I’m a Mormon, Wife, and Dedicated Blogger

I’m a Mormon, Wife, and Dedicated Blogger

I grew up in Arcadia, California, in a family of four— great, loving parents who
raised us with good morals, ethical values, family, culture,
and tradition. I never grew up with
a religion. My dad’s kind of agnostic;
my mom says she’s Catholic and goes to church every now and
then to pray. What we do have is strong
tradition and family culture. I was spiritual ’cause my parents
had instilled in me all these values to be a
good person, right? You do good things, you
don’t steal from anyone, you don’t lie to anyone. I, for the most part, thought
that I had a good set of values and a
good set of morals. I think what was missing was a
relationship with God. I’m a resource manager,
and basically, my day-to-day tasks involve
staffing team members. It’s a lot of people interactions,
just talking with the person and figuring out what jobs
we can put them on to get them to develop the way they
need to. So I love my job. I was having one of those days
where I just wasn’t super happy. Nothing was wrong, but it was
kind of like, “Man, there has to be more to
life than this.” I kind of thought, “Where am I
going to be in 10 years? Am I still going to be with the
firm? What about a family?” There didn’t seem to be
much progress. A lot of times people think, “If I’m edu-
cated, I can’t believe in God, or why would I even think
He exists? I do all this stuff because
of the knowledge I have or the talents
I have.” And I don’t think that’s
always true. I think everything we have in
this world, from family to the skill set we
have, yeah, we can learn to develop it as
we go on with life, but all we have is given to
us by God. My friends, they’re the greatest
because as soon as I started taking
lessons with the Mormons, I told them, “Hey, I might
be Mormon.” And they said, “What?” I said, “Well, I’ve been going
to their church lately, and I’ve been taking these lessons,
and they’re teaching me about it, and I think I might
be Mormon someday.” They said, “That’s crazy. Do you
know what they believe in? Do you know what they do? Do
you even know what it’s about?” They said things like, “Mormons
still believe in polygamy. They basically make you quit
your job, stay at home, have lots of babies.” I thought,
“Yeah, they might be right.” People said to me, “You felt
something, but are you sure you can’t feel something at
another church?” or “Are you sure you didn’t make
yourself feel that way?” For a long time I thought,
“Yeah, maybe I am.” Then I went to ask my Mormon
coworkers, but instead of combating or
coming back with a a comeback and saying, “No, that’s not what we
believe in,” they just said, “Go read the Book of Mormon
and pray to know.” So that’s what I did. And instead of asking for
everyone else’s advice, non-Mormons and Mormons, I just said, “I’ll take it to God. I’ll read the Book of Mormon
and ask Him if it’s true or not.” My name’s Daisy Chou. I’m
a resource manager, I’m a dedicated blogger,
and I’m a Mormon.

100 thoughts on “I’m a Mormon, Wife, and Dedicated Blogger

  1. and you got suckered into those Mormon values did ya? WowGrats. Hope you like fear, it'll be your constant buddy.

  2. The purpose of these videos is to show that Mormons are beautiful and normal people. There are other videos that talk about the actual religion's beliefs but these videos were created to show that Mormons are just like everyone else.

  3. @regionfree1 actually, my life is good and fun( I'm an IT grad) and i like to thank my faith in catholism for that

  4. @regionfree1 actually, im a catholic and my life is great, compared to my buds who are atheist or agnostic who spend alot of their time trying to debunk religions

  5. Typically when I hear someone say, I'm spiritual, my mind shuts off in an attempt to protect itself from imploding.

  6. I am a dedicated youtube watcher, I am a straight A student, I am involved in my community, and you couldnt pay me to be a mormon!

  7. If you feel something is missing in your life, or you believe there is more to life than what you found, I promise that those voids can be filled! These videos echo the words of nearly every Latter Day Saint; I am blessed to be affiliated with so many great and caring people!

  8. Such a waste. I think someone should start a chain of videos like these with Atheists, and remind people that your religious choice does not determine your happiness.

  9. I am a a-b student, i am a swimmer, and a sister of 3,and i am a agnostic, NOW STOP RINGING MY DOOR BEEL IM NOT GOIGN TO JON YOUR RELIGION GO AWAY

  10. Whoever has a problem with the way someone lives their life needs to just back off. I'm not even a mormon but more power to you if you are. You found happiness in your life with a lifestyle that I, myself, don't necessarily live by. But that's what personal peace is.

  11. @alexward2013
    No one would pay you to be a mormon, its a life choice. And trust me, its the happiest choice I ever made. You guys sit and watch these even though you "hate" mormons. Why waste your time watching them? If you really wanted to know about mormonism go to something legit like the site or the BOM, dont just listen to what other people say. If somebody tells you something about another person do you immediately believe it? Or do you go to that person and find out the truth?

  12. @alexward2013 they aren't spending their money trying to get you to be a Mormon. They are spending their money trying to stop gay people from marrying.

  13. Your not just another asian woman, what so important is that your a mormom and don't care about the nations upcoming birthday….do you!

  14. I think a lot of people are missing the point of these videos. They are in NO WAY trying to preach to anyone. They are not trying to convert you. They just want to show that Mormons are normal people with normal lives and families just like everyone else. And not all of them have huge families, I know many single families that are Mormon and never had any kids. It's all personal choice, the Mormon church doesn't force anyone to do anything. FREE WILL is one of their biggest beliefs.

  15. Im Jewish, but I respect the Mormon religion because they go on their own business and practice what they believe.

    I hate facing religious intolerance for being Jewish. I know a lot of Mormons who feel the same way. These videos are great education for people who dont know a lot about this religion.

  16. I'm really confused about these videos. What does a blogger, a footballer, a rocker, or pro surfer etc. have to do with the mormon religion? I'm confused honestly.

  17. sounds like she is lonely to me. To be honest if she had a husband or bf she would not be looking for religion to fill in her emptyness. granted alot of lonely people move to religion to fill in lonlyness or other things. good luck to her. also get ready to give a third of your income to the mormon faith.

  18. religion has killed more people then it saved. Save your self and convert back to reality before its too late!

  19. @millerauthor3 haha are you saying everyone else are simply stupid and if your smart and successful that the stupid people will exclude you?

  20. I was raised Mormon and was very active until I was 14-15 years old, yes I was still young but I believed, anyway my parents got in a divorce, my parents were miserable and still are miserable so that scared me away from the church but I realize that's just how it was for them. My dad takes the religion way way overboard and says he is worried for me because I don't believe and will not be with my family in the afterlife which I think is completely bogus, I respect the church now more then ever

  21. The point of making these videos is because they want to show that Mormons are really no different from all of us. They live normal lives and they want us to respect them. We always thought stereotypically that they believe in polygamy and they have twisted values. So far, Daisy has a better testimony than most, but the purpose of these videos are just to show that they are completely normal and that they are moved by God through a different approach.

  22. @katsoup565 She's good looking, but not ultra-hot. So this tells me you are another white guy with an Asian fetish.

  23. The religion one picks is usually based on the environment that they live in. She probably lives in UTAH or a similar environment.

  24. "people say if you're educated, then you can't believe in god" well clearly, you're not educated, at least not in the science and critical thinking arena

  25. I noticed none of the other religions feel the need to buy ad space on a website where dancing bananas and lighting farts on fire is the game…

  26. @macnajee There are a couple to attract guys like us they cannot convince with coherent theological arguments.

  27. So many people feel like they are missing something in their lives.

    Talking with the missionaries is not scary at all.

  28. the top comments makes me sad because i used to believe that the LDS church was a cult, esp where i am from in the bible belt. It wasn't until I actually went to church myself and read the book of mormon for myself that I was able to feel like I could judge mormons at all. I'm proud to be LDS and invite you guys to stop hiding on the internet that can't allow to truly understand the church

  29. "I had a good set of values and a good set of morals"

    before she became a Mormon? WAIT WAIT WAIT! But I thought you can't have morals without religion?!

  30. @Roninlord25a Actually..It's a tenth of our income. And since we believe that God gives us everything, we believe in giving a small percentage of that back to him. And the money goes to building temples and church buildings.

  31. That seems to be what mormonism is REALLY about from what I gather. To read the works of God and pray to know if its true or if it is right. I find that is how I conduct my own spiritual practice.

  32. @MultiRuby85 Have you seen the videos with the scientists who are Christian? Muslim? Jewish? A scientist believing in Mormonism doesn't prove anything at all.

  33. why do you need to market your religion and put out some general image of Mormons, whats the point? If people come to these beliefs, they should because its what they belive. Not because it's cool or whatever. This woman sounds like she has a genuine belief. Thats great. different people find this kind of fulfillment through different ways, some through jesus, some through buddha, personally for ME, its just "god". and i believe because of my lfe experiences, not because i saw a commercial.

  34. Mormons have been getting a bad rap recently and many people associate them with other groups which isn't true. This is to help show the lives of Mormons' to help dispel the myths surrounding the religion, to help them represent themselves.

  35. How can so many people dislike this? She found a stronger relationship with God and told about it. I think it's great

  36. of course you don't need to be a Mormon to have a relationship with go. but being a Mormon makes that relationship stronger. same-thing with every other christian church. and ya even without a church you can still have a strong relationship with god.

  37. Who said that Mormons develop their relationship with God only by going to church on Sundays? Our relationship with God is in our hearts and in everything we do. We just go to church to praise him. 🙂

  38. I really like Daisy's story, because it just goes to show, that some people can git stuck in there thinking about how Mormons are, or what there suppose to be. And all a missionary said was read the Book of Mormon for yourself, and pray about it, and ask if it is true… In your heart.

  39. Thanks for your story. I'm sorry for all those that have to make negative comments.

    Thanks for sharing your faith.

  40. "Go to the Book of Mormon, read the Book of Mormon, and pray sincerely to know..and that's what I did, instead of asking everybody for their advice…I'll take it to God and I'll ask him if this book is true". Great Testimony. Thanks.

  41. Only <<Bible>> is the words of God, we shouldn't trust anything besides <<Bible>>.  for Devil always misleading people with his messages. And in <<Bible>> it already mentioned, there's only one God, which is Jesus Christ, The father, the son of God, and the Holy spirit. 

  42. Daisy, I resonated with you. Your experience is very similar to mine. I found that, aside from what any person has to say about a religion, that I could find truth by going to the source and asking the Lord. I read the Book of Mormon to see if it really was the word of God, and I believe that it is. Thank you for sharing!

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