Inside the Landmark Forum

Inside the Landmark Forum

hi my Eitam in the Civic and this is positive living I’m a television host and producer I used to work as a life coach and now I get to fulfill my greatest dream project to bring my two loves together television and personal development in this new series positive living it’s all about sharing ideas on how we can achieve the success we desire strategies for happiness attracting more abundance how thoughts impact success breaking through barriers join music seek out magnificent teachers and inspirational leaders this is about creating our most amazing life ok here we go coming up today on positive living we’ve all procrastinated at some point in time find out how we can be in better control of procrastination the brain created it therefore the brain can change it and watch my dear friend Mark Holmes as experiences self discovery at the Landmark Forum now this is one of the first times TV cameras have been allowed into this transformational seminar there were some I guess I call them demons that I hadn’t really dealt with from the past what do you do when you have a relationship where you’re always fighting we discuss strategies for conflict resolution so the very first thing is when you sit down to begin peace talks you’re gonna drop that gun stop shooting them down Plus Marsha Martin on how a breaking a few rules can create better relationships and more on the life changing power of beliefs all coming up today on positive living Landmark Education is an international training and development company that helps people gain an awareness of the basic structure in which we know think and act in the world each year over 200,000 people in 20 countries participate landmark courses my dear friend mark Holmes is a talented broadcast journalist who has tremendous untapped potential and after years of gentle coaxing he finally agreed to experience for himself what is one of my favorite personal development workshops the Landmark Forum this powerful three-day transformational event helps people create positive and permanent shifts in the quality of their life and I knew it could be the catalyst that would help mark discover more of his own brilliance greater power and courage a powerful life is not one merely that you inherited a powerful life is not one that you ended up living it’s a life that you would invent for yourself and then have the power to live true – there were some I guess I call them demons that I hadn’t really dealt with from the past I work in broadcasting which is a tough tough industry and I’ve been kicked around beaten up I was working for a major channel and I was my first kind of big break into the industry and I was like wow this is great I loved it and I was like finally and the producer very well-known producer was saying to me the words came out of his mouth I don’t think you know how to tell a story I literally spent sleepless nights thinking oh my god I don’t have a career I remember that period in marks life and the impact stayed with him for many years dr. Nancy Sapolsky was there during Mark’s weekend course as a guest seminar leader and I asked her to speak with us about the distinction of separating events from our interpretations if you listen what Mark said the producer said to him I don’t think you tell a story well but what mark made that mean was I’m not going to make it in this business that wasn’t what he said but that was the interpretation that work gave it there’s a difference between the facts of life and what we make up about those facts what we add on to those facts the interpretation that we have of those facts and just sorting those two things out there’s what happened and there’s the interpretation you’re always concerned about if I ask that question I don’t look like an idiot right or they might not agree with me and then he’s really gonna think I don’t know what I’m doing here so just getting out of that mindset and not playing that game anymore and he’s one of the things I learned from the forum is that well no I don’t care how I look if I got a question I’m gonna ask it if I you know want to do something to go for it now put those experiences those bad experiences I had in the past and leave them there did you know it’s mind blowing in a way of the transformation that actually happens I went in there looking for help advice guidance on queer yeah and I came out of it not only with that but also with a deeper understanding about my mother how did that happen I mean I’ve produced a documentary and we were in the midst of and I did a little promo for it and I thought I was good but I wasn’t really to ensure too confident and I sent it to this lady who runs a pretty big production company and the words I used were this dear so-and-so I’m feeling particularly courageous today please have a look right I’ve been sitting on this book a month of months right and then not an email back a phone call about an hour later saying why haven’t you sent this to me before this is great that was a major brain through for me because it now I have that that courage to do it and have the confidence to my work back again her name is IMM acetic and she’s actually the the producer of positive living and she is the reason why I’m here we work in broadcasting which is a tough tough industry if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be in this field you have asked me I don’t know countless times to join the forum and I’ve always said maybe next week or maybe next year or whatever but you convinced me to come and I gotta say that I think it’s it’s paid off right now inside guys oh you know we always thought a lot of potential and oh wait I figure hell you

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  1. You have just confirmed what I have been juggling in my mind for the past 2 years.I am a film producer and entertainer/ on the corporate side I am a PR and Marketing Director and decided to follow my dream job Business and Life Coaching .I have been torn apart as I love both of them .I had contacted radio stations here to discuss a coaching show but I really wanted TV Coaching .I was paying my mortgage and I spoke to a sales rep about coaching and he told me about you company.Lillian Courtney.x

  2. have you try it? if you have not try it I don't think you are in any position to either recommended or not… try it out and come back and give your feedback, then your statement will be backup by your experience, not your interpretation on what is going on with your sister.

  3. lol. Critisizing a training video is like critisizing a newspaper article.

    Imagine how hard it would be to work at walmart if you were watching their vhs training tapes and you thought "man, these people must be in a cult. What is this crap, they are trying to sell me? What the heck man, who cares about this jargon. How does this help me get results. They are just marketing something".

    You probably wouldn't show up the next day! lol.

    It's not people, it's a training video.

  4. Passion, beauty, joy, and love for life is possible for all by participating in Landmark Curriculum

  5. Landmark is an amazing program. I created an amazing life after doing landmark. Don't listen to all the negative people if you are considering doing it. I did it 13 years ago and am about to do it again.

  6. 1/2/ A balanced view of Landmark: A close friend got me to go who'd done their whole program said, "It's a phase, an important phase for people who do it." I think this is about right. I found it incredibly useful. That said, I did NOT push my friends to take part as the group leader encouraged me to. The people who get TOO into it give me the willies. JUST LIKE people who get too into Catholicism, Oprah, or Sports… or Diet Dr. Pepper.

  7. 2/2 A balanced view of Landmark: The curriculum is strong. Basic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in a time frame that breaks down patterned resistance. Immersion's the best way to learn anything, even a language. Certainly new thought patterns. The unique difference from therapy that I found was that the group setting accelerates change in limiting beliefs. It did for me. LM doesn't advertise and relies on an aggressive selling of word of mouth in the forum. I took what I liked and left the rest.

  8. oh so in the end it reveals that the producer actually had invited this guy and making a movie on have successful he had become. I guess shes doing this as a part the SELP-course as the project they are supposed to do. You see after a while all those landmark-people does is things that is about landmark and how to recruit new peoplw to landmark in an endless circle until they are worn out

  9. I am  I've researched about it, I like.attending the Landmark Forum in Dallas on recommendation from a friend.  What

  10. Great program, and if you don't like it you don't have to do it which doesn't sound like a cult to me. But if you have a cult mentality then everything could be a cult even football. So do it or don't do it the choice is yours if you are willing to spend the money to invest in yourself, or just go down the pub.

  11. I just got bac from attending the Forum 2 days ago, and I have seen some difference.  I still have a long way to go, therefore I can get some ongoing coaching from Landmark Education to help me in my relationships and my possibility.

  12. If you want to know what Landmark sells, they sell a thought process. A thought process that "works" if you accept it as the ultimate doctrine. 

  13. Just completed the Forum course. It's opened up a whole new world of possibilities. To those who think it's a cult, it's not. I was a cynic but it's opened my eye a lot. Try it for yourself.

  14. There is No god Other than Allah…. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah..

    Worshiping Only the One Almighty Lord ALONE and giving charity…

    THAT is the right way of life…

  15. Who the fuck needs another person to explain common sense to them?
    Secret to success and happiness? Stop being a lazy, complacent, entitled slob and take accountability for yourself.
    Not that fukn complicated.

  16. I think a lot of hate on this forum is based on regressive mindsets. Perhaps, they do not like the fact that people are out there improving themselves. In order to feel superior, they condemn those who want to gain better qualities in life. If I was a trainer at Landmark, I wouldn't allow you 'negatives' on the course. I think what you suffer from is an ego-imbalance which possibly was developed from an earlier childhood event.

    The sad fact is and I ask myself – why are you here in the first place? It sounds as if you're part of cults yourselves..the negative troll camp.

  17. I did the Landmark Forum course about eight months ago. It was cleansing and positively inspiring. I was transformed into this very confident, happy, satisfied and expressive man. I had nothing to worry about and felt light. During the assignments I solved a few issues in my life and got rid of the blind spots. These were the biggest breakthroughs I received and since then, I have recommended this course to everyone I met.

  18. This was really helpful, I have always wondered what happened at a Landmark forum seems to be a great personal development seminar.

  19. The part about tapping into your unused potential was really appealing. We all have skills that we don’t use actively but can improve our lives. Going to look into Landmark events near me.

  20. It’s crazy how we interpret things in a negative way, the story about Mark’s self doubt was pretty eye-opening. I have struggled with feelings of inadequacy and now I’m seeing a lot of that was self imposed. Who knew interpretation was such an important life skill.

  21. “Power is a life you would invent for yourself and then have the power to live through,” These words really resonated for me and my husband, we just started a small business and have been watching some motivational videos to inspire us and the Landmark videos have been especially empowering, I recommend them all.

  22. The biggest takeaway for me was to control your inner dialogue we don’t have control over everything but we do control how we talk to ourselves, remember to be kind to yourself.

  23. Since when did we devalue curiosity? If you have a question ask it, there is no such thing as a dumb question if it helps you understand better.

  24. Self doubt is such a nefarious thing. I like how Mark sent an email saying ‘I’m feeling particularly courageous today,’ and not “I’m not sure about this I don’t think it’s very good.” Words are powerful and too often we use them to deflate ourselves instead of building ourselves up with them.

  25. I went to a Landmark Forum last year and still use the lessons I learned daily. The skills are about transforming your life and can only work if you put in the effort to actually make them work.

  26. As a recent broadcast grad I found this so informative. Producers and senior staff are often a little harsh and it’s hard not to take it personally, but like the lady told Mark listen to what they really said not what you think they said.

  27. A journey of self discovery is the most important journey we will ever take, we live with ourselves forever but do we really know who we are? You owe it yourself to take the time to really get to know yourself. You may discover something you never knew.

  28. As a child I always wanted to become a painter but somehow my parents convinced me those aren’t the realistic career choices. I am a doctor now but I don’t enjoy my work as much. After the Forum I took painting lessons as a hobby and gave it a fair amount of time. It was a part of my weekly schedule for almost 7 months. Now I have been happier than ever, my relationships with my wife and kids have flourished. My lifestyle has become healthier and my patients seem to like this merry side of me. Thanks to the Forum I have transformed into a better person and have gained a better understanding of life.

  29. You too can self actualize through conflict resolution and positive thinking! By knowing, thinking and acting in the world, you too can construct what appear to be meaningful sentences, but do not contain any actual value!

  30. It's a great program – as far as I can see, almost all of the critical comments come from people who haven't done it and have no idea what they are talking about.

  31. Did the Landmark Forum 20 years ago, and it changed the trajectory of my life – for the better. I've dipped in and out of courses in the past 20 years, but have never wavered from knowing that Landmark does awesome work, and the world would be way better if more people did it. If any of you have questions about it, I'm happy to share my experience with it.

  32. I ended my year on a cheerful note. The Landmark Forum talked about various aspects of our life, it also mentioned about the knowledge we don't have and don't know something like that exists. It made a few concepts clear to me, which indeed has broadened my perspective towards issues! Being a little more considerate hasn't been a task ever since. I was informed about my mistakes and now I have a chance to make things right which is great!

  33. Landmark forum can be well-described as a personalised course for access. This course is informative, transforming, downright scary, emotional as well as a reality check. I experienced a vividly beautiful process of opening up, gaining confidence and overcoming the fears. Although it was fun and interesting for all, it has a different effect in each of our lives. I am a retired teacher but recommend this amazing eye-opening course to as many students as I can.

  34. The Forum is indeed very empowering. It brings certainty to your life. I have found many qualities within myself after I did that weekend course. It took me a while to confront my emotions and come to terms with my decisions. I learnt so much about myself in the Forum. I have started believing in myself and took responsibility for mistakes.

  35. Life took an amazing turn after the Landmark Forum and Advance course. I was a shy person and could not take any of the huge decisions of my life. After my mom expired I had no one to help me, it felt like nobody in this world could understand me or my feelings. Soon, after the forum, things got under control as I gained confidence in myself. I learnt about my gut feelings and became independent. I felt strong and happy again. I also found enough confidence in myself to ask a girl out. Things have changed for good and Lord has been merciful. Thanks to my coach and the Landmark Team who helped me even at midnight and solved all the issues I had in life!

  36. I am a football player but left the field due to a severe knee injury. I was low and could not figure out a different goal in my life. The Landmark Forum helped me a lot during this time. Going back to the University was one of the best decisions of my life. Now I have a degree and a great job. Although this job literally did not solve my problems, It made me realise my priorities and choices in life. I am extremely thankful to my late dad who took me here and helped me through those tough days!

  37. I was into marketing and hated my job. I never succeeded and received the least amount of commission! It was my dad who pushed me into taking up this course. I was dating a guy who was very supportive but I was lost. I went on a trip for around 2 weeks and decided to put my shit together. After that I took up art classes! My friend took to the Forum and this course helped me get over my fears of rejection and facing the world! My parents were upset and worried but after the 2 years long course I managed to make enough money for a living. I have a studio in my basement now and I work there. I know it sounds dramatic, but honestly this trip might have given me the best idea ever and Landmark gave me the strength to take it forward.

  38. I was going through some serious relationship problems the past year! My children were by my side throughout and my son got me into the Forum. This course has helped me move on as well as get stronger. The coach talked to me about facing the problems instead of shooing them away! Also, I learnt that holding onto feelings shall do no good. I learnt to love myself and appreciate what life has for me. I will be doing the advanced course next month and hope to find utter happiness after the weekend.

  39. The Landmark Forum is a weekend course that talks about self-development. I did this course am=bout 3 years ago. I was doing a marketing job but was passionate about travelling. The Forum gave me the inspiration to chase my dreams. I started working with a travel agency and took necessary leave for vacations. This kept me cheerful and full of live. Travelling is like meditation to me and it helps me work well.

  40. Confession of a retired criminal advocate- All my life went into fighting for justice and solving crimes. In all this chaos I forgot to look back and peep into the lives of my daughters. As a young, well-known artist, my daughter talked a lot about my achievements and success but I failed to acknowledge her talents. I lost my wife of a heart disease, and spent 5 years alone, touting the law students in the nearby area. During the second day of the Forum, My coach asked me – Why are you here? And I couldn't gather the courage to speak. I wasn't ready to face the guilt and accept my mistakes. After a heating conversation with my coach, I accepted the defeat! I wasn't a good father and did not carry out my duties well. As an assignment, I called my eldest daughter and tried to have a smooth conversation. It barely lasted for 10 minutes and she hung up. The next day, I went on stage and blamed her busy schedule for my incomplete assignment. The next thing I know, my coach was hammering me with questions and was putting me under emotional pressure. Couldn't I withstand something I have professionally been doing all my life? I pretended to stay calm but my coach worked her way through my emotions. She asked me to do the one thing I should have – Apologise! It took me 5 minutes to type the number. I put both of them on the conference and explained myself along with a long apology. I knew both of them were sobbing. After a while, I went back to finishing the forum and they were living the regular life. A day after the forum, we were asked to introduce the course to a few friends and share our experiences on stage. I went there with three of my old colleagues and I see my daughters sitting in the audience while I'm on stage, talking about my 3-day program. I couldn't believe my eyes! They asked me about the program location and further contacted the team and got there to support me. So far it was the best day of my life. I now live with the elder daughter and my grandson recently asked me if he could become a lawyer and fight against criminals too! Needless to say, the later part of my life has become beautiful due to the Forum.

  41. I am a volunteer for the landmark forum courses and I love it here. there is nothing else I would during my free time. I find peace and happiness in doing the extra work and I haven't stopped learning too. I have seen myself grow ever since I have started to go there. Lastly, recommend it to everyone reading this comment!

  42. I am a retired army man. Both my daughters are married and my wife expired 3 years ago. I live by myself and this loneliness would eat me up. I was confused and unhappy. I couldn't ask for help but someone recommended the Landmark Forum to me. I learnt how to be self-sufficient and a little less strict with my grandchildren. I became more expressive and adjustive. I am happy about myself and feel proud to have served the country!

  43. I have been a yoga trainer for 11 years now. A year ago I lost my left leg in an accident. My family was very supportive but somehow I lost all my confidence. During the forum I talked about my love for traveling. I was saving since a long time and wanted to see the world. My girlfriend (who did the forum with me) shared the same enthusiasm for traveling. We learnt so much during the weekend and have decided to start our own travel agency. This has encouraged me to try and get back to my yoga until the business is set up. Thank you landmark for giving us the support and confidence boost we needed.

  44. I am a Landmark Forum graduate and have achieved many breakthroughs. Being able to achieve all my dreams and live a desired life is the most amazing feeling! I was able to be successful due to the Forum. I have become positive and happy like never before. Although life still has tough times, I manage to find joy and satisfaction. My relations with family and friends have improved quite a lot. I am very thankful to my ex-boss who accidently talked about the Forum to me in a short conversation that led me to this inspiring course.

  45. I am a retired army man. Both my daughters are married and my wife expired 3 years ago. I live by myself and this loneliness would eat me up. I was confused and unhappy. I couldn't ask for help but someone recommended the Landmark Forum to me. I learnt how to be self-sufficient and a little less strict with my grandchildren. I became more expressive and adjustive. I am happy about myself and feel proud to have served the country!

  46. I was a very short-tempered person. This behaviour lost me my job, friends and even family. I took therapy but wasn't completely satisfied. I came across the forum online and talked to the consultants about this issue. Although I was harmless, I would get upset & offended very easily! I desperately wanted to make things right and lead a normal life. During the forum, I was asked about my childhood mishaps, one of which was when I saw my dad beating my mum and having her house arrested. Soon she filed a divorce and moved out with me, but those incidences remained in my head forever. My coach helped me use my anger in a positive yet competitive manner. Now my life has been so peaceful. I am understanding and friendly. All the issues with my family and friends have been sorted. I couldn't be happier. Thank you, Landmark fam!

  47. If every one in the world gone to landmark at any age this world would not be such big mass .it is more than common sense at age 60 I went to landmark Than what I found was amazing this is not colt is more like life coach you discover yourself after 3 days thanks to all coaches and employ Good bless them

  48. I have an old mum and a wife who fight everyday on every silly thing that comes up. I was tired and frustrated and chose to stay out of the house as much as possible. I lost my connection with both of them due to such behavior. During the forum I learnt to be patient, soft, humble and understanding. I took things calmly and made my wife do the Forum too. I have seen effective changes in my house. Not everything starts and ends with fights or arguments. There is a lot less of impulsive yelling! Although things aren’t extremely smooth but they are under control now. The landmark’s courses are phenomenal and they unknowingly change us a lot. It might be a little difficult in the start, but it all works out in the end.

  49. Since I was a child, both my parents went to work and I stayed with my grand mum at home. She disliked a lot of things about my mother and kept brain-washing me. Soon as I grew up I got detached from my mother and was extremely close to my father. As I entered high school my parents go a divorce and a few years after that my grand ma died. I did not have a family anymore. This was very upsetting and I decided to take up the forum. On the very first day of the forum my coach talked about rackets and blind spots. I realized that I was seeing my mum through my granny’s eyes. I am now in great terms with my mum and her new husband & I love spending time with them over the weekends!

  50. It is life transforming. It is absolutely not a cult. I have been participating in Landmark Education (Landmark Worldwide) programs / seminars for the last 17 years, and my husband too! It is about creating what you want for yourself in your life (not anyone else's agenda). It gives you the framework for you to do the work to live into that life that you have chosen. Also helps you to see your own blind spots that may be holding you back or stopping you in all aspects of your life, your relationships and how you show up in the world. I highly recommend it. Not to worry… if it's ever not for you, there is no pressure to stay in it. You are always free and are only asked to consider the distinctions that are brought forth. You ultimately take what is true for you and discard whatever ideas that you feel have no relevance for you.

  51. I was a loyal employee of this outsourcing company for 12 years. Now as the company shut down I had nowhere to go. And got into a depression within the next six months. I did not have the confidence to give interviews and lost all hopes. My daughter then took me to the forum and I realised that I was great at accounts. Soon I and my daughter started taking projects and building clients at home to manage their finances. Things changed rapidly and I am extremely thankful to the landmark forum and the advance course that gave me the courage to re-start my career.

  52. my friend created a community playground, funded by the profits of a cafe – where there was a barren area full of hyperdermic needles before. That came out of this work. Also, a participant developed how to address kidney dialysis and live donation. She was invited to give that talk to President Obama in 2016. I get over being shy to speak to strangers, and ended up dancing with the Brazilians at Paralympic handover ceremony in London 2012. Get to be grateful for people around me, and can catch myself complaining and get some perspective. Gave me some compassion for what others may be going through, and how lucky I am.

  53. I was 30 when I did my forum. With loads of problems in my love life, I was frustrated and desperately in search for a solution. During the forum, it all came down to my fear of commitment. I never had a long term relationship or even moved in with a girlfriend. I learnt how necessary it is to believe in love. Soon I started taking the girls I date seriously. It was tough at first, I flipped quite a few times!
    Accidently ran into my high school girlfriend at a flee. We hit it off quite well and she did the forum too. We have been serious ever since. It has been 8 months now; hope this lasts. But the bottom line is that I am confident and open to commitment. This has all been possible due to the forum.

  54. 1 of the first times tv cameras was allowed in. People pay for this wow lol if you are willing to spend the money to invest in yourself go buy a book read think for yourself not some paid script of fancy words and people who don,t find there purpose on earth. Votsek se poes

  55. I learned not to take everything personally because sometimes what I hear is different from what is said (it's interpretation). It has already been so helpful in my work performance and my direct supervisor at work just commented on it the other day and even mentioned sending some of my co-workers to Landmark.

  56. Wow! I was always afraid to ask questions, afraid I would seem stupid or that I wasn't paying attention, but I realized that there is nothing wrong with asking, even if I just wanted some more clarification. I'll take the knowledge I gained from the course with me for a long time.

  57. I have already recommended the landmark forum to a few friends because I know others who can benefit from this also. I never thought that a 3-day class or seminar would turn things around for me.

  58. REPORTED: Youtube community guidelines say you aren't allowed to FAKE COMMENTS! How effing shady is that? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  59. I can not stress this enough, this cult is dangerous. They won't stop until you "pop" as they call it (Have a breakdown after the countless hours of mind control films and badgering). If you are strong enough to hold out and not "pop" they will criticize you until you do ; and THEN they will hound you to recruit others….all this while taking LARGE sums of money from you. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  60. We all need to take criticism and learn from failure. We figure that out as we experience life. No lame conference room meetings like this are necessary, as far as I'm concerned.

  61. … liked seeing inside the Landmark Forum since they are a bit secretive about what goes on there. But for me the advice to ask a question if you have one – do not be afraid! – made this video worth watching.

  62. I liked the discussion of the difference between what happened and the interpretation of that event. That’s the kind of insight I would look for at something like this.

  63. As someone who plans to eventually attend the Dan Pena castle seminar if not continue with the online material I’m curious as to how this forum will change my life. I’ve read and watched nearly all of the PD guys and the founders, different religious doctrines and while I’ve came so far in my life most wouldn’t believe where I’ve been.
    I look forward to the next piece of the puzzle we call life, like anything else I’ll keep what is useful and important and let the rest strain through.

  64. I've never been to a seminar so I don't know what happens there. From different opinions online, there are good and bad takes.

    It sounds like everyone is looking for something to "fix" them. Something to give them purpose. Something to make them feel whole again. And I think that's great. I think people should find something that does that for them.

    Whether it be religion (where you typically pay in tithes) or this forum (where you pay for courses), if it helps you, do it. If it doesn't help you, then that's ok, too.

    I don't like to see people taken advantage of, and I hate to see good people waste their money on stuff like this… But if it helps you and turns your life around and isn't hurting you…

    What does it matter if the organizers are just in it for the money… What does it matter if they are just in it to make a profit?

    If there are people who honestly feel like this program has helped them, then that is great. And it's helping them.

    Many people tithe to their church thousands each year and we never bat an eye.

    They're the same concept. Pay money; get a life purpose. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  66. It's just big business sucking up your money every way they can. I volunteered for them and they treated us like slaves

  67. Lost two of my best friends to this "solution." One now works full-time for the cult/business. Destroyed many, many friendships. The West 33rd Street NYC auditorium is mind control from the very first minute. Smelled the BS and I walked out after twenty minutes…

  68. I did the Landmark Forum in 1987 and I had to unlearn many things that kept me stuck for years! It gave me tools to deal with life and experience a lot less upsets! I even finally for the nerve to start my own business which I have been running ever since! Thank GOD. For LANDMARK FORUM!!

  69. This fort me is just propaganda. At 795 dollars it is not worth the price. Yes you may learn, that everyone has a story, but it is not worth the price tag. You have three night, and then a time to go back for three and a half hours, it is supposed to be a graduation, but it really is somewhat of a way to bring someone with you to get them to join. Also too many people I think there. I know quite a few people who have taken the forum, and I really don't see the results in them that shows to me they are a success. My girl friend got me into it, and I have to say with the amount of money I spent, I saw nothing worth in it.

  70. I love the idea that you have to actually work towards the life you want. You can’t just fall into it . . . and even if you do, you have to work to keep it!

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