Hello Crafters! Welcome to this video. I’m very excited. It’s been a while since I wanted to make this video imitating tumblr colorful photos. But for some reason I postponed it and postponed it and I said, “Enough, today is the day to do it.” and believe it or not I’m quite surprised because I thought it was going to be a lot easier to make this kind of video because I see them and I say “Oh that looks super easy” or “Maybe it’s missing something over here.” and now I did it and checked the photos I’m like “Mm, it’s harder than I thought.” but oh well, the first picture I started with is a photo I saved in my Instagram because I thought it was really colorful and fun and I said, “I have to imitate it.” And it all started really well, well not so good. First I had to find the clothes and I honestly don’t have any white clothes so I ended up buying a Walmart shirt. My plan is to fold this like this so that it looks like it goes with the expandable. and I’m going to go down stairs with the instax to draw on the street. The initial idea was to make the rainbow in the sun and then take the pictures there but it was impossible to keep my eyes open with so much light, so we decided to wait a while to be able to take the picture afterwards when there was a little bit more shade. When there was finally shade, we started taking the photos and I was in a very strange position. I mean the picture looks like if everything was very smooth but the position was very strange because I had to have someone in the middle so that she could take it from the top. And at the end we ended up choosing the photo which was taken from the other side. It has nothing to do with it. It’s like from the head’s side. And the truth is that after making that rainbow which turned out beautiful, on which we wrote “Do not erase” and they haven’t erased it. We decided to not erase it, because it looks really pretty and we always see people pass by and say “Oh look a rainbow!” so it’s there so beautifully , outside in the street area. And I’m really happy about that rainbow. And now it’s time to see the photo. That is how the photo turned out. Compared to the original photo I think it’s pretty well. The angle is more so the same. There’s one thing I don’t know how the girl in the photo did it, she grabbed the camera with her fingers in a way I couldn’t. I realized that we’re all different because that looks really easy in her photo and as much as I tried it I had to put my thumb so that it could work and I didn’t accomplish it. But besides that it was really good I liked the rainbow, the colors are different. The shirt is also different but it looks alike. I don’t know I liked it. I give it a 10 out of 10 because it was the first photo and plus it turned out very similar. For this second photo we wanted to use bubbles because they gave me bubbles in Brasil and I had planned to do a lot of photos with them and it’s almost been a year. I’m exaggerating it hasn’t been a year. A while has passed and we hadn’t used them so I said, “Yes, let’s do a photo with bubbles.” We found one which was really awesome and looked really easy and I said, “Oh yes we’ll do it in three minutes.” We’re going to take the photo with the bubbles. And I have this pink shirt that looks like the girl’s shirt in the photo. But I have it backwards because it’s the shirt I used to record with Mario and it’s all stained in the back from the slime. I’ll see if I can show you guys. But guess what? The moment we arrive to the place where we were going to take it first, the air, the wind decided “Ah they’re going to take the photo this way?” “Well I’m going to run in the opposite direction”. Let’s see, God of the wind. Winds listen to me. Please let us take the picture. So the bubbles were going the opposite way so we kept going around the whole place trying to find an area where we could finally take the photo so that the bubbles went towards the camera. It turned out that at the end the background didn’t match, so we decided to do the photo in reverse to be able to do a mirror on editing it and we took it backwards. I think it looks pretty well. We did it before we finished this thing! It still has some left but it’s done. Yes! Look these are the two photos. I think it turned out pretty well for all of the complications we had so I’ll give this photo an 8 because the place where we took it wasn’t the same. We could have taken it in a greener place but it looks pretty similar. The third photo, the truth is I saved it a long time ago because I follow the photographer who is Brandon Woelfel. I don’t know if saying it correctly, I hope so. He does and incredible job and he does everything with rainbows and prisms so I said “Yes we need to take photos with CD’s” “and with prisms.” So first we started checking the light in the morning. There it is, look at the big rainbow. Yay so we need to do this now or else the sun will go away and it won’t come out but look it’s really cool. Okay so I’m going to do my makeup quickly, I’ll add on the stars and we’ll do this. I brought this pink shirt which looks a lot like the one in the photo but I think that the one Selenne brought looks more like it. Which is just like a strap, I’ll see if it fits me. Somebody else’s clothes. Well it doesn’t look that bad. Look at this. I feel a little buff. But that’s not the purpose of this video. The purpose of this video are the pictures. The only bad thing is that you can see the strap so I’m going to have to hide it. And the girl’s makeup is really natural she wasn’t wearing a lipstick or anything but she had some stickers. We don’t have the exact same colors but we have these. So I’ll try to have them look like hers. Very well I think everything’s ready. This is my new look. I like it. I dig it. We’re trying it out with the prism. Which is.. because the CD makes a really big rainbow. So now the problem is that the rainbow is too big. And the prism makes like a little stripe look. Really small one. We could wait a little bit more so that the sun can go down. These stars will have to wait till later on, when the sun goes down. So we decided it was better to do everything later on. And we waited till it was evening. And guess what? The light didn’t work in the evening. And we couldn’t do the photo so we ended up improvising with a prism and we were able to make a rainbow but it doesn’t look like the one in the photo. I’m going to take off my glasses so the stars stand out. You guys are going to see the photos and say, “Who is that?” It’s me. Just without glasses. -This one could be it. -We did it! That’s how both of the photos ended up. Honestly this is the photo that least looks like it. We tried to put the rainbow in every possible way. We tried it like a thousand times and it never worked out. We accomplished a concentrated rainbow in the eye That doesn’t look like the one in the photo. We added a bit of editing to make it look more but it doesn’t look like it a lot. So I give this one a 6. And even though it has a 6 I’m honestly proud of us because we put effort into it to making it work, we put the light and we put a lot of effort into it but it simply did not work out. I chose the next photo because it’s colorful because it has patches on the guy’s face. So we said, “Yes we can use the patches I have from Brazil.” The ones you saw in the vlogs that they gave me, and everyone pasted on their jackets. Well I never pasted them on any jacket so I had them saved to be able to do something and I said, “Yes let’s use them for the photo.” but it turned out that the day we were going to take the photo we didn’t realize the patches were too big. So in comparison to my face, it was like half a patch and half a face. It wasn’t the same. So we decided to remake the design of the patche’s digitally and print them in sheets and I ended up pasting them on my face. We have our beautiful black background. It’s basically a hung cardstock. Okay. I made this bun to make it looked higher because in the photo he has a bang. Yay! We have it! Yes! It honestly doesn’t look that bad. It looks similar to the photo. I think it turned out quite alright. I’m going to show you. This is the original and the edited photo. And I think that they look really similar. I can’t do my hair like he did it because my hair just couldn’t, it wasn’t cooperating. I don’t know how his face was so smooth over here mine isn’t like that. But with the thought that we’re not the same person I think it turned out pretty well. I just feel like the alien could have been a little bit higher so it could be a little more clearer but I think it turned out pretty well so I’ll give this one a… Hm… It’s hard to choose. Thinking on the problems with the model, I mean me I think I’ll give it an 8. No, a 9 for the effort because we also made the patches from scratch, so a 9. You know I’m a very colorful person I love the colors so we had to choose another colorful photo. And we found this one where you can see rainbow hands. And honestly it looks really easy, and it is easy but many greasy things happened. Greasy? Comical. While we were recording, the first one was that we wanted to take the picture fast and I started painting my hands… Look it’s dry. Technical difficulties. And everyone was waiting for me to finish painting and I said, “No, this won’t work out” so they ended up helping me and they were painting both of my hands. But since I was already in pain from the gym, I was like, “I want this to end” because my arms hurt a lot! At the end they turned out pretty well. It turned out we didn’t have the same colors that they had in the photo but I think they look just as cute and after that we went to take the photo. And then something I didn’t expect occurred. My arms are really short. The girl who took that photo had longer arms and since I was in so much pain as much as I tried to stretch them out, I couldn’t stretch them and it was funny they told me to stretch them out but they were really stretched out. So the far away thing didn’t work out as much because my arms were shorter but I think that it turned out pretty well. Look that’s how both of the photos turned out. I think that they look really similar because the hands turned out almost the same from the colors to the painting. Also the position except for the part that my arms are smaller and they couldn’t stretch out as much. And besides that, I think the photo turned out pretty well so I’ll give it a 9.5 The next photo was an attempt to use prisms. I’ve seen videos it looks like they’re really easy to use. So I looked at this photo and said, “This is really easy to make.” “Yes, it’ll turn out incredible! Identical!” But guess what? It was really hard because I don’t know how they used that prism to make the light look like a mini rainbow. And as much as we tried it… well first, the funniest part from all of this was that the girl from the photo has a braid a very long one and my hair is really short so we decided to use extensions. To be able to do this photo we need to pass through this beautiful “million” space. We need to remove all of that and she’s helping us out. – Ok, let’s put you on hair extensions What? extensions? -It’s the braid one. -Okay. Do I make me a ponytail? Stiffen your head. Ah! Just so you know, these extensions are from Selenne’s quinceañera. -And do you know how old I am now? I’m not going to tell you. -Ouch! -I’m sorry! -I used to have it long. What are you doing to me? Moni is like “what is she doing?” I feel like another person. I honestly don’t know if it looks natural. I hope it does. I haven’t seen myself in the mirror. It’s going to be like the makeover programs where they see themselves at the end of the show to be able to find their new identity. That was the first time they put extensions in my hair and it felt very strange. I don’t even know how I looked. I think looked pretty bad. But we were able to make the braid. The shirt was very similar. We were at a corner of the studio and we said, “We’re going to make it here.” “It’ll turn out great.” and no, we had to do a lot of things for this to turn out. The easy photo turned out to be hard. We’ve been trying half an hour to do the photo with the prism and it hasn’t come out. Our theory is that using a mirror we can reflect enough light to make the prism work. Now the mirror is outside trying to enter. The picture came out! Yay how exciting! I can take these extensions off. At the end we were able to take the photo but the truth is that it’s not that similar because look these are both of them. The prism of the original photo looks more like a rainbow and this one was missing that. Nevertheless we put effort into it. We put extensions on, those are extra points. But I think I would give it an 8. Although, if I really think about it, you can’t even see the prism effect so I think I would give it less like a… a 6 because we put effort into it but it didn’t turn out that great. The next picture is also from the photographer I told you about, Brandon Woelfl. It’s really awesome it uses fairy lights. And since we have our fairy lights here I said, “Yes we have to take it. It’s super easy.” The original idea was to go to my house and take it but it turned out the space in my house didn’t look like the one in the photo. So we decided to do everything in the studio and pretend like we had a bed. We’re going to take the photo of the bed here which is a fake bed. This is my duvet. And we also covered this up so that it looks like the one in the photo and we changed the curtains. This is the look and I’m going to use Irma’s glasses because mine don’t look like them. These are the glasses. They’re very different. The bed. So I ended up laying down on this table that you can see right here. I don’t know if you can see it but it’s the table below. We used it for it to be the bed. And I was in a very strange position. I think this is the weirdest pose that I’ve done in all of the video. I’m all bent. I was in a really strange position. And after that we tried to set up and we were taking a while setting up because the space in the photo didn’t look as good so it was like pull up the curtain, put down the curtain. Pull up the curtain, put down the curtain. And once it was finally fine, laying down in bed seemed simple but I don’t know how this girl was because her arm was in a way that mine couldn’t move and well it took a lot of effort to get into that position. And when we finally made it, we took the photo and this is how they turned out. Honestly the position wasn’t exactly the same. Looking at both of the pictures and comparing them, we realized the position was different because she was laying down towards the front like this and I was laying down on the side that’s why my hand couldn’t make the movement that it needed to. But I think since it was was made on a table and in a studio, it turned out pretty good. I’m very happy with the result. I give it a… Hmm… I give it an 8 because I feel like the fairy lights needed to be diffused but that was because we needed to have more. So it could’ve been better. Let’s head to the last photo which was one with the holi powders. Holi, I don’t know how you say it but it’s with those colored powders which are trending. By the way we made a tutorial in the channel you can see it if you want to make your own powders the link is above. The idea for this photo as you can see was made in like a farm and you can see a mountain so we were thinking where can we find a mountain? So we found a rooftop that is similar and looks like a mountain and we started taking it there. We came to this rooftop to take the last photo. And I’m very glamorous today look. I have my jeans. And my tennis shoes. First thing’s first. I don’t have a white dress so we had to find a white dress and we were up there with the powders and it turned out that the blue powder which is the one we needed was finishing up. It was the one with less than all of them so we decided to change it to the green powder. Then we played with the powders for a while because it’s really fun. So we wanted to take advantage of the space we had. We finished up taking the photos and I think it ended up getting a little bit dirty. I expected this to get a lot dirtier look at this. I’m going to have to sweep in a few minutes. My hair is completely messed up. It looks like a hurricane passed by through here. The truth is I’m really happy because this photo looks simple, it’s not that simple to make the powder go into the right direction. But I feel like it turned out really great look. Here are both of the photos. I think that the direction of the powder turned out to be identical. It’s incredible. There are some things in the photo which don’t match for example her dress is stained I borrowed that dress and I didn’t want to stain it. But it turned out really well. Excluding the fact we used a different color I believe the photo is very similar so I’ll give it a 9. Those were all of the photos. Tell me in the comments section which one was your favorite? I need to know now! I would also like to make the second version of this video, if you guys agree with me please like this video. If it has a lot of likes we’re going to make the second version. I’m excited so please give it a like. And that’s it. I’ll see you on the next video. Goodbye! I think there are ants here. Ah! I’m a super fan of watching… Like Rapunzel. But in brunette.

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