Inspirational Vlogger Redefines Beauty

Inspirational Vlogger Redefines Beauty

AIRAM QUIROA: She inspires me, because I love that she’s chasing her dreams. COMM: Makeup artist and Zumba instructor Marimar was born with Cystic Hygroma, a congenital
malformation. She uses sign language to communicate. AIRAM QUIROA: It’s not easy having the condition she has. Everybody is looking at you, everybody
is staring at you. And us, as a family, it’s been hard to do this together, you know. For
me, it’s inspiring just to be able to see her everyday we were to get up and, and keep
fighting, you know, keep doing what she does, because honestly it’s not easy. Ever since
she was little, she’s always managed to clear things out, you know. She took what’s
her condition was and, you know, made the best of it. MARIA QUIROA: She can do whatever she wants, but only with some limitation. But still,
she can do everything. COMM: The 21-yearp-old is in her first year of beauty school. But Marimar’s makeup skills
had already won her a huge fanbase. Since posting her first makeup tutorial 2 years
ago, she’s had over 6 million views. COMM: Sadly not everyone has been as supportive of her venture. COMM: But Marimar won’t let negative comments stop her achieving everything she wants for
the future. MARIA QUIROA She said she wants to travel and go to many places and go inspire the people
and give thanks for god that she is alive. She’s with a lot of energy, she wants to
do everything. If she wants to do It, I’m here. Whatever she wants!

100 thoughts on “Inspirational Vlogger Redefines Beauty

  1. This inspired me and made me feel beautiful for myself as I have everything perfect but than also I compare myself from other peoples that how beautiful they are why God hasn't made me beautiful like them…..keep it up girl?

  2. She's a very strong woman.
    Also, I didn't really pay attention to the video, how does she manage to eat?

  3. Bless her. Shes stunning and her personality is radiant. Some people would be lucky to have half of her confidence and personality. Shes a unique diamond

  4. Most guys would probably give anything to be with her in reality. She has a great personality and a beautiful eye.

  5. I like this her hair and her makeup is so beautiful woman she
    so cute with her clothes it's so beautiful woman she so beautiful ??☺??????????

  6. She is not beautiful or pretty but she is brave and has confidence and I respect her for that..

    Honesty is the best policy..

  7. I think it's so beautiful when people can look at a beautiful person like this and love her for who she is. I thank all those people.

  8. It’s very sad to see so many dishonest people. People will obviously stare if they see her in public. I would stare because I would want to figure out how it happened because I have never seen someone look like that. Let’s be honest if she was alone in the public bathroom with a little girl and they were washing hands next to each other and the little girl turned her way she would be shocked and scared. I would have been traumatized if I were a kid. I was always scared of characters in horror movies with deformed faces. I’m not saying she is one so please don’t even go there. People are always fake on social media. Staring doesn’t make you a bad person unless you can obviously see the person is uncomfortable. People stare at things that stand out it’s just the way it is

  9. I feel so bad for her but at least she knows how to communicate which is a good thing so she can talk with others and that she is blessed with a with a wonderful and caring family, morale of the store “ don’t judge anyone by their outlook until get to know who they are “

  10. No one should be bullied or stared at, especially a condition like this, everyone should be treated equally even Marimar should be, everyone has dreams and goals in life and I wouldn’t judged anyone…

  11. Haters really just do everyone a favor and just shut up. No one wants to hear your complaining. This lady is beautiful just the way she is. I don’t know about you but my respect for this lady is completely off the charts

  12. MashaAllah She's so pretty .Very inspiring this video really teaches us that we should love ourselves no matter what. Alhamdulillah for the look my lord has given me


  14. Fuk with people say, about you, they gonna get what's coming to them in the end…

    Mocking, and fail mouth, will not go unpunish

  15. When I look at her right eye (right from our perspective) I can sort of reconstruct in my mind how stunning she would look if she didn't have that condition.

    I have great respect for this woman, though.

  16. Allo. Tu es plus belle que certaines qui se pensent belles mais qui sont laides en dedans. Bravo à toi, continue ta vie dans le meilleur…

  17. Yes, one notices marimar's face is unique, but those eyes are enchanting. Immediately I am drawn to her beautiful eyes and I think "what a pretty girl".

  18. She looks like an ape

    Edit: definitely meant to put queen instead of ape, common misstype of two extremely different letters

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