Wow! It’s so hard! What is that? Who invented that? Hi, Polinesios! How are you? We are super happy today! Except Kler because she’s leaving. There is too much noise for her. She always wants to show off with the Polinesios and her toys. Mail! Wait! Seriously? Something you want to say that you always interrupt the videos with your scandal? Oww how pretty! Whenever we say “Hello, Polyinesios” Kler comes down and brings a toy. Well, Polinesios, we are very happy because we have news for you. What happens is that … For those who follow us on social networks you will have already realized that … We are on a vacation! Polinesios, really, these vacations are very important for us because it has been more than 7 years that we do not go on vacation. And you have to say “oh, but you travel a lot”. It is not the same when you have to go to a country when you have to work and make videos to tshow you everything we live and we are super focused on recording the video, so what we decided was to take a vacation without recording anything for YouTube. A real vacation, that is enjoying every moment, that is, not thinking as “now what are we going to record?” “Now get up early because we have to go to such place before the light goes out”. There will be no videos of our trip, what we will live, we will share it by Instagram or by Twitter there will not be any videos here and what do you think? Each one is going to travel to a different place! That’s right, different countries. We are very excited Polinesios, so go and follow us on our social networks, do not worry, there will be many videos for you. Yes, you will have videos. Exactly my Polinesios. Because before we travel, we recorded videos for you, like this one so you can enjoy. That’s right, well, let’s start the challenge! This challenge, Rafa and I, we had been thinking a lot because we like this game and it’s Fortnite dances. And now we are going to have to disappear from this chair and appear this. Polinesios, we are on our dance floor. Dance floor? Ilumination, disco. Well, let’s see, who is going to start with this challenge? I say that Karen. She’s going to spin the roulette. Well she dressed super weird. We have the super extravagant star that came from space. Insects. She won’t know how to dance. There she goes. What is that? Her face. That the Polinesios put how well you did it. In fact… No, it is ok. Because it looks as very… is the move She has no rhythm Let’s see, I’m going to spin the roulette Lesslie! I was going to spin it. It is my turn. Ok, the dance I’m going to do is orange justice. Are you ready, my brother? Yes, I am going to change my outfit. What is this dress? It’s a sumo suit, but it lacks air to be fat. I mean, this little thing is the one that throws the air while … The air is very… So let’s use our methods, Polinesios. Here! They are going to inflate me very quickly, what’s the matter? Now it is, the dream of many people, see you as a sumo my brother. Many people’s dream? I do not think it’s the dream of many to see me like that. Play the song. I am going to do this weird dance. What is that? There it is. Tell me how I did it, Polinesios, according to me, I made it incredible. It is my turn. My sister. Reanimated. It’s a disgusting pant. Do not see me, I do not even know where the shorts are. It is a thong. Ok, mine is reanimated. I have to personalize myself. Go on, Lesslie! Good. Are you ready? I’ll play the music, Lesslie so you can do the dance. I am so bad. It’s supposed to die, that’s why it’s reanimated. There it is. Very good! What is the matter? The dance is super funny. Karen, it is your turn again. One, two and… What is that? Let’s see. Ok, Karen, this is the dance you have to do. Oh no! Koco and I are going to dance. Again. What is that? This move is super long. You have to put yourself … I feel bad about myself for accepting this. One, two, three. Wow! It is super hard. What is that, who invented that? What is happening my sister? I think you have the hardest one until now. I can not believe it, that is, it worked out very well to be the first time you see the dance, you have natural dancer skills, Karen. Polinesios, write how well Karen did it in the comments for us to know. Let’s see, next one. Ok, as the Fortnite players dress very strange, I wore this pizza There are 3 steps. Play the music. There it is. It is very easy. Hey, brother, you dance very well. Have you thought…? On Polinesio’s tour. This challenge is tiring This is so hard. Is the one as… As a worm on the floor. I do not think it comes out, this can only be done by computers, not by human beings. And start! And Aria does not care, she wants to play. We just hit and she continues as nothing has happened. Come on. Let’s go, one, two, now! Let’s see. Polynesians, put in the comments how I did it, what is this? Well, now it is my turn. It comes up… Are you ready to dance? Show us your best moves. One, two and… It is too easy, let’s see, I’m going to try. There it is, no? Your hip separates from your leg. Let’s see. Is like Hawaiian She’s dancing Hawaiian, that’s not it, Lesslie. Hey, I’m winning. No, let’s see. We are going to put a poll at the end of this video and at the end you are going to decide who danced best their dances, do not assign yourself, Karen. She is assigning herself. Pony dance! I’m going to ride a pony, my cowboy hat Are you ready? Now. I’m going to ride my pony, Pony Koco. Excuse me with my pony. And we leave. It is Less turn. The last dance that is… Here we see Lesslie in her training. According to her, she is practicing her move. Ready? Yes. Now. What is she doing? Let’s see, I want Karen to do it. There it goes Vegeta. There it is. She did it. Now is… no, I did it better. Oh, I already have one step, I did not remember, let me remember what it is like. Oh it is true. I invented this one whne I was a child. What is that? Oh no. I’m too bad. Polinesios, we hope you liked this video a lot. Vote for the best one, I think I was the best one. If you liked our moves, like this video, I was the best, Polinesios. That’s right, and if you do this, upload it to social networks with this hashtag, Polinesios, so that we can see them and give them RT and like on Instagram. See you in the next video, Polinesios! I love you!


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