gonna be funny. Person. I think you should stop being so obsessed with those three YouTubers you watch. Maybe you should shut the fuck up. Don’t hate me, I only speak the truth. only speak the truth [Crickets Chirping] And there we go again… Alright… [6.5] S’cool. I don’t care. It’s cool! Whatever! Hey Dan. Cheers to you man. UGGH- [Laughing] That’s awesome. Did you Photoshop boobs on Marzia?! Because- You can see the arms… Are like, fucking huge. OH MY GOD. What the fuck is this?! S’cool. [7.5] Oh- More Dan and Phil. Dan and Phil with a baby. Dan and Phil. Dan. Oh my god. I can’t take this any more. [Dramatic Music] [Muffled] DAMMIT PHIL- [Popping Sounds As Photos Appear] [Groaning] [High Pitched Modem Sounds] [Sound Effects Cut Out, Happy Music Plays] Thank you for watching this video. [Coughs] Leave a like if you enjoyed. Subscribe… Subscribe to bro a day. No but for real though- I really am appreciative of all the cool stuff you bros post… About me, I have nothing against Dan and Phil. I- I think they’re cool dudes. If anything, you’re making my tag better. …To be honest. But it would be cool to see- Maybe, the Tumblr being more active. Cause I do really check it! Whether it’s- Twitter or Instagram or Facebook. I really appreciate that you bros… Post stuff that relates to PewDiePie. Whether it’s… Shitty fan art… Or whatever it may be! Uh- Because I look at it and I appreciate it! And it shows that you bros care. And I… I really do care as well, so thank you. I wanted to announce another competition. For next month… Of Fridays with PewDiePie! Basically… If you’re familiar with RPG Maker. I want you to make a game. I will play the top rated ones. All the info is in the description. I think it’ll be a lot of fun! Check out the- If you’re interested and you’re familiar with RPG Maker, Please check out the link in the description. And that’s it from me for now! Thank you bros so much for watching! Leave a like if you enjoyed, I really appreciate it! And as always… Stay awesome bros. Don’t hate me, I only spit the truth. Jack… You make me wanna, lose my clothes. I’m roasting your whole family Jack. You’re all a bunch of potatoes. That’s right bitch you got roasted. Now what are you gonna do about it?

100 thoughts on “I REACT TO TUMBLR #PEWDIEPIE (PewDiePie React)

  1. I seem to understand that Pewdiepie fans r just ppl born in the most depressing of circumstances. Probably attempt #20 on me trying to find anything funny from this dude

  2. Just noticed India in the list of Tumblr related shit on 0:31. You had beef with us since that time?!

  3. I love the uhh bitch lasange lyrics or thing it's really funny and its stuck in my head.ITS SO GOOD!!!!!

  4. Jack and mark look like teens and you look like a bad ass dad i to not want to mage fun of you you are a cool guy 🖒🖒🖒

  5. I know I should’ve been grossed out by Pewds spitting…. but I was more impressed by his swift precision like…. damn bro 👊🏽 GG

  6. im rewatching videos, but whenever i see angry crazy cussing pewds, i automatically assume its from 2016. 2016 was a weird year for you, pewds.

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  8. Congratulations lyrics: "no alcocholic cause I had a REAL PROBLEM". Now we all know what he was talking about

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