INSIDE VENEZUELA – JUNE 2019 (Surreal experience)

INSIDE VENEZUELA – JUNE 2019 (Surreal experience)

turmoil and the streets of Venezuela international condemnation of the government tens of thousands of protesters chill teaches of everything from money to food people rummage through rubbish my children went three days without eating anything Nicolas Maduro get out keeping that dictatorship of flow giving American diplomats 72 hours to leave the country president Trump he fired rubber bullets and tear gas the numbers are staggering the protest against the government has been going on for months three million Venezuelans have left their country rampant inflation political turmoil in Venezuela they’ve been building the barricades across Venezuela for days this video series is my account of spending two weeks as a tourist in Venezuela what you are about to see is what I personally witnessed whilst in the country nothing more nothing less [Music] the keys are you please place a card but the guys didn’t want a party did you just tell us please eta power we should vote [Music] [Applause] so coming to from Madrid I’ve been up since like 3:45 this morning flew here from Hungary but now I’m heading and you can see from the title that I’m heading to Venezuela flying into Caracas I have local contacts there it’s not just like blind optimism I know the risks I know it’s somewhat of a dangerous country because of the sad situation that’s going on there so I’ve got a lot of safety measures in place and I want to go and experience the country see what it’s like and that’s such an interesting story bit nervous obviously be crazy not to be nervous but I think it’s gonna be a very interesting trip I’ve got different things lined up gonna be going and seeing some kind of different charity work and then also just looking on the streets and also going out to the coast and seeing the countryside but yeah we’ll talk more about that later for now I’ve got to find my gate got a flight across the Atlantic Ocean [Music] so landed in to Caracas the capital city of Venezuela and the International Airport there made it through immigration after a bit of questioning and them checking my documents and wondering what I was doing there and then met a man called Lennie who I’ll introduce you to soon he’s gonna be looking after me on my trip here drove past some favelas and some rundown looking houses and through a lot of tunnels and then finally arrived into the kind of upmarket area of Caracas where my hotel is [Music] like I said that that’s food that I disordered after this 24-hour journey I must say first impressions better than I expected I’m sure as time goes we’re gonna see more tomorrow we’re gonna walk around the streets and things that’ll be in this video so I had a friend Lenny who met me at the airport and he’s going to basically be by my side the whole time and I’m in Venezuela just for safety reasons I’ll tell you how I met him later in the series at the immigration they were kind of confused about what I was doing here and this girl actually came up to behind me in the line for immigration and she said can I ask you a question what are you doing here and I was like in tourism and she was just really surprised to see it so obviously for obvious reasons there’s no tourists here I will show you the view in the morning because I’ve got a cool view right here looking over the mountains because we’re nestled in the mountains here so we will start the day with the mountains in three two one [Music] and good morning what a view I have been blessed with here so Linney is on his way around now and we’re gonna grab a coffee I’ll introduce you to him for him to you and then we will go explore the streets around the hotel area no idea what to expect let’s go explore Caracas the capital of Venezuela absolutely stunning up here in the mountains so I’ve come down just had a coffee with my friend Lenny here this is Lenny hi he’s going to be looking after me and Venezuela we are just going for a walk and where are we going linen this is the Shekhar municipio and we are going walking through the Francisco Mira Mira Mira under Avenue going to business all of this places here interesting places and this is more kind of the state written this is the let’s say this is them safe a safe region a safe place you can walk here nothing is going to happen if you are aware of course but yes let’s say check out is a saved a safe place okay ever there’s always a possible risk of something you need to know what’s gonna all Withers there’s a risk we have to be aware and you can film for example but then after filming your home you should be disabled with the camera in your bag or something like that and be aware always of somebody is following you or watching you must watch it well hey be aware of love that’s the basic rules here right cool so we’re gonna go for an explore see what we can find [Music] [Music] [Music] so we just come to a petrol station and Lenny was explaining something interesting about kind of a fuel crisis so I’m gonna let him explain it to you guys well even as Venezuelan being a big oil producer we are suffering that right now of crying fuel crisis there is a big there are grid lines long lines to get the fuel you can see there is a big line der here in Caracas the crisis is not too much like in outside Caracas is more hard to find the fuel but yeah it is limited very limited how to get the fuel here [Music] as you can tell the area that we’re in is you know reasonably upmarket there’s lots of kind of fancy restaurants there’s a McDonald’s here not to say that’s fancy but it’s interesting to see we’re also on this trip we’re going to be going to different regions we’re going to be going through some more slum areas we’re gonna see like the whole range of people and the situation here learning a lot from Lennie and we’ll be sharing that information as we go so I’m gonna continue walking where we hit it darling well we continue walking here through this district let’s say this is a financial district you can see well there is restaurant years like this McDonald or this era para para Cali and hot sellers sellers you cannot afford a McDonald’s menu or this era para you can afford for sure a hot dog and can you just quickly explain what you are telling me about how you don’t use cash here you’re on the news card yeah in Venezuela it’s very hard to find the way to pay with bills we don’t have bills there is a lack of bill everything is too expensive to carry all that amount of money for example a hot dog can cause 9000 believer ins our highest bill is the 500 bill so you will need a lot of this to buy one particle until – one to buy one hot dog one hot dog is night on some believer and this is our highest bill so you need a lot of this to buy the casual machine only give you three thousand believers that’s six thousand three hundred for one u.s. dollar is that right now if you want if you have $1 you can get six thousand believers for one dollar so for example a hot dog costs night on some believe it is but you don’t have the kind of money then I’m at that amount of money always so you need you need your debit card what’s the average salary or we have our average salary has already here is 40,000 believe it is there are people who earn more like 25 thousands week almost hundred hundred thousand believers amongst but that’s nothing so forty thousand to put that in perspective you say that like six six or seven dollars right six dollars a month a month nine hour six dollars a month so you can imagine how hard is it to live here and so how do people buy hot dogs for one or two dollars when the only nuts that’s the question you have to find a way you have to find a way almost everybody here has one entrance of dollars from outside a lot of people has to leave the country so and we are talking about three millions people have who has left the country so everybody here have one familiar who has left the country and send morning here at least if one is one person same duo from outside 100 or 200 dollars monthly you can afford living here see the prices here this is a hot dog 10,000 malleolus I was talking about 9,000 but it’s 10,000 now so it’s like almost $2 a meat hamburger it’s like 30,000 believers it means if you work if you work the whole month you can buy one a hamburger one hamburger and I cannot saw them that’s the desired economy here nobody can afford one month living with this salary [Music] so just up there is my hotel the view that you saw this morning this is a cheater very popular here we love we love to shout but they made from it made from rice red rice bricen sugar yeah right sugar and milk okay this is the municipal Mercado here in Chicago you can find some products with fresh produce here Central Market yeah it’s like a central marking from the movie signature cow [Music] see there is a lot of projects very fresh and this is low this is imported ignore this is local [Music] you’re gonna find now everything here [Music] so it’s important to remember that this is a really kind of wealthy area of Caracas and this is for people who have been more wealthy than the average so we will visit at other regions but it’s good to get a full perspective there was some people selling flowers out there and people buying them which is nice because it shows that you know people continue to live their life so we’re just entering a shopping mall here just to see what a shopping mall like in Venezuela I’m sure it’s pretty similar to every other one in the world so you can see in the mall there’s lots of high-class restaurants there’s a even a Hard Rock Cafe in there but the restaurants are pretty much empty and apparently they only fill up in the evenings and in the weekends so it’s hard to know how they survive but we’ve come up to this kind of theater area got an amazing view across the whole city there’s some you can see the kind of slum areas over there and then high-rise buildings you have lots of shopping malls here yeah we had because there was a time when we were a good client for them but now it’s hard to go to they’re only for washing or make it drink or yes slum we say favela Lanie’s calling it favela favelas a Portuguese word but it’s easy to use because it’s kind of internationally known Portuguese word for a slump so you can see over here I’ll show you I’ll zoom in on a second and I’ll show you that’s where we’re going tomorrow it’s the second biggest slum or favela in Latin America I think the biggest ones in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil but yeah we’re going there tomorrow so we’re gonna get a closer look now [Music] [Music] so we just had a nice little lunch there in that authentic little restaurant there and now we are heading to another part of town we’re leaving the more upmarket place so I’m gonna put the camera away and then we’re going to ride the Metro back but firstly we’re going to walk through the streets just up ahead we’re leaving like this financial district with the big buildings and stuff they got to put the bag on the front apparently to walk through this next section breath breath breath nice whip record and so food here would be a lot cheaper than it was where we just were right yes so what’s happening here well there is something cheap and people wants to buy whatever they are selling they’re cheap oh did you see this bunch is people trying to do buy so it’s something that normally quite hard to find us on it yeah clothing yeah let’s see what I think that mean you see [Music] our selling shoes 32,000 believer it’s very cheap to choose that common banks have big lines outside yeah when you see a big line in a bank is because they are cashing their pension the pension or trying to get some cash money money cash right so why does banker Venezuela belongs to the government majority of people still use cards why do these people want cash because there are places where there are no possibility to pay with credit debit credit debit card there are people who live outside Caracas and need to pay one dose in 2000 believe it is each day coming and going and coming so it’s four thousand believers day if you work here and you live outside you need twenty thousand believe it is more thirty thousand believers a week for going and coming okay transport yeah so it used to be very dangerous here yeah and what kind of things would happen well this is those these bars here this Tosca so this well at 9:00 do you know what kind of place could be it becomes totally crazy in the night it’s been a long time since I don’t pass through this alley but it’s very very it was very dangerous before I don’t know how is it done okay it looks nice oh my god good snacks I thought you were taking photos right yeah and you have an Instagram yeah and what’s the name Lenny please see I’ll put it on the screen and you just do like street photography of Caracas ography in Caracas I know other countries I have a cool bar Argentina Santiago I’ll leave a Linney’s Instagram below and you can check it out a workaround yeah I appreciate your comments [Music] we recommend that for Tudor but now I wouldn’t recommend know anybody staying here there since tears are not working so let’s go into the subway okay well that machine is working and that stairs is worth very rare I would like you to go and so this is free and so can you just roughly explain why it’s free it’s free because there are no personnel who can attend the people who are who are coming here you can see the information room make a line on there and buy for the ticket there was a time you can see there are machines that are not working anymore so people have to enter in some way they ain’t they enter free so basically there’s not enough money to pay the stuff have no money for maintenance they have the morning for paying people there is a lot there is a lack of personnel here right take a look at the disaster here you see this is people waiting for the subway I don’t know how many minutes how have they been waiting maybe 10 minutes we can spend here like 20 bits of wait what you [Music] at least people are making the most of it though right sorry at least people are making the most of it yeah yeah [Music] all right guys back in the room said goodbye to Lenny as you can see we rode the Metro back I was super hot and sweaty in there the air conditioning wasn’t working today apparently you know some days it does some days it doesn’t but yeah wow what a what an experience in there interesting walking from this area where we are now and like we mentioned before and you could see walking around that’s kind of the upmarket middle class area but then we went to more of the downtown area which is where a lot more of the lack of a better word desperation as I would say Lenny was taking some photos on the Metro and a lady came up and said he sure you want to have your cameras out and stuff and so it’s very real Lenny is very aware and knowledgeable about Caracas and Venezuela and he’s always got one of his eyes looking around just to make sure everything’s okay um I hope that gives you a good taste of first impressions of Caracas in Venezuela the capital my opinion is I felt a lot safer than I thought I would before I got here obviously it is a reasonably dangerous place and the difference between this middle class area and that downtown region is so big you know and then when we came back we saw like a really disturbing scene we saw a guy looking through rubbish like picking bits of old meat out of a rubbish bag eating it he was super skinny tomorrow we’re going to the second biggest slum favela Barrios I think and Spanish is the word in Latin America we’re getting motorbikes there in the morning so we’re gonna be three of us riding on the back of motorbikes and we’re going to be with a politician of the area so everybody knows this guy and when you’re with him then you are all good so yeah guys that’s gonna be a fascinating experience I’m sure gonna meet some locals and we’ll ask them some questions amazing to be here their people are extremely friendly even in the situation that they’re in in this dire situation there and the people are so welcoming and friendly and smiley if you don’t know about the situation in Venezuela guys I’m not gonna really go into too much detail apart from pick up from Lenny and the other people I meet and you’ll see like little glimpses into the situation but I would recommend you go and watch some if you don’t know I’m sure a lot of you do know what’s happening here very well but if you don’t then I would recommend that you go and do some research on Venezuela and the situation it’s a very interesting and sad story to give these videos a bit more context instead of me sitting here trying to dissect the political situation I would recommend you go and do your own research and then for this video series you’ll have a much better idea about what’s going on in case I don’t see you guys get afternoon good evening and good night thank you so much for watching please drop a comment below let me know what you thought of this good night from Venezuela here [Music] you love you say

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  11. I'm Venezuelan and I live in Venezuela. You did things correctly by coming here with a knowing local to guide you. Facts:
    1. Chacao, where you arrived and stayed in Caracas is the richest municipality in the whole country. It's safe because it is a bastion of the opposition, thus it has an opposition mayor that does his best to enforce law and order through the local Chacao Police.
    2. The big food shortages with the empty shelves were last year. This year, the government stopped the price-fixing (price regulations) and that brought the food back to the shelves, but at prices that only 10% of the population can truly afford. The rest barely manage.
    3. Venezuela is like the Hunger Games. The capital city of Caracas lives off of the provinces. There is electricity rationing all over the country except in Caracas, for example. There is a gasoline shortage but while some cities can go weeks without gasoline, there is always some in Caracas.
    4. Lenny called La Castellana a financial district. That corner he pointed to does have some banks and investment firms, but the true financial district is one called El Rosal.
    5. There is a cash shortage because the currency devalues so quickly, so most transactions are through debit cards.
    6. Chicha is a sweet rice drink that tastes like rice pudding.
    7. The Mercado de Chacao that they called Central Market is not a central market. It's an upscale market. As you could all see, there was food in that market. The reason is that it's in the capital city and in an area where people have money to buy those products. 90% of Venezuelans can't afford to buy anything there.
    8. The shopping mall he walked into is not just a random mall. It's the Sambil, the biggest one in the country and the 2rd-largest in South America.
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    10. The subway station was empty by Caracas standards. Its normally like a sardine can.
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  19. I lived in Porta La Cruz, for a year at the Bahia de Rodonda marina on board my sailboat. This was in 2008-2009. It was bad then for the people there. We made friends and we're very sad to leave them when we had to go. This is the result of socialism /communism. A beautiful country & people reduced to tatters. Wake up America! This is the liberal agenda.

  20. This horrible situation that is happening in Venezuela is the result of the global elite systematically destroying the economy & political system of this once great country. They desire to break the country so they can scoop it up for themselves. The resources in Venezuela are abundant & rich. This is how they expand their wealth, power & control. Those with eyes to see & ears to hear will understand. God bless Venezuela!

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