Import WordPress Content: How To Import Another Blog’s Content Into Yours

Import WordPress Content:  How To Import Another Blog’s Content Into Yours

In this video, you will gonna learn how to
import WordPress content from another blog in two easy steps. Hi, I am Robert from and I welcome
you to our channel. When we talk about importing WordPress content,
we simply mean copying over your posts, pages, media, and other elements from one website
to another. Before you start moving content from one site
to another, you’ll want to first back up both sites. That way, if anything goes wrong after you
import everything, you’ll have a recent snapshot that you can restore if necessary. Once your backups are in place, you can move
on to the first step. To get started, visit the back end of the
blog with content you want to export. Yes, you need admin credentials in order to
proceed to export the content so forget about using instruction in this video to steal content
from other blogs. Then proceed to the Tools → Export tab. Inside, you’ll find a list of all the elements
of your WordPress website. Simply choose what type of content you want
to export: For this example, we’re going to stick to
posts only, so we’ll click on Posts and pick All for every option underneath except
Start date. For those fields, you’ll want to choose
a range manually to make sure you won’t miss any posts: Alternately, you could choose to export only
a specific author’s posts or a specific category of content. Now, click on the Download Export File button at the bottom of the page. This will instruct WordPress to download an .xml file to your computer that contains all of the data for your WordPress posts. Next, you’ll need to log in to the back
end of your new site. the site where you want to import all of your downloaded
content. Navigate to the Tools → Import tab, look
for the WordPress option, then click Install Now: This will set up the WordPress importer plugin. When complete, you’ll see a new button under
the same WordPress option called Run Importer: Click this, and the next screen will prompt
you to upload an .xml file from your computer. Select Choose File, find the file you downloaded
during the first step, then click on the Upload file and import button: Before WordPress imports your posts, it will
ask you whether you want to bring them in under the name of their original author or
assign them to another writer. This choice is completely up to you. There’s also an option that reads Download
and import file attachments, which will enable you to import your posts’ images: You’ll probably want to enable this option
unless you don’t want to carry over your images or you want to add them manually later
(which can be a chore). When you’ve made your selections, click
Submit. Depending on how much content you’re importing,
this can take a while. However, WordPress will let you know when
the process is done, at which point you’ll have successfully imported your first blog’s
content to your second!

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