and then with the fuel flow restrictor
you’ve got a straw half the size so you go I don’t know how to do this but hey welcome to my hahaha so we’re
gonna give this a crack I did some videos back in 2016 and Melville, a
friend of mine actually helped me out they were cool he’s good on the editing
I have never edited a video before so this is probably not gonna be the best
but welcome to join in and see how it’s like my hands shaking a lot and this is
my teammate Ryo Hirakawa say g’day bro thank you and hopefully we have a good
one this weekend uh we’re on our way to Fuji Speedway for round five of Super GT
so follow us on our weekend Hey mate we’re shooting the vlog! What are we doing? Some TRD trucks up here so this is us the Lexus trucks
oh no that’s us that’s us! their! all right we made it
yeah cheers for that man hey what are do you reckon for the weekend? what position come? on have some faith in
us brother seven are you gonna pass some cars? Come on brother, send it! I’m worried about this one hand deal bring the old helmet this is the a team going for the win
this weekend Yuhi, send a message to the Japanese fans Yo man! So this here is my new hobby wait I’m not very good at this You gotta teach me, you’re the pro!
What camera do you have? Nikon. This is for boy, yours is for girls. Funny man Good morning!!! Let’s roll it’s 7:20 in the morning my
body doesn’t know where I am on my way to meet Ryo go to the circuit.
I’m trying to speak quite because we’re in the hotel! Thank you very much! See ya mate. Morning mate What do we think today? Grey or blue? How’d you sleep dude? Not so bad, 6 hours. 6 hours? What were you doing? Hahaha you can’t put that in the vlog! Alright I’m going to be really honest, I do not know how I’m going to edit this video. I’ve never edited
a video in my life so I don’t know…. I’ve been reading about these transitions let’s see if something can work and
anyway also the cool the cool vloggers they do
like this when they’re driving, they… like the place music and then they just… so today is a qualifying day we are here
round five yeah are you excited for the weekend
mate? Not today, tomorrow yes Yeah so 500 mile race 800 kilometres how it works in Super GT
they don’t have a balanced performance as such between the cars but what they
do have is a system that works out how many points you have and you get a
certain amount of weight so it basically slows your car down they also have a
system when you get to a certain amount of points you get a fuel flow restrictor
which limits the amount of power you have on your engine so we have let’s say
two stages of fuel flow restrictor for this weekend and best way to explain it
how would you explain it okay it’s like it’s like having a smoothie and you’ve
got a drink right and you got it you got a straw and see you like this in the
straw and then with the fuel flow restrictor you’ve got a straw half
the size… tough work all right well see how we go Hey um, you’re on for qualifying 1 brother We’ll see how we go! Off to the pit walk The really cool thing about racing in Japan is Everyday the open the pits and allow the fans to walk through You don’t need a special pass, everyone who’s in the circuit can come You’ve some girls, some drivers, check it out now we go to see some other Lexus guys
these guys are like the experienced heroes of Lexus
38 car 38 car That was annoying. We are starting 14th, Rio did Q1 it wasn’t ideal that’s life so… it’s long race Now we’re off for a talk show basically I had the
pleasure of driving a new Lexus LC convertible coupe at Goodwoodw festival
three weeks ago in the UK so that car has now been shipped to Japan
it’s a here at Fuji Speedway It will be shown to the fans here just now in
this talk show and chemistry and yeah we get to talk about that so it’s a
prototype car which will be launched Boom, it’s race time baby We’re starting 14th Haven’t really taken many videos for this vlog but we’ll see how the race goes and i’ll update you guys after Give us a message mate Have a good race today, hope you win! I probably shouldn’t qualify so far back Bit of a walk And I’ll get ready now. Talk to you later! hi-hi-hi race review video how was today
today we had very bad luck and also good luck so I don’t know what to
say. End result alright is a I think a happy finish P4 was happy but you see
Team Le Mans so the car we’re fighting with in the championship
there was only one point difference before this weekend They have won the race we finished 4th so it’s gonna be tough for the
the point situation but we keep fighting still second in the championship Transition! I don’t know if this actually works But we’re out! So thank you for tuning in. I’m going to see how I actually edit this thing but… ciao!

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