Increase Blog Traffic Fast (Part 3)

Increase Blog Traffic Fast (Part 3)

this video is part three of how to get
traffic to your website I’m gonna show you a brand new traffic strategy which
gets me results like this best of all it can be set up quickly and you can
automate it without any spamming and I’m also including some advanced tips and
techniques that I’ve never shown before so keep watching my name is Greg
Kononenko the Caffeinated Blogger and on this channel i published tutorials
about traffic generation blogging and making money online before we get to the
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videos this traffic strategy that I’m about to
share with you is called smart loop let me show you the details let me show you
exactly how we can get tons of free traffic using something called smart
loop and that free traffic will be coming from Pinterest which is an
excellent free traffic source for pretty much any niche that you guys might be in
so first of all is a basic overview as you can see here on the screen
Pinterest traffic comes from two main sources Pinterest search which you can
see on the left hand side and Pinterest recommendations the idea that is that
you need to make all of your pins those little things that I’ve got in the
center you need to make them discoverable by others and you need to
link those pins to your website so let me show you exactly how this works
before we get into the details here is a quick example of what a typical pin
looks like this is a pin from my blog and that pin as you can see here says 21
blog post ideas that will bring traffic now as you can see in the last 30 days
just this one pin has had three thousand impressions 3,100 impressions and it has
had 31 clicks to my blog now that might not seem like a lot but if you think
about it you can have hundreds of these pins even thousands of these pins out
there each of them getting you clicks on a regular basis so you can see how
powerful this actually is especially when you automated here is how people
use Pinterest so they come to the home page and they look through their feed
and depending on the things that they like or follow they will see various
things pop up as an example they might see something like this marketing your
book with Goodreads and they’ll click on that pin and then they’ll click on the
link and if they click the link on that pin there
taken to website and if that’s your PIN with your website link then they will
land on your site the second place where people might find your PIN is here at
the bottom called more like this so this is kind of like related pins and once
again any pin that is related to this pin by virtue of description or similar
images will be discoverable as well lastly Pinterest is actually a massive
search engine so a lot of Pinterest users on a regular basis get to
Pinterest and they start searching for stuff so for example they might be
searching for how to lose weight and you will see that there are actual search
suggestions of things people type into Pinterest that come up here so there are
real people on a regular basis looking for these keywords how to lose weight in
a week how to lose weight for teens and so forth and if you put those keywords
in in the description of your pins you will be very very likely to get highly
targeted traffic likewise if you type in something related to free traffic or
literally any niche there will be search engine suggestions that Pinterest will
pop up for you meaning that there are people looking for those exact things so
your job if you want to get website traffic to your blog or to your website
is to create a lot of pins make it easy for Pinterest to discover and recommend
those pins so we’re going to show you exactly how you can do that and how you
can automate everything using something called smart loop here is exactly how
you can get this traffic so Pinterest loves great images images that get high
click-through rates are the images that will bring you the most amount of
traffic and Pinterest also loves new pins so it’s actually in your best
interest to post a lot of new images daily what I mean by that is that you
would need to login to your Pinterest account and then you would need to
create each of these images link it to your website and then upload you know
let’s say maybe ten of them in the morning ten of them at night and of
course that’s very manual and it does work great but it is a manual process
and there is actually now a better way with a new technology that is called
tailwind smart loop which I’m about to show you in just a second so it is much
better to actually automate this with tailwind
which is the official Pinterest partner app so how do you do this let me talk
you through step by step how you do this first of all you will need to set up
Pinterest now if you don’t have a Pinterest account or you’re not sure how
exactly to set it up for maximum success then click a link there should be a card
somewhere here on the screen or click on in the description below to watch my
other video to learn exactly how to set up Pinterest account step by step from
scratch once you have set up your Pinterest
account your next step will be to create five to ten pin images for each of your
posts so what do I mean by that exactly I’m going to show you how this can work
here is an example of three different images that we have created for a recent
article on our website caffeinated blogger you can see this is image one
image to an image three they’re all different designs that look like they’re
different pins but in fact if I mouse over each of them in the bottom left you
will see that each one is linking to the same page kevinator slash
free traffic sources okay so each of these is actually linked to the same
page on our website we’ve actually created five of these pin images that
gives me five different pins that I can share that look differently and uniquely
and I can share them on a regular basis to get more traffic to the website now
the little trick here is as what I mentioned here that each one has to have
a different design and a different keyword is that if you look at it this
pin this first pin is tagging a keyword called how to get more traffic to your
website this is a popular keyword if I’m start typing this in how to get more
traffic to your website you can see that this is the keyword that we’re actually
targeting with this pin okay so it’s got a high chance of popping up in Google
search when sorry in Pinterest search when someone searches for this keyword
in Pinterest the second pin is targeting a keyword called how to get traffic to
your blog so the first one was have to get traffic to your website this one
how to get traffic to your blog once again this is a popular keyword how to
get traffic to your blog you can see that there are real people searching for
this and this is the keyword that I’m targeting with this pin the third one is
targeting free traffic sources and so on so you can see the logic here right you
need to create different pin designs they can all linked to the same post on
your website however you need to have different keywords within the
description when you create the actual pin that will allow you to come up in a
lot more places in related pins for all of these different keywords as well as
indirectly in Pinterest search for those keywords as well does it actually work
well let me show you an example of ranking that some of our pins are
ranking for so if we start typing free traffic into Pinterest search bar you
will see that one of the suggestions is free traffic source so if I click that
you will see that we actually have quite a lot of pins to the caffeinated blogger
website that are coming up and that’s exactly how we’re getting all of these
pins and shares and traffic to our website from Pinterest search so this
pin here don’t miss out on a free traffic this pin here fast ways to get
free traffic to your website as well as these couple of pins here they’re
actually our pins from the caffeinated blogger website now it’s time to
automate all of your traffic using smart loop let me show you exactly how this is
done smart loop is a new feature inside tailwind tailwind is my favorite traffic
tool I’ve made a previous video about it and they have just launched this smart
loop functionality to everyone right now not many people are using it so if
you’re not using it I really recommend that you check this out because it’s so
powerful and it can give you so much traffic I want to show you exactly how
these can actually work so smart loop as you can see here on the right hand side
I’ve got something here saying your schedule and this is the schedule of
what tailwind is supposed to be sharing for me on my Pinterest profile
automatically so I don’t actually have to do anything
tailwind does all of that sharing it’s all completely automated and once they
have gone through and shared all of the pins that I’ve nominate
it starts looping again and again and again so for example as you can see here
now active smart loop posts I’ve nominated 30 different pins to be shared
automatically by smart loop once tailwind shares these 30 pins it will
start from number 1 again and share those 30 pins again over the following X
days and then again and again so my tailwind queue is never empty I’m always
sharing new pins on my Pinterest profile and it’s always working for me getting
traffic for me here is step by step how you can set up smart loop so once you’re
inside your tailwind account you need to go under publisher and then choose smart
loop and from here you can choose to create a new loop so let’s click a new
loop I’ll show you how to set that up there is also a helpful video here as
well so what type of loop do you want to create generally you would probably go
for evergreen loop most of the time unless you’re in this in a niche that
requires seasonal loop for you that will only go for a particular period of time
during particular times of the year so let’s choose the evergreen example from
here we need to give the loop campaign a name it can be anything we can say loop
for free traffic or look for traffic pins if that’s your niche if you’re in
another niche you can call it anything you want loops for weight loss tips
loops for guitar lessons etc after that you will need to add which boards you
want the pins and this loop to price to so these can be your running boards or
these can be group boards and literally it can be anything because your main
goal is to get these loops out there on a consistent basis so that they have a
good chance of coming up when someone searches for them in Pinterest search or
for them to come up in related pins as well as being seen by your followers of
course ok so I’m gonna choose a board called free traffic so that all of these
pins can be pinned to my board called free traffic ok because these loops are
about traffic when should we loop your pins so I normally go with all year
round unless you want your pins to only be looked at particular times of the
year next we need to add the pins so let me show you how to do that okay so we
are going to take the pins from a particular board so you can you can
actually filter them by board okay well you can just go and look at recently
added pins and then choose from any of them so let me just do the simple one
where I go and choose from recently added pins let me take that take that
take that take that take this one basically can go ahead and take as many
of them as you want as long as they kind of fit within that loop that you want to
set up okay there is no limit really you can set up as many pins as you want for
a loop because tell with is smart enough to figure out exactly what it needs to
loop and win after that after you’ve done that hit next setup schedule and
you want to choose it whether this is your core content or niche topic if you
choose that as your core content then a tailwind will give it a higher priority
when once you get scheduling the pins so I’m gonna go your core content and then
it will ask you for to enter these options it says based on your selection
of six pins in one board here is the smart loop schedule that we recommend
for it to guarantee and even this based loop times per day will pin from this
loop how many times per day do you want that to happen so you can select all of
those choices for example if you go one time per day okay one one pin per day
because they could be having other loops or other things happening then you will
need to enter all of these other information time to wait before
publishing the same pin to a different board let’s say time to wait would be 10
days time to look through all pins how long do you give it the approximate
amount of time that it will take so it says within approximately one week it
will look through everything and it will start all over again
tail wind is actually smart enough to tell you that your loop is currently set
to repeat every one week which could be flagged as spammy behavior so it will
tell you that you need to make it longer so an example I’m gonna say here do it
one time per week one time per week is actually a good amount of time because
you’ll be able to see that if you make it one
per day there will be automatically a spam safeguard okay which could be seen
as a spammy behavior if you pin too often the same pins too often so let me
do this as one time per week after we’ve make made our selections here I just
need to hit Save Changes and finish loop setup if you enjoyed this content and if
you would like to get future content from me about traffic generation
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below let me know what you thought of this content and I will see you in the
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  1. Keep doing what you are doing mate – Amazing you have sent me Zooming down the worm hole i have been looking for – Because of your Amazing educayional vids mate it had taken me 3 days to get to over 150 Followers on Pinterest now after 10 days 6 Group Boards – 30 of my own Boards, Tail Wind. Thank you mate i am a Lifetime Fan. AMAZING.

  2. Hi there. Another great video ! So it means we need to create as much as possible pinable image for each post and insert different keywords (we add keywords in Alt) right ? . so how long it take to rank the pin on search ? Thank you very much.

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    I don't get the smartloop for tailwind. What does it really do again? I added 31 pins for a board in smartloop. We will see what it does.

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