Insérer de l’audio sur Blogger

Insérer de l’audio sur Blogger

Hello and welcome to Today, i’m going to explain you how to insert an audio player in Blogger, just like on this post This workaround can be used with other blog providers, only if they allow html code editing If you are ready, let’s begin this new tutorial! What do we need to insert audio on Blogger? Only Google Drive… and Blogger, of course Let’s start from Google Drive, inside the folder containing the audio file we would like to insert [ For those who still struggle a bit with Google Drive, i invite you to follow one of my previous tutorial dedicated to Google Drive basics, the link is in the description] As long as the audio file can be played directly from within Google Drive, the file format does not matter For example, when opening this file inside Google Drive, a mini player appears, playing the audio file I will now show you the different steps to follow in order to insert a mini player on your blog Inside the blog, we are editing a new post To insert the mini player, we will switch to “HTML” mode and insert some html code [i already recorded a tutorial explaining how to add html code in Blogger, the link is in the description of this video] We must now switch from “Compose” to “HTML” This will allow us to insert the html code for the mini player You can find ready-to-use lines of code in the description of this video We copy-paste the code You can see some “XXXX” inside the code, this will be replaced with the audio file link Stay focus from now on, as we will have to follow several steps Inside the Drive, we already opened the audio file and the integrated mini player showed up We will now click on the “Other actions” menu up right (3 dots) and then click on “Open in a new window” A new tab or window opens, looking similar to the previous one only http adress link is different We will select the exact portion of this new link, from “”..until the end We copy the selected text, using right-click, CTRL+C or CMD+C on Mac Back now in our Blogger post we are going to replace the “XXXX” with the portion of link already copied We select the “XXXXXX” and paste the portion of link, using right-click, CTRL-V or CMD+V on Mac If we switch back to “Compose” mode, We can see there is a problem : the mini player isn’t showing up. One more step is required : Let’s switch back to “HTML” Inside the code, at the end of the link, we have to replace the word “view” with the word “preview” in order to activate the mini player It’s working now. The mini player is available and music starts when clicking the “play” button I hope this video tutorial was helpful.
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7 thoughts on “Insérer de l’audio sur Blogger

  1. Bonjour, merci bien pour ce tutoriel simple, rapide et efficace ! Cependant je trouve le rendu disgracieux… Est il possible de le faire apparaitre plus petit et sans le cadre gris entourant le lecteur ? Merci bien.

  2. Merci beaucoup, les explications sont claires, j'ai réussi l'insertion du lecteur audio du premier coup. Je garde la recette !!

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