I Tried Being A Food Instagrammer That Makes Over $300,000 | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

I Tried Being A Food Instagrammer That Makes Over $300,000 | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

I’m Lucie Fink, I’m a video producer at Refinery29, but every so often I like to try other people’s jobs. I’m spending the day with Chelsea White of Chelsweets to learn the ropes when it comes to being a food content creator. This is Lucie for Hire. Chelsea White is not your typical content
creator. Her subject is cake. Layers upon layers upon layers of it. I started making cakes about six years ago, and it was really just a great way for me to unwind after work and kind of have a creative outlet from working in public accounting at the time. Four years, over 600 cakes, and almost 650,000 Instagram followers later and Chelsweets is still unique for most
content creators. Something a lot of people don’t know about
me is that I actually have a full-time day job in corporate finance, and that Chelsweets
is really just a side hustle for me. It’s not every day you meet someone with 650,000 Instagram followers, who says their Instagram business is their side hustle. Money, money, money. When it comes to money I obviously still
have my day job, where I do have a six-figure salary and a lot of people I think would be
surprised to know that with Chelsweets I make almost twice my corporate salary. Part of it is through ongoing partnerships
with different networks, and then I also have some revenue come in from advertising on different platforms like on my blog, or on YouTube and things like that. My first challenge was to create the cake
concept. I’m a content creator of my own. I’m making videos and telling stories all
the time, but Chelsea’s audience repeatedly comes back for one thing and one thing only, So, she needs to be continually innovating
and coming up with the next big cake idea. So, the first part of this is gonna be coming
up with kind of the design and the concept of a cake you’re gonna make. It’s important to note that Chelsea typically spreads her work out over the course of a few days. One day after work, I’ll make the layers, another day I’ll prep frosting, I’ll get everything ready and then on the weekends, one day I’ll decorate the cake and film it and then I like to usually edit it the following day, or the
following week whenever I have time. But for the purposes of this episode, she
challenged me to do it all in one day only. We began by brainstorming the way Chelsea typically does pulling up inspiration images online, and sketching out designs in a notepad. We came up with a few thought starters, scratched a few ideas, and then ultimately settled on a holiday-themed present cake. Okay here’s our idea red buttercream Christmas cake shaped like a package with a white fondant bow, red, green, and white tie-dye Christmassy layers inside, this is it. This is the one. Alright, let’s get started. Let’s do this. We got to work making the cake batter, mixing all the ingredients, and then creating rings of red, white, and green, that would ultimately
make the inside of the cake look very cool. So you wanna – yeah, get it like inside of
that, and then it’ll eventually start having that really fun pattern. We pop them into the oven and moved on to
my second challenge. Setting up and prepping for the shoot. For people interested in creating their own
food content, this part of the video should give you some great insights into how Chelsea
works. So for my setup I really like to use two of
these I call them, “umbrella lights” I’m not sure what their technical name is but
I think that’s right, and I also have a tripod that has like a pivoting head which makes
it really great, because if your legs are a little bit uneven, or your floor is a little uneven which mine is, it’s really great having on being able to adjust. But that’s all it is it’s two lights, a tripod, and a camera that can shoot video. She uses adjustable softbox lighting and a
Canon Rebel t5. And she keeps her lights set up in her apartment
all the time for easy access. It is always like this? It is always there, my poor fiancé has stare at 24/7, but there’s nowhere else to put them, so that’s where they hang out. I have lights like this in my bedroom, so
production life. Yep! We work together to move them, and assemble
the lights into the right position. And afterward, we pop the camera onto the
tripod, and made sure it was level and centered with the cake stand. I think that looks pretty good. Yeah, it looks center, looks nice. It’s important to have all of the ingredients
you’ll need pre-prepped and ready to go. So that once the camera starts rolling you’re
ready to work. So we trimmed the cakes. We got Lusweets in the kitchen today, she is making moves, trimming some cake layers. You called me Lusweets? And gathered our essentials. There is the fondant. My third challenge was to shoot. While filming these videos Chelsea’s running
the camera and lighting by herself, but she’s also the
one in the video making the cake. So she’s managing the technical side, but
also the creative side as well. This challenge involved a lot of technical skills. Firstly frosting a cake properly is not easy. As I was working I realized how different
Chelsea’s job is from a classic cake maker. She’s not just making the cake and hoping
the finished product looks, and tastes great, but her art is actually the process of making
the cake. At every step of the way she needs to be aware
of the camera, how low the battery is, what the lens is focusing on, and if she’s working on an area of the cake that’s within the camera’s view. How do you do it? Do I start from here? Yep! Exactly it’s all about the reach. This challenge took the longest amount of time, but the final payoff was magical. Once the shoot was wrapped, my final challenge
was editing and programming the content appropriately. I use iMovie to edit my videos, which is just a free software that came with my Mac, it’s super simple and straightforward, and I taught
myself how to use it. I’m usually only making like two or three cakes a week, and to kind of help maximize my content and spread that out to fill my feed, I like to divide each cake into one video of the build and the assembly, and then another video of the decoration and the cut. I chose to edit my video with Adobe Premiere
since it’s the software I’m most familiar with it work. Thankfully I have some video editing skills from my job, so I just pulled all of the footage into the software, and began cutting the clips. I exported two versions the way Chelsea does. One showing the assembly and frosting of the cake and another showing decorating and the cut. Stay tuned on my Instagram at @luciebfink
for these videos. My favorite part about being a food content
creator is the flexibility, and I mean that in so many different ways, where you can make
your cakes when you want for the most part partnership deadlines, you can try different
designs, different techniques, there’s not as much pressure because you really have full
creative freedom to do whatever you want. You’re not confined to an order or a certain flavor that someone wants, so I really love that. My least favorite part about this job, and by job I mean being a cake content creator has to be sometimes the negativity on social media, you know you, people, don’t realize like how much time you’re putting into something and how much work, and I think it’s so easy to just like to make a simple statement and
that’s critical and I just like doesn’t make you feel like your time and all of your efforts is really being valued. Overall, my day as Lusweets was a major success. My Christmas cake was not only beautiful but it was delicious too, and I think my Instagram audience will love watching it come together. As the sole proprietor of Chelsweets, I would absolutely hire Lucie in a heartbeat, maybe it’ll be called Lusweets, who knows. Chelsea is blazing the trail for female entrepreneurs that want to build their business on social media. She’s true example of the fact that doing what you love can bring you immense joy and financial gain, and as we all know the cake
is always the answer. This is really good. Hey YouTube, thanks for watching click here
for another episode of Lucie for Hire, here to subscribe to Refinery29 on YouTube, and here for my personal YouTube channel. And there’s a car!

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