Install Custom Blogger Temples In Blogger For Free!!

Install Custom Blogger Temples In Blogger For Free!!

Hello welcome guys this is me Umesh Shrestha from betaeagle and today I am going to show you how to install a custom blogger template in a blogger? Let’s get it started first of all go to your web browser and search for free custom blogger template Once you find the suitable template for your blog Download the template Here, I’m going with free plan template. Just to show you This is called magma But if you want a pro plan template, you can buy it from here Once your download is completed. Go to the file location of the downloaded Zip. And extract it Once the extraction is completed open the extracted folder where you can find the .XML file. This is your template To install we go to your blogger dashboard and click on the them tab You can see backup and restore button on the top right corner of the screen Click on that once you click a dialog box should appear There you can see a option to backup your existing theme, so you can use it later in case you want to switch it back If you want to backup download the them But for now choose dot XML file which you extracted from the downloaded zip and upload it That’s it. Thank you for watching my video if this helped you like and share And if you have an opinion or suggestion comment down below and subscribe to my channel for my upcoming videos Thanks. Bye. Bye. See you next time

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