Hello, Polynesians! How are you? We are very happy today! Race challenge Pause! No, you’re on break! See how it is prepared. You’re a witch. Hey, Polynesians, we are very happy today because we are going to make one of videos that you have more asked us and also a promise that we had made several. blogs ago If we get to how many likes? A 700,000 likes we make video of Tumblr photos. It’s good. Imitating Tumblr photos. The time has come. We already chose some photos that we are going to replicate, so let’s start. The point of making Tumblr photos is that they come out as similar as possible, outfits, poses, background. Wich is the first photo that we are going to imitate? This is the first photo that we are going to imitate. Lesslie and Rafa who are going to take this picture. I want you to see to this boy that this shirt that should be this, that it is broken. Who buys broken shirts? Be calm, Lesslie. In the photograph that we have to imitate, shirts is not like that, it’s going to get dirty, I say it’s better. Hey, I want to tell you by the way, when I bought this sweatshirt I liked the design, I did not know what it was, but then I realized it’s from Fortnite. Our friend Skbeche is going to sponsor us. It’s better than the sweatshirt. Yes, because you show the thickness, that is to say, you have to care details. So exaggerated! We’re? Hey, Skbeche, I think that your shirt is already too small for me. I grew up. That’s mine. OK well. You have to accommodate your hair, okay? Ok, I’m going to be the director. My hair, Karen. And I’m going to be art director. My hair I need to see my pose. Wait. Put yourself like that, but there. What annoying! Who buys broken shirts? Well, we already have poses, now it’s going to take picture. You have to put there. Do not fall on us. We are going to try to take photo. My mouth already hurt. We have just taken picture, I had to put an earring to Rafa because the boy in the picture had an earring. I’m going to fall at any time from this place. Hey, do not overdo! How has she picture with plastic! Take it off No, Ana Karen, you! How ugly. Even that we sent it to frame, Lesslie and I sent it to frame this. It was to protect it from dust. So you’re going to stay, in half. Now we are going to take another picture that it is in pajamas and I asked to Rafa that he brings a gray sweatshirt and a plaid trousers. I do not have a gray sweatshirt with a hat and plaid pajama. The most plaid pajama that I have. The point is to be alike those are the goals. Ok, I am going to see if I get it, I have this. It looks good. Wearing it. I do not think so, we was asked him to brings somethings that it is not even plaid pajama. Hey, I think Karen’s pants are too small for me. Hey, we have not told you but Lesslie made us this cake last night because today we are going to record then she said “oh, tomorrow I’m going to see my little brothers”. very nice that Rafa ate all. Do you know what we can do? Change the color of the jacket. It is late, boy? It is late, boy? No, I do not have those clothes, I can not do those positions. Why not? My knee has to reach here below, I can not do that. Karen, you’re going to hurt me! Let’s see. Hey, you obstruct my feet in the bar, you burn me. This is very difficult. Now let’s take picture. Shut! That picture is not real. Yes it is real but they are Japanese or Korean, they have good flexibility, not you. And you are very hard. I can not walk anymore. You are like an old woman. Listen now,
photo edition was amazing, look, look there it is, we are alike, Lesslie. Oh no, I did not think it would work out so well. Now let’s take this picture here. That is simple. I remember that I had that outfit but now I do not have it in my closet because now I have it in my room. In the dead Do not overdo, how many videos do you have? What are you doing with that. I’m going to keep it, I can not be there. Here it is, look It is alike, look at little neck, it’s identical, only it’s a more light color. In the photo, girl’s eyebrows are disheveled, so let’s do the same, let’s put water in this. Oh, Karen, how beautiful you look. I do not like that hairstyle. Oh no, see how pretty Karen looks. I do not like it. Oh, Karen! Rafa, do not move! You’re hitting me with the brush in my face. You’re very rude, Karen. Karen just put dust on my nose and it makes me want to sneeze. You have to go down a little bit. Get down. I have to do this little girl’s size. No … Oh, Lesslie. The muscles were numbed. Oh no, this is very difficult. I do not want any more Tumblr photos. We have been making this video for 4 days. For my next photo I need to make myself like a little bun and with a small blouse so … I’ve arrived. This is my oufit, it’s very simple, I have a blue sweater, glasses, I’m ready. Listen, you are doing to me as you want today. You mistreated me in all photos with strange positions, you are combing me as you please. There is. Do not overdoit, my face! Next picture is here and we have the first one. Like he has a recharge camera. And so I stayed, in fact, lenses are like below. Let’s see, let’s take pictures. And now the picture that we are going to imitate it is this one. There it is, my Korean hairstyle. Ok, now it is time to imitate photo. Rafa as a good gentleman, he has to tie shoe lace to Karen. For last picture we are going to go to the house of … MY! So let’s go. Ready? Well, after having many Tumblr photos, now we are going to do one of us, with those incredible jackets that we have, They are already available in the Gazer store. I do not know if you know, but the Polynesians and I on Twitter meet to Gazer to get this jacket off fast. Here between us, they need pressure, so Argentina, Peru, Colombia. Pressure. So, when they feel pressure it is like … We are in a time that it is incredible that it is called golden hour that for photos are very important because the skin looks very beautiful, then with this light … Not only the skin. Everything looks beautiful, it looks golden. With this light, let’s take picture. Hey, that’s how this Tumblr picture was. with our beautiful and beautiful jackets. Listen if you take Tumblr photos with these jackets, send us and tag us in all the social networks so that we can see them and give you love to your photographs. Karen is not only one who has … I’m going to make art with this. It is not art. I did it to my sister, I sent it to frame and see how she has it. Listen, where are we going to put this picture? I say that here. We have a potion, so the Polynesians decide in the comments to see, option 1 here on this wall, option 2 is the wall there and option 3 here. Then put in comments where would you like Lesslie to place this picture. Well, I hope you liked this video a lot, so we did it after so many vlogs. Hey, but it reached 700,000. If you liked this video, give it a lot of likes because we were waiting all with a lot of longing. And see you in the next video. Goodbye, Polynesians! I love you!


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  3. Son los mejores youtuber del mundo la primera vez que los vi supe que estos videos iban a cambiar mi vida cada día que estoy triste veo un video y me alegran

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