Impractical Jokers – Murr Interrupts this Meeting at Tumblr Like a Boss (Punishment) | truTV

Impractical Jokers – Murr Interrupts this Meeting at Tumblr Like a Boss (Punishment) | truTV

-All right.
-All right. Murray is our big loser. That’s right,
and today we’re at Tumblr, and the CEO is giving their
weekly meeting. And, Murray,
you are a new hire, very hip and young, and you are gonna heckle
the whole thing. -Yes.
-Oh, come on. [ Laughter ] Just before
we get rolling here, I would love it if,
this week… Sal: The CEO’s the only one
in the room that knows — he gave his permission
to film with Tumblr. Murray does not know that. Intern experience —
Beyza, come on up. [ Cheers and applause ] Q: Here we go. I’m originally from Turkey, and I’ve been working
on iOS Core Team. Yell, “Like a boss!” It feels amazing.
It feels really good. [ Laughter ] I organized a — Like a boss! -Yeah.
-Whoo! [ Laughter ] [ Speaking indistinctly ] Yell, “Like a boss!”
again. More obnoxious, though.
Go “baawwws.” I had meetings with other teams,
so it feels really great. Like a baawwws! [ Laughter ] No claps!
No claps this time! And before I start anything
about my project, I needed to plan it. -Like…a…baawwws!
-A…baawwws! So, I had iOS experience before,
but it was with Objective-C, so I learnt some — Like a baawwws! [ Laughter ] Um. [ Laughter continues ] Man: Here we go. Um. [ Laughter ] Relax. It’s casual. Just mumble “Tumblr police”
under your breath. Tumblr police. [ Laughter ] He’s so good
at being a dick. Shuqi, come on up. Joe: “I mean,
who doesn’t come up? Who doesn’t come up
in this meeting?” I mean, who doesn’t come up? Seems like
the whole company’s coming up. [ Man speaking indistinctly ] [ Laughter ] “Participation trophy
for everybody.” It’s like
a participation trophy. [ Laughter ] Oh, my God. Shuqi, tell us about
your experience this summer. Shuqi-Shuqi, now. [ Laughter ] Shuqi: Hi.
Um, hello — hello, everyone. Shuqi-Shuqi, now. Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t you zip it
until he’s finished, okay? Thanks. -Oh!
-Oh, my God. ♪♪ Man: Really? [ Laughter ] They’re on their IM,
calling for security. All the employees use an
interpersonal IM called “Slack,” and they’re on it, calling for
security to come get him out. So, Murr, just say,
“I’m on Slack, too. I can see what you guys
are doing.” Yeah. I’m on Slack, too.
I know what you guys are doing. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter and applause ] Sal:
He put the phone away! We have a special surprise
for y’all. We just found out
a little while ago how big a fan they are
of Guy Fieri, and it turns out
Joe has his contact info, and we called Guy
and asked him to call in. ♪♪ [ Audience cheering ] Yeah. Is that Guy Fieri? [ Laughter ] Hey, everybody in Flavortown, hope you’re having
a good summer. [ Cheers and applause ] Yell,
“Guy Fieri, you suck!” By the way,
you are huge on Tumblr. I don’t know if you knew
that or not. Our team really loves you a lot.
We have a big project — Guy Fieri sucks. -Hey!
-Ohh! -Ohh!
-Oh, my God. Hey, you better
watch yourself, pal. -Ohh!
-Oh, my God. Oh, my God. We have a rule here that says
“No assholes,” and you’re at the top
of the asshole list. -Ooh!
-Wow. [ Laughter ]

100 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers – Murr Interrupts this Meeting at Tumblr Like a Boss (Punishment) | truTV

  1. This is one of the funniest things murr has done by far.. crew reminds me too well of me and my friends growing up in NY

  2. 1:30 is the perfect example of the insane left, who think they are tolerant, liberal and kind yet are the exact opposite, pricks. Btw I am a lefty but not a LOONY lefty.

  3. Tumblr seems like the extreme right in disguise. 'Be happy no matter what! and if you differ even slightly you are the enemy!'. Pricks.

  4. Why aren't they hiring interns from America who are struggling instead of interns form turkey and asia? Nothing against them PERSONALLY but wtf. An american citizen struggling his way to becoming something could have used that position instead of some people who came from Turkey… It's an American company.

  5. this punishment snuck up on me and is now easily in my top 5 punishments ever. The "LIKE A BAWWWWSSS" gets better every time i see this. There is a longer version of this out there, anyone have a link to that?

  6. That pansy that turned around to tell Murr to be quiet; I’m not saying that Murr was right on what he was doing, but that guy is not security either.

    Guarantee he wouldn’t have done that in a public venue, in fear of getting his butt kicked (which he would have).

  7. Damn a lot of hicks watch impractical Jokers. I don't see what's so "immasculine" about the way the Tumblr staff handled the situation. It's a lot better than pulling out assualt rifles and shooting up the whole place.

  8. Why are people taking it out on tumblr employees when in this situation, Murr's the one being disrespectful by interrupting the speakers😂

  9. I really wish they would show the reveal after the punishment is over, like they did when Q painted a red X over the art class students paintings.

  10. Those two fkboys were more annoying than murr was.
    I was saying to myself just get your asses up and move if you think hes annoying.

  11. Can you imagine working there? “Excuse me, there is a non vegan section where you can eat. Also there is a strict no dairy rule at any desks. I’m Tabitha by the way”

  12. A bucket of horse poop is worth more than Tumblr now, judging by the whiney employees no wonder their failing miserably.

  13. 2:07 you can tell the guy behind Murr loved all that drama, he was waiting for Murr to say something all the time 😂

  14. This is exactly why I never got along with tech, stare at ur phone, text before call, look it up on Google kinda people. No character nor humor… I actually hate cell phones for this exact reason.

  15. You know, the guys’ goal is to humiliate and embarrass the joker in a punishment and/or challenge, but we end up routing and backing up the Jokers.

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