I’m Starting a Science Vlog!

I’m Starting a Science Vlog!

Hi. I don’t know if I remember
how to do this anymore, so it’s been a while. And I’ve been in grad school. I’ve been here in lab. But I’ve been thinking a lot
about making videos lately, because I miss it. I miss editing videos. I miss interacting with the
internet in this fashion. I miss babbling to the
entire world wide web about science via video. And it just seemed
like the right time to try and dive back in, and to
try and do this whole science video internet thing again. Mostly. But I want to do it a little
bit differently this time. So Bite-sized was a very
scripted video format where I had something I wanted
to teach you every week. And then I scripted it out
and I did lots of research. And I really tried to make
these little bite-sized capsules of science that I could put
out there on the internet. But it’s kind of not what
I want to do anymore. I want to try something a
little bit more unscripted, a little bit less scripted,
actually a lot less scripted. I want to try and science blog. What do you want
me to blog about? Do you want me to talk about a
day in the life of a scientist, or do you want me to talk
about cool science news, or do you want me to
tell you about lab stuff, like what in the world
is a lab notebook and what goes into it, or
maybe you want to learn what a PCR is, or how to load a gel. This is where I’ve
been in grad school. And I think I’m
probably going to be in grad school for a while now. But during that time, I can
talk to you about science. Here’s the deal though. This isn’t really
Bite-Sized anymore. It’s a different format. It’s going to be something
kind of different, so I need a new name. I need a name for
my science blogs. And you should leave your
thoughts down in the comments or tweet at me or something. I don’t know. Just get them to me. Get your thoughts
to me so that then I can give you my science thoughts
from here in the lab where I live essentially. I’m here a lot. I’m really going
to try and do this. I’m going to try
and keep this up. Let me know if you’ll even
consider watching the science.

100 thoughts on “I’m Starting a Science Vlog!

  1. Oh, grad school, how much I don't miss thee.

    Anyway, I'd watch such a vlog. I've always enjoyed your content, and of course science is (almost) always fascinating.

    Good luck with the rest of school!

  2. Sounds good! I really like videos about lab techniques, but I'm sure that if you pick topics that interest you, the videos will be great.

  3. You should create some videos about what makes doing your science hard and talk about the technology and how things are changing.

  4. You can talk about all the tools u use in your lab. Or what is it like to work in a lab all day?
    Just make video's you will see where it takes you 😉
    Name, something simple and easy to search and share. Good luck! I'll be watching!

  5. You should definitely dedicate an episode on how to keep working on your science project and how not to get distracted by watching YouTube videos.

  6. Science Thoughts. I think showing what you do and WHY you do it would be very helpful. It would teach the general public more about what scientists really do. It will also show anyone interested in becoming a scientist what is involved. I think you need to show the good, the bad, the awesome, and the ugly of it. Can't wait to watch.

  7. Haha welcome to academia! The research life is an… Interesting one…

    Splendid to see you're coming back online, the vlog sounds like a great idea. Vlab notes.

    Alternative idea (for those who get a bit sick of the race to publish) format it as an open letter to academia, where you can talk about all the best, worst, and most stressful parts of living the academic life.

  8. I like Lab Rat and Grad Sci-zed, so I wanted to combine them. I thought of "Grad Lab" or "Grad Rat", but I keep tongue-twisting it and saying "Grab Rat!" And we're not grabbing rats. So… damn it.

    The vlog idea sounds great. I'm not in your industry like Myles or others, so honestly things like lab books are lost on me. I appreciate learning, which was what was awesome about BiteScized, and a more "grown up" and longer version of learning topics would be great, but it's really niche if you keep it to just lab work and lab equipment.

    You already have a full study plate with grad school, so I'm sure you wouldn't want to do more research; and you already said you don't want to do something very scripted.

    I know you can't talk about the work you're doing, but what is the exact subject matter? What exactly is your expertise or focus in? As a guy completely not in your field at all, and who just likes the way you explain things, I would love if you could break down the importance of something as simple as a microscope, and how focused lenses changed science. That alone could break into either a track for evolution, or into something like GMO's and what Myles talks about. But again, it'd all be rather scripted.

  9. In/From/Inside the Lab

    Lab Sci-zed
    Through the Microscope
    Alexter's Laboratory :/

    Okay I think that's all I got.

    I would watch/read/listen to anything you make. You're knowledgeable, confident, and enthusiastic so anything you talk about in your science vlogs is going to be great. I'm really looking forward to it. (I was actually thinking about how much I missed Bite Sci-zed the other day.) I'll definitely watch every one.

    Since I'm kind of on the outside here, only having limited lab experience in high school, I don't understand really the process of disciplined lab research beyond the scientific method. Because of this, I am very curious about everything that you showed in the video already: lab reports, gels, cool machines and equipment, and the other little "secrets" of how science happens.

    I'm also curious in broader topics and knowledge that I could apply in my life, like what are your thoughts on pop-science, tips on how to sort through science and non-science, how to "think more scientifically," how to get OTHER people to "think more scientifically," how to deal with biases. I don't know if that's a direction you'd want your Science Vlogs to go in, but they seem like they would make for some relaxed, unscripted, science-themed vlogs. Maybe you could just make a single video on how people can take science and laboratory productivity/organizational/discipline techniques and use them in their everyday life? Or how becoming a scientist has changed your everyday life?

    You've peaked my curiosity! Can't wait for the new vlogs.

  10. Nice to see you back! I hope you will do great videos!

    Hem…I shouldn't do that here, but I would like to share a mixed opinion on science, and as I'm not good in english, It won't be very well explained. But I would be curious to have your opinion on that.
    One day, I would like to see – not from your channel, because it's mainly focused on the positive aspect of science – the not – so – bright side of science. And this to several levels, as you must know ; I mean : Vlogers, authors, magazines, comics, podcasts about science do a great job, as you do, to show to everyone the best aspect of science, and the passion you can have for a field of research.

    But, for what I know, no one (except in science history and sociology) show that it could be very tough and unfair. A lot of PhD students learn that sometimes a bit late. To another level, nearly all fields of research are pushed in some ways hiding sometimes just some interest conflicts and political moves in a department. To another level, the scientific publishing system is ironically expensive in many countries, especially in public universities that have to pay to access to their own articles. To a last level, many ethic points are simply skipped from research directions and decisions.

    As you can see, a lot of these points are due to the competitive aspect of science…as in any professional domain, so that's not really my issue, here.

    The point I would like to highlight is that there's something more to do appart of ignorance and unconditional passion .And this selfcriticism, existing in many domains, seems to be under represented in science, especially in educational videos, to me.

    (If I am wrong on it and that you know some good channels about this subject, I am interested!)

  11. Yay!

    Paul Keefer's idea of Grad Sci-zed gets my vote!

    Not overly fussy about the content on my end. Just generally happy to have you back. ^_^

    Also, it's kind of interesting to see the changes in you since the last Bite Sci-zed videos. It show's that you've got the grad-student pants on – there's a sense of confidence and authority coming through that wasn't quite there before. It's very cool to see that ongoing development. 😀

  12. How about, "Life Sci-zed"

    It follows the theme you've started with and sounds similar. You're fusing science and your personal life and vlogging about it, and the name includes both terms. Bite size => Life size is a logical step of progression in which the increased size implies content that is bigger, better and improved, just as you, yourself (the host), have graduated/ascended. Also, this proposed title can be read either as an adjective relating to the content's importance/relevance to life (also life as in biology), or as what happened to your life in that it has been greatly affected by science. (Your life has been Sci-zed)

  13. It would be cool to see you running a gel electrophoresis, when I ran one in biochemistry lab to measure the length of a plasmid it didn't revealed correctly so I may learn something new :), also it would be cool a video about "how to keep a lab notebook" 😉

  14. Tell us what's happening in the lab and talk to us about about interesting science stuff you hear about.
    Really, everything you mentioned is good.

  15. "20 Year Old Girl Builds The ATOM BOMB" You can't go wrong with that, seriously Ep. 1,2,3…If it's going to be more grad student self-help based, golly, do I have the name for you "Building Yourself a Big Old Brain"

  16. Name: SciLex or SciLex.Dainis
    Topic: When we observe time dilatation how do we know its not a clock problem. For example, when we see that atom clocks works differently on the orbit how do we know that time is flowing differently and not that atom clocks are working differently in different conditions.

  17. Nice to see you again 😀
    I'm a theoretical physicist and I will start grad school next year. So I don't know (and probably will never 😮 ) how to set up an experiment: Where do you start, what thoughts are going into, and so on.. Each step of the iteration needs a lot of ideas and I find it interesting how you tackle these tasks 🙂

    Also, did you get your teeth fixed :D?

  18. No suggestions for a name, but if you just talk about what's exciting you, keeping you motivated, and that kind of thing, I doubt you'll be able to make a bad video! If it's fun and interesting to you, there no doubt will be tons of folks who feel the same. 🙂

    And thanks for doing videos that can inspire and educate the next generation of science geeks!!!

  19. I love the idea, and I would mostly like to see you doing stuff, explaining stuff, more than just talking to the camera.

  20. Heck Yes! I'll watch! I loves the science and Alex, you should consider yourself an inspiration. You are a girl in science, how's fascinated by science and can talk about science. If for only to show the next generation that they can do it to, you should just talk about what you like!!

  21. Science Sauce? like science source? or Hi-Sci? maybe Slience? like a Slice of Science. or just Sci-Slice whatever. I'll tune in, I actually missed your videos

  22. I could not be happier about your return to YouTube. Personally I think the world needs as many science communicators as possible and you're one of the best… so my vote is science news. Keep us all updated on current research.

  23. Well since you are a genetics grad student you have the ability to understand genetics better than most people. There is lots about genetics that I wish I understood. Like how is it that genetics is able to code for mathematical shapes. Seems like genetics knows how to do polynomial equations? It can replicate the same unique leaf shape, flower petal shape. Is there a shape that DNA can't do? Why don't we see flowers with perfectly square petals? Is it a myth that our genes are mutation resistant? If you believe in evolution then does that make us all mutants?

  24. So glad you're back! How about telling us a little about your research topic(s), what you're toiling away at in that lab. Are you involved at all in genomics? Sorry, I got nothin' in the way of a new title.

  25. These new vlogs sound exciting! As for names, I'm sending you my thoughts: "Afternoon science", "Slice of lab", "Come forth, see science", "Lab-blah-blah", "AlexLabEx!… periments", I'm just making up stuff now. I actually saw the video when it came out but just got around to commenting because I was distracted by some other… oh look, a cat video! /o/

  26. TheDiscussion, or Dainiscussion?
    I mean, bite-scized was like the introduction to a paper. Factual literature review. It sounds like this is gonna be more improvisation, speculative, and evaluative. Sounds like the discussion section to me.

  27. All of the above!

    Personally I'm just happy that you are back doing videos.

    Possible Vlog name:
    Lab Life

  28. Glad you'll be making videos again! I'm going to list some possibly horrible show names now.

    Stepping into Science
    Labradar – the mascot could be a labrador retriever with a radar dish on its head. Eh eh?
    She Vlogged at Me With Science – because Thomas Dolby
    really just anything with "Lab Notes" in it is good. Lab Notes with Alex Dainis?


  29. I missed you!. . . And now i miss your teeth! 🙁 . . .I wish you hadn't changed it, but if it makes you happier, then I'm glad for you. . . . All viewers really want from you is personality. . . Which you have tons of. . . So give it to us in ByteScizes and we'll all be happy 😀

  30. Hi Alex, whatever you do, do not let a name define you. You define the name. The best name will be one that means the least. . . In this way, you'll never have to explain anything about the meaning behind the name, since there is nothing to explain. Your content is it's definition. . . .

  31. "How to train your Dork"

    You can talk about equipment and methods

    When They are useful.
    What cool things they show you.
    How to use them like a pro. (and what happens when you don't)
    How They work. (the physics behind it)

    If you go from very basic (like weighing scales) to progressively more advanced it could be a good resource for lecturers and students like me.

    If you fit all of that into like ten mins you might be onto a winner.
    It's systematic in its planning so a bit like periodic table of videos.
    And so little to no extensive planning.
    It completely by passes the whole P.l. sensitivity thing.

    I'll post this in 1 more vid please dont be mad if the idea sucks I can't tell, sorry.

  32. I really appreciate your talking about life as a grad student and what you do in the lab (the lab notebook and grad student question episodes were great!); I already went through it all, in a very similar lab (and even at the same school – Go Cardinal! – your description of the lab rotation scheme at Stanford really brought back memories), but I love having these videos to show my undergraduate students who are thinking about going to grad school, because seeing someone closer to their age who is going through it right now (as well as being on YouTube, which, oddly, lends credibility for people that age) saying exactly the same things I keep telling them has an impact.

  33. I'LL WATCH!!! A little late getting this but glad you're back at it. Have fun doing it! looking forward to more of your stuff coming out!

  34. Yeeeah! Welcome back, Alex 😀
    I'd personally love an education on the equipment and technology that you have around the lab, old and new, perhaps with some example case studies/uses?.. I'd be curious about everything from how different bits of kit physically operate and what the individual controls do, though I'm not sure that's everyone's idea of fun YouTubing!
    All your suggestions, too: the lab books, 'a day in the life of'… don't underestimate how curious and geeky your audience can be 😉

  35. Your gift of explaining complicated concepts and ideals makes them approachable and easy to understand. I do not have a suggestion for a name but I would love to watch it!

  36. Im so happy you came back!, hope that this channel keeps theaching the peoe and the world how interesting science is.

    Biology always amazed me, so since you cover this field, i would love to learn how the you use the differents machines and why and when and everything.

    You just keep going and we will support you!!


  38. I'm so glad you've started this! This is exactly the type of thing I've been looking for and as a biochem undergrad I want to know EVERYTHING 😛 haha I would love to do this too <3 #womeninSTEM #lablife

  39. I don't know if you have already chosen a name for this new format, but I liked the way you said "The Science" at the very end of this video. So maybe you just want to call it "The Science", because it is…the science.

  40. Any idea on how to get over a "PCR-allergy"?

    i strongly, subconsciously dislike doing PCR, mostly because if you get the slightest bit of contamination the whole process is screwed (at least in the assay i do).

  41. sounds to me like you totally know how to do this

    ideas on what to vlog about: current breakthroughs, daily practical uses of science (or non-practical; your choice LOL), and your closing thoughts on the topic(hate when somebody presents something and just asks for our thoughts)

  42. Can I just say you're amazing!!!
    I am currently an undergraduate studying a Bachelor of Science Double Major Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Wildlife Biology
    Watching your videos inspires me to strive to do my best so I can achieve something like you one day. I am excited and cannot wait for my time to shine!
    So Thank you!

  43. Excellent idea. I'm a little late to respond. Just found you today, through the synethesia post. Which was very well done to help us understand from your point of view. In any event, I will consider watching. Let me go check what I have missed so far…

  44. You've got the right idea already, just using your name for the channel title. I also think you're a fantastic role-model for a younger generation of scientist, so it proves to have objective merit. That's just my point of view, at least. Your creative personality always carries an infectious enthusiasm for learning, which is TRULY what makes your Vlogs and videos so enjoyable and informative – NOT just subconscious selection triggers within an 80% demographic. I'm comfortable talking about the "Alex Dainis" videos I've seen with friends and family, even referring to the old BiteSciZed ones – and I'm thankful YouTube allows me to see just how much fun you make a biology lab every week. Please keep it up! I can't wait to see what's next, and where you go.

  45. Yay!! I was thinking of doing the same thing. I'm a grad student too (PhD Chemistry). Looking forward to seeing your vids!

  46. This channel has the potential to be something very unique, important and powerful. Scientific literacy should be a part of out culture and its people like you that are a part of that change.

  47. I've never known of your existence but i saw the title and it interested me so much because i've not seen anything like science blogs before and I love science and i want to become a scientist

  48. I know that this announcement is year old, but it's great to see you back making videos again! I started grad school about the time as you, and really stopped paying attention to a lot of science youtube channels as I got sucked into grad life… But now I get to rediscover all my favorite old channels, and am looking forward to catching up!

  49. I’m interested in articles on breakthroughs in all science fields. I also enjoy learning practical, low tech solutions that make life easies, less expensive. “ Practical Science & Exciting Research “

  50. Hey Alex, great quality video!! Can I ask for some advice on Vlogging? I'm starting a PhD vlog channel and am wondering if you have any tips? Thanks a million!!

  51. HEYYYY! Can you do a video on how to use lab equipment for new researchers with no experience in the lab?

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